5 Female Ejaculation Tips To Make Her Pussy Wet


5 Female Ejaculation Tips to Make Her Pussy Wet - Every woman is different when comes to sexual matters. This can make pleasing a woman quite challenging for many guys. Fortunately, there are certain ways that increase the chances of her getting not only one but even multiple orgasms. One of the ways is to stimulate the g-spot. Here is what you need to do to make her pussy wet.
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Every woman is different when comes to sexual matters. This can make pleasing a woman quite challenging for many guys. Fortunately, there are certain ways that increase the chances of her getting not only one but even multiple orgasms. One of the ways is to stimulate the g-spot. Here is what you need to do to make her pussy wet.


(1)   Turn her on and make her pussy wet first


The best time to give a woman a g-spot orgasm is when the g-spot is swollen as a result of her becoming sexually aroused. If she is not aroused, the g-spot can be quite difficult to locate. This means you have to spend a lot of time on foreplay. Most important is you have to make her feel mentally, emotionally and physically relaxed.


The best way to arouse her is to give her at least two clitoral orgasms through oral stimulation or fingering. When she is aroused, the g-spot will be swollen as blood pumps up this area, making it easier for you to locate the g-spot with your fingers.


(2)   Give her oral sex to make her pussy wet


Most women love oral sex. This means you can easily make her orgasm one to two times before you actually rub her g-spot. What you need to is to use your tongue to stimulate the clitoris and the area around it.


You start by giving a light flip on her clitoris using the tip of your tongue and then you move to the area around the clitoris. This is because at the initial stage when she is not yet aroused, too much attention on her clitoris can be uncomfortable to her. It is only when she is quite aroused that you can give her clitoris more attention.


(3)   Make Her Pussy Wet By Getting help from sex toys


There are some concerns from guys that a vibrator will give a woman such intense sexual pleasure that she will not desire actual sex anymore. This is not true because there is nothing that can replace the closeness and intimacy of sex with a person.


A vibrator or other sex toys are just helping hands for giving pleasure and are not meant to replace a sex partner. Clitoral vibrators work well because many women can only achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation. Therefore you tease and please her with a vibrator before you begin to finger her g-spot.


(4)   You finger her to make her pussy wet


Assuming that by now she should be fully aroused, you can start to reach for her g-spot using your fingers. Make sure your fingernails are trimmed and your fingers are lubricated. You insert one finger about two inches inside her and massage the g-spot gently for a minute or so to warm her up. Once she is ready, you insert a second finger inside her. Your palm should be facing upwards so that the tip of your two fingers should be pressing against the front wall of her vagina. The motion of your two fingers should be rubbing the g-spot up and down and not thrusting in and out of her because this does not hit her g-spot.


You will know you are doing the right thing in finding her g-spot when she starts to moan in pleasure much more. She will also feel as if she is going to urinate. When giving her g-spot stimulation, you slowly ramp up the intensity as she gets more turned on. You keep going on gradually increasing your pace of stimulation. When she reaches orgasm, you do not pull out if her vaginal wall squeezes against your fingers but just hold your fingers there.


(5)   Choosing the sex positions that can reach her g-spot easily


Under the normal missionary position, it is not possible to make her orgasm because the penis will not be able to curve upward to rub against her g-spot. The following are some positions which can reach her g-spot easily and turn you into a woman-pleasing stud.


(a)   Woman-on-top


When she is on top, she can adjust her body in a way that can allow her g-spot to be stimulated through penetration.


(b)   Enter her from behind


Rear entry gives you a good angle of stimulating her g-spot. You can also easily adjust the position and intensity of the thrusting.


(c) Modified missionary


When she is lying on her back, you place one to two pillows or a specially-designed love cushion under her pelvis region so that her lower part of the body is raised probably up to 45 degrees. This angle will allow you to reach her g-spot easily.


Or, another way to  make her pussy wet is to get her legs bent far back so that her knees are pressing against her chests and you enter her. If this is a bit uncomfortable for her, let her legs rest on your shoulders instead and you can penetrate her in this way.


Of course, no matter what position you are using, you can give her additional pleasure by stimulating her clitoris at the same time (either you or she does it).

Watch this Video – What is Female Ejaculation? 5 Squirting Tips for Women!

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Oral Sex – How To Eat Pussy

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Lick Her Till She Begs You For More


Cunnilingus (or oral sex) which is oral stimulation of the vulva and/or clitoris is one of the most wonderful things you can do for a woman. She may be too shy to tell you how much she loves oral sex, but nowadays most women expect to be orally stimulated prior to sexual intercourse. Oral sex, when performed masterfully on a girl can make her feel loved, sexy and horny with greater chances of achieving screaming orgasm. The rare man who can perform cunnilingus superbly will always be greatly appreciated, considered an incredible lover and will be the most sought after man. Here is how to give your lover amazing oral sex and be the best she ever had.


(1)   Take Your Time


A huge mistake that men make during cunnilingus is to rush through it. You should gradually build up the stimulating pressure and pleasure and let her reach orgasm naturally, without feeling being rushed. This will ensure that when she orgasms, it will be so much more powerful that she will keep coming back for more.


(2)   Tease Her First


Women love to be teased emotionally, physically and sexually. The better you tease her, the more she will enjoy your oral stimulation. Kiss and lick on her inner thigh which is a very tender area on her body. As you are getting quite close to her vaginal opening, you move away just when she expects you to stick your tongue inside her.


Instead you gently lick the surrounding areas such as the crease where her leg meets the pubic region, the area around her vaginal opening, the perineum (the area between the vaginal opening and anus) and the anus itself. There are hundreds of sensitive nerve endings in these areas. A few moments of licking on these surrounding areas and she will be bucking up and begging to get more of your face closer to her.


Gently kiss on top of her vaginal opening and then kiss a little harder. Use your tongue to lick on her inner vaginal lips. Continue to lick from her perineum up to her clitoris following the outer edges of her vagina along both sides. Treat her vagina like a juicy Popsicle and let her hear your sucking and licking sounds down there to show her you are enjoying every inch of hers. This will make her melt in your mouth.


(3)   Tongue Fuck Her


Expose her clitoris by spreading her vaginal lips and lightly pulling back the clitoral hood. Take her exposed clitoris into your mouth and gently suck on it, at the same time flicking your tongue over and around it. This can be done very lightly or very aggressive.


Get her to tell you what motion feels the best, what speed and what pressure can turn her on the most. Some women love an up-and-down licking motion; others like it to go from side to side like a windscreen wiper, and others may prefer a circular or pressing-down motion. Every woman is different and there is no one best way in doing this.


(4)   Finger Fuck Her


As you are licking and sucking her clitoris, insert your middle and index fingers about two inches inside her with the main aim to find and stimulate the g-spot. You will do this only when she is fully aroused because if she is very wet, her g-spot will be swollen which makes it easier for you to locate.


A woman can have an orgasm through stimulation of the clitoris alone, but you can give your partner an even more powerful orgasm by stimulating her g-spot with your fingers at the same time when you are giving her oral sex. This will either help her to have a g-spot orgasm or a combination of clitoral and g-spot orgasm at the same time.


(5)   Add In Some Props


Take a break if you need one, but avoid stopping suddenly because it can be very frustrating for the woman. You can use a vibrator to take over the job of stimulating the clitoris and g-spot. You can also use a variety of flavored gels, oils and lubricants which when rub on to her can offer extra stimulation. You can have a mint or cough drop in your mouth when performing cunnilingus to create a very tingling sensation for her to enhance your performance.


(6)   Hang In There When She Cums


When she starts to have an orgasm, continue licking on the clitoris, but gradually reduce the intensity of your stimulation. If your fingers are inside, do not pullout.


Remember that all things are subjective and the best way to please your woman is to read her body language to gauge her likes and dislikes. The real magic of oral pleasure is to do the unexpected and as you put these ideas to use, remember to be as creative as you can.


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