Why Does Sex Hurt Me So Much Every Time?



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Does it hurt your vagina too much when you have sex every time? Do you get this aching feeling down there that last the whole time? Do you ever wonder why it doesn’t get any looser down there from the first time and it continues to hurt? You have used lubrication and you are aroused but you just don’t know why does sex hurt a lot. Have you visited a physician and asked him/her why does intercourse hurt?


Well, this is the situation many couples encounter.  For anyone who is struggling with this condition it is best that you go to see a doctor or a gynecologist as soon as possible to get an accurate diagnosis. This is not normal. Sex should not hurt. It doesn’t even need to hurt the first time; it should definitely not hurt for you now. It means that something is going wrong. It’s a very sad myth that sex in the beginning will and even should hurt for women.


The most common cause of pain during intercourse is a condition called Vaginismus, which means that sex is made painful or in some cases impossible by involuntary contractions of the muscles in your vagina, making it tight and uncomfortable.  Complicating matters is Vaginismus tends to be misdiagnosed because it shares some similar symptoms with other conditions such as endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, yeast infections, Vulvodynia, or Bacterial Vaginosis.


Vaginismus is a common sexual condition that stays extremely hidden due to the wrong belief that sex can hurt and most women are just too embarrassed to bring up this issue even when they see a doctor.  The fact is this condition is fairly common, especially in teenage girls and women in their twenties and thirties. It is likely that many women will experience it at some point, even if they have had a history of enjoyable and painless sex. Studies have shown that one out of every 10 females suffer from Vaginismus however this number has been said to be a lot more as numerous females do not choose to speak about their own sexual difficulties.

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You may ask what are the signs and symptoms of Vaginismus? Generally, a woman who is suffering from Vaginismus usually has great difficulty in having penetrative sex because the muscles in the vagina have tightened. She can get this burning or stinging pain and tightness of the vagina if penetrated by a tampon, finger or penis. This fear of pain or intense fear of penetration can lead to loss of sexual desire and eventually to avoidance of sex.


The symptoms of Vaginismus can vary in severity from one woman to another. Some women are unable to insert anything into their vagina while others can insert a tampon and complete a gynecological exam, but intercourse is not possible. Some women can try to have intercourse, but it is very painful, whereas other women are able to have intercourse, but tighteness and pain prevent orgasm.


By now you should have a better understanding of Vaginismus as well as its signs and symptoms; we will now talk about the causes contributing to Vaginismus. There are both physical and psychological reasons why the vaginal muscles contract against a woman’s will.


Stress to the vagina during child birth, previous surgery to the genital area, past sexual activities such as rape or sexual abuse are a couple of the physical causes that lead to Vaginismus. The psychological reasons behind Vaginismus are negative attitude towards intercourse due to strict upbringing, lack of understanding about sex, fearfulness or nervousness while having sex, anxiety about pregnancy, relationship problems and others.

If you are suffering from Vaginismus there is no reason to feel that it is the end of your love life. This is mainly because; Vaginismus is very treatable. If the cause is psychological, you will be given counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy or even hypnosis to help you to overcome the underlying or hidden factors that cause you to develop anxiety or fear of sex.


The typical treatment for Vaginismus usually includes relaxation techniques and using vaginal dilators or trainers to help you to gradually overcome the psychological causes of your condition. Vaginal dilators are four smooth, penis-shaped cones of gradually increasing size and length, which are meant to train the vagina to eventually get used to penetration without automatically contracting the pelvic floor muscles.


When using dilators, the smallest one is inserted first, using a lubricant if needed. Once you feel comfortable inserting the smallest one, you can move on to the second size, and so on. It is important to go at your own pace and it does not matter how long it takes, whether it is days or months. When you can tolerate the larger cones without feeling anxious or any pain, you and your partner may want to try having sexual intercourse.


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Hope that at this juncture, you will have a clear answer as to why does sex hurt. If you are seriously having great pain during intercourse, it is advisable that you simply check with a doctor or a gynecologist and choose a Vaginismus treatment plan that is both suitable (for you) and effective in getting rid of this condition as quickly as possible.


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What are the Signs and Symptoms of Vaginismus and How to Overcome It



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A woman who suffers from painful intercourse during or after sex tends to ignore this sexual disorder till the pain gets unbearable. The main reason is the belief that this is a temporary situation or she is quite embarrassed or feels awkward about her condition. But what she does not realize is just pretending that this sexual problem does not exist will not mean it will go away. Instead, her vaginal pain can only get worse and eventually ruin her entire love life.

If sex hurts for you, it is best that you go to see a doctor or gynecologist as soon as possible to get an appropriate diagnosis. This is to find out if there are any underlying health conditions that are causing you to experience pain during intercourse. Some of the possible ailments may be Vaginismus, ovarian cysts, or Endometriosis.


Out of these kinds of ailments, the most common cause of painful sex is Vaginismus. The major problem about Vaginismus is this condition is hidden and not commonly discussed. Due to this reason, most women are not aware of this sexual disorder until they get the pain which is later diagnosed as Vaginismus. Right here, I will share with you the signs and symptoms of Vaginismus to let you have a better understanding of whether you are afflicted by Vaginismus.


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(a)     You feel painful during or after intercourse: If you experience any burning pain or discomfort during or after sex, it is possible that you have developed Vaginismus.


(b)   You can’t even put your own fingers into your vagina. This commonly occurs in women who are suffering from Vaginismus. This is because the actual insertion of fingers can trigger incredible pain and discomfort.


(c)    You can’t even insert a tampon into the vagina. Many girls who are suffering from Vaginismus don’t wear tampons because it is too hard to get them in.


(d)   Your partner is facing great difficulty in trying to enter you because you seem to ‘tighten’ up down there even when you really want to have sex. When this happens to you, there is a possibility that you are experiencing Vaginismus.


(e)    You can’t even touch the vaginal entrance because for no apparent reason and out of your control, this triggers tremendous pain to you. If this occurs on you, this can mean you are suffering from Vaginismus.


(f)    You have no desire for sex because it is painful for you. A woman suffering from Vaginismus normally avoids having sex out of fear that it may bring pain to her.


(g)   There is burning along with stinging pain within the vagina. Women with Vaginismus often get burning as well as stinging sensations in and around the vaginal region. If you are showing any of these signs, you may already have Vaginismus.


If you have every one of the above-mentioned symptoms, then you are most likely to suffer from Vaginismus. Having said so, it is always a good idea to seek medical assistance to get a correct diagnosis before jumping into conclusion about your condition.

Doctors will usually employ both of the below-mentioned methods to ascertain if you are experiencing Vaginismus.

(a) Medical analysis: In this, the doctor or gynecologist will try to have a greater understanding of your sexual background and the symptoms of your condition.

(b) Pelvic exam: It is one of the techniques that are commonly employed to diagnose Vaginismus. Here, the physician or gynecologist will ask you about the specific location as well as severity of the pain. This procedure is needed to eliminate other possible disorders so as to arrive at a correct diagnosis of whether you are suffering from Vaginismus.


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Once it is confirmed that you are suffering from Vaginismus, the next most important thing is to take a look at the various treatment programs that you can use to eliminate the painful intercourse once and for all. Nevertheless, to achieve this goal of enjoying pain-free sex, you need have a lot of determination and perseverance when you embark on your Vaginismus treatment program.


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What are the types of Vaginismus Treatment for Curing Painful Intercourse?



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Vaginismus, sometimes being mistaken as Vaginism, is a sexual disorder in, which a woman suffers from painful intercourse. The pain she experiences can be so severe that she is not even able to touch her own vagina.


Fortunately, Vaginismus is one of the sexual function conditions in women that are highly treatable and there are several Vaginismus treatment options, which you can follow to get rid of your condition. Moreover, the rate of success from these Vaginismus treatments is actually very high.  As long as a woman is willing to commit herself towards treating her own condition and follow closely to the therapy plan, then she will be able to eliminate Vaginismus completely and get to enjoy pain-free sex again.


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Here are the various Vaginismus treatment alternatives


(a) Kegel exercises: All these exercises involve squeezing the same muscles you use to stop the flow of urine when urinating. The exercises can be done at home. When practiced regularly they typically take effect over a period of weeks to months in helping a woman to get over the involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles that result in closing off of the vaginal entrance. After a woman is able to achieve the capability to control the muscle spasm, she will then be able to resume pain-free sexual intercourse.


(b)  Dilating: This is the best performing Vaginismus treatment method that can be used to cure Vaginismus. Dilators are plastic objects offered in various lengths and widths. They are being used to desensitize the pelvic floor muscles. The aim is to reduce the reflexes that may trigger the muscles to tighten and cause painful sensations. All a woman needs to do is to insert these dilators into her vagina starting from the smallest size dilator and then progress to the largest size to allow her to get used to penetration without feeling any pain. A woman can also use her own fingers to be improvised as dilators if she is not comfortable with using the synthetic dilators.


(c) Botox treatment: This method is only used if all the conventional treatment plans are not able to cure Vaginismus. The doctor will inject Botox under anesthesia into those areas where maximum spasms of the vaginal muscles occur. The shot of Botox really helps to reduce the muscle spasm that tightens the vagina and triggers uncomfortable and painful intercourse. This will facilitate the usage of dilator of any length and width without enduring pain and prepares her for the actual activity of having pain-free sex again.


(d) Hypnosis: This method is used to deal with the sufferer’s performance anxiety relating to sex. By using hypnosis, the anxiety is taken away out of the mind of the female. As soon as this fearfulness is eliminated, the woman will become more self-assured about her condition and gradually develop a more positive attitude towards having sex and sexual intercourse. This subsequently allows her to have painless sexual intercourse.


These are some of the Vaginismus treatments that women can use to overcome painful sex. The success rate of curing Vaginismus is highest when a woman chooses a remedy plan that suits her and she can undertake the treatment at her own pace.


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Also, it is necessary to understand that the time taken to cure this sexual disorder can vary from one person to another. This is very dependent on how motivated a woman is towards getting rid of her issue, her overall health condition, the kind of treatment plan as well as how supportive her husband or partner is in helping her to get over Vaginismus.


So if you are experiencing pain while having intercourse, you need to go to a doctor or a gynecologist to ascertain whether you are suffering from Vaginismus. This is of utmost importance because if Vaginismus is left untreated it will only get worse over time and hurt your entire sex life.


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What a Woman Needs To Know If She Has Painful Sex




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Though Vaginismus, often mistakenly called Vaginism, describes painful sex or that intercourse is impossible, you need to know there are only two key kinds and it can be classified into 5 different levels. The understanding of this by clinicians and patients alike is important so that the proper treatment can be instituted. In the following paragraphs, we are going to describe in depth the various kinds and the various degrees of Vaginismus.


The Different Kinds of Vaginismus

There are 2 main kinds of Vaginismus

1. Primary Vaginismus
2. Secondary Vaginismus


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Primary Vaginismus


When a woman has never at any time been able to have pain-free intercourse due to vaginal tightness, her condition is known as Primary Vaginismus. This kind of Vaginismus is very common among women who tried to have sex for the first time. Primary vaginismus is the common cause of sexless, unconsummated marriages.


This kind of Vaginismus typically comes about as a consequence of physical reasons as well as certain psychological causes including bad past sexual experiences (abuse or rape), fear of getting pregnant, assuming sex is a painful act, performance anxiety and so on.

Secondary Vaginismus


Secondary Vaginismus refers to the experience of tightness, pain or penetration difficulties later in life, after previously being able to have normal, pain-free intercourse.  This kind is much more prevalent in women in the age bracket of 25-50. The factors are mainly physical and usually occur in women who suffer from painful or traumatic experiences such as strain to the vagina throughout child delivery, having sex in out of the ordinary sexual positions, pelvic surgeries as well as others.

What Is the Difference between Primary and Secondary Vaginismus

There is no significant difference between primary and secondary types of Vaginismus. The symptoms seen in women who are afflicted by either primary or secondary Vaginismus are almost the same (pain and discomfort throughout vaginal penetration, burning feeling and so forth.). Therefore, any treatment for Vaginismus which aims to prevent the cycle of involuntary tightening of the pelvic floor muscles can be applicable to both types of Vaginismus.

So, these are the 2 types of Vaginismus which can affect women in all stages of their life. We will now take a closer look at the different levels of Vaginismus. The level of Vaginismus can be determined by observing a woman’s response while she undergoes a gynecological or pelvic floor examination. The various levels of Vaginismus are outlined below:

First Degree Vaginismus: At this level, there is a spasm within the pelvic floor of the girl, which involuntarily closes the vaginal entrance making intercourse painful and uncomfortable. This particular spasm can be relieved with reassurance and generally reduces as time passes and she is able to go through a pelvic exam without going through any sort of pain.

Second Degree Vaginismus: At this level, the spasm in the pelvic floor continues despite reassurance and the woman is unable to unable to relax for the gynecological or pelvic floor exam.

Third Degree Vaginismus: At this level, the particular spasm inside the pelvic floor is so severe that the patient lifts up her buttocks with the fear and anxiety of being examined.

Fourth Degree Vaginismus: This particular degree of Vaginism is considered the most extreme level because the woman totally gives up and also withdraws any attempt of being examined. The woman will lift up her buttocks and close off her thighs to prevent any examination.
These were the various levels of Vaginismus, which a woman may possibly face with. However, regardless of whether a woman has the first degree of Vaginismus or the fourth degree of Vaginismus, this is a condition that can be treated very easily with the help of a suitable treatment program. What a woman needs to have is the will power as well as determination towards treating her situation.


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Clinical statistics showed that those who have complied with the methods of their treatment program have higher success rates as compared to those who failed to follow and complete the treatment. According to different, independent studies, the success rate of treatment for Vaginismus is around 75-100%, depending on the woman’s compliance with her program. This is mainly because; most of the treatment plans for Vaginismus include vaginal dilating, Kegel exercises as well as others provide total relief from the vaginal pain experienced while having sex. Additionally, the leading essence of these Vaginismus treatments is they are generally affordable and will help a woman to eliminate Vaginismus at her own pace.



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How Vaginismis affects women in different ways



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Vaginismus is the result of involuntary tightening of the vaginal walls, making penetration during intercourse difficult or even impossible. Vaginismus can be triggered in both younger and older women, in those with no sexual experience and those with years of experience. Not all women experience Vaginismus the same way. The extensiveness of Vaginismus varies from one person to another depending on the causes, forms and the overall well-being of the woman.


Nonetheless, regardless of how extreme the symptoms are, this sexual problem is easily curable if the girl uses an appropriate Vaginismus treatment plan. She needs to be aware of the signs and symptoms of Vaginismis which can vary from woman to woman. For example, one particular girl is unable to insert anything into the vagina whereas another female can insert a tampon and is able to have a gynaecological exam, but sex is not possible.


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The symptoms of Vaginismis can also vary in the degree of severity from minor discomfort or burning with tightness of the vagina to a complete closure of the vaginal opening. This entire closing of the vaginal entrance makes penetration painful or almost impossible. Some of the different degrees of Vaginismis signs and conditions are as followed:

(a) Some girls may experience a burning sensation during sexual intercourse but it might diminish within a short time, whereas for others this burning sensation can persist.

(b) In some females, the vaginal opening is tightly closed making almost any vaginal penetration very painful and in some cases actually impossible.


(c) Some females may encounter spasms in other muscles during attempted penetration, including lower back and leg muscles.

(d) Some females do not feel like having sex and avoid any sexual activity as a result of anxiety about experiencing pain and discomfort.

(e) Some women are able to insert a tampon in their vagina while others may find it tough to even put their own fingers into the vagina.

(f) Some girls can also get this burning as well as stinging sensation whereas some just only experience tightness.

(g) Some girls are able to have partial insertion of the penis though the process is very painful.

(h) Many females suffering from Vaginismis cannot even insert any single thing into the vagina and find having sex almost impossible.

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Hope by now you will have a better understanding of the various degrees of symptoms of Vaginismis. The symptoms of Vaginismus are involuntary and the sufferer cannot do anything to stop them. The body has learned to associate penetration with pain. Whenever penetration is expected, the vaginal muscles tighten as a protective reaction. This is mainly due to a variety of causes, often in response to a combination of physical or emotional factors. This can be very frustrating and distressing for both women and their partners.


Despite the fact that Vaginismus is involuntary and can manifest itself in varying symptoms and degree of intensity in different women, fortunately this condition is treatable. You can easily get affordable or cost-effective Vaginismis treatment to eliminate Vaginismis totally.


You may ask how long does the treatment program for Vaginismus last? The duration of the treatment program varies, depending upon the approach and technique used to treat Vaginismus. How the woman complies and follows the treatment also affects its duration. But, more often than not, most women can see improvements in their condition in a matter of two weeks and have successfully overcome Vaginismus after six weeks.


Some of the most effective Vaginismis treatment methods consist of vaginal dilating, Kegel exercises, Botox therapy, Hypnotherapy and many more. Vaginismus is not something you should have to live with. Remember that Vaginismus needs attention and will not go away on its own without proper treatment. Therefore, if you are suffering from Vaginismis, you should quickly undertake a Vaginismus treatment system, that is the most appropriate for you.


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