How to Get Bigger and Harder: The Art of Penile Enlargement





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Just as many women want to have bigger boobs in order to be sexually attractive, many guys express this same wish in the form of wanting to have a bigger dick. No men want to get that feeling of coming up short when it is about pleasing a woman in bed. This is especially so if you have a great partner and the last thing you want is to see that look of disappointment on her face after you pull down your pants.


That deep down feeling of just not measuring up can do a lot of hurt to your libido and overall relationship with your partner. Because of your low desire for sex, your partner will assume that you are losing interest on her or she is losing her sexual appeal. Surely, you do not want this situation to happen. But this is something that is too embarrassing for you to talk to anyone, especially to your lover.


What can you do to increase penis size? Suppose there is a complete solution that not only can increase your size down there, but also your stamina, performance and endurance. Does that sound too good to be true? Well, it is not.


For the last decade, there have been teams of doctors and researchers who have been working behind the scenes to create an amazing product that has been designed especially for men exactly like you who really don’t know where to turn to in order to solve their problems. These teams have finally perfected an entire ProeExtender System that they know is going to change, not only your sex life, but your life in general. That is the science of using a penis traction device or penile extender.  The use of a penis extender has been proven to straighten, lengthen and increase penis thickness.


The ProeExtender System comes complete with four distinct components which can guarantee your success in improving your sex life. One of which is the penis enlargement device that is specially designed to increase the length of your penis. This device is not harmful and works over time to naturally increase tissue size to effectively lengthen the size of your penis in a non-invasive and painless way.


This will be of great help in bringing back your confidence in bed with women. The additional benefits from using this penis extender will be better control of your ejaculations which means you can last longer in bed and helping you to correct penis curvature (if you have this problem).


Of course, you have to use it properly and gradually in order to avoid any discomfort and to get the desired results. For a start, you do not use the extender for more than 4 hours per day.  If possible, you split the 4 hours into shorter sessions, giving at least 1 to 2 hours break in between sessions. Once you get used to it, you can wear the extender for up to 6 hours per day and still maintaining a 1-2 hours break in between sessions.


You should wear loose fitting pants when using the penis extender. In rare cases, red sores may appear on the skin of the penis, and they are typically a sign of too much stretching. In such case, you should remove the device and wait until the sores go away.

This ProeExtender System also comes with a penis enlargement exercise CD. You can watch this incredible video in the privacy of your own home and learn the secrets of how to really work your penis to make it longer and thicker. You are going to be pleasantly surprised at the effects this will do in just a few minutes a day. Your lovers will definitely be blown away by your sexual prowess. This is going to make you feel like a teenager all over again!


What’s more the ProeExtender System comes with a complete money back guarantee. This means you will have nothing to lose. Instead you will have more to gain in terms of length and girth and loads of sexual partners. So what are you waiting for? Order your ProeExtender System today and take a giant step toward an amazing new sex life!


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How to Get a Larger Penis Naturally






Whether your current size is about average or well above the average you still feel like you need a bigger one. That is completely natural. After all, when it comes to our manhood down there, bigger is always better.

For one, a bigger package can give you a natural boost in confidence that comes from you knowing you are head and shoulders above the competition. Women love bigger packages. They may not come right out and say it, but you can bet that they do.

This female preference for a bigger size penis has just been confirmed by a research done by Brian Mautz, formerly of the Australian National University in Canberra and published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Based on the survey done on 105 young Australian women, Dr. Mautz and his team of researchers found that male attractiveness is significantly influenced by penis size.  More specifically, they discovered that large penises are rated as relatively more attractive than smaller ones.

The results of the research may not be as superficial as they seem. Based on evolutionary principles, it could be possible that women look to penis size to judge a man’s appropriateness as a mate; the size of a man’s member may indicate an ability to sire and produce healthy and robust children (something that obviously tended to play a greater role before developed societies began wearing clothes).

Moreover, having a bigger penis will cut down worries about your performance in the bedroom. You will then be able to focus on the techniques that will make her orgasm. Another benefit from having a larger penis size is better control and stamina. These benefits are not caused by simply having a bigger penis. Instead, it is the results of exercising your way to naturally enlarging your penis size.

One of the proven and safest methods of naturally growing your penis size is through penile enlargement exercises. These exercises target both the PC muscle and the corpora cavernosa of your penis. By focusing on toning these muscles and chambers, you will build not only size, but also the strength and stamina of your penis, thus helping you to last longer in bed.

The PC muscle stretches from the pubic bone to the tail bone. If you want to feel where it is, you hold back your urination half way. The PC muscle is responsible for controlling both urination and ejaculation.

The corpora cavernosa on the other hand are the 2 chambers that run along the length of your penis. They are responsible for the length and thickness of your erect penis. When you are being sexually stimulated, the penile muscles will relax, allowing the corpora cavernosa to be completely filled with blood, bringing out a rock hard erection.

Based on the description of these two parts of your penis, I am sure you can now understand why penis exercises can endow you with a bigger package, as well as giving you a longer-lasting and stronger erection. In fact, men who have gone through these programs that teach them proper exercises that train these muscles report better stamina, better control of their ejaculation and stronger and harder erections. All these benefits should give you something to think about.

So in what way does this exercise help you to get a big penis and does the effect last only for as long as you exercise?

Of course, it will be much better if you can consistently exercise your muscles. This is because the more toned the muscles are, the better they will perform, and the longer they will stay in shape. But the gains from increased size of the chambers are permanent if you decide to stop this exercise.

What the exercise does is to stimulate the corpora cavernosa to produce new cells. This exercise will promote better blood flow into the corpora cavernosa and encourage new cells to form, helping you to gain both in the length and the girth of your penis. This is what makes exercise so effective and the results lasting

Do you want to gain 1 to 3+ inches in as little as 3 months or so using the safest and most effective method without using pills at the privacy of your home? Click on Safe Penis Enlargement Exercise Program and/or Natural Penile Workout to find out more!

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Questions And Answers On Penile Enlargement Exercises






Do penile enlargement exercises really work? How do the exercises work? What are the exercises for penile enlargement? Are these exercises safe? How much time is needed to perform these exercises? How soon can you see results? How are the exercises performed? Read below for answers to these questions?

Do penile enlargement exercises really work?

The answer is that penis exercises can produce measurable results if you do them properly and consistently. Penis exercises work because they encourage cell growth within penile cell walls. Other benefits of penile exercise include having more stamina and endurance in bed and also gaining more control over your ejaculation. Many test subjects also reported harder erections, and it is believed that these exercises can help prevent prostrate problems.

However, just like any other exercise, they require a great deal of commitment and hard work to see results that you will truly be proud to show off. Also, just like any other exercise, penis exercises require proper technique and preparation to avoid painful injuries.

In the late 1970s Dr. Brian Richards, from England carried a very comprehensive research about the effectiveness of the Arabic Jelq (one of the most well-known penis enlargement exercises). His research which was published in the British Journal of Sexual Medicine showed extremely positive results for 87% of the test group. The results pointed to Arabic Jelq’s success in increasing the penis length by up to 1.4 inches and the penis girth by up to 1 inch.

If natural penis enlargement does work, how does it work?

The penis is a fragile and intricate body part consisting of three chambers, two large ones which run along the top (Corpora Cavernosa) and one smaller one (Corpus spongiosum) that runs along the bottom of the penis. When a man gets an erection, the larger chambers are the parts that fill with blood, which causes his penis to expand.

A man’s penis size is limited by the amount of blood these two main chambers can take. The only scientific way to get a bigger penis is to increase the amount of blood these chambers can hold – more blood in means a bigger erect penis.

The key to enlarging the penis is using special techniques designed to increase the capacity of these chambers to hold more blood during erection. The more blood that gets into the penis, the bigger it becomes.

Natural penis enlargement works by breaking down the cell walls and gently forcing more blood through them. The penis then repairs itself by growing the cells back larger and stronger than before. This allows a greater intake of blood, which results in a larger, fitter, and more attractive penis.

The penis, although not a muscle, is very similar to any other part of the body. If you don’t exercise it, then it will never be as good as it could be. Just imagine how unfit you can be if you have never done any exercise before. Most men have very underdeveloped, unfit penises because they have never exercised them.

That is where natural penis enlargement exercises can help. By consistently doing the exercises for a few minutes every day, it is possible to get a longer and thicker penis. To do the exercise, you must determine a procedure to use, learn how this method works, formulate a plan, set realistic goals, attain the right mindset, and put your plan into action.

Are these exercises safe?

In a few rare cases a physician will recommend that you do not use these enhancement exercises. If you have advanced diabetes or Peyronies, which is a condition that results in very bent and painful erections your doctor will advise that you do not try to increase the size of your dick with exercises. For those men who suffer from slight dick curvature, and if you’re one of these it is safe to use penis exercises; in fact it may cure the curvature.

Generally, penile exercises are quite safe and there are not any known dangers unless you are performing the exercises too vigorously or incorrectly. Before you start doing the exercise, it plays safe to warm up your penis. This is done by wrapping a cloth (that has just been soaked with lukewarm water) around the penis shaft for about two minutes.

When you are new to these exercises, you must not be impatient and want to see quick result by over-exerting yourself and hurting your penis. You should start off gradually until you are completely comfortable with the exercises and how to perform them. You start by spending 5 minutes per session for the exercise program and gradually increase the duration of each session up to 20 minutes.

How soon can you get to see results?

Just like with everything else results will vary due to the fact that everyone is different. This is dependent on developing a good routine, how dedicate and motivate you are to the routine, how well you are following the program and your body (some guys are born with bigger penises, and some guys are born with the ability to make gains faster than others).

Some men see results almost immediately after they begin exercising, whereas others may not notice anything visible for a few weeks. Many men experience results within 2 months from the beginning of the program. However, it is very unlikely that you will not be satisfied with your results after 30 days, and maximum results usually occur at around 40 day mark.

No doubt, the results are slower as compared to surgery, pills and using penis extenders. But the good thing is once you have increased your penile size it will never return to its original size as the enlarging exercises permanently rebuilt cells within your dick. While penile exercising is similar to working out in a gym, your dick is not a muscle so when you stop exercising it after a while the gains will remain permanent.

How are the exercises performed?

There are three methods to choose from – stretching, jelqing, and squeezing. Jelqing is the most popular penis exercise technique, since it provides decent length and girth gains. This exercise is designed to enlarge the penis using milking movements in order to increase the blood flow into the corpora cavernosa, the sponge-like tissues of the penis. The increased blood flow will, in time, force the tissues to expand and increase both the flaccid and erect sizes of the penis.

Basically, these penile enlargement exercises can be considered as the safest means of enlarging the penis. These penile enlargement exercises may require the longest period before favorable results will be produced, primarily because the method is all-natural. But the great thing about these exercises is the fact that the penile enlargement that you will get is actually permanent.

Want to find out more? Simply go to How to Have Bigger Penis Naturally or Penis Growth Guide for more information.

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What Are The Additional Benefits You Can Get From Penis Enlargement Exercises






Through your search online, you probably came across about some penis workout programs. You will probably wonder what can you get from these penis enlargement exercises, how do these exercises work to achieve the desired effects.


Here are the gains you can expect to get from penis enlargement exercises.


(1)   Achieve harder and longer erections


How does this happen:


One of the penis enhancement exercises is the Kegel exercises. The main objective of this exercise is to strengthen the PC muscle. The PC muscle is between your testicles and anus. The PC muscle is a group of pelvic muscles whose main functions are to control urination and ejaculation. By training these muscles regularly every day, you will eventually last longer in sex, get stronger and harder erections and can maximize the size of your penis as a result.


You contract these pelvic muscles as if you are holding back from urination, giving a slow count to five and then you relax them, also slowly counting to five. You repeat this contract-and-relax action for ten times in each session and you do at least three sessions every day.


By strengthening your PC muscles by means of Kegel exercises, you will be able to keep the largest amount of blood in your corpora cavernosa during an erection. The corpora cavernosa are 2 chambers that run the length of your penis which are also responsible for the size and the thickness of your penis when erect. This will not only help you maintain your erection, but also keep it at its absolute hardest and fullest without losing rigidity.


(2)   Achieve quicker erections


How does this happen:


Part of the reason for taking a longer time to achieve erection is due to poor blood circulation. Your penis depends on a large number of capillaries (small blood vessels) near its base which bring it blood to fill the chambers of your member with rich nutrients while it is hard.

When you have an erection, your brain is instructing your body to send a fast flow of blood to the penile area. Unless plenty of blood can reach and circulate around your penis, then your erection will take a longer time to happen. Therefore, it is entirely logical to conclude that improving circulation around the male sexual organ will allow you to achieve solid erections more regularly.

Penis enlargement exercises work to improve blood circulation to your member by increasing the capacity of the corpora cavernosa to hold more blood when you are sexually stimulated. This can be done by performing regular exercises to enlarge the corpora cavernosa.


One of the best exercises to achieve this is the Arabic Jelqing or Milking technique.  This should only be performed when the penis is 70 to 80% erected. To do this exercise, you use your thumb and forefinger to form a ring to encircle the lubricated, semi-erect penis at the base. Squeeze the penis with your fingers with moderate pressure and slide your hand down the length of the penis until you reach the glans (head). Each stroke should take around three seconds. When you reach the end of your shaft you should repeat the motion using alternating hands. The premise of this exercise is that the motion will allow more blood in and expand your corpora cavernosa and also as a result giving you a larger penis.


(3)   Achieve better ejaculatory control preventing premature ejaculation


How does this happen:


By using Kegel exercises to tone and strengthen the PC muscle, you will be able to have greater control over when you want to ejaculate. By doing this exercise regularly, you will be able to contract your PC muscle for a longer period of time. In doing so, when you feel you are about to ejaculate, you simply contract the PC muscle and hold it there until the feeling subsides. What contracting the PC muscle does is to constrict the passage way from the prostate gland (semen holder) to the urethra (penis shaft). When this passage way is being closed, ejaculation will be delayed.


(4)   Penis size increase is permanent


How does this happen:


Penile exercise is the most effective way to enlarge the penis with lasting results. This is the advantage of penis enlargement exercise over other methods like penis pumps which although it can give you a bigger penis within a short period of time but this size increase is only temporary.  If you want to continue to enjoy the result of a bigger penis, you will have to keep using the penis pump during each intercourse session. When you do stretching exercise on your penis, the penile tissue will get elongated, thus giving you a permanent increase in size.


The only drawbacks from penile exercise are – the results will be slower as compared to using a penis pump or extender and you need to be disciplined, persistent and patient when you perform the exercise routines.


How soon you can expect to see results will be dependent on how dedicated you are. Some men claim to see a 1/4″ to 1/2″ inch improvements as early as 2 weeks of exercising, and 1 to 3 inches within 3 to 12 months of doing the penile exercises. Aside from an increase in length, they have also noticed an increase in the girth and in the strength and quality of their erections.


One thing is definitely certain – the size of a man’s heart is more important than his penis as far as most women are concerned.  Still, since size is so important to men, you can learn more about what a high quality, trusted penis enlargement exercise program can do for you, by taking a look at How to Enlarge Penis Naturally or Penis Growth Guide.

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How Do I Get An Erection

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Do You Wish To Get Harder If She Is With You Now? 

Want to make your girl happy and satisfied in bed? Want to look for ways to sustain an erection? Or, better still to get better, harder, stronger or longer erection? Read below.


(1)   Relieve Stress And Tiredness


Life is full of stress and anxiety and this can lead to difficulty in erection. If specific situations are causing greater stress than normal, see if they can be mitigated or eliminated. You must learn to give yourself a break and let your penis have some fun. This can be challenging but it is vital to your happiness to block out the stress and take breaks from reality.


Rest, exercise or practices such as meditation or yoga can also reduce your stress levels and increase your libido. Or, take five minutes each day to relax and clear your head, just close your eyes and enjoy some quiet.


Just being tired can cause your sex drive to flag. If you have been working overtime, studying for exams, or just haven’t been sleeping enough, you might just need a good night’s sleep or a power nap to get things revved up again.


(2)   Keep Fit To Get More Blood Flow To Penis


Cut down your belly fat and get fit. Your heart is the most important muscle for sexual performance. Your heart is responsible for pumping blood to your penis for erections that last. Start a regular exercise program that will get the blood flowing to all parts of your body, including the relevant ones. Jog or walk to get your heart and entire circulatory system in the best shape possible. You do this on four to five days per week incorporating both aerobic exercise and strength-training.


You will have more energy and vigor if you exercise, which will increase your sexual drive. For many men, simply having an increase sexual drive will help give them a longer lasting erection. Your entire body, including your penis, will be stronger and happier if you incorporate exercise into your daily routine.


(3)   Exercise Pelvic Floor Muscles To Get Longer Erection


Besides the normal form of exercises, you have to strengthen or exercise your PC muscles if you want to have a longer erection. The first step in doing this is to locate your PC muscles. To locate, try to stop the flow of urine mid-stream briefly. In order to do this you will contract the muscles near your anus, as if you were trying to hold in flatulence. Once you stop the stream, you know you have located the right muscle to exercise. Do not do this multiple times, as you can cause urine to back up and cause an infection.


PC muscles exercises can be done standing, lying or sitting down—pretty much anywhere and at any time. Slowly contract the PC and hold for a ten count. Release the tension in the muscles slowly, and relax for another ten counts. Repeat this up to ten times for several sets per day. Before performing these exercises, try to urinate. After about four weeks of this, you should have pretty decent control of the PC. One thing to remember is to remain consistent and not get frustrated if results are not prevalent within a specific time  frame.


When you are having sex, at the crucial moment, squeeze the PC muscles and allow the wave of orgasm to pass through without ejaculation so that you can keep your erection longer. This takes some practice, but it might allow you to go for round two immediately.

          (4)   Healthy Lifestyle And Habit

One major and commonly overlooked factor in getting a strong erection comes with the habits in general lifestyles. As with other body parts, if a man leads an unhealthy life style by means of an unhealthy diet, smoking, or regular drinking, the penis can and often will become unhealthy as well. By eliminating some of these elements, or all of them completely, you will notice an overall change in your own health, which will also be carried down to and be noticeable in erectile function.


Another important facet is your diet. Protein, carbohydrates, fresh fruits and vegetables will help you in all aspects of health including the stamina needed to have an erection. Eat more blackberries and elderberries which are both filled with powerful antioxidants that can boost your penis power. Berries can help you get better erections by preventing free radicals, which lets nitric oxide do what it’s supposed to do and give you great erections! Try eliminating processed foods, sugar and red meat for a week or two and see if your sex drive responds. You are what you eat.


Stop wearing tight briefs to give your penis some breathing room. Tight briefs may make your package look great, but they are also decreasing blood flow to your penis. Your penis needs to have as much blood flow as possible if you want to have longer erections. Men that suffer from erectile dysfunction typically have that medical condition because of decreased blood flow to their penis.


(5)   Stay Focus In Sex


For men, the physical reactions that happen during arousal can be completely interrupted by worry and a lack of focus. By focusing on what is happening right now and not worrying about what could happen or thinking about something unrelated can help you to overcome some of the problems related to performance anxiety.


There is no need to rush into performing sexually. Exploring your partner intimately through touching, feeling and observing their reactions can be erotic and stimulate arousal. Take your time and get to know your partner physically and intimately and do not rush to the act of insertion.


When with a woman, focus on pleasuring her during foreplay is a great way to ensure your erection becomes strong and hard. Through various means of fondling, petting, and oral sex, the continuous blood flow to the penis which causes the hardness will provide a strong buildup and result in the penis becoming strengthened prior to intercourse.


(6)   Talk To Your Partner To Try New Things


Being with the same woman for years is a great thing but sometimes you need some extra stimulation to have an erection. Communicate with your partner to try new things. Think of pornography as a tool and enjoy it together. Some men need extra stimulation and looking at a little porn before you bone your woman is not cheating.


Bondage might seem much too extreme for most couples. But adding a few tie-up games or even a blindfold to your normal sexual activities can really kick up the spice factor. Start out slow. You can use a handkerchief to tie your partner up or as a blindfold. Keep communication open and don’t push boundaries too fast.


You can consider adding in some toys. Many people feel that adding toys will take away some of the intimacy of sex. Others are just intimidated with the choices and not sure what to suggest to their partner. A good way to avoid these common concerns and make it fun is to go shopping together. Turn going to a sex store into a date night or just shop online for some things together.


Having sex anywhere besides the bed in your bedroom can really help add some spice. For the adventures couples try somewhere outdoors or in the car. For those that want to keep it more tamed you can try a different room of the house or even just a chair in your bedroom. Sometimes being sexually adventurous, and trying new positions or techniques can help a guy get erect and stay erect, regardless of how he feels about the sexual partner.


(7)   Seek Professional Help


If all else fails or you are becoming more concerned about prospective issues, do not be ashamed to visit your doctor or a professional therapist that specializes with sexual matters for assistance. Don’t avoid the problem because this will only make it worse. Sexual performance anxiety can become reinforced and more difficult to overcome when left alone.


Seeking professional help can help ease any worries a man might have regarding his general health, as well as methods or medicinal based strategies to help in erectile health and strength. Also, the doctor can prescribe medication that gives you better erections.


Whether you are fully or partially impotent, or just are not getting as hard as you would like, getting better erections and enjoying a robust, healthy sex life will help you feel better and ease any performance anxiety that you may have. So, use these tips to get better erections and improve your sex life.


For more tips and ideas to improve your sexual performance, click on Overcome Erectile Dysfunction and Harder Erection.


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