How To Make An Already Great Sex Exciting





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Are you looking for fun and erotic gift idea for your girl? There are many ways you can spice up your sex life and one of the ways is to offer her some or a set of sex toys. You may ask, “Why would I buy a sex toy for my girl?”


Well, sex toys are a great way to fire up a sexual relationship that has gotten stale. Sex toys add variety and fun to the sex life of you and your partner. They keep an already great sex life exciting because they offer new ways to bring pleasure to yourself and your partner. Sex toys can be used during intercourse, or foreplay, or both.


Sex toys make a great partner substitute at times when either of you are not with each other or for some reasons such as pregnancy or menstruation when she is not comfortable to have sex. Some guys are intimidated by their girlfriends’ sex toys feeling that they may replace the guys in certain ways sexually. The fact is the experience for a woman being alone in her bedroom with a sex toy is very different from being with a man. Your girlfriend may enjoy using sex toys when you are not around because it makes self-stimulation easier and more pleasurable. There is no way that sex toys can replace a partner. To be jealous of a sex toy would be as absurd as her being jealous of your fingers.


Sex toys offer prolonged stimulation that may otherwise be difficult to sustain such as when your hands are tired or your tongue or lips may need to take a short break to get some water. Sex toys can help a partner to reach spots that he/she may not be able to or do not want to. An example of this is anal toys.


Sex toys can also promote good health.  An orgasm releases stress and tension. It is a great way to start the day or act as “tranquilizer” helping a person to relax before sleeping. Sex toys can help in coping sexual frustration that will allow a person to deal with all other issues they have to face with.


How To Choose A Sex Toy


If you are new to sex toys and sex fantasy kits, you may be overwhelmed by the wide range of choices being offered through various websites or racks at a local adult store.


Each toy has its own function as each one is created to give a special, erotic sensation. If you are looking for a creative gift idea to create a magical night for your partner, you should first think of what you like to accomplish. From here, you can proceed to look for the right toys to help make such a magical night happen.


The other thing you have to ask yourself is who will be using the toy. Is the toy meant for him/her to use alone or you want to use it with your partner? You should also consider your partner’s personality traits as well as your own. You have to check whether your partner is familiar with adult toys or are they comfortable with experimenting. If you first talk with your partner about this idea, you may be able to narrow down the choices to those that both of you are willing to try.


You may also want to consider how the sex toys should look like. Do you want the vibrator or dildo to look real? Of course the most important thing is to determine how much you are going to spend. If you are unsure of a particular type of toy, you may want to try out with a lower price model to see if it suits you before getting an expensive option.


Vibrators, dildos, cock rings, anal plugs and various massagers can prove to be creative, stimulating gifts. If you are looking for a night of erotic sex, these items should be included into a great sex kit for you and your partner.


When choosing toys, open and honest communication is very important. Do some research and learn about the different products. You may do so at Dirty Harry’s Secrets and/or Pleasure Kit

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Pleasuring Women Tips – The Sex Positions That Guarantee G-Spot Orgasm







Are you the one who usually initiate sex? Have you ever wondered why your woman does not enjoy sex as much as you do? According to the Durex Global Sex Survey, only 17% of women are likely to have an orgasm during sex. So, why aren’t women enjoying sex? If you want more sex from your women, you have got to learn how to please her, so that she can have orgasms. Now, relax, take a deep breathe and let these tips help you to explore the ways to turn her on.


(1)   It starts with a kiss


Unless she is already highly aroused, there is no way you can just plunge right into sex without kissing her. Kissing is one of the most sensual acts and every woman loves to be kissed. It is central to pleasuring women. Without kissing, sex is just sex.


You start by taking her upper lip in between both of your lips and gently suck and squeeze it. You can give her a playful and passionate kiss by pressing your lips against hers or against her cheek and then breath in and out quickly through your nose.


You can also give her a neck kiss. To make this kiss perfect, you go light on the tongue and wetness, keeping the movements slow but try not to stay in the same place for too long. Light sucking can also be used and you could try going further down. Have you ever tried kissing her earlobes? You put her earlobe in between your lips and softly tug and pull on it. You may use a little tongue flicking or nibbling on her earlobe if you want to go a step further.


(2)   Appreciate the whole body of your partner


You have to be sensual with every inch of her body which is covered in sensitive nerve endings. This will arouse her more since this is what a woman wants. Women need to be touched all over first. Do not go for the sexual parts of her body first because there is a good chance that she will get turned off by it. Sexual parts also include breasts. Many women feel quite vulnerable when it comes to their breasts, so you should give your lover some time to settle into the sense of arousal in her body first.


Before going to her hot spots, you can go to those often neglected erogenous zones. The beauty of targeting these regularly avoided areas is that it can feel amazing to a woman when these areas suddenly get some attention. Tenderly kissing and licking the wrist and stopping for a gentle nibble on the meaty part between her wrist and thumb will be a sensation she is unlikely to have encountered. Other areas to target are the underside of her arm where the forearm meets the upper arm and the sensitive skin on the underside of the arm, just down from her armpit.


You can use the heel of your hand to press underneath her belly button. This is a good way to externally target her g-spot as you thrust inside her. You trace your fingers from the top of her butt along the line where the small of the back curves into the buttocks (known as the sacral crease) and follow up your movement with kisses. The buttocks themselves are a strong erogenous zone. You give this area a mixture of light and firm kisses or can even finish the kissing of each buttock cheek with a naughty bite. You start with a light stroking or caressing massage and save the hard stuff, like firm squeezing or light spanking only when she is fully aroused.


The skin behind the knees is thin and soft. Therefore, it is very responsive to touch because the nerves are close to the surface. So, lightly kissing and licking in this area can be very highly sensual for her.


The inner thighs are incredibly erogenous zones because of the psychological tease of anticipating where you may head next. Since they are quite highly sensitive area, just the lightest touch will have her aroused. Besides using your hands, you can lick up and down the inner thighs. You can also use a small vibrating sex toy on this area to entice a different sensation.


(3)   Get into some women-friendly sex positions


(a)    Get your girl to slowly lower her body onto your pelvis, sliding your penis inside her as she goes. Rather than sitting in a straddle position, she will raise herself up in a squatting position and resting her hands on your thighs, stomach, or upper chest for support. Rather than going forward and backward like the usual woman-on-top position, she will slide herself up and down your member by lifting her lower body up and down. This position can both provide enough stimulation to her clitoris and g-spot.


(b)   Both of you will face each other on your sides. She will raise one of her legs to let you slide inside her, after which she will drape her leg over yours and tightly around it. Some women require a form of strong muscular contraction to get to that next level of stimulation that leads to orgasm. This side-by-side position allows her to have that firm, full-body contraction while staying in motion. When she presses her leg against yours, this can help to stimulate the inner walls of her vagina and by relaxing her legs and opening them somewhat; this can offer you a bigger range of motion which can help her to get intense clitoral titillation on the way to orgasm.


(c)    You get her into a doggie position. But instead of staying on her hands and knees, ask her to tilt her shoulders downwards with her forearms flat on the bed. Put a pillow under her pelvis. Then you enter her from behind. This position will allow deeper and more intense thrusting and can easily hit her g-spot.


(d)   You get into the normal missionary position with her legs apart. Once inside her, ask her to bring her legs close together. You hook your ankles around her calves and raise yourself up slightly on your hands with a small arch in your back. By closing her legs, this will get you feel tight and big as well as giving her sustained clitoral stimulation.


(e)    You put one or two pillows or a specially-designed love cushion under her pelvis so that her lower back and buttocks are raised off the bed at a 20 to 30 degrees angle. You enter her at this angle which will allow you to hit her g-spot easily.


If you want to know how to have incredibly great sex with your woman and to be the best lover she ever had, you can read further from Hot Sex and Make Her Orgasm

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Do Something Different – How To Have Hot Sex





Discover The Secrets Of Great Sex From Here


Want to give your sex life a boost? How to bring back those hot and spicy moments when romance was new with our partner? How to avoid getting bored in bed? If you are looking for answers to these questions, read on.


(1)   Be honest to each other


It will be hard for you to experience the best sex of your lives unless both of you exchange ideas and sexual thoughts with each other. Spend more quiet time together, talk to your partner about your feelings and let her talk to you about hers. Everybody has favorites – favorite colors, flowers, food, etc.


Both of you will take a piece of paper and write down what you like best including what you like to do in bed. Then exchange and read each other’s list. Some people may need a little help at figuring out what really arouses them. There are plenty of tools out there to help such as books, magazines, videos and so on. Once you have come up with some ideas, discuss them with your partner. This can take away a lot of the guess work on how to please her as well as you during the next sexual encounter.


(2)   Behave like a Sex God


Women are turned on by a guy who is confident and secure in own self, especially in the bedroom. To understand how to look sexy, you need to feel sexy and understand what sex appeal is all about. Make an effort, dive into a few self-help sex guides and familiarize yourself with the good positions and the art of seduction.


To feel sexy on the inside, you need to feel confident about your sexual prowess and one of the ways to achieve this is to be knowledgeable. When you know you are good in bed, you can’t help but feeling confident about it, by taking charge of the situation and showing her you want her. By understanding sex and knowing what it takes to be sexy, you will then know how to look sexy to your partner, without even trying.


(3)   Try new things


Don’t forget that sex is supposed to be fun. The more fun you add into it, the more enjoyable it will be. Each time you feel like sex is starting to get monotonous, try something new to spice it back up. You can make even household chores sexy by making it more interesting. Whoever takes on the duty of a certain household task will have the right to request a striptease from his or her partner. If having sex in the house is too boring, go out and play.


Using sex toys in bed can be a lot of fun for both of you, especially when you are not used to watching your partner playing or working with a toy by herself.


If you want to get creative, lie over the ground on a thick rug. It can give you a lot more space to get creative and work with other fancy positions all over the floor.


To heighten the pleasure of sexual intercourse, you can also use soft thin sheets to silhouette your partner and pleasure her all over with these, or you can blindfold her with a silk scarf.


One small change that can have a big effect is to interrupt the pattern of how you usually have sex. If you normally have sex at night, you can initiate it in the morning or you can call her during her lunch break for a little afternoon delight. Instead of you being the one who is initiating sex, change this to both of you taking turns to initiate sex.


(4)   Make an effort to fulfill her sexual fantasies


Women may say what they want, but most women at least indulge in a few of these fantasies. Some girls think lesbian fantasy is hot. Many women do dream about getting molested or raped by a man. She may even dream about being surrounded by several men kissing, touching and seducing her at the same time. Others dream about stripping for an audience. They especially love it when a man takes out a few notes and dangles them down her g-strings.


Some women dream about stories where they would dress like a man but with nothing inside and take the man in front or back. Yet one of the bigger fantasies for men and women is to dream about a good threesome. Of course, there are plenty more female fantasies and there are always unique fantasies for women that may turn some women on more than the others. But as long as both of you are having fun, go on and explore what turns your partner on is a great way to spice up your sex life.


Sex is never boring. It is the routine that gets boring. Try something new can be uncomfortable at first, but it can open the doorway to better sex. Read the rest of the pointers on how to have great sex at Hot Sex and Eternal Flame

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What Are The Secrets To Great Sex?




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It is easy to get overwhelmed by the busy routine of your life and leaving yourself very little time for passion. But if you care for your partner and for yourself, you need to put a stop to whatever that prevents you from doing the fun things you used to do in bed. Sex, being part of our life, is something which anyone can be good at and great sex can always be better. So, why not try to improve your sex life? Here are some ways to turn up the heat in your bedroom.


(1)   Have a healthy lifestyle


This means eating a balanced diet, getting plenty of rest and exercises regularly. A better sex life needs a healthy body, so taking care of your body is the first step. Regular exercise is one of the most important keys to healthy sexual function. It can boost your mood and sense of well-being so you feel sexier and more confident.


Exercise activates the sympathetic nervous system, which encourages blood flow to the genital region. A Boston University School of Medicine study had found that sedentary men could significantly lower their risk of erectile dysfunction by burning at least 200 calories a day which is equivalent to walking about 2 miles briskly. Research study suggests that women benefit from exercise too. Women are more sexually responsive following 20 minutes of vigorous exercise.


You can exercise together as a couple. Enjoyable activities such as going for a hike together or a tennis game can help couples bond. Even going to the gym together on a regular basis can make you feel closer as a couple. Better still, if you can go for yoga lessons together.


Control your alcohol intake for better sex. While a glass of wine, or even two, can help you relaxed and get you in the mood for love, too much alcohol in your bloodstream may hinder your sexual performance and response. Alcohol depresses the central nervous system, which slows down nerve impulses, hinders your coordination and makes it difficult to get or maintain an erection or to maintain sufficient vaginal lubrication for sexual activity.


(2)   Be open to each other


Be frank about what you enjoy about your current sex life and what you feel may be missing. This is the most effective method to enhance your sex life as a couple. A brief conversation conducted with humor and love will give both of you the opportunity to honestly propose new ideas. If you are too shy to talk about sex directly, you can give your partner hints as to what you desire the next time you make love. A perfectly-timed moan or touch may speak volumes, depending on the other person’s capacity to read between the lines.


In order to defuse the tension that can creep into couple conversations about less-than-satisfying sex, both of you can show each other what you like best. You can get 2 sheets of paper and each of you draws a black-and-white outline of a human body’s front and back. Next, you and your partner will circle the areas of the body where you like your partner to lavish attention. Also you can assign each zone a number, will tell your partner what part of your body you want stimulated first, second, third and so on.


(3)   Get yourself relaxed


A pampering massage not only relieves stress but the skin-on-skin contact stimulates the sex hormone oxytocin. The more oxytocin is being released, the more desire a woman will feel.


Another way to help you relaxed is to try lavender-scented oils, sachets and lotions. They can help you and your partner to unwind and get in the mood. Studies have revealed that the smell of lavender may increase the feelings of relaxation and reduce mental stress in some people. But do take note that certain scents inspire different reactions in different people. Therefore you should experiment until you find the one that suits you.


Some research studies have shown that the scents from cucumber, licorice and baby powder can turn women on, increasing the vaginal blood flow by 13%. Pumpkin pie and lavender increase blood flow by 11%. During a romantic dinner, you can have the pumpkin pie as the last dish. Next to your pillow, you keep a cucumber-scented sachet. These scents should move her from the kitchen to the bedroom.


(4)   Read something erotic


Erotic literature can quickly jump-start the mood. Besides this you can read about some self-help guides to get some new ideas on how to improve your sex life. Clearly, the more you know about sex, the better you can put it into practice. If reading does not turn you on, do not worry. There is a plethora of adult movies from educational tapes to pure erotica which are available online and shipped in discreet packaging.


These are just a few of the many ways you can do to bring passion back into the bedroom. To get access to the rest of the tips, you can read on more from Hot Sex and Eternal Flame






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Sex Tips – How To Make Her Want You




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Do you want to have a good time in bed? Do you want your partner to need you so much that she becomes the one who is initiating sex most of the time?


How to have great sex? To certain people, great sex is about rehearsing some sex positions that they read from a self-help book. But it is more than that. You have to arouse your partner and yourself every time when you jump into the bed. You have to be comfortable with what you are doing, your partner has to be aroused by you and you also need to be turned on by your partner. In other words, great sex should be mutually satisfying.


Here are a few things you can do that can help her to reach orgasm easily and make your ego feel a lot better.


(1)   Sensual touch


Touching is very important and is also one of the easiest ways to please her. Women respond very strongly to touch. Make sure you combine every of your touch with eye contact. Keeping eye contact with her will add an amazing amount of emotional intensity to your touch.


Take the time to caress her ears, nape and hair will be fantastic in heating things up. You kiss her softly on her back, chests or breasts, down to her tummy and inner thighs. You treat every area of the body as an erogenous zone, even touching and kissing those off-neglected areas such as the neck, throat, inner arms and eyelids. During touching, you pay attention to how she reacts to your various ways of stroking and adjust according to her preferences. All these moves will definitely turn her on.


(2)   Setting the mood


Setting a comfortable environment is the key to preparing for sex and ensuring a satisfying experience. Ambiance is very important for the proper sexual mood. Accentuate your room by getting some candles. It will be better to use scented candles such as chamomile which can help to relax the body and make the atmosphere more conducive.


Make sure the room temperature is not as hot as a furnace or as freezing cold as a refrigerator. Playing some instrumental music (or depending on what arouses your partner) is good for keeping her in the mood. Make the room smell sweet, relaxing and enticing.


(3)   Oral stimulation


Oral sex is a great gate-way to intercourse. Lick her slowly all around. It is only when her clitoris is swollen and her breath is getting short and rapid that you start to lick on it firmly. You explore the entire area around the clitoris with your tongue and lips. As she gets more aroused, you can spend more time directly stimulating her clitoris.


Try alternating between slow and fast, up and down, side-to-side tongue flicks when you are on her clitoris. Use your hand to supplement your tongue action by caressing the insides of her thighs, rubbing her breasts and squeezing her nipples. When you sense she is getting close, from her physical and vocal responses, you maintain a rhythm that suits her, providing consistent pressure on her clitoris until she reaches orgasm.


(4)   Be creative


You get a self-help book which tells about the various lovemaking positions. You read this together with your partner. After this both of you can discuss and decide the new positions that will be more intimate in lovemaking. Both of you can also experiment with role-playing by dressing (or even cross-dressing) and acting as someone you always desire to be. You can also use adult toys to help you last longer when you are stimulating your partner. You can consider light bondage such as blind-folding and hand-cuffing to sharpen the sexual response when one of the senses is being blocked out.


Lovemaking should always be comfortable and done in a way that satisfies both of you. Learning how to have great sex is essential to keep the relationship with your partner stronger.


Here are just 4 tips to get you started. Due to space constraint here, the rest of the other tips can be found at Hot Sex . To get some kinky ideas to have a different kind of sexual experience, you can visit Dirty Harry’s Secrets

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