Is Increasing Your Semen Volume Really That Important?


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For centuries, people have been selling products claiming that they will help to increase semen volume. Do you think these products are necessary?


Let us clarify the differences between semen and sperm. Some of us seem to confuse semen with sperm assuming that they are the same thing. Semen refers to the fluid that is expelled from the penis during ejaculation. Semen itself contains the sperm which makes up only about 1% of the semen (fluid).


According to a 2010 World Health Organization study, the amount of semen a man ejaculates ranges from 0.8 milliliters to 7.6 milliliters and the average is around 3 to 5 milliliters. This is about a teaspoon which can hold up to 5 milliliters of fluid. The amount of semen a man ejaculates reaches its peak volume during the age of 30 to 35 and then decreases progressively to the lowest after reaching 55 years old.


What we like to know is – does increasing semen volume really matter? Perhaps the reason some guys believe they need to increase their semen volume is because they think there is a relationship between semen volume and fertility. They feel that they will stand a better chance of having make offspring and more if they have more semen.


Though these claims have yet to be proven by any independent research, many companies which sell pills that promise to boost semen volume said that these products can increase masculinity, sexual pleasure and fertility. Let us now examine each of these touted benefits one by one.


Does producing greater volume of semen make men feel more masculine? This is probably more psychological than factual because there is no way to prove this “theory”! Someone who ejaculates half a teaspoon amount of semen may feel very masculine about himself while another guy who can produce more may not feel masculine at all. So far, no scientist has yet to put this idea to any testing. More over, we do not really know how many men ever care about their semen volume and how this affects their sense of masculinity or their enjoyment of sex.


Does more semen volume lead to greater sexual pleasure? Again, this idea is unproven and unlikely to be correct. This is because there are no many nerve endings in the tubes through which the semen passes through as it leaves the penis, so this alone is not possible to cause any “high” sensation.


How about the linkage between higher semen volume and greater fertility? There has been a lot of confusion over sperm density and overall semen volume with some people thinking they are referring to the same thing. Sperm density is the amount of sperm in the seminal fluid (semen) while semen volume is the total amount of seminal fluid. For men with fairly high sperm density in their semen, you can safely assume higher semen volume means more sperm and better chances of impregnating their spouses. On the other hand, for men with low sperm count in their semen, merely increasing the volume of semen is not going to have any effect on the amount of sperm. Therefore, if men want to boost their fertility they should go to the doctor to explore the possibility of increasing their sperm count rather than resorting to those touted pills that only claim to raise their semen volume.


So, you may be curious to know if those pills you occasionally come across been promoted through junk emails and websites, really work to increase semen volume? Till now, we have yet to see any independent, peer reviewed research to support their claimed benefits.


Many companies which sell these pills often refer to some research studies to back their claims. But if you have read more about these research studies you will realize that these studies do not specifically refer to their products. Often these companies quote the research contents out of context to give a false impression of what these research materials are trying to prove.


The bottom-line here is we should not rely on any unproven over-the-counter or online drugs to boost your sex life. Besides going to the doctor, you can also find out more about this on Hot Sex and Better Love Life.


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