Female Orgasm – How To Arouse A Woman In Romantic Ways






How to arouse a woman? How to make her wet? How to get women horny? What are the ways and things you can make a woman sexually aroused? Read below for answers to these questions.

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In order to arouse a woman, you have to make an effort in your foreplay for her. What I mean foreplay here is not just the things you should do in the bedroom before sex. In facts, there are lots of things or preparations you should do. In my definition, foreplay has two aspects. One is the emotional part and the other is the physical aspect.


What is emotional foreplay? It is a series of things outside the bedroom that you have to do as a great lover or partner in making her feel totally comfortable with you. It plays an important role in building up sexual intimacy. To be good in your emotional foreplay, you will have to make her feel loved and appreciated.


You will treat her as a person you are deeply in love and not just an object or outlet to vent your sex needs. You have to be romantic by giving her pleasant surprises which can be some small gifts (which she has always wants) or in the form of gestures. When you are not with her, you can romance her with sms text messaging.


Communication and emotional connection are both very important foundation for a strong relationship. You need to be patient and listen to her without interruptions her needs, wishes, concerns and problems.


You must first resolve any underlying issues outside the bedroom if you want to have a great sex life. If she is not so keen in sex, you have to find out the reasons. Sometimes, she may be troubled by certain conditions such as vaginismus (painful intercourse) or excessive and colored vaginal discharge. Besides getting her to seek medical treatment, you can search online for some self-help guides on vaginismus cure and how to treat yeast infection.


Once you have taken care of the emotional aspect of the foreplay, you can now work on physical aspect of the foreplay. In order to be effective in pleasing and teasing your woman, you will have to take things slowly. The longer you build anticipation, the more pleasure she feels when you reach her hot spots. You do this by deliberately leaving out her most obvious erogenous zones (nipples, clitoris) initially and instead spending more time on her less obvious ones which can be more sensitive to stimulation during the early stage of foreplay.


To make it sensationally intense for her, you can practice some light bondage by way of blindfolding her. As she is not going to know where you will be touching her next, this can be very arousing to her. In touching her, you can impress her with your creativity. There are many things in your house that can be used as sex tools. For example, you can use lightly stroke her with light feather that can be very ticklish and arousing. While touching her, you can either sweet talk or dirty talk to her.


At this point, your main aim is to give her pleasure and make it mutually enjoyable. Though it is best to give her an orgasm, you should not make having an orgasm the main goal for every intercourse session. This will put undue pressure on your woman, making it difficult for her to achieve orgasm.


There is no one-size-fit-all way in arousing a woman. You have to customize or make special adjustments to the sexual techniques you master, in order to be effective in helping her to have the best orgasm she ever gets. You have to pay attention and observe how her body reacts to your move and touch.


Does she put her arms around you or caress you when you touch or penetrate her? If this happens, this means you are doing the right thing. Does she push you back or cover herself up? If this is so, you will have to make changes in your moves. Does she synchronize her movement with yours such as moving her hips in time with your thrust? If this is so, this means she is enjoying what you are doing to her. Does her breathing get more rapid? This is often a sign of she is quite close to orgasm.


How do you know if she is aroused enough? When she is wet down there, does this mean you can stop your foreplay? Many guys have this wrong assumption that when a woman is wet, this means she is ready for sex. Well, this is not so. When she is lubricated, it means her mind is starting to get sexual but still far away from the stage when she is about to orgasm. A clear sign of her been highly-aroused is when you see her vagina swollen or bulging due to increased blood flow to this region. You will see her clitoral hood covering her clitoris in contrast to the beginning when the clitoris is partially-exposed.


Though every woman is different, but for most women, the most effective way to arousing them is by way of clit stimulation, which is the easiest and best way to female orgasm. You can stimulate her clitoris by your hands, your mouth and tongue, your sex organ and sex toys. The best way is to let her have her first orgasm through clitoral stimulation before you enter her. She will then be very sensitive to your subsequent moves and will be able to achieve multiple orgasms.


What I suggest is 60% of your effort will be what you should do to please her when outside the bedroom. Once you do this well, you can be very sure, she will be very receptive to what you are going to do her in bed.  This is 60% emotional (laying the foundation) and 40% physical action in the bedroom.


For more ideas to make a woman want you, read on more to discover the Secrets of Female Orgasm and to find out What She Wants.

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How Can I Get A Girl Wet





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Have you been wondering what women want from men? Are you looking for ways to increase female sexual desire? If you want to get lucky on a regular basis with females, you need to find out or learn about the ways and things women like. Once you are able to master these, getting her in the mood will be as easy as flicking the switch. When she is aroused, she will be very responsive to your stimulation even before she is naked. Here are some tips that will get her excited to jump into bed with you.


(1)   Make her feel loved


Women sexual response works differently from men. They do not get aroused immediately when you touch her breasts, so you need to take time to get her in the mood. First, you need to put her in the right mind-set that you love her, and that even though you want to have sex with her, you need to appreciate her beyond her sexuality. In fact in trying to get your girl horny, it is not just body contacts, but also the way you treat her in your daily life. Thus, the first step is for you to treat her nicely and respect her as someone you love.


One of the ways you can do is to give sincere and specific compliments. Compliment her feminine side like her kindness, her caring nature, the way she smiles, or the cute thing she does with her hair. Some of the best aspects to compliment a girl are her eyes, hair, lips, her fragrance and her voice. Here are some examples: “I love the way you smell”, “I love the sound of your voice”.


(2)   Set a romantic mood


To start on the right note, you can pamper or surprise her with a gift that touches her heart, not necessary to be expensive stuff. Instead, get her something small that is meaningful to her or your relationship in general.


A romantic mood can be fostered through the use of candles, lightings, music, or soft sheets. Be sure to choose your music wisely because this can make or break the mood. Make an iPod playlist to run throughout the night, something that can fill the background. The music should vary throughout the evening. Start out soft yet upbeat, no dance or rap, and let it continue to mellow out as the night progresses. You can also slow-dance with your girl to get the juices flowing.


(3)   Touch her sensually


Start by kissing gently and touching your tongue against hers. Lean closer to her and press her body against yours while kissing. Run your hand through her hair while you put the other hand on her back. Kiss her passionately on the base of the neck. Give a little nibble on her earlobes as well. Run your hands over your woman’s clothes up and around her breasts. Do not touch her breasts yet. You run your hand right along the underside of her breast where it is more sensitive. At this point, your aim is to heat her up gradually.


You can touch her naturally by way of giving her a sensual massage. Massage can work like magic for getting a woman horny. You start off by gently massaging her shoulders and hands. Try using some massage oil. Use the oil sparingly and all over her body but not on her private areas. Massage her feet, calves, thighs, back and arms. As you are nearing the end of your massage, pay special attention to her thighs. Sensual massage will turn a woman on every time. While touching her, you can talk dirty to her as this can cause her to feel very sensual too.


By now, she should be ready and wanting more of everything from you. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to give her the best sex she ever had? Read on more from Hot Sex and Turn Her On if you want to make sex more exciting.

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The Sexy Moves That Turn A Girl On





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How can you keep your woman happy and satisfied? Are there any ways to ensure or better still, increase her desire to be with you in bed? Fortunately, there are. Here are the things you can do to make it happen and keep her interested.


(1)   Make her feel loved


(a)    How to do it? First, you find some time to be with your woman. No doubt, you are busy and work is important, but with a little bit of planning, you should be able to find some time just for her. She will love it if you make the effort and take her out for a lovely dinner or just spending some time alone with her talking and reminiscing.


(b)   At times, give her pleasant surprises. There is nothing better than a good surprise to make her feel loved. Give her something she always wants but could never get herself. Write her some love notes and put them in places she can easily discover. She will love the fact that you take the time to write those loving words for her


(c)    Some of the little but thoughtful acts when you keep doing it can matter a lot. Do not be stingy with words like “love you dear”, “love you darling”, “you are beautiful”, or “I love your body”. They may feel clichéd to you, but to a woman, she never gets tired of hearing these and she is always hunger to hear these from the man she loves. Also, always remember her birthday.


(d)   Do not just be intimate with her only when you sex. To a woman, something as  simple as holding hands, kissing and hugging are important gestures that show her how much you love, care and appreciate her. Women do not always want sex. Just show her affection without sexual intentions.


(e)    Take your time to understand what she wants sexually. You should make an effort to know what she really likes. You will never know unless you take the time to talk to her. Some women may be shy to talk about this. Therefore you give her the chance and time to open up and talk about the things she will like you to do to please her. Respect her wishes and do not try to force her on something she dislikes.


(f)    It is important to pay attention to her. When she talks, make sure you pay 100% attention to what she says. She does not necessarily need you to offer any suggestion. What she needs is probably an outlet to vent her frustrations. Therefore, do give her a patient and attentive listening.


(2)   Make her feel special


How to do it? Regularly express to her that you need and value her. Give her specific compliment about her special qualities. When she needs comfort, you put your arms around her. Make an effort to know what she wants and do it before she asks. At time, pamper her with neck, back and foot massage.


(3)   Focus on her whole body


If you can lavish your attention on every part of her body, it will definitely result in her feeling needed, loved and worshipped. Most women do not like the first touch to be the breasts or the genitals. They want to be touched all over.


What you should do is to pace your actions, so take your time to explore, caress and tease. Use your fingers, lips or the palms of your hands to trace the outline of her body, caress her face or gently massage her thighs. You can also run your fingertips over her lips, kiss her lightly on the cheek or slide your hands around her waist and squeeze gently. These little actions can arouse her more and make her feel closer to you during sex than if you immediately reach for her sexual parts and concentrate on them alone.


What a woman wants from you is to appreciate her as a person not just her assets. She also needs to know you are not in hurry and what better way to prove this than to approach her in a slow and steady pace.


So, if you want to get her in the mood, you have to make her feel loved, feel wanted at all times. Think of foreplay as a 24-hour experience that happens both in and out of the bedroom. Just remember that she needs time to ’heat up’.


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How To Help A Girl To Get Wet




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She used to get very wet when you have sex with her. But lately, she seems to have problems in getting wet. What can you do to get her juices flowing again?


Why do women experience a lessening of lubrication? There are many factors that can affect female sex drive. Some factors are obvious, while others are definitely not. Age, life, energy level, hormones or certain conditions such as vaginismus all play a part in affecting female libido and if one or more of those factors are not functioning well, her libido could take a nose dive.


How To Make Her Wet And How Can You Help


(1)   Make her feel comfortable


A big part of a woman’s sexual satisfaction is very dependent on her state of mind. She must feel sexy in order to feel sexual.  If she is not in the mood, find out what is on her mind. It is good to open the door of communication to allow her to vent some frustrations of the day to you which will allow her to relax and let it go. Besides you may realize that she is actually upset with you and keeping your ears open and maintaining your calm will warrant a much more favorable response from her.


Instead of reacting to what she is not doing for you, think of what you can do for her. Something as simple as giving her your shoulder to cry on is good enough. You can also get her a bottle of her favorite wine to allow her to unwind during dinner. Well, getting a woman tipsy can always make her get horny and want to have sex. After dinner, you can either give her a back or feet massage. When she is physically and mentally relaxed, you can start touching her. This will show her that you are a considerate lover who is more concerned about including her in sex, rather than using her to get yours.


(2)   Be patient during foreplay


Female lubrication starts with hormones sending signals to the brain causing her to get sexually aroused which will in turn ’wake up’ her clitoris and vagina to be ready for sex. The inner and outer lips of the vagina swell and the vaginal walls and lips which have those little glands called vulvovaginal will secrete liquid to allow for penetration.


Female arousal normally takes more time than male arousal, therefore foreplay is very crucial. Her brain needs to feel sexy in order for her body to feel sexy. Keep things slow and steady to allow for more non-sexual touching, kissing and fondling to enable her to become more fully aroused.


Go and kiss all over her body. Kissing and stroking two places at one time make for a lot of wonderful stimulation. When touching her, do not forget that a woman has a lot of erogenous zones all over her body that crave for attention too. Feel free to rub, kiss and even nibble on those neglected sexually sensitive areas which can be found on her cheeks, ears, back of her neck, the inside of her elbows and knees and buttocks. Remember to take your time and read her body language. Certain areas can be more sensitive or responsive to stimulation for her and you should spend more time and effort on them.


(3)   Give her manual and oral stimulation before intercourse


Start out by getting her aroused with manual and/or oral clitoral stimulation. Make sure that the clitoral shaft, clitoris and vaginal lips get lots of hand and tongue action. One good move is to grab the skin around the clitoris and rub it together.


Continue the clitoral stimulation while you reach for her g-spot. If you have problems in doing two things at a time, you can hold a vibrator at the lower end of the vaginal opening which is very responsive to stimulation. If the vibrations are too strong, you can put a towel or washcloth between the vibrator and vaginal opening to lessen the intensity.


How to stimulate the g-spot? Curl two fingers slightly with the palms facing upwards then insert about two inches inward/upward from her vaginal opening. If you are not sure, ask her if there is a specific spot or area that produces intense or enjoyable sensations when you massage it, which is her g-spot. When you sense she is getting closer to orgasm, apply a firmer touch, if she enjoys it. Maintain a constant and steady rhythm until she reaches orgasm. Then switch to a very light caressing touch as she comes down from her orgasm. If she experiences multiple orgasms, her orgasms and ejaculations (lubrications) may become more intense and she will lubricate a lot. If she orgasms with your fingers inside her vagina, the vaginal muscles may squeeze them very tightly and when this happens, do not pull out, but rather press in gently.


(4)   Have sex regularly


Frequent caressing of the clitoris and vulva will activate the nerve pathways that carry sexual stimulation to the brain. These nerves which are responsible for sexual arousal will be weakened if there is low or lack of usage for some time. Do not just wait for the desire to come to have sex. If we always wait for this to happen, some of us would never have sex again. It is sometimes important to just do it even if you are not in the mood. Once you start the ball rolling, desire and arousal often follow. Therefore having sex regularly will naturally keep her juices flowing.


Sex can always be fun if you are willing to try something new and different. By doing so, you can enrich the experience and sensations in your lovemaking sessions. Do you want to know how and what you can do to have the sex life you want? Click on Hot Sex and Give Her Mind-Blowing Orgasm

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