How Do I make A Girl Orgasm





How To Let Her Have The Strongest Orgasm


According to some studies, 15% of women never experience an orgasm and 50% to 75% of women do not reach orgasm during intercourse. Therefore the chances of you being able to make a girl orgasm are quite low. Do you want to increase the chances of women reaching orgasms when they have sex with you? Here are some ideas that you can help a woman to get there.


(1)   She has to be comfortable first


All our desires originate from our minds. Therefore a woman has to be completely relaxed in order to have an orgasm. If she is stressful, very concerned about how her body looks in front of the mirror and wondering if she is abnormal because she seldom or can’t orgasm, for sure she will not be able to orgasm.


To keep her mind at ease so that she can get in the mood, reassure her that she is adorable and praising the positive aspects of her at every opportunity. When the moment arrives, you can start by taking a shower together which will give you lots of chances to touch each other. After this, you can pamper her with an erotic massage. This should be a perfect foreplay to start with.


(2)   Give her lip service


Almost every woman loves oral sex. Most women can easily reach orgasms through clitoral stimulation rather than during sexual intercourse. You can tease her clitoris by using your tongue to draw circles around it. When she is getting more aroused, you can mix up your tongue movements with left-to-right and up-and-down.


During the process, she can give you feedback about her preference by verbal or non-verbal means such as squeezing your hand twice if she is uncomfortable. To give her extra pleasure, you can pucker your lips around her clitoral tip and gently apply suction. This can increase blood flow to the clitoris and make it even more sensitive.


(3)   Use your fingers


You can enhance the effects of oral sex by using your fingers to rub on her g-spot. This should only be done when she is highly aroused. This is because under normal condition,  it can be quite difficult to reach for her g-spot, which is located about 2 inches deep from her vaginal opening. Make sure you trim your fingernails and preferably you lubricate your fingers for easier entry.


When you finger your girl, find a position you feel comfortable with. You may like to position either by facing her, perpendicular to her or side-by-side with her. Whatever position you choose, when your fingers are inside her, they should be pressing against her belly. While fingering her, you should continue with clitoral stimulation either using your tongue or your thumb to rub on the clitoris. This combined action if done properly will give your girl not only one orgasm but multiple orgasms. When she orgasms, her vaginal muscles will contract and squeeze against your fingers and you should only pull out your fingers after her muscles relax.


(4)   Get into position


At this stage, it will be best to get into those positions that will continue to stimulate either the clitoris or the g-spot.


(a)   Penetration with support


She is lying on her back. You can either place a pillow or a wedge under her buttocks to elevate her hips so that they are almost at right angle to the bed. To keep the position stable, press her knees against her chest as you penetrate her. This position allows you to reach her g-spot easily.


(b)   Legs on shoulder


She will place her ankles on your shoulders. You will push her knees towards her chest in order to raise up her hips. You will penetrate her in this position. The advantage of this position is that it allows double stimulation. Your penis will stimulate her g-spot. You can use your fingers to rub her clitoris.


(c)    Enter from behind


This is the doggie position that many women like because it also offers easy stimulation of the g-spot during penetration. Same as the above position, you can also use your fingers to stimulate the clitoris.


These tips here should increase the chances of your girl at least having an orgasm. Most important, just be patient and do not pressure her. She may or may not orgasm sometimes ( not your fault or hers). But be patient. Practise these tips will definitely make her orgasm most of the time.


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How Female Ejaculation Happens







A guy once dated a woman who could orgasm so much that she sprayed like a fountain. He feels great about this experience and wants the same thing to happen to his current girlfriend. Can this happen to any woman or how does this happen?


What is just described here is female ejaculation. In layman terms, it is called squirting. This can be part of sexual response from some women. There are 2 types of female sexual response fluids. The most commonly known type is the vaginal ejaculate which lubricates the vaginal wall and protects her against infection due to its slightly acidic nature.


The less commonly known type of female sexual response fluid is the one that comes from the Skenes glands (the glands that make up the g-spot) and bladder. This is similar to the prostrate fluid in men but unlike the male ejaculate, this type of female ejaculate has nothing to do with reproduction. This type of female ejaculate is not commonly seen in large amount. Only a few women can experience this fountain-like phenomenon.


Not all women ejaculate. This is not because women are not capable of ejaculating; rather it is due to lack of understanding of women’s sexual health issues. Even for those women who can, most do not ejaculate all the time during every kind of sexual activity. For both male and female, ejaculation can happen with or without orgasm. For women who ejaculate, ejaculation usually happens before orgasm. No matter how men feel about it, not all women are comfortable with or enjoy ejaculating.


Female ejaculation fluid is not urine though it passes through the urethra, which is the same place we urinate. Some women are also confused by it because when they are about to ejaculate, the feeling is as if they are about to urinate. But this is not so. This is because the composition of contents in urine and female ejaculation fluid are grossly different. Upon testing the liquid, scientists discover that it contains sugar and an enzyme (prostrate acid phosphatase) which is a major component in semen. Urea and creatinine which are found in greater proportion in urine, are minor components in female ejaculation fluid.


If a woman ejaculates, it is mainly due to extensive and targeted g-spot stimulation and/or clitoral stimulation. The g-spot is located along the front wall (towards the belly)of the vaginal canal about 2 inches from the opening. For many women, the best stimulation of that area usually will happen with toys or fingers or choosing sexual positions that allow the penis to provide that stimulation as well.


When a woman is highly aroused due to clitoral and/or g-spot stimulation and feels like quite close to orgasm or having one and if she can just relax and push just like she does when urinating, ejaculation will happen if it is going to.


Till now there is still no definitive answer as to why some women cannot ejaculate. It is probably they do not get the kind of sexual stimulation they need to do so or they are not aroused enough to get there. Some women do not feel comfortable and try to hold back because they mistakenly think they are going to urinate.


When comes to ejaculation, a guy has to keep this in mind that sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. You cannot force this on a woman and give her unnecessary pressure.


What matters most is not whether she orgasms or ejaculates. The best way to approach this is to focus on her pleasure and enjoy the whole process. What a woman needs is connection with her partner. If she can feel it, she can still be sexually satisfied even without orgasm or ejaculation. If you try to set goals like trying to make her orgasm or ejaculate during each sexual encounter, you can only make this even less likely to happen because you are putting too much stress on yourself and her.


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How To Improve A Woman’s Chances Of Having An Orgasm






I came across this at a sexuality forum. A guy and his girlfriend have been having sex for over 5 months and she never had an orgasm. She never seems to be in the mood to do it. She only said that if the environment was right maybe it would be possible for her to achieve orgasm. She claimed to love her boyfriend and sex didn’t really bother her. The guy would like to know how to make a girl orgasm and how to increase her sex drive.


If you are facing the same situation, the following ideas should help to start the ball rolling.


(1)   Create the right conditions


To get a girl to desire you and want to have sex, you have to put her at ease. This will need more time, the right atmosphere, some romance, and lots of other nice sweet little things you do to make her feel good. If she is stressed and is occupied with other problems, sex will not work. She needs to get in the right mood. Therefore you should be helpful as well as supportive and give her a lot of care and appreciation.


Making love is a slow process for a woman. You may have to start many hours in advance in order to turn her on effectively. This will require fondness and attention from the man she loves.


Women need a much longer foreplay than men. You start by whispering sweet words in her ears. Give her a very specific reason why you find her irresistible such as the curve of her neck or the way she walks. You may also take a long hot shower or bath together which will give you both the chance to touch and rub each other. The lightings in the room should not be glaring. Candles and soft music can help too.


Do not fondle the genital area until she is ready. You need to be patient. She may not get an orgasm until after 20 minutes or more. Sometimes it may not work, even if you do everything right. With practice, she will eventually be more responsive to your stimulation.


Another good way to get her relaxed is to let her mind wander into fantasy. To reach orgasm, she needs to clear her head and turn off her brain’s fear center. Fantasy is a great way for her to deactivate her fear center. You can help her to relax by constructing an erotic fantasy before things heat up. This can be done by whispering provocative sentences to each other in turn, building a story she can get lost in.


(2)   Make her orgasm first


Most women will not achieve orgasm through an ordinary genital sexual intercourse. Men are often very tired after their orgasm. Due to this reason, it is best to ensure your woman has an orgasm before you. She will still be excited afterwards and will enjoy your orgasm.


Women can easily reach orgasm by proper stimulation of the clitoris, a small lap of skin just over the vagina. You can stimulate her clitoris using your fingers and your tongue. One study found women who experience multiple orgasms usually have the first orgasm after cunnilingus, rather than intercourse or manual pleasures. The tongue is therefore the perfect instrument for stimulating the clitoris. The way to do is to start with cunnilingus and move on to intercourse.


There is also a place inside the vagina, which can be stimulated to give her an orgasm, which is the g-spot. It can be a bit difficult to find this region and stimulate it in the right way. This can only be effectively done when she is highly aroused after clitoral stimulation. Women who succeed in getting orgasm this way will usually use the woman-on-top intercourse position. This position gives her lots of options to control the movements to facilitate g-spot stimulation.


These are the 2 key things you can do for a woman who never had an orgasm. Her chances of getting an orgasm or even multiple orgasms will be higher if she has a partner who is attentive to her needs.


If you are keen to know more about how you can get your girl to enjoy sex with you, you can read on further at Hot Sex and Make Her Orgasm

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Sex Positions That Please A Woman And Make Her Orgasm At Least Once





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Do you ever wonder why she is less interested in sex? Or, when you initiate sex, she says she has a headache. Perhaps it is time for you to make some changes in your bedroom routine and get creative by experimenting with some sex positions you never try before.


If you want to please a woman and make her orgasm whenever you are in bed with her, you will not achieve much unless you know the differences between the sex positions. These differences may have something to do with the way the position increases the chances of providing more or prolonged stimulation to the clitoris and g-spot as well as helping you to last longer. You may have one or two favorite sex positions. However, if you want to continue to have intimate moments with your girl, you have to learn more about other sex positions that you can try during lovemaking to keep things going hot.


(1)   Woman-on-top positions


This position puts a woman in total control of the movement and allows deep penetration


(a)    Instead of the usual kneeling, she can choose to squat. The usual forward to backward movement can be switched to upward and downward.


(b)   In the usual woman-on-top position, you bend your knees so that she can rest her back on your knees. This position allows her to adjust herself in a way that increases the chances of rubbing her g-spot. You can also take the chance to use your hand to stimulate the clitoris.


(c)    You sit on a rocking chair. She will either sit facing you or her back towards you on your lap as she positions herself to let you enter her.


(d)   While on top of you, she faces your feet. This is the perfect position to rub her g-spot. You can bend your knees to allow her to rest against your knees. Some women feel that they enjoy sexual fantasies more when they face away from their partners.


(e)    You sit on the floor with your legs straighten out. She will sit on your lap wrapping her legs around your waist as she adjusts her lower body to allow penetration. This position allows both of you to touch and hug each other. It is very intimate and the pelvic rocking gives a wonderful sensation to her.


(2)   Standing positions


(a)    She stands facing the wall and bending forward. You hold her by the hips and enter her from behind. She can either allow you to completely dominate her in this position, or she can use the wall to push back against you as you thrust. This is one of those positions that will open her up for deep penetration and will increase the chances of stimulating her g-spot.


(b)   In this more advanced standing sex position, she will slightly separate her legs and bend over to grab her knees. You will enter her from behind. Heights issues can be overcome either by you bending slightly at your knees or she stands on a stool or stair step.


(c)    This position will require you to stand at the edge of the bed. She will lay on her back with buttocks on the edge of the bed. She will rest her feet on your shoulders while you lift her buttocks to penetrate her. She can also rest her legs on your arms or wrap her legs around you as you thrust her.


(d)   This is a reverse of the position just mentioned. She will stand adjusting her body for penetration while you will sit at the edge of the bed.


(3)   Rear entry positions


(a)    She lies on her stomach with her hips slightly raised while you enter her from behind. She can put a pillow under her upper body to adjust the angle of penetration. As you enter her, you will push together and separate her buttock cheeks. Every time you do this, it will change the sensation just a bit, making the tension tighter and then loose.


(b)   She will squat in a position like a frog. This will mean her hands and feet are on the bed with her knees up. She should put the majority of her weight on her legs and hands as she leans slightly forward. You will then penetrate her from behind. She can bounce up and down a little on you to enjoy herself in this position.


By now, she should be moaning in pleasure as you try one of the positions listed above. If these do not work, do not blame yourself and do not give up. You can try other methods of stimulation from Hot Sex and Make Her Orgasm.

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Sex Tips – How To Be An Expert





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To be a great lover, you have got to know how to turn a girl on. If you want your woman to desire and lust after you and no one else, you have to be an expert in making love. Fortunately, there are ways you can go about achieving this. Here are a few of the various techniques you can use to ensure your girl gets in the mood as often as you wish.


(1)   Creating a romantic environment


This can be anywhere in the house, but if you like to rely on your bed as the backdrop for most of your lovemaking, make sure your bedroom environment is conducive to sex. The lightings must not be too glaring; the bedroom must not be too cramped. For your curtains and bed sheets, you can choose those colors or patterns that can elicit sensual desire. Most important, do switch off all cell phones to prevent any distraction.


(2)   Stimulate her through the 5 senses


You can position a mirror in a way that she can see the whole lovemaking process. Throughout the process, maintain eye contact with her. Body-paint each other with flavored oils, flavored cream or chocolate mousse, and then lick it off one another’s bodies. You can spray the room with some fragrance.


While making love to her, you can talk dirty to her. Or, you can play some hot music and rock your body according to the beat as you thrust her. You will also run your hands all over her body, even on those areas that are not known to be sexually sensitive. You can even sharpen the sense of your touch by blindfolding her to keep her guessing where your hands are going to next, which can be very arousing.


(3)   Give her an erotic massage


Massage is stress relieving and is helpful to get her in the mood. Go and get some oil which can be sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil and grape-seed oil. Or, you can make up your own concoction of oils including sandalwood, lemon grass, musk and lavender. Make sure she does not have allergies to the oil you use. Also ensure that the room temperature is neither too hot nor too cold for her.


A good starting point for a full body massage is at her back. Rub up and down her back but not directly on the spine. Be careful not to apply too much pressure. Next, you move on to the neck, shoulders, arms, legs and buttocks.  Massage her face as well. Apply more oil when you massage on the arms and legs. You can apply a variety of massage strokes, starting with up and down and then moving on to a circular motion. During the massage process, you can change the speed and pressure of the stroke, switching from gentle to firm touch from time to time. You can add in some massage-enhancing tools or sex toys like a vibrator.


(4)   Perform oral sex


If you want to become a better lover, giving her oral pleasure, more commonly known as cunnilingus, is one of the most sensual forms of foreplay that can get her in the mood. Before you dive on to the area between her legs, you should first stimulate all of her other erogenous zones (ears, ear lobes, neck, foldable area of the limbs, inner thighs, breasts) with your mouth or hands. When you finally get to her vagina, you tease her by kissing, sucking, licking and rubbing the surrounding area. This will get her anticipation going and blood flowing to her genital area, making it more sensitive.


For a start, be careful not to over-stimulate the clitoris. Instead, gently flick it with your tongue and move onto the surrounding area. Come back to the clitoris every once in a while. At the same time you can use your hands to rub her breasts, stomach, neck and inner thighs. Other parts of her body which you can lick are the area between the vagina and anus and even on the anus itself which you can also insert a finger inside it.


After a while, she should be getting very aroused. You will notice this when her breathing gets more rapid, she starts to moan, her body becomes stiff, her hands pushing your head closer to her body. At this point, you can devote your attention to the clitoris and steadily increasing the pressure or force of stimulation until she reaches orgasm. At the same time, you can slip one or two fingers about 2 inches inside her vagina to rub on her g-spot. If trying to do 2 things at a time is a problem, you can use a vibrator to stimulate the clitoris while you finger her.


These are just some of the many essential ways that can turn you into one of those rare men that can satisfy women both physically and emotionally. And remember, a satisfied woman is going to be more interested in making sure that you are satisfied too. If you want this to happen to both of you, you can read on more from Hot Sex and Make Her Orgasm.

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