The Things That Can Always Bring A Woman To Orgasm

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How to please a woman? This has always been the top question in most men’s mind. Here I am going to share with you the ways that can turn a woman on that can help you to get more dates or to improve the intimacy with your wife.


(1)   Dare to try new things


Boredom and predictability can be a passion killer. People can change. The things that can arouse her in bed 4 to 5 years ago may not necessarily have the same orgasmic effect on her now. Of course, you can go and buy an online sex guide to read about the lovemaking techniques. However, before you use those of your newly acquired knowledge on her, you still need to communicate with her, get her feedback, and read her body signals to see what works and what does not work. You “tailor-made” your techniques to her sexual needs. You set up simple codes she can use during lovemaking: “up” or “down” for which erotic spot to put your hand on. Or, when you are stimulating her, you ask her, “How does this feel, one to 10”? , and you adjust your pressure on her erogenous zone accordingly.


(2)   You inject fantasy into lovemaking


Indulging in fantasies can lead to hotter lovemaking and greater intimacy. To get a woman to reach orgasm, she needs to clear her mind off any hidden fears. Fantasy is a good way for her to distract her from any thoughts that may kill sex drives. So, how do you bring fantasies to your lovemaking? One way you can try is to read her or watch with her an erotic story before things heat up. Erotica can help her to get in touch with her deepest, darkest and most sensual fantasies. Another way is to whisper provocative sentences to each other in turn; building a fantasy tale she can get lost in.


(3)   You allow her to set the pace and tone in the bedroom


A man is expected to take the lead in sex. The problem is sometimes when a guy gets too engrossed in what he is doing that he may neglect her sexual needs. You let her control the pace and intensity of lovemaking (either from the start or for the whole of the bedroom session, depending on the mood), so that you can both know what is best to turn her on. The more aroused she is the better for you. Encourage her to be on top because this sex position can allow her to take advantage of a full range of positions such as facing you, facing away or even sitting cross-legged on you.


(4)   Going beyond the commonly known erotic spots


Most of us already know that if we stimulate any one of the following erotic spots – her clitoris, G-spot and urethra, this can get a woman to orgasm easily. A sex expert, Quilliam, suggests going beyond these erogenous zones to tease what some call the U-spot which is an area between her clitoris and vagina, located near the entrance to her urethra. You stimulate this area using your finger in soft, circular motions. Urethral nerves are highly sensitive therefore pleasuring this region can send her into a soft, melting form of climax. Of course, before you do this to her, make sure your hands are clean because this area is infection-prone.


(5)   You slow down to give her chance to go into the stage of orgasm


When she is almost quite close to climax, you temporarily stop stimulating her sensitive areas. You then kiss her for a few minutes and move on to her other less sensitive areas of her body. After a while, you go back to stimulate her orgasm-triggering spot again. You can repeat this “switch on” and “switch off” motion for a few times before you make the “final assault” to send her into the point of no return orgasm stage. This start-and-stop action can increase the intensity of her orgasm.


So, these are the 5 easy ways to give a woman an orgasm. Practice makes perfect. Therefore keep on doing this to “wake up” the untamed sexual instinct that is lurking in her subconscious. If you are keen to be the one and only one man in her world that can rejuvenate or raise her sexual desire, you can click on to Hot Sex and Turn Her On.

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How To Dirty Talk To Your Lady

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Talking dirty can be a lot of fun and can give boost to your sex life. It is one of those sexual behaviors people are uncomfortable with the first time they do it. Being an effective dirty talker therefore needs practice and perseverance. To do it well means letting yourself loose, which always feel scary the first time.


Here are some steps to getting comfortable with dirty talk and ideas for introducing into your sex play:


(1)   Practice dirty talk when you are alone


Carol Queen, author of the highly recommended Exhibitionism for the Shy, suggests starting on your own, talking dirty while you masturbate. Fantasize about having sex with your partner and talking dirty to them. You can start by doing it in your head, but eventually do it out loud.


(2)   Timing is everything


Make sure you are both in the mood. It is the easiest to start talking dirty when you are actually having sex. Both of you need to be quite turned on for it to work, which means you cannot skip your foreplay. Whisper a couple of things in her ear and see what she does, just to test the waters.


(3)   “Dip your toe in” to test the water first


Communication is the key to good sex. The first step to introducing something new into lovemaking is to test the waters in casual conversations. A great way is to start with sexy texts or emails. It is often less embarrassing to write something down than to say it straight to someone’s face. You can send a short text saying,”I can’t stop thinking about having sex with you. I love how my (insert body part) feels when you do that.”


(4)   Read her an erotic story


This is a good way to talk to her without sounding ridiculous or sleazy. There are plenty of good erotic writers around and you can easily find this in the erotic section of a women’s magazine, or even better, a specialized erotica magazine. She is unlikely to be offended if the magazine is of the good quality type. While reading to her, you can take this chance to practice your dirty voice. This is also a fun way to spend time together, whether it leads to sex or not.


(5)   Expand your dirty talk vocabulary


Dirty talk is not sexually stimulating if you use clinical terms. Unless your role playing calls for it, avoid clinical terms (like penis). This applies to all parts of the anatomy, with the possible exception of the term “breasts”.

(6)   Do not talk about family and other women


Try talking to her about her sexy younger sister and she will definitely kick you out of the bed. Do not talk about other women too unless she specifically request it. This can make her feel very insecure and a big turn off.


(7)   Find your dirty talk voice


You need to find your own way of talking dirty. Your dirty talk might be low rhythmic grunts, high pitched squeals, or precise whispers. It may reflect your normal way of talking, or an expression of a different aspect of your personality. You do not need to pick only one voice, the element of surprise can add an extra sense of anticipation, when your partner does not know what they are going to get next from your dirty talking.


(8)   Experiment with your voice


Most of us do not realize how the change in the tone of your voice can make a great difference and the impact of these changes. Experiment with speed to see how fast you talk. Some things call for you to talk like the speed of a racing car while some things are best said slowly. Change the volume of your voice, try whispering, try screaming, try everything in the middle. You can sound commanding and harsh, trembling and uncertain and somewhere in between.


(9)   Make dirty talking a 2-way communication


Once you have taken the risk and initiative to talk dirty with your partner, ask her to do the same. By being on the giving as well as the receiving end of the dirty talk, you may be able to learn a few things from your partner that have not been revealed to you.


(10)  Get feedback


While in the midst of your action, it is usually not suitable to discuss about how she feels about your dirty talking. If she does not like it, she does not want to say this out to embarrass you or spoil your mood. To avoid this problem, you can discuss it when watching TV with her or at any time when you are both fully clothed so that there is far less risk of damaging egos. You can talk about which parts you both like and what she dislikes. Keep this discussion light-hearted and fun.


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