How Can I Last Longer Without The Need To Take Viagra




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Do you want to have a good time in bed? Do you know that life energy and sexual energy are quite closely related?  Just imagine if you cannot walk up a flight of stairs without panting away, how are you going to have energy and stamina to handle the physical strains put on the body by sexual activity?


Can you ever really look your best in bed and outside the bedroom when you are tense, nervous or stressed? Certainly not. But no one can live a stress-free life. Stress is a cumulative process. The small daily stress can add up gradually and eventually overwhelm you. As a result, when you get out of balance both physically and emotionally, sex drive will take a dive.


Are you angry at your spouse or partner? At yourself? Do you feel anxious about having sex? The most efficient way to relieve stress and reduce anxiety is by exercising. It can help to stimulate the production of endorphins which are a kind of feel-good hormone in your brain that can increase your sex drive and make your orgasms stronger. You do not need to be a super athlete, but basic physical health will improve your sexual functioning.


Exercise can help you look good and studies have shown that adults who are fit have a more active sex life than those with sedentary lifestyle. Exercise and sex have a lot in common. Both causes you to sweat, promote blood circulation, burn calories, relieve stress and make you feel good. When you start to improve your body, you will like yourself better and have more confidence. You will then be more attractive to opposite sex.


Exercise not only enhances your sexual desire but also makes it more enjoyable and satisfying. It increases the level of testosterone in both men and women thereby ensuring better sex life. If you are experiencing low libido, it is time to stop accepting it and start exercising.


The strength training of the large muscle groups in the legs, back and chest can stimulate the release of testosterone in both men and women, which increases libido. This is especially true if you get into the habit of lifting weights. By working out at least 3 times a week, you will receive both physical and mental benefits that will help your overall sexual attractiveness. Sex also requires you to hold occasionally unusual positions for short periods of time, so conditioning your body by way of muscular endurance exercises (such as weight training) can help a lot for longer lasting sex.


For enthusiastic sex, you need to build cardio endurance and energy levels by exercising regularly and practicing alternate days of aerobics, strength training and stretching. Try stretching after your workouts or incorporate a little yoga into your routine. Stretching exercise can improve your body flexibility which can enhance your sex life by making it a bit easier for you to get into your favorite position with a minimum of fuss.


Men need to exercise for their cardiovascular health in order to experience a sustained erection. Studies show that men with erectile dysfunction (ED) could be at risk for cardiovascular disease like heart attack and stroke. The most recent of those studies, published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings in 2009, showed that ED may predict future heart disease. The 1,400 men who took part in that study had never been diagnosed with heart disease. But over the next decade, men with ED were 80% more likely to develop heart disease than men without ED.


To keep up the habit of regular exercising, it will be a great idea to do this together with your spouse or partner. Exercising with your spouse will not only have a positive impact on one another’s health, but for your sex life too. Doing things together can improve both emotional and sexual intimacy.


Now that you understand the importance of regular exercise which can provide you with more energy, especially when it comes to sex. The increased stamina that you can gain can be used to provide women with an incredible sexual experience.


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Why She Dislikes Having Sex




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What causes a woman to dislike having sex and why she likes to keep it this way? Can a guy do anything to reverse this? Here are 5 ways to make sex fun for you and her.


Why Does A Woman Hate Having Sex


Before trying to overcome the barriers to a great sex life, it will be useful to understand what causes her to dislike having sex.


Even though most women are able to voice out their unhappiness, some choose to hide their feelings. If your woman behaves in this manner, both of your sex life can be seriously affected. Sexual intercourse will be like going through the motion because he is not emotionally and sexually connected to you. Worse still, she may withhold sex and use this as a bargaining chip.


A woman who feels been neglected by her partner or whose husband cheated on her can impede her desire to connect sexually. For her, there is a lot of wrong in the relationship and sex is no easy remedy. If the guy refuses to face up to this issue by seeking out ways to resolve the problem by open discussion or getting professional help, then chances are he will not find a willing, passionate sex partner.


Of course, there are some women who never, ever actually enjoy having sex. While some will try to work this out with their men in looking for ways to get the most out of their sexual relationship, others are resigned to the idea that sexual frustration is with them to stay. With expectations significantly lower, she will not be able to have orgasm.


How To Fix A Low-Sex Relationship


While there is no guarantee of a quick fix, the following ideas should at least start the ball rolling before the situation gets too serious to require the services of a counselor or therapist.


(1)   Pay attention to her


It is every guy’s responsibility to become intimately well-informed with the woman he wants to have great sex with. You need to pay attention to her signals in daily life. You need to know what she likes and dislikes and to understand what makes your woman feel angry, hurt, insecure or loved.


(2)   Avoid making her feel being treated as a sex object


While a man offers love to have sex, a woman needs to feel emotionally connected before she can get in the mood for making love. If you are only nice to her when you want to have sex with her, she will only feel that you are treating her as a sex object. A woman’s main sexual organ is her brain. If you do not work on her brain by making her feel loved and respected as your partner and wife, she is not going to get turned on by way any of your sexual techniques. Therefore treat her with kindness and consideration in and outside the bedroom.


(3)   Assure her


When she is naked, assure her with appropriate comments and touching. Women who worry about the way they look down there are less likely to orgasm easily during sex. According to a study done by the Journal Of Sex Research, women who feel embarrassed or ashamed about their bodies have less sexual experience and are less sexually assertive.


(4)   Strengthen emotional intimacy


This can be done by having real communication with each other regularly, which I mean both talking and listening attentively. If there are any disagreements, resolve them as soon as you can to guard against the storing up of anger and resentment. There is also a need to make an effort to spend time together. Couples who can relate well with one another and share activities together tend to be more active in sex.


(5)   Enjoy the process and not to be concerned over the outcome


There is a need to recognize that sex is not always perfect. You have to learn to relax and surrender to the moment and simply enjoy the process. If the outcome is not what you expect, see this imperfection as an enriching experience and a chance for you to improve on it later.


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For Couples – 7 Ways To A Happy Sex Life





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Do you miss those sexy, curious, early days when you are newly in love? These 7 tips can sure help you to bring back and relive those good old days.


(1)   Pump up the adrenaline


Adrenaline can act as an aphrodisiac for a committed relationship. It can inject some oomp into otherwise stale and ordinary days which tend to happen in a long-term relationship. When you stimulate your body, this will have a trickle down effect of stimulating both your mind and emotions.


Do something extraordinary with your partner. This will show your partner how much you care. Give bungee jumping, roller-coaster riding or watching horror movies, a try, if you dare. If you find that this is too extreme, you may consider horseback riding, go-karting, sampling exotic cuisines, enrolling for dancing or yoga classes or travelling to some exotic places together.


(2)   Sexy talk


Whispering sweet words into his/her ears, sending sexy text messages to let your partner know he/she is on your mind when you are apart can increase the emotional connection between the both of you. Sexting is a great way for committed couples to flirt with each other and make each other smile. It is also a good way to build anticipation which is like mental foreplay that could lead to the physical kind, too.


(3)   Encourage 2-way talking


It is essential to have a real conversation at least once a week. This should go beyond the day-to-day type of topics. Couples who communicate well with one another and share activities together are often more active in sex. Before spicing things up with toys or sexy lingerie, work on your communication skills.


Besides talking, you also need to know how to listen to keep the 2-way communication open. Pay attention to body language too. When you need your partner to do something or to make some changes, you package your requests in the form of compliment such as “I really enjoy very much when you for an evening walk to the park with me.” This will avoid the request from becoming like a complaint which can trigger defensive behavior.


Try to detach your emotions from the conversation. In times of strain these will be heightened which could lead to further conflict as you will be hypersensitive to remarks. If you are particularly upset about something, it will be better to vent out your frustration on paper rather than blurting it out. This will allow you to release any negative emotions as well as giving you the time and chance to organize your thoughts so that you can present your issue in a non-confrontational way.


(4)   Show appreciation and support


Besides saying, “I love you”, do not forget to say “thank you” to show your appreciation for the nice, little things he/she did for you. Remember to give compliments to let your partner know you still find him/her physically and emotionally attractive. Volunteer to help out if you can, when your partner is overwhelmed with too many things on hand.


Such nice, little, thoughtful daily gestures can have a cumulative effect to strengthen the foundation of your relationship, reducing the chances of breaking up when the relationship is under stress by some unexpected happenings. The wonderful thing is these acts of consideration and appreciation do not cost you any.


(5)   More kisses


Do you still remember those days when you were dating him/her, you often kissed each other when you met or when you were about to leave? Besides being an act of intimacy, the way you kiss can make or break a woman’s feelings for you. Kissing becomes a forgotten act for many couples in long-term relationships, unless this occurs during foreplay. Couples who kiss regularly tend to have sex more often. Most important, you kiss not just for the sake of initiating sex, but because you love and enjoy the feeling of kissing him/her.


(6)   Maintain eye contact when having sex


Eye contact immediately raises the intimacy level of any sexual act. Closing your eyes can sometimes send the wrong message that you are only present physically, but not emotionally or spiritually. Keeping your eyes open and looking directly into him/her reassures your partner that it is he/she that is turning you on in the particular moment.


(7)   Trying new things in the bedroom


Most people would love their partner to suggest something new to spice things up. Couples tend to stuck into a few things that they know and stop experimenting. But the brain is the biggest sex organ and any time you try something new, you are stimulating the brain’s natural desire for novelty.


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Do You Want To Know How To Have The Best Sex





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What is the difference between having sex and having the best sex ever? What is great sex and how to have it? Read on to see how you can make it happen.


(1)   Open your mouth


Being a great lover means becoming a great lover to your particular partner and this requires communicating what you want in bed. If she does something you like, let her know. If she does something you do not like, tell her what you want and how she can improve. This is supposed to be a 2-way talk. Therefore, also ask her what she likes. If you get to know yourself and your partner, you will have a much more erotic and satisfying sexual relationship.


(2)   Ignore other guys’ exaggerations


Many guys often puff themselves up to their peers. Less likely than women to reveal their insecurities and most likely to exaggerate their past sexual conquests, men often paint distorted pictures of their sex lives to their friends. As a result, many guys develop the sense of inadequacy, feeling that something is missing in their sex lives because other men are having wilder or more frequent sex.


(3)   Do not be misled by what you saw in porn


When you watch porn, you can get awe by the flawlessly formed men and women, their seemingly impeccable moves that can deliver screaming orgasms that seem to work on every partner. One of the most destructive myths of porn is that it convinces so many guys to think they are imperfect. They forget that pornography is self-selecting. Those actors are not the average men. They are at the extreme end of the scale. What you see in the porn is far from the reality because it is only meant to be exciting and entertaining.


(4)   Focus on the pleasurable sensations


Stress is an enemy of great sex. So is performance anxiety. If your mind becomes fixated on the goal (such as to make a woman orgasm), you will tend to get overly concerned with every move and sex will get worse. Instead of enjoying, you will be too busy trying to figure out what should be your next best move.


The best way to overcome this and to distract you from this performance anxiety is to focus on your partner and how her body connects with your own. You get your mind to be attuned to the sensations and movements of your bodies. Your goal is to react instinctively and not plan anything. Just enjoy the process, take it easy and afford yourself some mistakes. The more you are able to let go and simply enjoy the act, the better the sex will be.


(5)   Focus on all of her senses


Men are visual creatures and they can easily get aroused by looking at women’s breasts. However, women are multi-sensory. They like to experience sex with all of their senses (sight, smell, taste, touch and sound). By stimulating on the 5 senses, you can really get her in the mood.


While sexy body curve does entice her visually, so does the sound of a man’s voice during lovemaking. This can be dirty talk or sweet talking. The warm of your touch also matters a lot. You run your hands all over her body and spend more time on those areas that are hypersensitive to her. The easiest way to turn a woman on by touching is to give her a full body massage.


When a woman is attracted to a man, his scent will be stronger than other men’s scents. To stimulate her sense of smell, you can fill the room with warm, relaxing scents.


To stimulate her sense of taste, you can sensuously feed your woman strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate pudding and all of her other favorite foodstuff. You can run a honey-covered finger across her lower lip and watch how she licks it. This simulated act of fellatio can turn both of you on.


(6)   Allow time for sex


Though this does not sound romantic, scheduling can make sex more relaxing. It can also eliminate conflict over desire differences. You can develop sensual rituals; make romantic gestures in anticipation of your encounter. You can give each other massage or take a shower together.


So there you have it. Remember these 6 tips when making love next time and you will come across to your woman a much more confident, sexy and great lover.


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Do You Make These Mistakes When Having Sex With A Woman






Have you ever wondered why your woman is not interested in sex lately? Why is she bored with sex? For all the guys who think that women are playing mind games with them when it comes to sex, the problem may not lie with them, it could be you.


When you are about to have sex with a woman, the last thing you want to do is to turn her off. Many men are unaware of what they are doing wrong in bed, thinking they know everything there is needed to know about having sex with women.


Do you inadvertently make the following mistakes which may have prevented you from becoming a better lover?


(1)   Assuming you know everything about what she wants


When comes to women, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all strategy, whether it is inside or outside of the bedroom. There is no one special dating or sexual techniques manual that can be applicable to all women. This is because every woman is different, each of her personality, likes and dislikes are shaped by her individual life experiences.


What you can learn from those dating and lovemaking manuals is to learn and know about these ideas and when you put them into practice, you have to improvise, adjust and customize in order for these ideas to work effectively on any particular woman.


(2)   You are probably too dogmatic


Some women who have orgasm difficulty probably need a lot more vibrations or extra help in order to come. You may be too busy doing one thing to be able to have enough time to stimulate her other erogenous zones. But men tend to think something must be wrong with a woman if she needs a vibrator.


Think of a vibrator as your assistant, not your substitute. Many couples use vibrators together. For example, while you are busily stimulating her g-spot, the vibrator can be used to stimulate the clitoris or perineum (the area between the vaginal opening and anus).


(3)   You think that what feels good for you is equally pleasurable for her


There tends to be a “huge gulf” between men and women about how sex feels good. Some men are rather “superstitious” in believing that a big size male organ can give women a heavy dosage of pleasure when they push deeper and thrust harder, which feel good for most men.


The fact is, the inside of the vagina is less sensitive than the outer part for most women. Due to this reason, deep thrusting is not an effective way to make a woman orgasm. If the penis is too long, it may cause her painful sex.


(4)   You ignore everything but her breasts and vagina


Why some men seem to have a rather difficult time in pleasing a woman? This is because most of them seem to believe that penetration will give her screaming orgasms. However, the vaginal wall has very little in the way of pleasure building nerve endings. Due to this reason, about 75% of women never have an orgasm during intercourse.


Sexual stimulation for a woman is not an on/off switch. Just because you touch a certain spot on her body, does not necessarily mean you are going to make her come. Before you even think about making contact with her genitalia, you need to make her feel loved and relaxed.


How sexually satisfied she is, will depend to a great extent on her state of mind. You should focus on her entire body and pay attention to other parts of her body such as licking behind her knees, kissing her wrists, rubbing her back and caressing her stomach. This can mentally prepare her for sex and will turn her on a lot more and in turn, increase the chances of her pleasuring you back.


(5)   You think that she is turned on when she gets wet


Some guys are of the view that if she is turned on, she will get wet and if she does not, he will feel that he is doing a lousy job of not pleasing her enough. This mistake can also lead men to prematurely end the foreplay on their women.


The fact is some women tend to get wetter than others and how much she lubricates can change from day to day. It can vary by the phase of her menstrual cycle and is subjected to influences likes stress and medication.


Now that you have some ideas about what not to do to leave women frustrated and disappointed. How about clicking on Hot Sex and Great Lover to find out what you can do to satisfy women both physically and emotionally?

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