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Are you the one who usually initiate sex? Have you ever wondered why your woman does not enjoy sex as much as you do? According to the Durex Global Sex Survey, only 17% of women are likely to have an orgasm during sex. So, why aren’t women enjoying sex? If you want more sex from your women, you have got to learn how to please her, so that she can have orgasms. Now, relax, take a deep breathe and let these tips help you to explore the ways to turn her on.


(1)   It starts with a kiss


Unless she is already highly aroused, there is no way you can just plunge right into sex without kissing her. Kissing is one of the most sensual acts and every woman loves to be kissed. It is central to pleasuring women. Without kissing, sex is just sex.


You start by taking her upper lip in between both of your lips and gently suck and squeeze it. You can give her a playful and passionate kiss by pressing your lips against hers or against her cheek and then breath in and out quickly through your nose.


You can also give her a neck kiss. To make this kiss perfect, you go light on the tongue and wetness, keeping the movements slow but try not to stay in the same place for too long. Light sucking can also be used and you could try going further down. Have you ever tried kissing her earlobes? You put her earlobe in between your lips and softly tug and pull on it. You may use a little tongue flicking or nibbling on her earlobe if you want to go a step further.


(2)   Appreciate the whole body of your partner


You have to be sensual with every inch of her body which is covered in sensitive nerve endings. This will arouse her more since this is what a woman wants. Women need to be touched all over first. Do not go for the sexual parts of her body first because there is a good chance that she will get turned off by it. Sexual parts also include breasts. Many women feel quite vulnerable when it comes to their breasts, so you should give your lover some time to settle into the sense of arousal in her body first.


Before going to her hot spots, you can go to those often neglected erogenous zones. The beauty of targeting these regularly avoided areas is that it can feel amazing to a woman when these areas suddenly get some attention. Tenderly kissing and licking the wrist and stopping for a gentle nibble on the meaty part between her wrist and thumb will be a sensation she is unlikely to have encountered. Other areas to target are the underside of her arm where the forearm meets the upper arm and the sensitive skin on the underside of the arm, just down from her armpit.


You can use the heel of your hand to press underneath her belly button. This is a good way to externally target her g-spot as you thrust inside her. You trace your fingers from the top of her butt along the line where the small of the back curves into the buttocks (known as the sacral crease) and follow up your movement with kisses. The buttocks themselves are a strong erogenous zone. You give this area a mixture of light and firm kisses or can even finish the kissing of each buttock cheek with a naughty bite. You start with a light stroking or caressing massage and save the hard stuff, like firm squeezing or light spanking only when she is fully aroused.


The skin behind the knees is thin and soft. Therefore, it is very responsive to touch because the nerves are close to the surface. So, lightly kissing and licking in this area can be very highly sensual for her.


The inner thighs are incredibly erogenous zones because of the psychological tease of anticipating where you may head next. Since they are quite highly sensitive area, just the lightest touch will have her aroused. Besides using your hands, you can lick up and down the inner thighs. You can also use a small vibrating sex toy on this area to entice a different sensation.


(3)   Get into some women-friendly sex positions


(a)    Get your girl to slowly lower her body onto your pelvis, sliding your penis inside her as she goes. Rather than sitting in a straddle position, she will raise herself up in a squatting position and resting her hands on your thighs, stomach, or upper chest for support. Rather than going forward and backward like the usual woman-on-top position, she will slide herself up and down your member by lifting her lower body up and down. This position can both provide enough stimulation to her clitoris and g-spot.


(b)   Both of you will face each other on your sides. She will raise one of her legs to let you slide inside her, after which she will drape her leg over yours and tightly around it. Some women require a form of strong muscular contraction to get to that next level of stimulation that leads to orgasm. This side-by-side position allows her to have that firm, full-body contraction while staying in motion. When she presses her leg against yours, this can help to stimulate the inner walls of her vagina and by relaxing her legs and opening them somewhat; this can offer you a bigger range of motion which can help her to get intense clitoral titillation on the way to orgasm.


(c)    You get her into a doggie position. But instead of staying on her hands and knees, ask her to tilt her shoulders downwards with her forearms flat on the bed. Put a pillow under her pelvis. Then you enter her from behind. This position will allow deeper and more intense thrusting and can easily hit her g-spot.


(d)   You get into the normal missionary position with her legs apart. Once inside her, ask her to bring her legs close together. You hook your ankles around her calves and raise yourself up slightly on your hands with a small arch in your back. By closing her legs, this will get you feel tight and big as well as giving her sustained clitoral stimulation.


(e)    You put one or two pillows or a specially-designed love cushion under her pelvis so that her lower back and buttocks are raised off the bed at a 20 to 30 degrees angle. You enter her at this angle which will allow you to hit her g-spot easily.


If you want to know how to have incredibly great sex with your woman and to be the best lover she ever had, you can read further from Hot Sex and Make Her Orgasm

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How To Pleasure A Girl






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Are you looking for new ways to please a girl and enrich her sensations? Have you ever thought of using sex toys? You may be wondering why you should use sex toys and if you have to use them how you should go about using them. If you have not yet used sex toys probably thinking that they can cut down your girl’s dependence on you, have no fear. This is because no matter how effective sex toys can be, they can no way replace the intimacy and love that you can offer to your woman. Rather than competitors, sex toys can also serve as good allies in helping you to improve performance in bed. For example, when your fingers or mouth is tired, sex toys can temporarily take over the job to satisfy your woman. If you have problems in doing 2 things at a time, sex toys can help you to focus on doing one task to her maximum pleasure.


So, if you are in need of some unique techniques to use a vibrator (which is the most common sex toy) to pleasure a woman, you can use the following tips tonight.


(1)   Get her feedback


There is nothing shameful in getting her to show or tell you how she likes a vibrator to be used on her. After all, the circumstances and stimulation under which orgasm can occur is different for every woman. Some women can easily have g-spot orgasms with sex toys while others require very specific placement, speed and pressure to orgasm. So, you should observe and learn how she uses the vibrator on herself. After all, no one knows how better to make her orgasm than she herself.


(2)   Tease her slowly


When comes to sex, it is best to take things slowly and this applies to even using a vibrator. You start from the lowest vibration and work it up to the highest speed. In using a vibrator, it is the same as when you use your hands to touch her during foreplay, you should not go right to the lower part of her body. Instead, you use a vibrator on other areas of her body to get her warmed up first.


You can use it on her nipples, on her inner thighs and just above and around her vagina. You take time to explore other erogenous zones she may have. Once you have found some of these areas which are especially sensitive to her (through using your tongue or fingers), try to stimulate those areas using the vibrator. This could mean a mind-blowing orgasm for her, along with the possibility of more than one orgasm, making subsequent intimate events a lot hotter.


(3)   Be careful when you stimulate the clitoris


Though most vibrators are made to focus on the clitoris, however you have to take note that under the clitoris there are numerous nerve endings which means this area is just as sensitive as the tip of the penis. Therefore putting a vibrator against the lower end of the clitoris may be too much stimulation for her. You can get a cloth or towel in between the vibrator and the clitoris to muffle the effect slightly.


(4)   Do not forget yourself


Who says you need just a vibrator to please a woman? If this is so, a woman can just marry to a vibrator. Do not forget you still have your tongue, hands or even your male-hood which you should use to give her extra pleasure. When you stimulate her clitoris with the vibrator, you can slide one or two fingers inside her to massage the g-spot. Of course, you have to make sure she is sufficiently aroused before you insert your fingers inside her. You can also alternate this action by sliding the vibrator inside her and rubbing the clitoris with your thumb.


Using a vibrator on her does not excuse you from giving her oral pleasure. Try alternating between your mouth and vibrator on any of her erogenous zones. When you slide the vibrator inside her, you can lick on her clitoris.


When you penetrate her, you can continue to stimulate the clitoris using the vibrator. Or, when you enter her from behind, you can also insert the vibrator into her anus.


(5)   Turn her wild with more toys


Do not restrict yourself to only one vibrator. You can get a dual action vibrator for vaginal and anal stimulation and an egg vibe for her clitoris and use them at the same time. Get some vibrating nipple clamps. You may like to get those double-bullet vibrators with stretchy cock ring attachments which you can wear the vibrator while moving beyond foreplay.


So, here are the tips on how to use a vibrator properly on a girl. The basic principles in pleasing a girl still apply – paying attention to find out what she likes and do more of those things that turn her on a lot. The only difference is, you have one or more tools available to help you to pleasure her. You can find out more about these from Hot Sex and Make Her Orgasm

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Female Orgasm Tips – How To Please A Girl






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Do you want to know how you can please a woman effectively so much so that she keeps looking forward to the next sexual encounter with you? Do you want to learn to be one of the rare men who can satisfy her with your lovemaking skills? Here are some tips to increase the chances she will get an orgasm and probably multiple orgasms


(1)   Give her the best foreplay ever


If you want to get her in the mood, foreplay is absolutely necessary. Foreplay is one of the things that women usually cannot get enough. You will never hear her complaining about you hugging, cuddling, kissing and whispering naughty thoughts in her ear. The more you tease her the more you will be able to please her.


To gradually build up the mood, it is best to start foreplay before you reach the bedroom. You can try doing some fun things or give her pleasant surprises to make her feel good. Believe it or not, creative and romantic gestures do turn women on because love and sex are interconnected in a woman’s brain. By connecting to her emotionally as early as you can, she will be so aroused by the time you really start to pleasure her in bed.


(2)   Do not forget her lips


Do you know that women’s lips are their number one erogenous zone? The art of tongue kissing will pleasure her more than you know and leave her with a lasting, eroticized impression. When you kiss her, you hold her face firmly but gently while you slip your tongue inside her mouth and suck on her lips one at a time. Do not confine to kissing just her lips. You can also use your lips for giving sweet arousing kisses all over her body.


(3)   Give her oral pleasure


The easiest way to help a woman reach orgasm, even multiple orgasms is by giving her oral sex. Any licking or gentle sucking on the vaginal entrance and lips or the clitoris will surely make you popular with any woman. Try licking her with the skill of an experienced painter by experimenting with broad and varied strokes using your tongue to ‘write’ the alphabets A to Z or figure of 8. Ask her what she likes and mix it up with different movements such as vertical and diagonal strokes.


You begin by licking up and down the entire area along the vaginal opening before you move to her clitoris. Then you start by giving her short quick flick of your tongue on her clitoris. At this stage when she is not fully aroused yet, do not spend too much time on her clitoris. You use your tongue to pleasure the surrounding area especially the clitoral hood (just above the clitoris). You place her clitoral hood between your lips to allow both sides of the hood to rub against each other.


Your woman will let you know when she is ready for all-out clitoral stimulation when you see the following signs – her breathing gets more rapid, the visible part of the clitoris will swell slightly and she will press your head down towards her harder than ever. At this point, you gently retract the hood to expose the clitoris and dart your tongue across it. You repeat your tongue movement gently and quickly, varying the direction each time and pausing between each flick of the tongue. When she starts begging for more attention, release the hood and increase the degree of applied pressure until she reaches orgasm.


(4)   Use your fingers too


While kissing her clitoris, you can use your fingers to caress her breast and run them down to the middle of her stomach. You can also use your fingers to rub on her clitoris in circular motions. When she is fully aroused, you can insert one finger about 2 inches inside her. You press this finger against the frontal wall of her vagina. You use this finger to rub on a location that feels rough to your touch, which is the g-spot.


(5)   Use the best sex positions


You can learn about the various lovemaking positions by reading about them from self-help guides. But this alone is still not enough. This is because not all love positions are made equal. It will be better to read this together with your partner and discuss with her which positions both of you can try.


There you have it the 5 tips you can start using right away to give a woman the most earth-shattering experience of her life. These tips covered here are by no means exhaustive. You can read the rest of the tips from Hot Sex and Make Her Orgasm

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How To Have Super Sex



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Do you want to learn how to improve sex life? Are you looking for ways to rekindle your love life? If you are simply looking for ways to spice up routine or boost your sexual energy level, here are a few simple ways you can try out to have the sex life you want.


(1)   Start from her brain


Men are visual creatures. They get aroused when they see a woman’s breasts. Women are more emotional and to a woman, sex is more than penetration. It is also an expression of love and closeness to a man. To turn a girl on, you have to seduce her brain. Do you remember how you used to send her flowers and emails? Or what about the times you cooked her dinner?


One of the best ways to turn up heat in your relationship is to keep doing all those sweet little things outside the bedroom to make her feel loved. To make your gestures more effective and sincere, you should do these even on those days you do not have sex. When she can feel your love, she will naturally feel a bit more connected. When the intimate moment comes, she will want to please you more and you will have fantastic sex.


(2)   Indulge in good foreplay


Foreplay is important to maintaining a healthy sex life. If you are looking to improve sex you may try things such as taking shower together. This gives both of you a good excuse to touch each other. These little gestures matter a lot to women especially, like hand holding or random kisses.


Women often complain that their men only touch them when they want sex. So, do not wait for bed time to touch and fondle her. In bed, try learning your partner’s erogenous zones by paying attention to her body signals and how she reacts to where and how you touch her. Another awesome way to improve your sex life is by giving your partner a sensual massage to start things off.


(3)   Oral sex


Foreplay often ends with both partners performing oral sex on one another. Sometimes, people take oral sex for granted, but it is something that will add to sex because it is pleasurable. Performing oral and getting blow job can really get people, especially women, in the mood for sex.


When performing oral sex on a woman, you should refrain from making jabbing movements with your tongue. Slower and softer movements work better for her. As for a woman who performs oral sex on her man, she should keep her teeth away from the penis and use her lips and tongue. When performing oral sex you should use your hands and toys to enhance the experience. Let your partner lead you with directions, so you know what he or she prefers.


(4)   Add in sex toys and lubricant


The use of tools or props when having sex can be something that will easily make sex more enjoyable. Not only that but it may be a way that can help you last longer and give your partner even more orgasms. Get a dildo, vibrator or something that you can use on your girl to bring her to orgasm.


Lubrication is important to make sure that sex is both comfortable and enjoyable. Lubrication for a woman is the equivalent of an erection for a man. To facilitate lubrication, you can standby with a bottle of lubricant. The important thing is to do whatever it takes to make sex fun and not to settle for a mediocre sex life.


(5)   Keep on improving


Having a better sex life will take some work. Some of your attempts may not work. Trying something new always involve some degree of risk. As the saying goes – no risks no rewards. If you do not want to get stuck in a rut and want to have good sex, get a book to learn more about the various sex positions. Read it together with your partner so that you can discuss and make a choice about which new positions you can try on. Making a consistent effort to improve on your knowledge and skill is the key to a better love life.


Listen to your heart and follow where your heart goes. Today you make the decision to trust your gut and do whatever it takes to make your sex life happy. Read the rest of the tips for better sex at Hot Sex and Eternal Flame

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How To Increase The Pleasure Of Sex



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Do you ever feel the intimate passion you use to have for each other is no longer that stronger when you make love to your partner? Do you want to know how you can avoid getting bored in bed? The following tips should help to bring the passion back into bed


(1)   Take a shower together


This is a great way to begin your trip to bed. Having a bath together gives you more time to tease and play with each other. It also gives you the chance to talk and relax in each other’s arms. You should include this as part of the foreplay. Playing in each other’s arms before reaching the bed is an excellent way to solidify your anticipation of a night of great intimacy.


(2)   Create a romantic atmosphere


You can start doing this from the bedroom. Decorate the bedroom so that it feels sensual and inviting with soft, clean bed sheets and extra pillows. To evoke a certain mood, you can play some slow and romantic music as background tracks for your love scene.


With the music on, you can switch off the lights and light up the room with scented candles. Potpourris are also an excellent addition to fill the ambience with fragrance. Certain fragrances behave as aphrodisiacs, so choose correctly and devote your time in it.


Scented body oils are a great way to prolong the act of sex. You can rub oil over your partner. This is passionate, sexy and feels so slippery and wet when you are on top of each other.


You can add in some edible love enhancers such as strawberries, chocolate syrup or some edible body paint. The bedroom is one of the most common places to have sex. If you can add in anything that is exciting, unique and pleasurable, you can bring the spark back.


(3)   Get some bedroom toys and a good collection of adult movies


Sex toys can add a lot of fun for both of you. This is especially so when you are not used to watching your partner plays or works with a toy on her body. Using sex toys is also a great way to turn your partner on and also helps to gain you some more time if she takes a little bit longer to reach orgasm.


A good erotic movie also has its own benefits. When you are playing with each other or trying to prolong the night, some little wonderful distractions at times can keep the fun going on for a couple of hours. This is one of the best ways to relax and enjoy each other’s company and have sensuous sex for several hours. The brain is the biggest and most important sexual organ you have. All our desires and emotions start from the brain. Therefore, you should do whatever it takes to stimulate and arouse each other’s mind before going to bed.


(4)   Kiss to tease


A lot about making love is all about the touch and kisses. You caress and kiss your partner while you move your hands all over her. Kissing can start from anywhere, anytime, even before you reach the bedroom. To get your partner in the right mood, kiss her face, starting with little pecks on the eyes, cheeks, chin, nose and lips. Be slow and steady as you lock lips. Put pressure then pull back and gently suck the bottom lip. This will definitely get her senses tingling for more.


You can give each other a sensual massage. Take turns to pleasure each other and let the fingers linger a while on the sensitive spots. This can make both of you turn on if your touching can help her to reach orgasm. Spending a lot of time kissing, caressing and enjoying each other’s body is a great way to get ready for one of the best lovemaking sessions you would have had in a long time.


(5)   Keep yourself focus on her


This is the best way to overcome any performance anxieties you may have. Pay attention to what pleasures her as you touch her and observe her body signals. Maintain eye contact all the time. This can create a connection that can heighten the pleasure of lovemaking. The connection removes all inhibitions and hesitancy. Your partner obviously needs to feel you are physically and emotionally connected to her before she gets turned on.


To improve your lovemaking skills, you need to create new experiences all the time and focus on her satisfaction at the same time. Read the rest of the tips on how to have great sex at Hot Sex and Eternal Flame

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