Men Health – Does Circumcision Make Sex More Enjoyable?

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Circumcision is the cutting away of the foreskin of the penis or the clitoris of the female genital area. This is a religious rite commonly practiced by Jews and Muslims when they reach certain age. However, some people who are outside of these two groups make decision to circumcise their offspring when they are borne mainly for hygienic reason.


The foreskin of the penis is a part of the body that is rich with nerve endings. Circumcision therefore has some impact on penile sensation. So, does circumcision affect sexual satisfaction?


The two groups of people who are likely to be most interested in whether circumcision affects sexual pleasure are men who were circumcised as infants (and their sexual partners) and parents-to-be who would like to know about the potential impact on their kids’ adult sex life their decision to circumcise may have. In both cases, without a clear point of comparison it is difficult to come to a conclusion.


A 2007 research on circumcision published in the journal BJU International, found a difference in the fine touch sensitivity between men who were circumcised and uncircumcised. This same study also compared the sensitivity thresholds at various points on the penis and came to the conclusion that the most sensitive part of the uncircumcised penis was more sensitive than the most sensitive part of the circumcised penis.


The authors were of the view that the part of the penis been removed by circumcision was the most sensitive part of the penis. However this study cannot be considered conclusive, but this information draws our attention on the relationship between sexual sensitivity and circumcision.


But physical sensitivity is not necessary the same thing as the subjective experience of sexual sensation. Another thing to consider and compare is the actual sexual experience of men who are circumcised and uncircumcised. For men who were circumcised at birth, they have no way to compare against the sexual experience under uncircumcised condition.


A few studies have asked men who were circumcised as adults to compare physical sensitivity. Results from such studies suggest there is reduction in physical sensitivity but this reduction may not be as significant as one who would think. Another smaller study of men who were circumcised as adults found 18% reported a reduction in penile sensitivity. In yet another study, men reported a reduction in penile sensitivity but no reduction in overall sexual satisfaction.


So does circumcision makes sex better, worse, or the same? While it is reasonable to assume that being circumcised would play some part in how you experience sex, but I do like to point out that there could be probably lots of other factors that could have a greater impact on how much pleasure you and/or your partners get from sex.


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Men Health – Does Size Really Matter In Sex?

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Is bigger always better for sex? When most people hear this question, they will immediately think about penis size. Many men think their penis is small. Research confirms that men worry about penis size more than women do and are more dissatisfied with the size of their penis than women are with their partners’ penis size.


There are many reasons why men think their penis is too small, and this is due to men’s tendency in comparing their own penis to someone else’s, which I believe is a fruitless exercise. So, do women really care about penis size?


In a world of super size cars, extra large servings for McDonald meals and non-stop effort to build the world’s next tallest building, it is hard to stop thinking about whether bigger is actually better for everything. When comes to the ability to satisfy women, men places a lot of pride on the size of their penis.


So, does penis size really matter? The reality is that most of the time size doesn’t matter. In fact, I have some women telling me, too big a size causes painful sex. Other women aren’t shy to say that lovemaking skill is more important than size.


Rather than relying on hearsays and the hundreds of junk mails that try to sell you penis enlargement products, let’s look at what research tells us about whether penis size matter?


A survey of 655 women between the ages of 19-49 asked about whether penis length and girth matter. The findings revealed:


(a)    18% said penis length was very important, 22% said penis girth was very important

(b)   57% said penis length was somewhat important

(c)    25% said penis length was unimportant, 25% said penis girth was unimportant


A major flaw of this study was that it did not specify the optimal size. Therefore, women who felt penis girth matters a lot may have different ideas of what the ideal penis girth is. The assumption could be bigger is better, but this is not confirmed by the study. Other more specific studies try to find out about women’s preference between length and girth, still cannot come to any conclusion about preferable size.


OK, let’s come out with some scientific facts and figures to put to rest some of the claims and myths about whether or not penis size matters and what is normal for the majority of men. A worldwide study of over 40 independent penis size research projects undertaken since 1942 has come up with a general penis size guideline. Feedback from over 11,000 survey participants put the average erect size of the adult penis is between 5.5 inches to 6.2 inches in length and 4.7 inches to 5.1 inches in girth.


If you happen to be one of the millions who are outside of the average range size in length and girth, please do not worry. You can still make the most of what you have.

The following are some best sex positions that make every man feel “big” irrespective of his penis size.


(1)   The Snake Position


Get your women to lie down flat on her belly. Put a pillow under her hips so that her buttocks ache upward. Keep your knees bent and position your genital just behind her bottom. Gently spread her thighs just enough to allow penetration and slide your way in. Be careful to keep your weight off her body during intercourse. If you want to get the feel of tight fit, simply hold her thighs together as you penetrate her.


(2)   The Doggie Position


This is quite similar to the snake position. The difference is instead of lying on her belly, she has to kneel down, her back bend forward so that her buttocks are raised upward. Same as above, you penetrate her from behind.


(3)   The Rabbit Ears Position


Get her to lie on her back, spread her thighs and draw her legs up so that her knees are quite close to her chest. Put a pillow under her buttocks which will place her vagina at an angle that is suitable for penetration. To keep her knees in place, you can rest her legs on your shoulders as you thrust forward.


(4)   The V-Formation Position


With her lying flat on her back, you position yourself between her thighs and enter her as you normally would from a kneeling position. Next raise her legs and then spread them apart until they form a “V”. This position allows you to stimulate her clitoris. Free one of your hands by allowing one of her legs to rest on your shoulder and stimulate her clitoris until she orgasms.


While it is true that society tends to place a great deal of importance on size, the truth is that a penis of any size can bring a woman to orgasm. Irrespective of size, foreplay is still needed to “warm” her up.


Of course, the most important thing is the strength of the relationship with your woman. If she feels loved and appreciated and has strong feelings for you, just words and touching can easily turn her on. If she dislikes you, even you can have elephant-sized penis and superb lovemaking skills, she will not respond to whatever you do. On the contrary, her feelings towards your gestures/actions will make her feel been molested or raped.


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How To Turn A Girl On – 4 Sex Secrets Every Man Should Know

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Women aren’t always “up front” and honest. In fact, what she is “saying” and what she is saying are often two entirely different things. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell what is going on with your girl: Is she enjoying herself? Are you doing it right? Is she satisfied? Women can be hard to read, especially when comes to sex. So, in this article, I have listed out 4 little known facts about women’s sexual desires.


If you are looking to give your woman explosive orgasm, you should know that female orgasm comes from her mind and not her body. You will say you want to rock her world in bed, not just to make her have an orgasm, but also make her moan and scream that you are the best she ever had. Well, there is a problem here. She could be lying. She could be acting and exaggerating to protect your ego.


How about I share with you 4 little-known facts about what women crave during sex? By using these facts, the woman you are with won’t be able to moan, gasp or fake orgasm. Because she will be too busy trying to catch her breath and begging for more.


Sounds great? Let’s begin.




Sex isn’t a race. For a woman, foreplay is important.


Here are 6 steps to Great Foreplay:


(1)   Kiss her passionately


Cup her ace in your hands, look in her eyes for two seconds and then kiss her. While you are kissing her, don’t shove your tongue down her throat at any time. Periodically lick her lips and massage her tongue with your own. Slowly move your hands to the back of her hair and grab onto it firmly from the roots. Keep kissing her and slowly move your hands around her body in order to let her experience different sensations simultaneously. But don’t touch her breasts or vagina just yet.


(2)   Remove her top slowly


Taking off her clothes is a turn-on for both of you. But when you undress your woman, don’t rip off her clothes – save that savage behavior for another day. Tonight, you are going to slowly unbutton her clothing, but leave her bra on. Work your mouth around the outskirts of her bra and kiss her breast from the top and the sides. As well, lightly run your finger tips over her rib cage and waist. When you are ready to take off her bra, let your mouth glide over her nipples, but don’t suck or lick them yet. Your objective is to tease her and this is just the beginning.


(3)   Massage her gently


After you have removed her shirt and bra, kiss her as you did before, but this time, work your hands behind her back. Use your hands to massage her back from the bottom to the top and back down again. Then work your hands up her sides and make your way down to her butt.


(4)   Sex her dryly


Leaving your pants on (and hers too), put her down and slowly place your body over hers. Next, begin mimicking the motions you do as if you are penetrating her. This is to get her imagination and juices flowing. Again, kiss her gently, place your hands under her shoulders and hold onto them as you thrust like you are making your way inside her. If you are erect, it will be even better. She will feel your solid member and imagine what is coming next.


(5)   Undress her quietly


Now is the time to take everything off. Every time you remove an item off her clothing, kiss and lick that body part. Don’t rush through the undressing process; take your time and make sure to show her that you appreciate her body. When you are done, undress yourself slowly and lie next to her.


(6)   Rub her teasingly


Let only the head of your penis slide in “accidentally”  and continue rubbing her labia and clitoris. When she finally begins to beg you to get inside, the foreplay ends and the finale begins.




This applies to sex, just as well as it does to dating. The key to remember is that she wants to feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. Deep down, she has the desire to be wanted by you. So when you are together with a woman, alone and naked, the most important thing you need to remember is to FOCUS.


Enjoy every feeling, touching and sensation you can and get yourself totally immense in the moment. In order to really turn her on, and make her go wild, start paying attention to the following 5 little details.


(1) Observe her breathing


When a woman is turned on, her breath comes in urgent puffs and probably has some involuntary moans escape with it as the air is forced quickly past her vocal cords. The increase in heart rate when her body prepares for orgasm means her internal organs and muscles are demanding more oxygen. If you can hear her breath change, you are on the right track. If you feel her heart thumping, you are well on your way. This is her sexual body language giving you signals that she is aroused. However, if she is breathing normally after having her “big orgasm”, perhaps she is a big faker.


If your girl is curling her toes and rolling her body against you, chances are she is probably enjoying herself. Her rubbing and pushing against you means that she is really getting into it. If she is lying there limp, then things probably aren’t happening for her. Trying changing positions, or stop entering her and warm her up with your mouth or hands and see how her sexual body language progresses from there.


(3) Thrusting hips


When she meets your thrusts, you are doing something right. It is pretty safe to say that she is matching your body movements and is in time with you, she is getting something out of it. Good sex is often synchronized. If she is not meeting your thrusts then her sexual body language is telling you that she wants something else, so change positions and sees how she responds.


(4) Arms splay out


If she is comfortable, she shouldn’t be worried about covering herself up or where her arms are. If her arms are stretched wide, either held out to the side or splayed out on the bed sheets, you can bet her sexual body language is telling you that you are right.


(5) Vaginal muscle movement


With each movement inside of her, you can feel the walls of her vagina, the muscles and flesh. The vagina wall is an incredibly strong muscle and she will probably use this to some extent for her pleasure during sex. You may also feel the contracting and relaxing during orgasm – her vagina spasms and this will clench you to some degree – but not always, so don’t use that as a benchmark. If you don’t feel any clenching, don’t panic. You may know already by the feel of her vagina when she is not far away from orgasm – she may let you enter further, or the overall sensation may be “just right” for you both. Only you can tell, so pay careful attention to her sexual body language and what is going on inside her.




A woman’s orgasm is 90% in her mind and only 10% in her body. A recent psychological sex survey says up to 99% of all women’s orgasms start in her mind and not her body. Therefore if you want to rock her world in bed, you have to rock her world out of bed first! The most effective way to do is to have tons of sexual tension in your conversation with her. You can “force” her to imagine you two in bed together, while you are having a casual conversation over dinner. Because sexual tension is powerful, it over-rides her logical brain, and triggers her raw, lust-driven animal desires. So she can’t help herself around you. You can also start “warming” her up by touching some sensitive parts of her body (but not breasts or vagina) which I have mentioned in my previous article Where To Locate Her Sexually Sensitive Points.




The final sex secret you should know is Dirty Talking.


Here are 2 central “themes” of dirty talk, you can use to drive her wild.


(1)   Possession


A possession theme is basically talking dirty to her, but always using the word “My” as if she belonged to you.


An example: My body is so beautiful when she comes.


The 2nd theme for dirty talk is:


(2)   Dominance


Being in control is the most important in a relationship with women. Be the man in charge. If you want her to do something for you, let her know and ask her to do it. If you want to change positions, toss her around and change them. Doing a little rough-housing and man-handling her in bed will make her go wild. Dirty talk that lags out in detail what you are doing to her will drive her wild.


So, there you have it. The 4 sex secrets you should know. Do you want to know some more. Come and take a look at Hot Sex and Her Secrets.



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How To Make Love To A Woman – Where To Locate Her Sexually Sensitive Points

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This article lists out the 15 pleasure point areas on a woman’s body that can sexually arouse her when stimulated. Not necessary all these pleasure points will apply to every woman. This needs a little bit more effort and communication with her to get “the areas” right so that you won’t turn her off instead. What is most important is – if you want to turn a woman on and make her orgasm eventually, men have to pay attention to their women and to be connected to them as a total person and not just mechanically focusing on certain parts of her.


Most men remain curious as to what turns a woman on. We all know which female body parts men most frequently like to explore during lovemaking. Do you know she has pleasure sensors all over her body beyond the usual areas (vagina, breasts and butt)? Getting her into the mood may be as easy as stimulating some of these often-neglected pleasure points. Incorporating the act of touching these places into foreplay and sex, or just giving her some pleasure after a hard day, will definitely “add sparks” to your relationship.


Let’s start exploring her from top to bottom:


(1)   Hair

Women take a lot of pride in their hair. They like men to use their hands to stroke their hair. Let your fingers massage circles from her temples to the back of her neck.


(2)   Lips

If you know how to manipulate her lips just through kissing, licking, sucking and biting, it is very possible that a kiss will lead to a lot more than that. Use your lips, tongue and your teeth to play with her top and bottom lip and kiss her with absolute passion.


(3)   Ears

Many women enjoy having their ears licked, sucked or kissed. Touching, kissing and even lightly biting the ear lobes of your woman will make her feel special.


(4)   Back of her neck

Once you can get to this area, place a few light kisses there. There is also a good place to start giving her some sensual massage that she can find it hard to resist.


(5)   Collar bone

When you begin to undress your woman, you should take the time to kiss and lick her collar bone. The reason for this is because it sends the feel good hormones to her brain.




(6)   Wrists

This may comes as a surprise to most guys but women love having their wrists nuzzled and nibbled by their lovers.


(7)   Palms of her hands

Tracing your finger along her palm will give her some delightful shivers. This is a good way to start stimulating her and gradually bring her into the mood when out on the street.


(8)   Breasts

The breasts are very sexually sensitive such that gentle fondling, squeezing, caressing, licking and sucking of the nipples can be extremely arousing. Depending on how sensitive the woman is, after stroking the nipples for a while, you can see them get hardened and erected just like penis.


(9)   Pelvis

Kissing and licking around her pelvis will excite her until she begs for more.


(10) Buttocks

Lots of women like it when you play around with their behinds. A lot of women like mild spanking and squeezing of their buttocks. But some women like having their butts lick and suck.


(11) Behind her knees

Most men don’t know that this area is quite sensitive. Gently caressing the back of the knee under her skirts while both of you are in a public place will make her ready for action once you reach home.


(12) Inner thighs

If you want to tease your girl before having sex, just focus on kissing and rubbing her inner thighs will turn her on.


(13) Feet

Many women enjoy having their feet touched, massaged and some even enjoy having them licked and sucked. Women enjoy it when their men spend time caressing their soles, toes and ankles. Because these zones can be quite ticklish, the sensation of ticklishness can be quite pleasant for her.


(14) Vagina/Clitoris

The clitoris (which is a small protrusion just above the opening of the vagina) can be stimulated by using the tongue or finger. When a woman is aroused, blood will flow to the clitoris, making the protrusion more pronounced. In the vagina, there is the so-called G-spot that can produce intense sexual feelings when stimulated. It is located about 2 inches inside the vagina on the topside (near to the underside of her stomach).


These are the pleasure points on a woman’s body that can turn her on. Not every woman is the same. Some women have some preference areas that they like to be stimulated while others have some no-go areas. As you explore, you will learn which places your touch has the best effect on and which you should avoid.


The critical thing to remember is when it comes to sex, every woman is different. You can do everything right. You can make all the right moves with your fingers, lips and tongue and still not able to drive her crazy.


There are 2 things you should take note:


(1)   Pay attention

When you try to find out about her pleasure points that are applicable to her, you shouldn’t just do it mechanically. You need to listen to changes in her breathing, the way her skin softens and her muscles tighten, the way her blood flushes beneath her skin in her face and breasts, the way she moans.


(2)   Stay connected

She needs to feel connected in order to feel relaxed with you. Look up at her and make eye contact once in a while. Stop and tell her how much you are enjoying it or how hot you think it is. Reach up and stroke the side of her face and hair. Take her hands and give them a gentle squeeze. You don’t have to do all these things and you don’t have to do them all the time. Just give her a few signs every few minutes and watch what happen immediately afterwards. First, her body will relax into what you are doing and then very quickly she will have a much more intense orgasm.


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