Naughty Role Play Ideas To Add Fun Into Sex




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Do you harbor secret dreams of being a maiden in distress who meets a bad cop or been taken advantage of by a sexy stranger? Or, are your dreams a little naughtier, maybe weaseling your way out of being arrested, by seducing the one person who has the power to let you go?


Women like to imagine being caught and punished for doing something forbidden with the possibility of getting away scot-free. To many women, it is fun to have such thoughts.

Why is this good for women?


(1)   Sexual domination and submission


About 57% of women have submissive fantasies at least half of the time they fantasize. They like the fantasy where they get to be the one who is pursued and having control being taken away by men. This is a fantasy where someone aggressively initiates sex, giving an opportunity for the other person to refuse, but ‘grudgingly gives in’.


In real life, such a scenario would be non-consensual or dangerous and outright illegal. A struggle that can only mean constant rubbing of bodies may happen under such situations. Any thrashing that occurs can make your clothes ride up over your private parts.


(2)   Unpredictable and risky


These fantasies are basically erotic thoughts that make both of you feel sexier. They are arousing and add to the ‘moment’. The element of risk can get practically anyone going and the idea of surrendering herself or yourself to a sexy intruder or a mischievous cop can definitely push the boundaries of your sex life.


Since you are being forced into a situation when you have to think on your feet (e.g. a burglar creeps into bed while the victim falls asleep and forcefully covers her mouth before she can scream), this can even be more thrilling. By the time, the submissive hears the words of her over-powering assailant whispering, “You are mine tonight whether you like it or not”, she will gladly take the ‘punishment’.


(3)   Uniform fetish


Many people are obsessed and fixated by someone wearing a uniform. Uniforms worn by military men and police officers present an image of enhanced masculinity and authority can have a strong sexual appeal.


As soon as you put on the tight fitting trousers, shirt and cap, it is very hard not to take on the persona of an authority figure gone wicked. Another thing about uniform is they fit nice and smug and can help to cover up any physical flaws that a person may feel that his/her naked body has.


Some Role Playing Ideas To Try On


(1)   Soldier And Resistant Fighter


This can be played in either 2 ways. It can be the resistance fighter that has been captured and tied to a chair and interrogated at the location of a secret base. Or, it can be the soldier who has being caught by the local guerillas who are known for their ruthless treatment of the occupation forces.


(2)   Traffic Cop and Errant Driver


After catching a female driver for flouting traffic rules in the middle of the night, the traffic cop decides to teach this errant driver a lesson, so he stops the driver to issue her a summon. The driver begs the traffic cop to let her off because she already has 2 demerit points for past traffic offenses. This time round she will be suspended from driving if she has more than 2 demerit points. In trying to get the traffic cop to let her go, she tries to bribe him with sex.


(3)   Judge and Lawyer


A sexy rookie lawyer is working on a case that she cannot afford to lose. During one of the court recess periods, she tries to make a bargain in the judge’s chambers. The lawyer is willing to do whatever it takes to get her client off, even if this requires her to sleep with the judge.


What To Prepare


To make it more realistic, you need to get ready the required military uniforms, boots, fake badges, cap or hat, baton, sun-glasses, handcuff, rope, masking tape, rubber knife or other fake weapons.


People who engage in dominance and submission enjoy or take pleasure on either to dominate or being dominated by someone. Above all, always keep in mind to avoid any act that escalates into physically hurting the other person. After all, the whole idea of introducing role play is to find new ways for both of you to experience and enjoy yourself.


You can read about other new ways on how to spice up sex from Bedroom Games and for more tools to help you in your task of pleasuring her, you can click Dirty Harry’s Secrets

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6 Role-Play Ideas To Spice Up Sex




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Are you keen on trying something new to make life more interesting in the bedroom? Feeling you or your partner are less enthusiastic about sex? If this happens to you, do not worry. Even the happiest couples can suffer from a drought in their sex lives. You can be madly in love with your partner, but emotional love and sexual passion can be two different things. How about adding an ingredient of role playing sex into your bedroom to spice things up?


Check out these 6 sexy role play ideas which can add a little fun or craziness to otherwise dull and boring bedroom activities.


(1)   Casual meet-up


This is a good way to start a scenario or an evening’s activities. You can arrange to meet at a local bar, night club or any other common area, pretending to be strangers. You go over, start flirting, drop a few pickup lines and the next thing you know, you two ‘strangers’ are going home for some bedroom wrestling.


(2)   School mistress/naughty student


This is a variant on the classic school girl/teacher. This fantasy scenario features a male boarding school student who is being caught by the headmistress doing something bad (masturbating, reading a porn magazine, etc). The stern headmistress must then discipline the school boy. Spanking and other corporal punishment is a good way to start, or perhaps he will be stripped and made to stand in the corner, or be stripped and have his genitals bound. Through the process of disciplining this student, the headmistress may suddenly get horny or the student may try to seduce her causing her to forget the morals and obligations.


(3)   Interrogation


A basic interrogation scene may start with one person taking on the role of an interrogator, such as a military officer and attempts to extract information from the other. The interrogator then begins ‘torturing’ the other person to get the information. This ‘torture’ can include using nipple clamping, spanking or even mock-rape. This kind of scene is both physically and psychologically challenging and definitely not for everyone. Nevertheless, they can be fun and extremely exciting for people who like resistance and intense power exchange in their role playing.


(4)   Security guard/intruder


The setting here is straightforward with the security guard confronting the intruder for trespassing on security property while trying to take a short cut on the way to home. The security guard will then take the offender back into the security room, where the offender is subjected to a humiliating strip search. The security guard explains that the standard policy is for the police to be notified and the offender is to be charged for criminal trespassing. However, other arrangements can be made and at this juncture, wishing to avoid a night in jail, the offender does whatever the security guard instructs.


(5)   Stripper/client


In this scenario, the dancer works at an ‘anything goes’ nightclub.  As a special promotion, the club has sponsored a contest and the winner of this contest gets full and complete use of the stripper for an evening. The stripper must allow the winner to do whatever he or she wants. The winner takes full advantage of the reward, using the stripper as a sex toy. The stripper must be completely obedient and allow the winner to do whatever the winner wishes, regardless of how he or she feels about it.


(6)   Blackmailer/person with shameful secrets


In this scenario, a blackmailer shows up at the doorstep of a person who has some dark, shameful secrets. The blackmailer claims to have some embarrassing photos in his cell phone and threatens to release them on his Facebook. In desperation, the victim tries to bribe the blackmailer with sexual favors, trading sex for the secrecy. The blackmailer may make any demands on her body. She is forced to comply, or be exposed.


There you have it, the 6 sexual fantasy ideas for you to start with. You can make adjustments, changes or improvisations on these ideas to create your own exciting role playing sex games and set those boring nights on sexual fire! For some more ideas, you can click Fantasy Affairs and for tools to help in your role-playing you can click Sexual Nirvana

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For Couples Who Are Busy – How To Have Sex




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You use to have lots of energy for fun sex, but those days are long gone and seem so far away. You always feel tired and are not sure how to get your sex life back. So, what can you do?


Below are some tips for you to try out.


(1)   Find out the real problem


Lack of sex because of tiredness happens to most couples and this lack of sexual desire can be due to other factors too. The problem with blaming, ’We are just too tired’ for passing on sex is it is usually a cover for other things that have gone wrong in the relationship such as lack of communication, build-up resentment, boring sex, the list goes on and on. In fact, there are many couples who have great sex lives and have more sex when they are tired because it is their way of relaxing and feeling good. Sex can flood the brain with endorphins and oxytocin, which are hormones associated with pleasure.


Instead of focusing on the issue of being exhausted, couples need to look at the bigger picture of how they are having sex. They can jointly come up with more realistic expectations on what is achievable for their present lifestyle and schedule. This can be started with a heart-to-heart talk outside the bedroom like, “We will be quite busy for the next 6 months. What can we do sexually and/or to stay connected even if we cannot have as much sex as we want?”


(2)   Set some time apart for sex date


If you are one of those so-called dual-income-no-sex (DINS) couples struggling with the daily grind of life, scheduling sex is the easiest way for a couple to keep their sex life on the radar. It may not seem romantic and probably make you feel like failures because you can no longer have spontaneous sex; however chances are if you do not schedule sex, it is not going to happen. The upside to scheduling is it takes away any negative feelings of who is going to initiate sex and wondering if tonight is the night to have sex. Research has proven that couples who schedule sex have more mutually satisfying sex.


Rather than going to a dinner or a movie, you can stay at home to have a sexually arousing evening. You can also create windows of opportunity for sexual connection at times other than at the end of a long day. You can also make love when your kids are sleeping or you can have sex in the morning or afternoon. You can also consider that wake-me-up-sex where you welcome your spouse waking you up while you are asleep which can be more arousing because our sex-related hormones are at the highest level of the day at between 8 am to noon. Therefore set your alarm early to enjoy some morning sex.


(3)   Just do it


If you can just get the ball rolling, momentum will usually take over. It takes a little bit of effort and time to transit out of the overworked and under-appreciated mommy mode into the hot, sexy, loving partner mode. But if you can get past this initial hesitation, your desire will follow. It only takes a little bit of caressing or kissing, maybe a touch here or there to get both of you started. Once you are in the mood, the thought of sleep will be gone. The more sex you have, the more testosterone, dopamine and oxytocin you release.


You can try this 10-minute rule. If you are not in the mood or feel too tired for sex, give yourself 10 minutes. According to research, half of the population feels amorous or horny and wants to initiate sex, while the other half is not interested in sex until after they start kissing and fooling around. Therefore give it a try when you feel tired next time. So, try kissing and fooling around for 10 minutes and see if you can get more aroused or interested.


(4)   Be a supportive partner


You have got to do something to help pick up some of your wife’s daily responsibilities. This will give her a little bit more energy left for her to feel horny and think of some sexy stuff to pleasure and please you. This should incentivize you to be a caring and supportive partner. While one spouse cleans up after dinner, let the more tired one takes a bath, relax or read a magazine or newspaper. If you can allow your partner the time for her to release stress, this will avoid sex from becoming like one more chores to her at the end of the day.


You can make things easier with better time management at home. Pick a time that both of you will be finished working so you do not just go straight to bed. Turn off the TV or computer at an agreed upon time. If you continue to let your career or housework to take precedence over your sex life, you are more likely or probably too exhausted for sex. If you can only have sex at the end of the night, you may end up choosing sleep over sex on a regular basis.


(5)   Self-seduction


Most women need to be stimulated mentally and/or physically before they actually feel turned on. As a woman, you can single-handedly transform your libido by trying self-seduction.


Throughout the day, you can conjure up past sexual experiences that really got you work up enough to get you into the sexy mindset. Feeling relaxed is also equally important. After you reach home, unwind with a glass of wine or do something else that will give you a mental break from the stressful things that may be affecting your sex drive.


It can be of great help to read a super sexy novel and you can add in self-stimulation if you want to. From this moment onwards, you make sex a top priority. Do not wait until the laundry is done to get down to business or until you collapse into bed, because by then your only desire will be to sleep.


Are you really too tired or honestly has sex becomes a little boring or too predictable? Maybe you would be less tired if sex was more fun, novel and engaging. Want to try something new and spice it up? Click on Hot Sex and Fix A Sexless Marriage

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3 Brain-Dead Simple Tips That Can Make A Huge Difference In How Women Respond To You Sexually

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All the things about great sex involves touching and mastering the essentials of touching is one of the best ways to make her realize how fun sex can be. Therefore I want to share with you some techniques for touching a woman that will give her euphoric sensation, make her flush uncontrollably with excitement and drive her wild with desire.


(1)   Touch her more


The 1st thing you must know is that women love to be touched. For women, being touched gives her strong feelings of approval. It is a powerful reward to a woman when you touch her and it can instantly make her feel great.


Women link many feelings of sexuality, love and trust with the sensations, love and trust with the sensations that are aroused in them when a man puts his hands on her. It can make her feel both sexually excited and safe at the same time. This can trigger her body to release certain chemicals into her blood that make her feel more attractive and comfortable with the man that she is with.


(2)   Pay attention to how she likes to be touched


There are particular types of touching that women find more romantic, more sensual and more arousing than others. However, the problem is every woman is different and therefore you need to do some experimenting to find out which ones she responds to most. The main idea here is to really tune in to her (or paying attention) and notice how she is responding.


Most men are rather lacking in creativity in touching. They will always do it the same way because it worked on their 1st girlfriend, or the way they think they are supposed to do based on what they heard. By thinking out of the box, you will open a huge new world of sexual opportunity for yourself.


You can try the following while looking into her eyes:


(a)    Use your fingertips very lightly so that it almost gives her some ticklish feeling. Try it out inside her wrists and up to her elbow.


(b)   Stroke her gently, but not tentatively with your palm. Try running it up her back, her neck, her legs, arms, or cheeks.


(c)    Place your hand firmly like a manly handshake on her shoulder, the back of her neck, her thigh, arm or hand.


(d)   Cup her with your hand and stroke gently with your thumb.


(e)    Try with gentle pinching and pulling on everywhere from her shoulder blades to her labia and clitoris.


(f)    Starting at her neck, use your fingernails to pet upwards into her hair along her scalp and then slide your fingers back while gently tugging her hair between your fingers.


(3)   Touch with feelings


You may not realize this – a woman can feel, not just the physical sensation of your hand on her skin, but she can also sense the emotional content of your touch. When you touch a woman while thinking sexual thoughts about her, and when you focus that intent into your touch, she will feel it very strongly and her body will respond to it. In the same way, when you feel tender feelings of attraction and protectiveness for your woman when you stroke her hair, this will make her feel loved and safe.


To recap what I had said about sensual touching, you need to:


(i)                Touch her more

(ii)               Pay attention to how she likes to be touched

(iii)             Touch her with feelings


If you want to know more about the ways to have her enjoy sex with you, go to Hot Sex and Endless Pleasure.

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