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Are you feeling that your sex life is a bit boring? Are you looking for ideas to make a hot sex life even more scorching? It is therefore very important to add some variety to your everyday sex life to make it enjoyable and spicy. Adding sex games to your sexual repertoire can really turn the heat up in the bedroom. At the same women also like creative things to make life interesting.


The main aim of playing bedroom games is to keep sex fun and therefore winning is not the priority. Avoid setting very tough rules to spoil the mood. Both of you should make some common rules which are equally applicable to both partners to avoid either party being hurt physically or mentally.


Here are lists of the sex games ideas you can try tonight.


(1)   Strip dice


One of you will roll the dice to start the game. On each player’s turn, the one who is not rolling the dice will guess whether the roll of the dice will be higher or lower than the previous one. If the guess is incorrect, then the person will have to remove one item of clothing. The die is then passed to the other player.


(2)   Strip ping pong


Arrange six 16-ounce plastic cups in a triangle shape at either end of the table and grab some ping pong balls. You stand at one end of the table, with your partner at the other. Both of you will take turns to throw a ping pong ball into the cups at the opposite end of the table. The one who scores will get the right to demand the other to remove that cup and a piece of clothing. The first person to land a ball in all six cups gets to request a sexual favor of his/her choice.


(3)   Taste, touch and guess


Get some honey, syrup, yogurt or other food items of similar textures. Put some of it on part of his/her body or you can use more than one kind on different parts. The other partner is blindfolded and he/she has to explore the body, to seek out the food and identify it only by taste and touch. The blindfolded party can do this with his/her hands or mouth or both.


(4)   Guessing game


Get naked, blindfold your partner and then play with his/her body. Start the touching from the shoulders, arms, legs, head and feet. Then go for the erogenous zones like chest, belly, neck, lips, back, buttocks, inner thighs and genital region. Give him/her all sorts of sensations to the skin and let him/her make a guess what items you are using to touch his/her body. You can use things like your lips, breath, tongue, hand, fingers, genitals, breasts, feather, silk scarf, ice cubes, and fruits and so on. If the guess is correct, he/she can demand certain sexual favor from the “touching” partner.


(5)   Bondage teasing


One of you will tie the other one to the bed or a chair and then take full control. You can liven up the atmosphere with some sexy background music. The one who is in control can keep some clothes on for a little while to start with, and perform a sexy striptease or lap dance for some extra fun. This will be followed by some teasing and playful touch on the submissive party, using some props such as a soft scarf, a vibrator, ice cubes, etc.


(6)   Kinky cards


Get a deck of cards and assign each suit a different sexy meaning: hearts represent kissing, diamonds equal a massage, clubs are manual stimulation and spades mean oral. Take turns picking cards from the stack and treat each to the sexy move being drawn. The numbers on the cards represent how long you have to perform each act. If you get the nine of diamonds, he/she has to give you a sensual massage for nine seconds. If your partner picks the five of the spades, you will have to give him/her a five-second oral pleasure.


(7)   Hands off


You can try this creative sex game immediately tonight because it is simple, fun and you do not need to get anything or use sex prop. Start with some foreplay, like giving each other oral sex and move on the real deal when you are hot, wet and ready. The trick to this sex game is that both of you can never use your hands on each other when performing any sexual acts – no hand job, no fingering her, no grasping of her hips while you enter her, etc. The first person to accidentally use his/her hands loses and the other person can demand a sexual favor of his/her choice.


If you really love your partner, then you should try to be creative in your sex life. Besides breathing new life into boring sex, playing sexy games can help to find a lot about your partner (even his/her darkest desires) without having to prod him/her for information. Therefore, use these sex games to bring you closer to your partner.


If you are keen for more ideas to spice up sex, you can read on further from Fun Games To Play In The Bedroom and Creative Plus Erotic.

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For Couples – How To Better Sex





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You and your partner have a very active sex life. But you find it always the same and it is getting boring. Both of you are very open with each other and are willing to try new things. You want to make sex life more fun for both of you, but not sure how to do it.


Here are some fun ways you can do to turn the heat on in the bedroom


(1)   Share And Act Out Your Fantasies


One of the ways to spice up your sex life and have fun with it is to share with your partner in detail what you fantasize about. If you still have fond memories of one of your school teachers, you can ask your partner to dress like him or her. In order to cultivate the mood for acting out each other’s fantasies, you will have to do away with all the inhibitions and allow yourself to be crazy or even outrageous.


If you are not sure how to start with what character you like to act, you can get some ideas by watching erotic movies, books or black comedies. After you have chosen the character you want to play in, the next thing to do is to get the required costumes and the related accessories and props to make it look real and fun.


(2)   Indulge In Your Fetish


To spice things up, you can push the boundary of your fantasy by engaging in fetish play. It is not unusual to be a fetishist and it is not something you should be embarrassed about. Incorporating a fetish into your love life, if both of you are comfortable with it, is the best way to bring the spark back into the bedroom.


If the object of your fetish is foot, you can incorporate this by spending more time on touching, smelling, tasting, kissing or handling the feet, ankle or toes of your partner or have your partner do this to your feet. Or, instead of giving or receiving a hand job, you or your partner can do a ‘foot job’ by using his/her feet to stimulate the genitals to orgasm.


Are you sexually aroused when dress in, or seeing your partner dresses in tight fabrics, or fantasizing about such scenarios? Well, either of you can dress like an acrobat, dancer, athlete or swimmer.


You can also expand this further by re-enacting scenarios from comic books or movies where characters are portrayed wearing such skin-tight costumes. These scenarios usually involve a damsel in distress and a super hero (Batman, Spiderman, or Superman) that comes to the rescue.


If you are obsessed with high heels, get your partner to put them on during sex. If you are obsessed with armpit, you can do away with the normal procedure of taking shower before sex.


If you enjoy watching or being watched during lovemaking, you can have sex in public or watching your partner or letting your partner watch you masturbating or playing with a toy. You can also consider asking another couple to join you in a group lovemaking session so that you can at the same time watch and being watched.


(3)   Try Phone Sex


The best thing about phone sex is that your partner cannot see you. This will allow both of you to be more comfortable to talk about all your fantasies and tell each other all the things you wish to do.


You can engage in phone sex by doing sexting. If you are too shy to say out certain things or you feel silly doing it, you can send sexy photos during the workday or texting hints about what you want to do together in the evening. If you are not sure what to say, you can check out the smartphone apps which offer a wide range of ideas.


If you feel that talking and sexting are still not fun enough you can make use of webcam and Skype. This is especially applicable if you and your partner are in separate places. You can get her to dress sexy, do a strip tease or even masturbate together.


These are just some of the ways you can make your sex life interesting. There are no limits to what you can do to spice sex up as long as you understand that intercourse is not just penetration and ejaculation. You are only limited by your imaginations and inhibitions.


Read on further at Hot Sex and Bedroom Games for more inspiration, ideas and tools to rekindle the flame of passion.



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For Couples – How To Get Fit To Do It




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You may have already heard that exercise can also help to increase your sexual desire. It can stimulate the production of testosterone in both men and women thereby ensuring a better sex life. How do you improve your sex life with exercise? Here are some useful effective exercises that will not only help you perform great in bed but also enjoy it yourself like never before.


(1)   Pelvic lifting exercise


This is an exercise that aimed to strengthen the pelvic muscles for improving your sex life. The stronger and more tolerant your pelvic muscles are, the higher the chances you are able to last long in bed.


To do this exercise, you must lie on your back, knees bent and slightly apart, feet flat on the floor and arms by your side. Breathe in holding in your stomach and hips and lift the pelvic from the floor until your back is straight. Hold on to this position for about 10 seconds and breathe out as you lower your body. Repeat this for at least 4 to 5 times to get effective results.


An alternative way to do this pelvic lifting exercise is to do it with a fitness ball. You still lie on your back with knees bent but this time; you rest the lower half of your legs on a fitness ball. At this position, you lift the buttocks off the floor as you breathe in. You remain in this position for about 10 seconds and breathe out, then go back to the starting position.


You may also consider trying this pelvic lifting exercise. You lie on your back with your knees bent at 90 degrees and hands by your side. Now, you rest your left ankle on your right knee. With your right foot on the floor, you breathe in and lift your buttocks and back off the floor, while keeping your shoulders and head on the floor. You remain in this position for 10 seconds, then breathe out and back to the starting position. Now, you rest your right ankle on your left knee and you repeat the exercise.


Pelvic Lifting Exercise


(2)   Butterfly stretch


This exercise aims to strengthen the inner thighs to make them flexible. The inner thigh is another important area that is very active during sexual intercourse. The butterfly stretch exercise is also beneficial for menstrual irregularities urinary problems and is thought to help erase the pain of childbirth. This exercise can also be done sitting up, back-to-back with your partner.


To perform this exercise, you sit on the floor, soles of your feet touching each other in front of you and knees bent to the sides. You pull your heels towards you as much as you can to the point of ‘mild discomfort’ (not to the point of pain) while at the same time pressing your thighs towards the floor. You breathe in deeply and maintain this position for 10-30 seconds. You return to the starting position and repeat this exercise for 4 to 5 times. When doing this exercise, you should not hunch your back and avoid bouncing your legs because this can damage the hips and groins.


Butterfly Stretch Exercise


(3)   Kegel exercise


This exercise involves contracting the internal muscles (pubococcygeal muscles, widely known as PC muscles) attached to the pelvic bones. It strengthens the vaginal muscles (especially after childbirth), helping women gain greater control and helping them to orgasm faster. Besides it can help to tighten the entrance of the uterus thereby increasing pleasure and satisfaction level during sex. Men can use this exercise to delay ejaculation by contracting the PC muscles just before orgasm and then fully relaxing them.


Kegel Exercise For Man


To perform this exercise, you have to contract your PC muscles by clenching, as though stopping urine and holding there for at least 2 to 3 seconds per squeeze. Inhale as you squeeze each time and try to fully relax your muscles between each contraction. Start with just 10 to 20 squeezes and gradually increase to 100 to 200 per day. Daily workouts of 100-200 squeezes per day for about one month should yield results.


For women, kegel exercise can involve inserting small weights inside the vagina to strengthen the vaginal wall muscles. By using heavier weights over time, these muscles can become stronger and tighter giving a woman more control over the amount of pressure which she can squeeze.


Kegels can be practiced nearly anytime and in any place, while having meals, watching TV, reading or talking to people. Kegels are a fast, easy, convenient way for men and women to enjoy more and better orgasms.


Once you feel that you have good muscles control, it will not be necessary to continue the deliberate contractions. Your PC muscles will be able to maintain themselves once they are strong and healthy and orgasm will keep them contracting happily away.


Try these simple exercises to help you get more sexual pleasure from now on. For more ideas on how to improve sex life, click on Hot Sex and Turn The Heat On

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For Couples – Fun Things To Do

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Do You Want Sex To Be Fun?


 Do you feel that sex is getting boring and want to try new things? Are you looking for some ideas to try with your lover? Do you want to surprise your partner and go out of the ordinary in your intimacy? Here are some ways you can do to spice things up tonight.


(1)   Engage In Blindfold Sex


Being tied up is erotic because it begins a power game. Let your woman tie you up, striptease you, then blindfold you and tease you to heaven using whatever comes handy. To make it more interesting, she can put some yummy treats like strawberries, honey or chocolate on the various hot spots of her body to get you to hunt for it using your tongue. Whenever each time you locate the ‘delicious spot’, she will grant you a sexual favor. 


Or the other way around: you tie her up and use various items to stroke her body. Experiment with the pressure of your touch and tease your partner by pausing before touching her again in an unexpected place – moving from one part of her body to another.  Allow you lips to trace the lines of her body, kissing and licking as you move down towards her vagina. This is an intense form of foreplay, because she cannot see what you are doing, which makes her anticipation that much more powerful.If she is willing, use her hands to touch her breasts and clitoris, and watch her play with herself.


(2)   Shave Each Other’s Pubic Hair


You shave her pubic hair and then let her return the favor. First, take a hot bath to soften the skin and hair. Second, use scissors to trim the length. Third, lie on the bed or on a table and start shaving him/her. If you like to be artistic you can shave her hair into the shape of a heart. You will definitely love the effect of her clean-shaven of her sexy bits which are normally hidden in fuzz. Many women find the whole area much more sensitive without the fur. Your hair-free erection will tend to look smooth and impressively bigger.


(3)   Film Yourself In Action


Make a video together while having sex and delete it after the act to prevent it from being accidentally leaked in the future. Watching yourselves having sex in the video and having sex at the same time can be a huge turn on for both of you. Making your own dirty sex tape can be a very sexy way to spend intimate time with your lover. You can even introduce role-play into the act by pretending you and/or your lover is someone else or some porn stars and stick to the roles throughout the session.


It is easy enough to get out your video phone these days and do a bit of amateur filming at the blink of an eye, so make use of new technologies. It doesn’t have to be a fully set up porn scene, just film yourselves together doing something you both like, then you can look at it later.


(4)   Have Sex At Unusual Places


This means just having sex at any place outside of your usual bedroom, which can be your car, public toilet, the clothing-trying room in the department store, a park, an alley, a crowded bus, in a cinema filming an erotic movie, a sheltered spot on the beach, or doing it at a hotel swimming pool at night and even skinny dipping there, etc. All these places offer the thrill of debauchery and the rush you get from anticipating being caught in the act is likely to lead to an all-night long of exciting sex.


One of the most popular places is of course the boss’ desk, preferably at night. Make sure that your wicked indiscretion is not witnessed by that ambitious co-worker with designs on your job. Of course do check for any security cameras that could record your naked frolicking, otherwise you might have some rather embarrassing explaining to do!


The key to having sex in public is to keep it decent and discreet. This means wearing appropriate clothing for easy access, and keeping the huffs, puffs and squeals down. Your thrills may not thrill too many other people.


(5)   Get Creative And Messy


Show your creative side with a little body paint. Take turns turning each other on and into a new work of art. Better yet, try playing with your food. Though it may sound a little cliché, your woman could be harboring a food fantasy. Champagne, strawberries and chocolate sauce are all popular choices for a little bedroom food play.


Work with what you have, whether it is an orange or an orange Popsicle. Just keep in mind that foods containing sugar can cause bacteria buildup, which can lead to yeast infections. Of course, cleaning up together could be just as much fun as getting a little dirty. Try something new! Never covered each other in whipped cream before? Try it! Never done it in the kitchen before? Try it!


Forget your inhibitions and try these fun things tonight! There are so many new things to try out when it comes to your sex life, even if you think you have tried it all, try it again, in a different color, with a different flavor or in a different place. Be brave! Be suggestive, talk about things you would both like to do; you will be surprised at what comes out. Don’t ever forget that the best sex comes to those who communicate.


To get more ideas on how you can enrich your sexual experience, you can click on Erotic Games and Improvised Sex.


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Oral Sex Tips For Couples

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Want To Know The Secrets Of Great Sex Life?

How to give a girl best oral sex so that she will always want to have sex with you? How to give a man a good blowjob? If you are among those who are keen to look for ways to enjoy and improve oral sex, here are the tips on oral sex, including cunnilingus and fellatio, which you can use on your lover.


(1)   Cunnilingus – Start With Foreplay


It is estimated that only about 43 per cent of women can orgasm through penetration alone. For most women, direct clitoral stimulation is a must in reaching orgasm. This means that you have to incorporate oral sex into foreplay.


But this does not mean that you can immediately go straight for the clitoris. You have to kiss her from head to toe and tease her (by initially avoiding the clitoris). You have to get her worked up before you go to the main event.


(2)   Cunnilingus – Be Flexible


Every woman is different. Not every woman likes the same techniques. It is up to you to be an explorer with the girl you are with. You need to find out what specifically turns her on instead of applying the generic techniques to her pubic area.


Keep an open mind when it comes to feedback and be prepared to listen, observe and learn. You have to get to know her body by paying attention to what she likes. If she does not know what she loves yet, you have to figure it out together.


(3)   Cunnilingus – Slow And Steady


When you are using your tongue to pleasure her, most women will prefer that you will do it slow and steady. This is because a woman needs time to get into the mood. Arousal is a process for women. As women get more excited, the types of sensations they want will be very different from those during the initial stage of foreplay.


The right way is to gradually build up your pressure when you are stimulating her. At the initial stage of the clitoral stimulation, it will be just a light touch-and-go type of contact with the clitoris and you should spend more time on licking the surrounding areas and then coming back for the clitoris every once in a while.


As she gets aroused which is when you start to hear her moaning and moving her body closer to you, the time you spend at the clitoris should be more than on the surrounding areas and the pressure of your stimulation should get stronger too. Your initial light touch on her clitoris will not be enough and you will need to apply more pressure by holding it between your lips and suck it harder and harder as she gets closer to orgasm.


(4)   Cunnilingus – Use Hands

Through your tongue is your main tool, you should also use your fingers to help you in your effort and performance. You could even use your fingers to rub the clitoris at the same time when you are licking it. You can also use your hands to caress her buttocks and thighs while performing oral sex. Combining oral sex with manual stimulation will definitely help to double her pleasure.


(5)   Fellatio – Do Not Show Teeth


You should keep your lips curled in and around teeth, so that your teeth will not sink into his penis. His ‘rod’ looks hard but actually can be as fragile as glass.


(6)   Fellatio – Talk Dirty


When his penis hardens, you squeeze on its shaft, then smile with eager anticipation and say something like, “I love the way your hardness feels and tastes on my tongue.” Do combine what you say with eye contact. Eye contact during sex, particularly oral sex, drives most men wild.


(7)   Fellatio – Breath Of Fresh Air


Put a mint in your mouth immediately before you go down on him, will give your man an extra-special tingly sensation. The coolness of the mint will be transferred to his penis, making him feel fantastic.


(8)   Fellatio – Use Hands


A great blow job should include both hands and mouth. Place one hand around the shaft of his penis while you move up and down on the top half of his penis. Try coordinating your movements so that your hand and mouth are going up and down at the same time.


This will prevent him from thrusting too deep into your mouth, triggering a gag reflex. You do not need to take in all into your mouth, just focus your stimulation effort around the tip of the penis, which is the most sensitive spot.


(9)   Fellatio – Do Not Neglect Other Parts


His testicles have many nerve endings, and sucking or touching his testicles will heighten his arousal. You can also caress his buttock cheeks as you go down on him. You can take oral sex to a whole new level by pressing this hot button – his prostrate, the walnut-sized gland under his bladder. If you want to blow his mind in bed, you rest two fingers against the swatch of skin between his testicles and anus (to give a light massage of his prostrate).


For more tips and ideas to improve your sex life as a couple, you can click on Pussy Kit and/or Blow Job Kit





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