How To Have Super Sex



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Do you want to learn how to improve sex life? Are you looking for ways to rekindle your love life? If you are simply looking for ways to spice up routine or boost your sexual energy level, here are a few simple ways you can try out to have the sex life you want.


(1)   Start from her brain


Men are visual creatures. They get aroused when they see a woman’s breasts. Women are more emotional and to a woman, sex is more than penetration. It is also an expression of love and closeness to a man. To turn a girl on, you have to seduce her brain. Do you remember how you used to send her flowers and emails? Or what about the times you cooked her dinner?


One of the best ways to turn up heat in your relationship is to keep doing all those sweet little things outside the bedroom to make her feel loved. To make your gestures more effective and sincere, you should do these even on those days you do not have sex. When she can feel your love, she will naturally feel a bit more connected. When the intimate moment comes, she will want to please you more and you will have fantastic sex.


(2)   Indulge in good foreplay


Foreplay is important to maintaining a healthy sex life. If you are looking to improve sex you may try things such as taking shower together. This gives both of you a good excuse to touch each other. These little gestures matter a lot to women especially, like hand holding or random kisses.


Women often complain that their men only touch them when they want sex. So, do not wait for bed time to touch and fondle her. In bed, try learning your partner’s erogenous zones by paying attention to her body signals and how she reacts to where and how you touch her. Another awesome way to improve your sex life is by giving your partner a sensual massage to start things off.


(3)   Oral sex


Foreplay often ends with both partners performing oral sex on one another. Sometimes, people take oral sex for granted, but it is something that will add to sex because it is pleasurable. Performing oral and getting blow job can really get people, especially women, in the mood for sex.


When performing oral sex on a woman, you should refrain from making jabbing movements with your tongue. Slower and softer movements work better for her. As for a woman who performs oral sex on her man, she should keep her teeth away from the penis and use her lips and tongue. When performing oral sex you should use your hands and toys to enhance the experience. Let your partner lead you with directions, so you know what he or she prefers.


(4)   Add in sex toys and lubricant


The use of tools or props when having sex can be something that will easily make sex more enjoyable. Not only that but it may be a way that can help you last longer and give your partner even more orgasms. Get a dildo, vibrator or something that you can use on your girl to bring her to orgasm.


Lubrication is important to make sure that sex is both comfortable and enjoyable. Lubrication for a woman is the equivalent of an erection for a man. To facilitate lubrication, you can standby with a bottle of lubricant. The important thing is to do whatever it takes to make sex fun and not to settle for a mediocre sex life.


(5)   Keep on improving


Having a better sex life will take some work. Some of your attempts may not work. Trying something new always involve some degree of risk. As the saying goes – no risks no rewards. If you do not want to get stuck in a rut and want to have good sex, get a book to learn more about the various sex positions. Read it together with your partner so that you can discuss and make a choice about which new positions you can try on. Making a consistent effort to improve on your knowledge and skill is the key to a better love life.


Listen to your heart and follow where your heart goes. Today you make the decision to trust your gut and do whatever it takes to make your sex life happy. Read the rest of the tips for better sex at Hot Sex and Eternal Flame

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How To Get A Woman To Have More Sex With You





Are you happy with your sex life? Are you happy with the amount of sex you have? If you want to turn a woman on and make her want you more, read on.


(1)   Touch her properly


Every woman likes to be touched because this gives her feelings of warmth and comfort. The way you touch her will differentiate between giving a good touch and a bad touch. Before she is really in the mood if you just reach out and grab her breasts, buttocks or genitals, this will make her feel like objectification, not affection. This is bad touch. It will only get her upset and react defensively – a big turn off. Your behavior looks desperate to her. Being patient is a better way to getting sex than aggressive advances.


What is good touch? You can try hugging, kissing or holding and squeezing her hands. Women want to feel connected to their partners in ways that do not always involve sex. Men are very mechanical and visual. When a guy sees something sexy, he can get aroused very quickly and go straight into sex.


Women, on the other hand, are very emotional. You have to get her in the mood first. You have to make her feel sexy before she can act sexy. Some research studies show that if you hug a woman for 30 seconds it can raise her oxytocin level. Oxytocin is a hormone that makes her feel loved and connected and helps put her in the mood. So start with a hug.


(2)   Do not believe what you see in porn


Porn is supposed to be entertaining so as to encourage you to keep watching. Almost all of the porn movies are created by men and for men, who do not have a clue about what really turns a woman on. The brain is a woman’s main sex organ. In order to turn her on, you have to work on her brain first by seducing her and making her feel comfortable. Women crave pleasure and sex but they do not want it to look like some third-rate porn production. If you are in doubt about what can turn her on, ask her.


(3)   Pleasure her first and she will pleasure you back


You have to provide her with the kind of sex she wants. You have got to give as good as you get. If you want to receive oral sex, you have to give her oral pleasure first. Most women can orgasm best from clitoral stimulation. You can stimulate the clitoris with your tongue, fingers, vibrator or your sex organ using the rear entry or woman on top position.


(4)   Give her some space


It is a good idea to let your partner have some time for her own to help her recharge. Offer to watch the kids for a few hours so she can meet a friend for a few hours so she can meet a friend for coffee, read a book, or relax in a bubble bath. This ‘time off’ can let her wind down so that later she will be more ready to heat up later.


(5)   Talk and listen to her


During dating, men like to talk a lot in order to seduce, attract and win a woman’s heart. After she becomes your wife, most men just do not have the patience to talk and they just want to do it. In the long run, this can cause her to get bored with sex.


Remember what I just said that a woman’s brain is her main sex organ. In order to arouse her, you have to connect to her mentally and emotionally. Couples who communicate well with one another tend to have a more active sex life. Spend 20 minutes talking and listening to her can make her feel appreciated. Avoid stressful topics and stick to larger issues like current events and the world around you. If you can remember and repeat something she said few hours ago, she will be more impressed and you will be one step closer to sex.


Want more tips to turn a woman on? Click on Hot Sex and Give Her Mind-Blowing Orgasm

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How To Cope With Your Partner’s Lack Of Sex Desire





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Are you happy with the amount of sex you are having? If either you or your partner feels unhappy with the frequency of sex, rest assured that you are not the only one. According to some recent surveys, over 50% of men and over 40% of women were unhappy with their sex lives because they want more sex.


Causes Of Low Sex Drive


So what is behind you or your partner’s lower sexual desire? What are the biggest hurdles to shared sexual satisfaction?


There are tones of reasons behind a person’s low sex drive. Some factors are obvious, while others are definitely not. Here is a list of the main factors affecting sexual desire.


(a)    Stress – Most people are a little stressed and when it reaches beyond a threshold level, it can be a libido killer for both men and women, whether it is stress at work, financial stress, or stress over the lack of time.


(b)   Unrealistic expectations about sex – This can breed performance anxiety and hurt sexual confidence due to bad self-image. Media and TV are a significant cause of sexual dissatisfaction, as they can give rise to unrealistic expectations about your own or your partner’s performance and appearance.


(c)    Aging – This plays a role, though some older men still maintain strong interest in sex.


(d)   Unhealthy life style – Drug and alcohol use, poor sleeping habits and poor diet (which can cause obesity) can all contribute to low sexual desire and impaired sexual function.


(e)    Hormonal changes – A partner’s low desire can be due to hormonal changes related to life changes such as menopause. Low testosterone level which dips as a person gets older usually means low sexual desire.


(f)    Medical problems – Chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol and drugs to cope with them or other medications (such as anti-depressant) can negatively affect sexual desire.


How To Cope With Low Sex Drive


(1)   Seek professional help


Rather than allowing depression, hormonal changes, chronic illness and medications to become reasons to avoid intimacy, it is worthwhile to seek advice and support from trained professionals. Men who are experiencing impotence should see a doctor, in particular, as erectile dysfunction can be linked to cardiovascular disease and diabetes.


It is worth remembering that some prescription medicines can have an adverse effect on sexual function and levels of desire. You should ask your doctor about the possibility of changing to a similar-functioning medication that has lesser side effects or does not cause sexual side effects.


Pain during sex can be a problem for some women and can be due to various underlying problems ranging from a urinary tract infection to fibroids. Your doctor can help to pinpoint the cause.


(2)   Communication


A couple needs to work together to identify the risk factors threatening their sexual relationships and come up with a plan to address them. Communication is the key throughout this process. This must be a ‘2-way traffic’ meaning both sides need to talk and listen to each other attentively.


Both should have the right attitude, meaning you need to detach your emotions from what you are saying, refrain from blaming or finger-pointing each other, begin your talk with ‘I’ and package your demands to make the tone more conducive for discussion. If you have difficulty in talking to your partner, you can consider relationship counseling.


(3)   Spice things up


Setting a time and place only for sex. This may sound unromantic and non-spontaneous but if we do not plan for a sex date, our busy schedules and stressful lifestyles can get in the way of sexual intercourse and romance. This can be as simple as going to bed at the same time.


You can set the mood by creating more intimate opportunities such as having a bath or shower together, snuggling on the sofa or taking a romantic stroll. To cope with stress, you should learn to prioritize things.


To overcome performance anxiety, you need to recognize that sex need not be perfect all the time and not to put unnecessary pressure on you and your partner. Of course, it is always better to try something new such as new position, new location or even role-playing.


Not just in the bedroom, you can do foreplay all day long. You can always flirt with your partner outside the bedroom, by sending him/her sexting or sexy text, whisper something nice to him/her while out with friends, or touch him/her sneakily under the table.


There is no quick fix when comes to having a happy sex. Time, energy and commitment are required to rebuild a healthy sex life. Should you need more ideas to help you in this process, you can click on Hot Sex and Overcome Low Libido

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For Couples – 7 Ways To A Happy Sex Life





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Do you miss those sexy, curious, early days when you are newly in love? These 7 tips can sure help you to bring back and relive those good old days.


(1)   Pump up the adrenaline


Adrenaline can act as an aphrodisiac for a committed relationship. It can inject some oomp into otherwise stale and ordinary days which tend to happen in a long-term relationship. When you stimulate your body, this will have a trickle down effect of stimulating both your mind and emotions.


Do something extraordinary with your partner. This will show your partner how much you care. Give bungee jumping, roller-coaster riding or watching horror movies, a try, if you dare. If you find that this is too extreme, you may consider horseback riding, go-karting, sampling exotic cuisines, enrolling for dancing or yoga classes or travelling to some exotic places together.


(2)   Sexy talk


Whispering sweet words into his/her ears, sending sexy text messages to let your partner know he/she is on your mind when you are apart can increase the emotional connection between the both of you. Sexting is a great way for committed couples to flirt with each other and make each other smile. It is also a good way to build anticipation which is like mental foreplay that could lead to the physical kind, too.


(3)   Encourage 2-way talking


It is essential to have a real conversation at least once a week. This should go beyond the day-to-day type of topics. Couples who communicate well with one another and share activities together are often more active in sex. Before spicing things up with toys or sexy lingerie, work on your communication skills.


Besides talking, you also need to know how to listen to keep the 2-way communication open. Pay attention to body language too. When you need your partner to do something or to make some changes, you package your requests in the form of compliment such as “I really enjoy very much when you for an evening walk to the park with me.” This will avoid the request from becoming like a complaint which can trigger defensive behavior.


Try to detach your emotions from the conversation. In times of strain these will be heightened which could lead to further conflict as you will be hypersensitive to remarks. If you are particularly upset about something, it will be better to vent out your frustration on paper rather than blurting it out. This will allow you to release any negative emotions as well as giving you the time and chance to organize your thoughts so that you can present your issue in a non-confrontational way.


(4)   Show appreciation and support


Besides saying, “I love you”, do not forget to say “thank you” to show your appreciation for the nice, little things he/she did for you. Remember to give compliments to let your partner know you still find him/her physically and emotionally attractive. Volunteer to help out if you can, when your partner is overwhelmed with too many things on hand.


Such nice, little, thoughtful daily gestures can have a cumulative effect to strengthen the foundation of your relationship, reducing the chances of breaking up when the relationship is under stress by some unexpected happenings. The wonderful thing is these acts of consideration and appreciation do not cost you any.


(5)   More kisses


Do you still remember those days when you were dating him/her, you often kissed each other when you met or when you were about to leave? Besides being an act of intimacy, the way you kiss can make or break a woman’s feelings for you. Kissing becomes a forgotten act for many couples in long-term relationships, unless this occurs during foreplay. Couples who kiss regularly tend to have sex more often. Most important, you kiss not just for the sake of initiating sex, but because you love and enjoy the feeling of kissing him/her.


(6)   Maintain eye contact when having sex


Eye contact immediately raises the intimacy level of any sexual act. Closing your eyes can sometimes send the wrong message that you are only present physically, but not emotionally or spiritually. Keeping your eyes open and looking directly into him/her reassures your partner that it is he/she that is turning you on in the particular moment.


(7)   Trying new things in the bedroom


Most people would love their partner to suggest something new to spice things up. Couples tend to stuck into a few things that they know and stop experimenting. But the brain is the biggest sex organ and any time you try something new, you are stimulating the brain’s natural desire for novelty.


Want some more ideas to improve sex life? Click on Hot Sex and Great Lover

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The Easiest Way To Get A Girl To Have A Squirting Orgasm

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Do you want to please your girl and give her the best or strongest orgasm? Are you looking for ways and ideas on how to achieve this?


Broadly speaking there are two main types of female orgasm. One is the clitoral orgasm which is achieved by stimulating the clitoris using your fingers, lips or tongue, penis and sex toy. Most women can achieve clitoral orgasm by masturbation and this is the easiest way that a guy can do to help a woman reach orgasm. 


The other type of female orgasm is the g-spot or vaginal orgasm. This is achieved by stimulating the g-spot. The G-spot is the common name for the paraurethral sponge in women, an area of spongy tissue surrounding the urethra, which can feel good when stimulated. All women have a G-spot, but not all women respond to G-spot stimulation in the same way.


The G-spot is located just behind the front wall of the vagina (towards the belly), about two inches inside. Some women report that the stimulation of the g-spot, can lead to strong sexual arousal, powerful orgasms and female ejaculation.


To find the G-spot, insert two curved finger inside her vagina, pointing towards her belly. Move them in a “come hither” motion and apply firm pressure. Make it so that your palm faces the front of the body so that your fingers can easily tap on the front wall of the vagina. Then you will be able to move the fingers back and forth to create pleasure in that zone.


Before sliding your fingers inside your woman, you have to be aware that the mind is an important part of finding the female G spot. You have to first stimulate her brain as well as her body to have better orgasms. Foreplay helps to put her brain in the right sexual mood and increases the chances of your woman having orgasm.


Moreover an aroused mind will make your job easier in locating her G spot which will get swollen with blood and other fluids. The more sensitive she is, the luckier you will be when you go to stimulate it.


Try to have a decent amount of foreplay before you pounce on your lover. You will have to do whatever it works for the woman in your life. Touch or kiss her everywhere from head to toes.  As the clitoris and g-spot are connected, it will be best to stimulate her clitoris first.


Learning how to stimulate the G spot sounds easy, but it may not be if you have to spend time using your fingers for the process. The fact is that sex toys can make this process much easier for you, and they do not necessarily have to cost a lot of money.


One of the most obvious sex toys people will go to in order to learn how to stimulate the G spot is the G spot vibrator. This is a special kind of vibrator that has a bend at the end of it so that it can press against the G spot whenever it goes into the vagina.


When using a g-spot vibrator, you will still need to spend roughly ten to fifteen minutes on foreplay to get your girl aroused first. Slather the vibrator in the appropriate lube and slide it about two inches in, pressing the angled tip against her vagina’s front wall.


If you want to give your woman double pleasure, you can use a rabbit vibrator. It has a piece that goes inside of the vagina to tickle the G spot, and then it has a little attachment that wraps around the clit and to stimulate it too.


Most women who use rabbit vibrators claim that they enjoy the clitoral orgasms more than vaginal orgasms. This is not difficult to imagine because the clitoris is more sensitive than the g-spot and if stimulated correctly your woman can have deep, enriching orgasms that leave her feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. The reason behind the popularity of rabbit vibrators is just that it takes care of two erogenous zones simultaneously and gives g-spot as well as clitoral orgasms.


Whether you should use a g-spot or a rabbit vibrator is to a very large extent depending on whether your partner can get off with a simple vaginal or g-spot stimulation or she needs something extra to get orgasms.


If she can handle a lot of pleasure all at the same time, you can get a G-spot rabbit vibrator for your partner. These vibrators stimulate all two of her erogenous zones simultaneously and leave no base uncovered.


A happy sex life is very important for every relationship and your overall life. At times, sex can get boring and no longer satisfying for you or your partner. But you or your partner should never resign yourself to accept less than what you deserve from sex. You can always do something to spice things up.


For this you can turn towards Dirty Harry’s Secrets and Make Her Cum for inspiration, ideas and tools to get back the sex life you want. When there is a will, there will always be a way!




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