How Can I Really Remove Stretch Marks?

How Can I Really Remove Stretch Marks? This post will talk about everything you need to know in trying to look for ways to remove stretch marks. The most expensive ways to remove stretch marks is not necessarily the most effective. Some methods to remove stretch marks will work better than others, depending on individuals.
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This post will talk about everything you need to know in trying to look for ways to remove stretch marks. The most expensive ways to remove stretch marks is not necessarily the most effective. Some methods to remove stretch marks will work better than others, depending on individuals.


Stretch marks — they’re just not only related to pregnancies. In case you or a someone has gained weight, then you definitely have likely seen them develop first-hand.


Stretch marks can come as a result of packing on extra fats, or even losing it quick. As a result, your skin simply breaks down and stretches, leaving streaky scars that can be red, purple or white in color.


They’re unsightly, annoying, and alas, hard to cope with.


One thing about stretch marks is that they sneak up on you. You don’t clearly see them happening — within the equal manner that you don’t see yourself turning into obese.


But after a period of time and due to not paying attention, you can see stretch marks appearing on your skin. This can be due to you can’t kick your sugar habit, or simply don’t exercise enough. Due to the lack of care for your body, stretch marks appear.


And stretch marks are just one of these visible results from the lack of care for your body. Most likely, if you’re seeing stretch marks, you’re experiencing a host of other problems due to weight gain or loss.


So, you need to make an effort in controlling the bad habits first before you bother about the cosmetic issues related to stretch marks.


But if you’re ready to tackle those stretch marks and attempt to repair your body to its former glory, the question is that this: what precisely are you able to do to remove stretch marks?


Trying to remove stretch marks isn’t as easy as you might have hoped. In truth, there’s no assure which you’ll ever be able to completely remove stretch marks. As just mentioned, the marks themselves are basically scars, and scar tissue is notoriously hard to conceal or make disappear.


However, that doesn’t imply there isn’t any ways to remove stretch marks. There are options at the table, ranging from surgical, to a collection of topical remedies.


In truth, there’s studies that points to androgens, estrogen, and glucocorticoids being the essential substances that are needed for concealing scar tissue.


But the surgical method to remove stretch marks — going under the knife is one of the greater popular remedy options nowadays, and it’s becoming even easier to do now that we are able to use lasers.


Even Kim Kardashian has gone through laser treatments to remove stretch marks, as an example to show how ubiquitous this treatment has come to be.


But surgical treatments are expensive, and there are many issues that each you and surgical experts need to address first you could even get the go-ahead. Even then, there’s no guarantee that this will work to remove stretch marks absolutely.


There are various easily accessible alternatives to remove stretch marks. Those typically take the shape of topical creams, which can be apply directly on the skin, like creams or moisturizers.


For the thrifty amongst us, the costs of those merchandise can fast add up, and relying on how long or how many you plan to use to remove stretch marks, your charges can also even eclipse a surgical remedy.


So, in case you want to proceed and opt for topical treatments, the first thing is to make sure you drink enough of plain water. The more hydrated your body is, the greater is the elasticity of your skin. This make a great difference in preventing marks from getting worse. After that, you’ll need to moisturize your trouble regions with lotion, and always use sunscreen.


These are the first steps towards prevention of stretch marks. In addition, you could try bio oil multiuse skin care oil, which usually gets positive feedbacks for being effective in helping to remove stretch marks. There are comparable options you could try as well. Even coconut oil has been hailed as a powerful treatment.


You can even try your very own serums, using powerful ingredients like tretinoin.


Whichever methods you choose to remove stretch marks; you’ll be better off with coming to accept the reality that those marks are possibly with you for life.


If you can accept that reality, and even wear them as a kind of badge of honor (perhaps a reminder of your former overweight self, and how you overcame obesity?) you’ll be a good deal happier in the long run. For most people, stretch marks are never going to go away, or be fully indistinguishable.


Some remedies to remove stretch marks will work better than others, depending on individuals.


Again, you need to realize that even if you spend a lot of money to look for ways to completely remove stretch marks — there’s still a possibility that you may not get the result you hope for.


Watch this Video – How to Remove Stretch Marks Using Vicks Vaporub

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Can Going Braless Really Help to End Painful Back Forever?


Can Going Braless Really Help to End Painful Back Forever? For many women, leaving the house braless would be akin to going outside without any pants. But new research suggests women may actually be better off by going braless. Will this help to end painful back forever? Read on.
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For many women, leaving the house braless would be akin to going outside without any pants. But new research suggests women may actually be better off by going braless.


Conventionally speaking, it’s long been touted that bras not only help support your breasts to relieve back pain, but also to improve posture and help prevent breast sagging as you age (raise your hand if you wear your bra 24 hours a day for this very reason, like Marilyn Monroe supposedly did … ).


Of course, bras are also widely marketed as a way to improve the appearance of your breasts … and it may be that your decision to wear a bra or going braless is not one that should be based on health benefits but really does come down to simple aesthetics alone.


In fact, the new study by French researchers suggests there may be reason for going bra entirely.


Bras Make Breasts Saggier?


After carefully analyzing hundreds of women’s breasts for 15 years, researchers from the University of Besancon in eastern France came up with a shocking conclusion:


“Bras are a false necessity.”


Even more startling is the assertion that not only do breasts gain nothing from being supported, but they actually get saggier when a bra is worn. The study’s lead researcher, sports science expert Jean-Denis Rouillon, noted:


“If a woman begins wearing a bra from the moment breasts appear, the suspension muscles don’t work correctly, and tissues slacken.”


On the contrary, among women who went bra-less their nipples raised an average of seven millimeters in a year in relation to their shoulders.


Should You Be Going Braless?


It depends on how wearing a bra makes you feel. If you find wearing a bra makes you more comfortable, keep doing it. If not, there may be no harm in going braless.

Rouillon said the study is not representative of the entire population but rather focuses on young women aged 18 to 35.Going braless when you’re already in your 40s or beyond is not likely to have any benefit, he noted.


That said, there is some speculation that wearing a bra, particularly one that is too tight, may block the flow of your lymph nodes, preventing the elimination of toxins and thereby increasing your risk of cancer.


While this hasn’t been proven by published research, it does have anecdotal support, including data from over 4,000 women that showed those who wore bras 24 hours a day had a 125-fold greater risk of breast cancer than those who did not wear a bra.


It’s also been speculated that metal underwires could attract electromagnetic fields or interfere with acupuncture points on your body.


Watch this Video HERE about Braless and Pain


5 Red Flags of an Improper Fit


An improperly fitting bra — either one that is too tight or does not provide enough support — may be worst of all, as experts say they can lead to headaches, poor posture and, frequently, back pain, especially if you have large breasts. So if you choose to wear a bra, be sure it doesn’t show any of these “red flags” that signal an improper fit:


  • Breasts spilling out of the cups (a larger cup size is needed)
  • The bra riding up your back (you need a smaller band size)
  • Digging in at the shoulders or armpits (wider straps and a larger cup size may help)
  • Sagging bust (look for shorter straps or a more supportive style/fabric)
  • Improperly positioned underwire (the wire should be completely under your breasts)


According to some experts, you should get professional bra fitting every six months or so, as bra size and shape changes frequently, especially if you’re pregnant or nursing.


Are Your Breasts Giving You an Aching Back?


It could be that your bra is being unfairly blamed — especially if you’ve been fitted by a professional and you still have back pain. No matter what your body type or breast size, if you have never looked to the foundational causes of your back pain, it’s virtually impossible to become pain-free, because the muscle imbalances you’re living with will only cause the pain to re-occur and worsen with time.


You simply must get your muscles into the proper balance in order to end painful back forever.


The Lose the Back Pain System takes you step-by-step through the process of identifying the exact muscle imbalances you have, and then helps you implement proven strategies to help reduce and manage your pain so you can focus on correcting the dysfunction(s) that are causing it. If you want to end painful back forever, stop blaming your bra and start fixing the muscle imbalances that are at the root of your pain.


By Jesse Cannone – Creator of the International Best-Selling Back Pain Treatment Program “Lose the Back Pain System” and Best-Selling Book “The 7 Day Back Pain Cure”


Unlike most treatments which only deliver temporary relief, if any at all, muscle balance therapy delivers lasting relief to 8 out of 10 people who use it because it addresses the underlying cause of the pain, not just the symptoms.

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Change Your Butt Naturally – Why You Should Stay Away From Butt Injections



A lot of women are trying to enhance their back sides with butt injections, but do you know the risks behind the procedure?
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A lot of people are not blessed with a great looking rear and even some of those who are still want to have improvements done on that particular part of their body.


One of the greatest things about technology these days is that it brings about drastic physical changes as long as one can afford it and is ready for the possible side effects the procedure might cause.


Butt injections have become very popular in recent years especially because a lot of famous celebrities have gone through the procedure with great results.


Anybody who wants extra volume in the posterior regions is a suitable candidate for butt injection. Females who want that hourglass figure are the usual patients of this procedure.


Butt injections are less invasive cosmetic procedures that make the posterior area more bulky. The solution used is a mix of water and polyacrylamide. Upon application, this solution works as a filler to round out the bottom and allow patients to show off a curvier figure.


The posterior region will naturally swell after the procedure but it is expected to go down after two days. Body temperature will slightly vacillate, while unevenness in the buttocks is another usual side effect. Result manifestation happens within two weeks from the injection.


The effects of butt injections endure will last for about eighteen months. This buttocks enhancement procedure is illegal in the United States. The outlawing of hydrogel butt injections in the United States has a basis.


For starters, most solutions are of inferior quality. These injectable fillers are often made cheaply, without regulation. The solutions may contain impurities and contaminants that can bring about complications.


However, there is still a market for butt injections. There are self-administered hydrogel kits offered by different obscure sources. The risks are magnified in these situations because a certain level of expertise is needed to implement these routines correctly.


Isn’t it terrible that people in the black market will give women illegal injections or some self-help kits that may ruin that woman’s health? Who would be so brave as to let an unlicensed guy with a needle poke them in the butt or to risk themselves with some DIY kits?


Sadly, some women do.  Two women have already been reported to experience complications from do-it-yourself butt shots that jeopardized their health.


The ultimate price to pay for butt injections is quite high – and this is meant literally and figuratively. Each cubic centimeter (cc) of hydrogel costs approximately three to five hundred dollars. A butt injection uses hundreds of cc’s which makes the total expenditure quite high.


But the highest price of all includes a question of life and death. Since there is no assurance that the solutions for butt injection are safe, therefore those who choose this procedure to increase their butt size are gambling with their lives.


This is in fact one of the most dangerous ways to enlarge your butt. Not only is this painful and embarrassing – it’s illegal because it could potentially kill you!


If the tiniest bit of silicon gets into your bloodstream you could face some serious problems – such as an embolism (those feel EXTREMELY painful, by the way)!


Sure it will give you a bigger rounder booty for a few weeks, but it only lasts for a short while and could permanently damage your health or even end your life!


No real doctor or plastic surgeon will give you butt injections, so you would have to go somewhere unregulated and unlicensed to get it done.


It’s 100 times worse than going to an unlicensed tattoo artist!


What is really sad is that there are women out there dying by engaging in this kind of behavior, when all they had to do was use the right techniques to get a better looking SMOOTH butt anyway.


Don’t let that crap happen to you. To do this in a safe way click on How to change your butt naturally.


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Why a Big Butt is Sexy and Healthy for Women?


It is the "in" thing now to have a big butt. Do you know this is also better for women besides being sexier?
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When a guy looks at a girl’s butt what is he looking for?  Well, we are looking at the shape of it, is it rounded and peach shaped?  Is it contained? We definitely don’t want a girl with a splatter ass that looks like she was spanked with a bag of nickels.


Anyway, genetically speaking, and reverting to the theory of evolution, human beings evolved from primates. *no debates* Primates all have flat bottoms, no butts unless they are ready for mating.


When the primate is ready for mating, the buttock becomes enlarged in order to signal potential mates of her status.  Human beings on the other hand have permanently enlarged buttocks and are almost always sexually ready to mate.


Can you imagine?  Just a couple decades ago every woman wanted to have a smaller booty?  In order to keep their butts small, flat and basically hidden under their clothing, women were dieting and exercising just to do that.


Now things have changed drastically and this is all thanks to sexy
superstars Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian. This has caused women everywhere to realize that most men love a big, juicy behind!


One of the sexiest things about being a woman is enjoying your body’s curves and lines and enjoying the view when she stands in front of the mirror.  The norm nowadays is it feels very sexy, feminine and attractive to have a big booty.  So why in the world did women ever want to shrink their butts???


It is the “in” thing now to have a big butt. Women everywhere are free to feel comfortable in their own skin and love to flaunt it like a diamond ring. No more “tucking” – now women stick it out!


Not only that, at least that is what this study by the University of Oxford would suggest which indicate that women with larger booties have lower cholesterol, are better at metabolizing sugars and have an excess of Omega 3’s…which means better brain development!


Oh, isn’t this awesome!? A big butt can even help to prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes! That means pear-shaped women tend to be healthier than apple-shaped ones


But what if you’re lacking in the booty area?  Everyone makes such a big deal over nice bodies, and it’s no wonder butt size is important to so many women today.


You have to remember that feeling good about yourself comes from within.  The main thing is to feel happy about yourself and just know that you’re good enough.


And if you still want a bigger butt, even though you already know that you’re good enough right now – check out my 4-part technique that skyrocketed my butt size and sex appeal.


What you can get from this most effective butt growth system are fundamental tips to improve your natural body shape, a healthy diet plan to gain a natural harmony of hormones, and simple-to-follow lower body workouts to create sexier and curvier buttocks effectively.


The program will also point out some common mistakes that many women are making to get their round buttocks. You will also get access to the guarded secrets that can help you to redirect and shift your body fat to the booty fast.


When using this program, you will not only enhance the shape of your current butt but also decrease your waist size safely. You can find out more about it by clicking on Big Butt Secrets.


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Do you want to have incredibly sexy big buttocks?


Do you want to discover the secrets of how you can change from being flat backside into incredibly sexy big buttocks?
Do you want to learn the secrets to incredibly sexy big buttocks?


Do you dream of a round, shapely bubble butt that sticks up high and pops out? With the rise of beautifully curvy celebrities like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian, big butts are back in the public eye and have most of us thinking what we knew all along: incredibly sexy big buttocks!


Quite a few years back, when my butt was indeed flat as a pancake, my then ex-boyfriend would occasionally pass some remarks on other women’s rear ends.  This is obviously, one of the reasons I broke up with that jerk!


I would catch him looking at other girls who had round, curvy butts whenever we went out. This made me jealous. I felt insulted. I could understand why he liked to look at those girls’ bottom because I could see that big butts look good!


Finally, one evening we got into a big quarrel.  We said some very nasty things to each other. It ended with him saying this to me: “Why do you often look at your butt in the mirror? Did you think it would just magically grow in size by just mere staring at your bottom?  Here’s a wake-up call ‘sweetie’ – some guys even have nicer butts than you!”


This was a horribly truth fact! I didn’t even think that he would also notice other guy’s butts! Well, after that heated exchanges, we broke up. I don’t feel sorry about this because it gave me even more motivation to figure out a way to get the butt I’d always wanted.


The good news is I have finally figured out how to make my body look EXACTLY the way I want it to!  Of course my ex- is not going to be there to enjoy it anymore!


I used to be embarrassed about the way my butt looks, but now I flaunt it like a diamond ring! Nowadays, everywhere I go, I often enjoy extra attention especially from guys and some even whisper behind my back. My bigger buttocks now make me look very sexy and hot.


I have discovered the proven techniques that help me to increase my butt as much as 2 inch within just 45 days. I have figured out a way to successfully shift body surplus fat to places where I want it to so that my booty now looks bigger and of course rounder than a few years ago.


I have learnt exactly what exercises my flat-assed modeling friend did to change her flat backside into a round and curvy one. I have mastered the ways and means to work with fat and muscle to grow and eye-popping bubble butt that people can’t help but drool over! If you have a significant other, just TRY to keep their hands off of your booty after using these techniques.


The reason I worked so hard to discover how to “fatten” my booty is because I wanted my pictures to look amazing (I used to model), and also because I love the feeling I get when I walk past and every guy’s head turns… to watch me walk away!


In the course of finding a system to get incredibly sexy big buttocks, I came across some advice online and from your friends which don’t work. If it did, wouldn’t you have the body of your dreams right now?


The garbage advice that everyone gives, like “eat more cornbread” or “do some squats and you’ll look like Jennifer Lopez” are ridiculous. I have tried it all, and only now after doing a months and months of research and trial and error, do I understand what produces results and why.


No more will you have to do a ton of exercise, just guessing and hoping that it will work for you. No more will you have to eat greasy fast foods in hopes that the weight you gain will go to your butt (because 99% of the time the weight doesn’t go there)!


Now, you can do only what really works and learn how you can do the same too by clicking on Secrets to Incredibly Sexy Big Buttocks



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