Giving Her The Best Orgasm She Ever Had




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If you want to please a woman, you have to make sex better for her. If she is satisfied, she will have orgasms more often which means you will have better sex more often too. Follow these steps to help your wife or girlfriend reach orgasm as often as she can.


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(1)   Start with kissing


Before you do anything, make sure the surrounding temperature is not too hot or too cold. Even a slight chill can hold off an orgasm. Start kissing her slowly and deeply. Women love kissing because it helps them to feel physically and emotionally connected to their partners. Deep French kissing can be teaser to what you are going to do next when you are between her legs.


Kiss her sensitive spots (lips, neck, ear lobes). Move your lips slowly towards the side of her neck and kiss softly. Kiss those erogenous zones on either side of her throat. Gently scratch her back as you kiss her and softly but firmly slide your hand up under her hair at the nape of her neck and give a nice squeeze. Move your way down her collarbone to the indent located below her neck. Kiss this nerve-dense region. Work your way towards the part of her neck, below her earlobes. This area is full of sensitive, pleasure-producing nerve endings.


Once you have been kissing for several minutes, work your fingers under the bottom of her shirt and circle back to her stomach. Lift up her shirt and take it off in the smoothest way possible, being careful not to pull her hair.


(2)   Move to her breasts


Now that her shirt is off, slowly progress your kissing down to her breasts, kissing the upper area and still rubbing her lower body with your hands. While you are kissing her, reach behind and unhook her bra.


Do not just go direct to her nipples. Go back to kissing her on the lips and neck. Though nipple stimulation works, but it is much more effective to tease around them first as well as other part of her body before reaching for her breasts.


Lift her breasts when you caress them and touch them softly. With your thumb and index finger, you gently and directly massage her nipples in a rotating motion moving clockwise and anti-clockwise. Next, place your hands flat over her nipples and roll around them under your palms. Now, with your thumb and forefinger, you gently pull on her nipples but never pull down, Switch around the above movements to see which ones she likes and gets most excited over.


As she gets aroused, her nipples will become flushed with blood, and the sensory receptors will become primed for greater pleasure and pressure. You can start gently nibbling on her nipples or using a little more suction or pressure. A slightly firmer touch can be very pleasurable for a woman if she is already aroused. If you start out with intense pinching or firm sucking before she is fully and completely aroused, you are very likely to turn her off.


(3)   Heading downwards


As you move down to her stomach, you kiss every inch of the area below her breasts. Kiss her on the mouth again while you take off her pants. But not her panties yet! Take her right leg, and starting at her foot, you kiss every inch of it and working your way up to her inner thigh. While doing this, you can rub her clitoris. The friction caused by the brushing of the panties fabrics against her clitoris can start to make her feel the heat. Then go back to her left leg and do it all over again!


(4)   Clitoral stimulation


At this stage, she will be begging you to rip her panties off and give her more. Next, you pull apart the skin surrounding her clitoris and position your tongue on either the right or left side of the clitoris and move your tongue in a sweeping motion from side to side. You can also lick her in either clockwise or anti-clockwise motion. In between licking of her clitoris, you lick the rest of her vulva as well. Her vaginal lips and opening have super sensitive nerves that feel extremely pleasuring to her when you run your tongue over them. As she gets more aroused, you can take her clitoris gently into your mouth and lightly suck on it. While licking her clitoris, you can at the same time pinch and rub her nipples gently.


(5)   Get into position


If you are doing the above steps correctly, she should be having at least one orgasm. At this stage, her body will be very responsive to further stimulation and she has the capability of getting multiple orgasms. By now, you can choose to enter her as deeply as you want in any of the 3 following sex positions.


(a)    Enter her from behind (doggy style)

(b)   Woman-on-top

(c)    Missionary with pillow support or with a wedge under her pelvis region with her legs resting on your shoulders


So there you have it! This entire process should take around 30 minutes and will get her more turned on than she ever had before. Building anticipation like this paves the way for her to have not only one intense orgasm, but lots of them as well. If you are with a woman for the very first time, this is a pretty good way to make her be the one begging you to be inside her and not the other way round.


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Sexy Moves To Get A Man Hard





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Are you getting less than the amount of sex you want? Are you looking for ways to get your man in the mood? Want to know what a man wants?


At times, your guy may need a little more than a grope to get him into action. If he is turned on in the right way, his body will become more receptive and his orgasm more intense. Follow these tips and make your man crazy for you.


(1)   Give him visual stimulation


Men are visual creatures. A man’s brain chemistry changes when he is presented with a sexy image. Therefore flaunting your body will make his desire climb. Let him see you undress. Play up to his eyes with a slow, seductive striptease and watch him go weak at the knees. It will be best if you can torture him in a good way by letting him look and not allowing him to touch. To really titillate him, let him sneak a peek at the good stuff – your breasts, buttocks and inner thighs – and then cover up again. When you are down to the last piece of cloth, removes it painfully slow to build up the sexual tension.


(2)   Give him pleasant surprises


To turn a man on, everything is in his head. While physical attraction may be important, it also takes a few mind games to surprise and seduce your guy once in a while to keep the heat on in your relationship.


At times, when he returns from work, you surprise him in your sexiest undies or whatever he likes. When he is taking a shower, you unexpectedly join him and slowly soap up his entire body. It is pretty obvious to the both of you that at this moment getting clean is not the top priority. Your man will be so aroused that he can barely wait to get you into bed.


Once in a while, send him some playful, devilish phrases by way of texting or write them down on his date planner. These phrases can be like “Thinking of you makes me wet”, “I want sex tonight”, or “Sex @ 7pm”. The key is to make him feel like what you are doing is sexy and he will always get aroused by you.


(3)   Show him what works


Showing your man what turns you on can be just as arousing for him. If he misses the mark, guide his hands with your own to any part of your body you want him to be. Gently run your fingertips around your breasts as you two enjoy foreplay to let him catch sight of the way you like to be touched.


When he is on top, you put your hands firmly on his buttocks, to let him know how fast or slow you want him to move. When you are ready, you pull him deeply inside you. When you reach orgasm, you put your hand over his heart. If he can see the pleasure he is giving you, it will boost his confidence and help him to relax and get hard.


(4)   Bring him to the edge


Use the start and stop trick to tease your guy mercilessly and bringing him close to climax repeatedly in order to give him an intense orgasm. When you are jerking him off, alternate attention between the tip of the penis (which is extremely sensitive) to the base (which can take more stimulation). Read his body language to determine when he is close to exploding and you ease off. If you do not want him to climax yet, move your focus to another lusty location. This will keep him at a highly aroused stage but still allow him to hold back his climax. When you are ready to finish him off, his orgasm will be more powerful later.


Use these tips to get your man to appreciate your body, desire you and feel lucky to have you. Be sexually unpredictable and he will awe you. Gets his horny mind working and he will always get aroused by you.


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How To Give A Girl The Best Oral Sex Experience

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To some people, oral sex is a good way to build intimacy with her. To be good at this, you need to “read” her body carefully, listen to her breathing and observe her movements. Do remember that everything you do is for your partner at that particular moment and is not based on any past sexual experiences or what you see in porn movies.


Here is what you should take note when you are giving her oral sex:


(1)  Pay attention


This is of utmost importance because when it comes to having great sex, as every woman is different. There is just no one-size-fits-all type of techniques. Some women like direct pressure that is so firm that you are afraid she may get hurt, while others prefer tender loving care and even indirect touch. Every woman is unique and finding out how to sexually stimulate her effectively takes experimentation and paying attention.


It is unlikely she will tell you how she wants you to stimulate her but her body signals will “communicate” all the information to you and all you need to do is to pay attention to these signals. You need to listen carefully to the changes in her breathing, the way her skin softens and her muscles tighten, the way the blood flushes beneath her skin in her face and breasts and the way she moans.


Through all these signals she is telling you all the secret ways she wants to be touched and teased. It is all up to pay attention and for you to understand what she is communicating.


But this alone is still not enough. You can do everything right. You can do all the right moves with your fingers, lips and tongue and still yet to drive her crazy. On the other hand, you may be doing the only basic steps, but if you can tune into her “emotional channel” and stay connected with her, you can wake up the “pleasure zone” in her brain.


(2)  Stay connected


Most men never really figure out how to connect to a woman’s sexual emotions. It is a pity they fail to realize it is in her brain (not in her vagina) where the most intense orgasms begin. Great sex for a woman is impossible if you are completely disconnected with her.


She needs to feel connected with her partner; she needs to feel trust and to be assured that she will not be judged or humiliated. You make those connections to her through the way you hold her eye-contact, the way you smile confidently at her, the tone of your voice, the way you put your hands on her and the way you hold her.


To make her feel at ease and connected with you, all you have to do is to give her some small signs to let her know you are still aware of her as a whole person and not just her breasts and genitals. Look up at her and make eye-contact once in a while. Stop and tell her how much you enjoy doing it or how hot she is. Reach up and stroke the side of her face and hair. Take her hands and give them a gentle squeeze. Any gesture that can let her feel you are connected to her as a person will be great!


Once you do this, after a while you will realize her body will start to relax into what you are doing and later she will progress into a state of orgasm.


(3)  Push her limits


This is only applicable when she is your lover because you should never do anything to a woman that she does not consent to.


For unknown reasons, women usually “resist” to having their most intense orgasm. They get panic when they feel it is about to happen. Usually this will occur after she has come a few times and is about to go into multiple orgasm. Yet she feels that if she comes that hard, she will not be able to take it, so she clamps her legs closed or she wiggles her hips out of the way.


But if you and she have a trusting relationship you can try to ease her past this limit. When she begins to squirm or resist as she reaches her “pleasure limit”, place your palm firmly in the center of her chest to give her some reassurance. If you can do this gently and with confidence, she will become sexually submissive and let go off her anxiety to allow you to take her to the “next level”.


To recap, you need to:


(a)  pay attention to her body signals

(b)  be emotionally connected to her

(c)   give her reassurance so she can go all out to reach orgasm


Before going further, there are other thins to watch out for:


(i)                 Make sure your hands are clean, nails are trimmed and you are clean-shaven as you may want to use your hands as well as your mouth on her.


(ii)               If you are anxious about the taste and/or smell of her genitals, it is probably a good idea to have a romantic bath or shower together before you go down on her.


(iii)              Take your time before you move down to her. You can start by touching her non-sexual places, kissing her passionately, stroking your finger tips up her back to the nape of her neck, gently massaging her open palm and the inside of her wrists, licking and sucking her nipples and kissing around her navel, before gliding your way down to between her legs.


(iv)            Keep a steady pace and try not to stop. Women like steady stimulation and it is better not to stop unless you need to come up to catch your breath. Should you need to stop, replace the stimulation with your hand or a vibrator.


(v)              Women can take longer than men to come and many women are anxious about this. Whatever you do, do not make her feel bad about this.


Sex and sexual play are great fun between a man and a woman who are attracted to each other. If you are keen to find out the secrets of great and fun sex, you can check this out at Oral Kit and Kissing Pussy

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