Sex Tips: How To Make Him Want You

English: Male erogenous zones includes the gen...
English: Male erogenous zones includes the genitals (penis, particularly in erect state; scrotum and testicles), the buttocks, the anus and the inner thighs. In the left image we see the genitals (with erect penis) and the inner thighs of a male and in the right image the buttocks and the anus of the same male. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If your sexual activity with your man is becoming dull and monotonous, what can you do to change this? Ever wonder how you can please your man in bed? How to spice things up to have the sexiest fun time ever with him? Wondering what turns a guy on in bed? How to make him desire you and want you more than ever? Read on.


(1)   Understand him


What better way to please a man than to find out what he likes? You can talk about your new moves in bed and find out if he likes them. By talking and listening to each other, both of you will be able to learn from each other. This will of course help both of you to please each other better and enjoy sex a lot more too.


Another way to guarantee that you are giving your man satisfaction is to know where his erogenous zones are. His mouth is one of them. While making out, you suck his lower lip into your mouth and use your tongue tip to stroke up and down. This can make him feel as if electric currents are shooting from his mouth to all other parts of his body. Kissing the front of his neck, scratching his scalp, digging your nails into the back of his neck, licking his nipples like an ice cream and so on are all the things that can contribute to his pleasure.


(2)   Be willing to try new things


You need to do something very, very bad and bold occasionally. How about having sex in a public place? The risk of getting caught can be very arousing. Exchanging sexual fantasies with your partner and acting out some of these scenarios or roles can be a great way to spice up sex. Every now and then try other positions rather than sticking with the tried and tested missionary. Always remember that when trying any new things, make sure both parties are willing to prevent one of you from being shocked by something unexpected.


(3)   Be confident


One of the ways to build confidence is to take care of your body by keeping fit, dress well and having a well-balanced diet. Wear your best night wear when you get into bed. Dress in comfortable lingerie or boxers that enhance your sexiness and make you look good. Men easily get aroused visually, so work on your magic by looking good for him. The better you look when you are about to have sex, the better, sex will become.


Lots of things can undermine a person’s confidence, but it often comes down to performance. He may worry about ejaculating too fast, you may be worrying about whether or when you will cum. What matters are not his or your performance, but the overall satisfaction and pleasure you both enjoy. Recognize that once in a while, things may not work up to your expectations and this is normal. You can learn something from this and the knowledge you gain over time will boost your confidence.


Another way to be confident is to be knowledgeable. You can read about sexuality matters from self-help guides to get some ideas on how to please your man and at the same time improve your sex life. When comes to sex, a man will really enjoy a woman to open up and feel comfortable in bed.


(4)   Take the initiative


When was the last time you initiated sex? Inside your mind, you may ask, “Who cares?” But he cares. Initiating is a clear way of indicating you enjoy having sex with him. This can be infectious as to making him feel the same way. Most guys really love their women to be a bit more aggressive, more obvious and more direct at times.


Be spontaneous because to many guys, the unplanned encounter with their women is still the best kind of sex. This means to be willing to get intimate with him at any moment. Your willingness to be spontaneous will tell that he is worth putting everything aside for under any conditions – good, bad or indifferent.


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