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Does penis size matter in pleasuring a woman? Till now this debate is still ongoing. Though some people may argue that size does not matter, yet this does not stop many guys in wanting to have a bigger penis? Many women have admitted that they are unhappy with their partner’s penis size. This proves that size really does matter. But what are the practical advantages of having a bigger penis?


Ever wonder why it is that all the dildos and sex toys are 7-8” long and 5.5-6” girth? The fact is girls loved being filled by a hung cock, whether they admit it or not. In some cases, it hurts, but they will get used to it and enjoy it more, because it hits spots that she had never even felt before. Some guys will be too big and some girls will be too small to take a big dick, but they will be a small minority.


Women tend to view men with a larger penis size as being more sexually attractive and sexually capable. Besides, a larger and more natural penis is also more of a visual turn on for women. Though some girls don’t really care if a guy is huge or not, but they do talk about it. Also girls tend to notice and talk about you when they know you are huge.


It is definitely rarer that a well-endowed guy has sexual anxiety and is scared to take out his dick than a guy with an average/small penis. Just imagine that magical moment when you show your penis out to a hottie that you just met. When they look at you like they had won the lottery, that feeling is priceless. Imagine the impact that this would have on your confidence, and with the way you interact with women.


So what can you do if you had been given a modest sized dick? If you do a search on the net, you will be spoiled for choices with the numerous options available to men who would like to have a large penis. There are pills, lotions, patches, penis pumps, penis extenders, implants and even surgery. Definitely, some of these options will carry greater risks than others. You will therefore need to do a thorough research on these options in order to get yourself aware of the pros and cons of them before you reach a decision on which method suits you more than others.


Penis enlargement pills are easy to get on the net and some of them are even sold over the counter as health products. But one thing you have to realize is that there are lots of fake drugs that are being sold on the net. It is also very hard to know what the ingredients of these pills are and whether they are suitable for your body.


I am of the view that if you put anything inside your body, you have to be extra cautious. There are lots of evil people out there who want to make fast and big profits out of desperate men and they don’t care whether these pills are safe for human consumption.


Even if the pills do delivered the promised results quickly, normally the benefits are only short term. When you stop taking the pills, it is back to normal. This will cause you to be highly dependent on pills. Is this the kind of life you really want for yourself?


As for implants and surgery, these methods perhaps carry the most risks. If not properly done because the doctors are not qualified to do these procedures, they can do more harm than benefits. Doctors do not recommend them for merely cosmetic reasons because they carry a high risk of erectile dysfunction.


If you are looking for the safest method to achieving a large penis size, you should take a look at penile enlargement exercises. Why?  Well, these exercises do not rely on pills or any equipment and therefore any side effects (if there are) will be much lesser than other options.


How do these exercises work?  They work by stimulating blood flow to your penis’ corpora cavernosa. This will result in the growth of new cells in the corpora cavernosa, which adds length and girth to your penis. The corpora cavernosa are the 2 chambers that run along the length of your penis. When you are sexually aroused, these chambers will be filled with blood. They are responsible for your penis length and girth during an erection.


So, why suffer through a small penis? If you want to learn more about how you can apply natural exercises to have a larger penis that can deliver mind-blowing explosive orgasms to women, do check it out at Male Enhancement Exercises and/or Natural Penis Enlargement


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How To Make Her Enjoy Giving You Blow Job





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She dislikes sucking you. She won’t swallow. All the time, she will spit it over a piece of tissue whenever she gives you oral.  Some girls dread giving guys blow job. One of the reasons is they hate the taste of the semen. Therefore, if you have this problem and you very much like to have your woman to give you head as often as you want, you need to do something to improve the taste of your semen. Fortunately, it is quite easy to make your cum taste better. Read on!


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Video Clip On How Nutrition Affects Sperm Count

There are three primary tastes in semen – sweet, bitter and salty. To understand what causes the taste, you will first have to know what are the components of the semen. Semen only contains about 10% sperm – the rest consists of enzymes, vitamin C, calcium, protein, sodium, zinc, citric acid and fructose sugar.


The slightly sweet taste of the semen is due to the high content of fructose. The saltiness is due to the protein presence in the semen. The bitter taste is due to the overall diet of a person, which means it is effectively a barometer for overall health and balance of foods in the body. Therefore, what is good for the general health of our body is also good for the semen. A strong smell may also indicate an infection in genitals and you should urgently visit a gynecologist without losing time in the search of the magic formula!

To start with improving the general health of your body, you should have a good lifestyle. You should cut down on the consumption of alcohol, chemically-processed liquor, junk food and foods with lots of additives, drugs and cigarettes. If you smoke or consume alcohol, your cum is far more likely to taste bitter. They all make you unhealthy and make your semen taste acidic.


Drink lots of water 1 – 2 liters a day to flush out body toxins that can give your cum a bad taste. Water also helps to lessen the bitter and salty taste of semen. Another way to take a lot of fluid will be to consume foodstuff with high water content such as fruits. Pineapple, papaya cranberry, melons, mangos, apples grapes are all good choices. These fruits are also high in natural sugars and offset the bitter taste of your cum.


Some scientific studies have shown that the semen of vegetarians generally taste better. In   reality, most of us are not vegetarians and unless for religious reasons, I am not going to advocate that you go on a totally vegetarian diet. My suggestion is you tweak your diet to one which consists of a heavier proportion of vegetables and fruits than meat.


This is beneficial to overall health. I don’t feel comfortable with eating too much meat, as most of the meat we eat nowadays comes from animals which are injected with hormones to make them grow unnaturally faster. Within the meat component of your diet, this should be low on red meat and red-meat related products such as dairy foodstuff because they tend to be bad for semen taste if eaten in excess. You can get more of your protein from chicken, turkey and fish.


Though vegetables are generally good for your body, however, some should be consumed in moderate amount. Those vegetables such as asparagus, kale, onion, garlic, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts should be consumed in moderate amount because they contain sulfur which can give your cum a bitter taste. On the other hand, parsley, wheatgrass, and celery are particularly recommended for bettering the taste of semen and sperm due to the high chlorophyll they contain.


Cinnamon, cardamom, peppermint and lemon are particularly recommended for making semen taste sweeter. Among these, cinnamon is the number one choice and the best way to take cinnamon is to consume it with protein-rich oatmeal to compensate for the reduced intake of red meat.


Having said so, you do not need to totally give up your favorite foodstuff. If you fancy some curry or a few drinks, it is fine. But take care not to consume them too close to the moment when you are on for a hot night!


Another factor to consider is that temperature is also said to affect semen flavor. Men have scrotums, which are needed to regulate the temperature of semen. If the temperature increases by even one degree, the fertility as well as the flavor of semen can be greatly affected. This is because live semen is said to taste slightly different than dead semen. What is needed is not just tasty semen, but healthy and productive semen. Therefore in order not to heat up the scrotums too much, men should not wear too tight underwear and jeans.


Besides taking care of what you eat, you can also make oral pleasure tastier for your woman by using some sweet and sexy food as part of the sex play. She may enjoy licking some chocolate sauce or whipped cream off your body.

You can also make oral sex tastier and more comfortable for her by getting an oral sex kit which consists of essentials such as oral sex candy, deep throat spray and strawberry-flavored lotion. The candy will provide a nice flavor for your girl while delivering unique and sexy sensations for you. The deep oral sex spray can help to put her at ease when she gives you oral pleasure. This can numb her gag reflex so that she can take you deeper, giving you greater pleasure. The strawberry-flavored lotion can give your cock a yummy flavor so that she will enjoy licking you more.


Finally, great sex is not just having great semen taste. Whether to swallow or not to swallow is her choice and you have to respect her wish if she does not like it. You also should not inconvenient yourself by spending too much time on the small details to the extent of giving up the things you like. Instead, you should focus your effort in how to be a great lover.


For more ideas to be her best lover, read on further from Hot Sex and Awesome Pleasure.

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How To Get A Girl To Love Sex





Make Her Love The Sexy Things You Do To Her


She is always in your mind. Thoughts of her make you get hard down there. It takes more than just penetrating and ejaculating when it comes to arousing a woman and making her love the things you do in bed. You need to keep her needs in mind.


The only thing that makes a great difference to a woman on how she gets the best sex is to focus on her pleasures. When she is turned on in the right way, her body will be more responsive sexually and her orgasm stronger.


Here is a checklist of what you can do to make the special lady of yours to get hot and wet and ensure that she has a real great time too.


(1)   Do Your Homework


If you want to have wild, passionate sex with a girl and make her love the things you do in bed, you need to make an effort to know what she likes. There are three ways you can go about doing this.


The easiest way is to ask. Have a sex debrief with her after the session and ask which part of her body is especially sensitive. If she is too shy to tell you, ask her to hold your hands to guide you to the parts of her body she wants you to pay more attention to.


Another way is to observe her. If you can, get her to masturbate in front of you and watch where and how she likes to be touched.


When you are on top of her, read her signs. If she seems to be distracted or in pain, slow down and see if it is something you are doing. Perhaps you are moving too aggressively. If her breathing begins to speed up, or she starts to arch herself into you, then you may have already found her personal hot spot.


If you can do any of the above three ways, you will feel more proud at accomplishing a good finish and keeping her satisfied.


(2)   Give Equal Attention To Other Areas


For guys, there are just two parts of a woman’s body that occupies their attention in bed. But if you really want your girl to have a wild time in bed, you should not restrict yourself to just a place or two on her body.


The key to giving a woman powerful orgasm is not to neglect the other areas. Make sure you spend enough time (90 to 120 seconds) on every part of her body. Focus on all over her – the back of her neck, kiss her hands, lick her navel, and kiss her inner thighs, her toes and everywhere else.


When you are moving towards her breasts, do not just grab and squeeze. Tease her by slowly circling your fingertips around the base of each nipple, then gently pushing down the tip and letting it spring back. Like just about everything, women prefer the indirect and gradual approach to build towards the center of interest and that certainly includes the nipples.


(3)   Maintain Your Pace


Most women need to focus on the sensations you are providing to achieve the most powerful orgasms. Unexpected interruptions can set you back a step, risk having her to start again and lessening the intensity of her orgasm. Your hands may get tired or you need to catch your breath. If this happens to you, get the help of sex toys to maintain the pace of stimulation.


(4)   Make Missionary Position More Pleasuring For Her


Rather than frantically thrusting her down there, try slowly tracing the outer edges of her vaginal lips with your fingertips while gently parting the lips. Stretched skin tends to have greater sensitivity, so this should send waves of pleasure to her.


In the normal missionary position, it is quite difficult to stimulate the clitoris. To overcome this problem, put pillows or a wedge under her pelvis to prop her up at an angle that can allow you to aim more effectively to hit her g-spot.


Getting more sex can be as simple as doing more of what she enjoys in bed and less of what she does not. Remember to focus more on her pleasure and she will reward you by keeping you hard for a long time.


Go to Hot Sex and Seduction Code for more tips to make a girl horny.

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How To Get What I Want Out Of Sex





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Communication is of utmost important in a relationship. This is especially so if you want to have a sex life that is satisfactory to you and your partner. For some reasons, talking about sex can be a very sensitive subject between couples. This is especially so if what you want to say is that you want to try something new. It is even more difficult or stressful to talk about sex when the conversation is about a sexual complaint or problem. Here are a few things you need to take note when it comes to talking about sex with your partner.


(1)   When to have a talk


Choose a time when both of you can talk openly without being disturbed by phones or other people. This will also depend a lot on what you are talking about. If you want to bring up the topic of trying something new in bed, then discussing this matter just before you are about to have sex is probably not a good timing.


Also, you should never talk about sex right after you have made love. Doing this may lead to defensiveness, disappointment and hurt feelings between you and your partner. It is therefore very important to distance this topic far away from the act of love itself.


(2)   Where to have a talk


As with timing, location can make a difference. Preferably you should pick a place that has no distractions. Bringing up any dissatisfaction when you are in bed can only spoil the mood. Both you and your partner may feel more vulnerable than if this conversation is to take place in a more relaxed setting such as talking over a cup of coffee in the living room.


(3)   How to have a talk


Even though you are not happy or you feel your partner is at fault, it is best not to accuse or blame your partner for the problem. Doing so, will slam the door shut from further communication. If something is on your mind, avoid blurting it out. Instead you sit on it for a while and clarify what doesn’t feel right. It will be better if you can organize your thoughts and put them down on paper.


A good tip that you can use to ease into talking about sex is by sharing porn or erotic short stories as a way to bring up new ideas or desires and using the images or words as a “bouncing-off points to get into specifics”.


To avoid being sound accusing, use “I” statements such as “I feel that ……” instead of “You make me feel…….” You should also avoid talking down to your spouse and assuming he/she knows what you are thinking. Communication is not just talking as listening is equally important. Avoid interrupting when your partner is talking. Listen carefully throughout the discussion can help to keep the conversation calm and less emotionally charged.


It is also very important to ask questions to get your partner’s views and suggestions. This is especially good if you have a partner who is unwilling to have this conversation. If you want to bring up certain products or toys that you feel will help your relationship, assure your partner first by telling him/her that you love and care for him/her and then you present the product or toy as something that will enhance his/her pleasure and give both of you more options when making love.


An important thing not to neglect is to pay attention to your body language as well as your partner’s. Do you and your partner’s posture and facial expressions give the impression of being defensive or feeling uncomfortable? Attention to body language will help you to gauge how the conversation is going, so that you can make adjustments along the way if things are not going smoothly.


These are the general tips on how you should talk about sex with your partner. Every situation is different and your situation may call for additional considerations. The main thing here is talking openly about your sexual feelings, desires, likes and dislikes, can improve your sex life as well as other aspects of the relationship.


For more tips on sexuality matters, read on further at Hot Sex and Talk About Sex.

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Where To Make Love If You Don’t Want To Do It At Home





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Sex can become mundane if you keep doing the same thing. Therefore it is important to make some changes from your normal usual ways to spice things up. Changing the location where you have sex maybe what your relationship needs to bring back the flavor.  Here is a list of alternative places you can consider in trying to add a little bit of fun, excitement and craze to your sex life.


(1)   In a car stuck at traffic jam


Living in Asia, I am aware of many major cities (Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai) experiencing traffic jam everyday. Cars on the road hardly move or moving at snail pace. If this occurs during hot weather, this can make people’s temper getting hotter. Why not channel this anger into lust and catch up on the sex you may miss on certain busy days?


What you need is to get your car ever ready for sex, packed it with the stuff you need for sex such as condoms or maybe something to cover your half-naked body or even some clothing which can be easily put on or removed.


With the car stuck there, your choices of what you want to do it much more than a moving car. You can have oral sex or other forms of quickie sex. The possible downside will be the car behind honking you and probably being caught by passengers in other nearby vehicles. Whatever you do, never obstruct the driver’s view. Choose a soundtrack for the moment, which can help to cover any moaning sounds.


(2)   On your boss’ desk


Won’t it be a bit comical if the desk where your boss scolds you is also the place where you have sex? He/she screams and yells at you for years and now is the time to return the favor. You can do this on weekend which will guarantee no one is around. If you like, you can leave a little “souvenir” that is untraceable. Also make sure you block out all the CCTV cameras that may be installed in the room.


(3)   At the cinema


Choose a cinema that films those rather unpopular movies so that the place is almost all yours. When the lights are off, you can do any sexy things you want under the cover of darkness. Or, better still, you can choose a cinema that often shows X-rated movies. Other people in the cinema may not be able to differentiate between your moaning and the moaning that comes from the screen.


(4)   Public transport


The ideal time to do this will be the bus or subway taking the last trip of the day. This means it is most likely to be quite empty. If it is a bus, it will be best to choose a double -deck one where you can get to the top and totally out of the view of the driver.


(5)   Clothes-trying room at departmental store


This is quite good when you accompany your lover or spouse to the shopping mall. Those clothing department stores usually have rooms for people to try out the clothing. Your girl can pick a few clothes to try on and you can follow her into the room to do some naughty and sexy things inside.


(6)   Staircase at office buildings


With the elevator conveniently stopping at every floor of the building, it becomes a habit for most people to take the elevator even if it is only from ground floor to first floor. Therefore, you can be quite sure that most of the time the staircase of the building is hardly used. This can be quite a convenient place for you to engage in some quickie sex with your lover or your colleague.


(7)   Revolving wheel or Ferris wheel


The capsule or gondola at the revolving wheel gives you enough privacy and time for you and your lover to engage in different kind of sex. While enjoying your lovemaking, you can at the same time admire the scenery at a high level, giving you those top of the world feeling.


The choices of place you can take your girl for a quickie fun is numerous and only limited by your imagination or creativity. The thrill or risk of getting caught or doing something in a place you are not supposed to can be quite arousing to some couples. Sometimes this is the extra thing or element that your love life needs to have in order to make it interesting and exciting.


If you need fresh ideas to add spark to your sex life, you can read on further at Hot Sex. If you need some ideas to experiment with wild or kinky sex, you can visit Naughty Ideas

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