How to Use Essential Oils to Reduce Cellulite?





How to Use Essential Oils to Reduce Cellulite? If you are looking for a natural solution for cellulite then using essential oils to reduce cellulite may be an option. Using essential oils to reduce cellulite are quite safe to use. Read on to find out more.
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Cellulite, pockets of dimpled, puckered fat, usually on your own buttocks, abdomen, hips and thighs, could be unsightly and frustratingly difficult to eliminate.


Cellulite’s orange-peel appearance is brought on by fibrous strands of ligament, which push fat cells outward aging, childbirth, and overweight can all promote the development of cellulite. Many women consider homemade remedies to reduce the appearance of cellulite.


If you are looking for a natural solution for cellulite then using essential oils to reduce cellulite may be an option. Using essential oils to reduce cellulite are quite safe to use.


However, to play safe it is better to try out a small amount to the inside of your wrist one day before using the remedy to make sure you’re not allergic, and consult your doctor before using essential oils if you have some chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension and you are on medication.


The first thing you need to do is to decide what type of oils that you want to use for treatment of cellulite. The most popular essential oils to reduce cellulite are Cedar wood Oil, Juniper Oil, Black Pepper Oil, Grapefruit Oil and Tea Tree Oil. You can add sage and cypress as well.


Other good essential oil choices are Rosemary, sage, lemon, cypress, grapefruit and lavender. You can purchase essential oils online from Mountain Rose Herbs.


Carrier oils are indispensable when using aromatherapy for treating cellulite. Not only do they have a nourishing effect on their own, but some essential oils can be irritating when applied directly to the skin. This is especially true of sensitive skin types. Therefore carrier oils are needed to act as diluting agents so that essential oils can be applied to the skin.


Another point to consider is that the essential oils are usually quite thin compared to regular or carrier oil, and more expensive when you compare volume. The carrier oil allows the essential oil to be massaged, rather than being absorbed too quickly. And massage is integral to using aromatherapy effectively when it comes to cellulite.


An effective and safe solution for most aromatherapy applications would be one to two percent (1 to 2 drops of essential oil per 100 drops of true carrier oil) and when formulating blends of oils start with no more than two or three oils at a time.


Below is a list of ALL the best natural oils (carrier oils) for treating cellulite. Use any of the following natural oils when administering your cellulite reduction treatment, I HIGHLY recommend the last three on the list as they’re very popular for a reason:


Macadamia nut oil – Macadamia oil comes from the meat of the nut.


Pecan oil – Pecans contain high levels of antioxidants.


Peanut oil – Peanuts are legumes that grow under the ground with the plant growing above the ground.


Walnut oil – Walnuts produce one of the most costly oils.


Castor oil – Castor oil originated in India and comes from the beans of a castor plant.


Emu oil – Emu oil comes from a thick pad of fat on the back of this flightless bird.


Jojoba oil – Jojoba oil pronounced “Ho-Ho-Ba” is an essential oil that is gathered from the seeds of the jojoba tree.


Sunflower oil – Sunflower oil is a great source for Vitamin E.


Canola oil – The name canola is adopted from “Canadian oil, low acid”.


Evening primrose oil – Evening primrose oil is an essential oil extracted from the wildflower of evening primrose.


Sesame oil – Sesame seeds were one of the first crops processed for oil.


Olive oil – The oil is produced by grinding whole olives and extracting the oil by mechanical or chemical means.


Avocado oil – Although it is classed as a vegetable oil, the avocado is really a fruit since it has a stone.


Coconut oil – Coconut oil is one of the most soothing oils for the skin.


Grape seed oil – Thin and light, grape seed oil leaves a glossy film over skin.


Sweet almond oil – Sweet almond oil lubricates the skin and absorbs easily.


The common applications of essential oils to reduce cellulite are bathing and massage. For a bath use approximately ten drops of your chosen essential oil in your water, do not however add the oil to your bath until you have finished running your water. Ensure that you stir the water with your hand before getting in to ensure that the oil is not sitting in a clump on the surface.


Using herbal essential oils in massage oils is a great way to treat cellulite and to help encourage it to break down. Anti-cellulite essential massage oil is usually applied on the areas of the skin that are commonly effected by the formation of cellulite, such as thighs, below the legs, under the arms, pelvic region of body and on the calves.


Making the Anti-Cellulite essential oils at home is a very cost-effective process i.e. it cuts the cost to a very much extent in comparison to the available commercial anti-cellulite creams available in the market.


Another thing that should be kept in mind is the commercial cellulite body creams may also have the side effects due to the presence of potentially harmful chemicals. Thus, it is better to use the home-made remedy so that you are satisfied and sure about the cellulite cream is not harmful to your skin.


You can make great massage oil that is applied directly to the cellulite areas by using 4 drops of Juniper, 4 drops of Sweet Fennel, and 2 drops of Cypress. Blend this with one ounce (or 2 tablespoons) of carrier oil such as Sweet Almond or Jojoba Oil. This anti-cellulite massage oil blend is beneficial for breaking down the fat and smoothing the skin.


A reminder to use a dry shower brush to massage any of the following natural oils into any of your trouble areas where cellulite accumulates for about 10 minutes daily.


Once again, natural oil massage will encourage new skin growth, exfoliate your epidermis, stimulate blood and lymphatic flow and improve the appearance of your cellulite.


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