Sex Tips: How To Last Long





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It is one of those things that most men fear in bed. Before she cums, you come first. The disappointed look in her eyes is the last thing you want it to happen in her sexual experience. How to prevent premature ejaculation (PE) so that you can last long enough for her to reach orgasm before yours? Let’s find out below!


(1)   Pinpoint the underlying causes of your PE


The truth is while there are many causes of premature ejaculation which affects every guy differently, they can all be summarized by one main cause, which is the failure to take control of the pleasure you experience during sex.


The main reason that you are not lasting long enough is because you are allowing yourself to experience pleasure, or stimulation, with too high intensity. This high intensity of stimulation is what causes you to ejaculate earlier than you want.


To last longer in bed, you need to take control of your stimulation. You need to realize that what you are doing before and during sex can dramatically influence how long you can last. It is only when you understand that this has nothing to do with your age or penis size, it has to do with those every little action you take before and during sex which have some kind of impact on your stimulation, then it becomes easy to make a change.


(2)   Choose sex positions that can help you to last longer


Sex positions can have a dramatic effect on how long you last in bed. When it comes to choosing those last longer positions, it is more about having sex in those positions that will not stimulate you too soon or too strong.


One great position that makes this possible is the standing up. In this position, you make love either by standing in front or behind your woman and she can be standing or sitting at the edge of a table or bed. The reason this works so well is because when you are standing up, tension and pressure will be directed away from your penis. Part of this tension and pressure will be directed to your legs. This will relieve some of the pressure and stimulation on your penis, helping you to last longer.


Another position you can consider is the woman-on-top position. Why this position works? The main reason is because unlike most other positions, this position does not require you to move a lot other than using your fingers to stimulate her clitoris and other erogenous zones. Lesser movement will mean lesser stimulation on your part and you can get your woman to slow down her movements so that both of you will have higher chances of reaching orgasm at the same time.


Another way to help you last longer is when you sense you are quite close to orgasm, you switch into another less stimulating position.


(3)   Reduce the amount of friction to the penis tip


The tip of the penis (also known as the glans) is the most sensitive part. In the normal thrusting movement, it will be like pushing in as much as you can and pulling out in a way that cause the highly sensitive glans to rub against the entrance of her vagina, which offers you intense stimulation. To minimize the stimulation to your glans, after you push in, you do not pull out too much so that most of the time you are deep inside her. This will avoid getting your glans from being too strongly stimulated by your thrusting.


(4)   Focus on her pleasure


Instead of piling too much attention and pressure on yourself by trying to time yourself, you can distract from such stress by re-directing your attention on your woman. You slowly down and stimulate one by one her erogenous zones. This will increase the chances of your woman reaching orgasm faster and before you. After she have her first orgasm, her body will be highly sensitive to your stimulation. She will then reach orgasm again very soon and will be sexually satisfied. Under this circumstance, how much time you spend inside her will no longer be an issue. After all, she already gets her orgasm before yours.


To find out more about how you can improve sex life, check out these powerful resources from Last Longer and/or Extended Pleasure.

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For Couples – How To Increase Pleasure From Sex






Every now and then, your sex life may need a little spicing up to keep it exciting. If you have already tried the various sex positions, role-playing, have sex outside the bedroom, it is probably the time for you to try something else. How about sex toys? You may ask why you need to use sex toys. Adult toys are a great way to break the sexual rut. They make sexual efforts easy, while maximizing pleasure and creativity.


Toys can be used for masturbation or to enhance pleasure from intercourse. They can make foreplay or even post coital moments fantastic. For many women, vibrating sex toys are the easiest way to help them achieve orgasm. Couples that use sex toys tend to have a strong level of open communication, trust and unconditional love for each other.


There are so many ways people use toys to enhance their sexual pleasure. Because they are available in various shapes, sizes and functions for pleasuring various parts of the body, you and your partner can do many creative things with just any of them. But which toys are suitable to you and your partner? What is it like to really use these toys?


(1) Vibrators


They are designed to stimulate the nerves for a relaxing and pleasurable feeling. They can be used alone for self pleasure or intercourse. A vibrator will often bring a woman to orgasm in as little as a few minutes and is a great way to start off foreplay. There are various types of vibrators with each of them offering stimulation to a certain part of the body.


The clitoral vibrator is used to stimulate the clitoris. The penis-shaped vibrator is used to stimulate the g-spot or for anal penetration. The rabbit vibrator offers simultaneous stimulation to the clitoris and vagina. The vibrating cock ring which is attached to a cock ring provides clitoral stimulation during penetrative intercourse.


Men can also use vibrators to discover new ways to feel sexual pleasure. A man can use a vibrator to explore the various parts of his body to discover any new pleasure spots.


(2) Penis rings


These sex toys can help the penis to look bigger. A penis ring can also help an erection last longer. When a vibrator is attached to the penis ring, it can help to enhance clitoral stimulation during sexual intercourse.


(3) Ben wa balls


These are a set of metal balls that are placed inside the vagina and vibrate when the two balls come into contact with one another. Ben wa balls can be used by women alone, or by couples together.


(4) Nipple toys


They range from anything from clamps, vibrators to pumpers and suckers. They can allow a woman to enjoy hands-free stimulation while engaging in sex with a partner or for self-stimulation.


(5) Novelty condoms


They are also known as French ticklers. These condoms can stimulate the inside of the vagina for better sensation during intercourse.


(6) Wedge


The liberator wedge is used for deeper penetration. It is placed under her pelvis region to hoist her hips up while you are in the missionary position so that you can hit her g-spot and go even deeper. When it is placed under her tummy, it can help to prop up her body for doggie position.


(7) Creams and oils


They come in different scents, flavors and textures. They can also be used as sensual aids. They can make the skin feel smooth and soft and flavor the skin for oral sex or body kissing. They may also be used as lubricants.


These are some of the commonly used toys which can definitely heat things up in the bedroom. Open your mind and try them and you may have a great experience. When you and your partner are ready to experiment them for a better sex life, you can click on Dirty Harry’s Secrets and/or Pleasure Kit.

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How To Make An Already Great Sex Exciting





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Are you looking for fun and erotic gift idea for your girl? There are many ways you can spice up your sex life and one of the ways is to offer her some or a set of sex toys. You may ask, “Why would I buy a sex toy for my girl?”


Well, sex toys are a great way to fire up a sexual relationship that has gotten stale. Sex toys add variety and fun to the sex life of you and your partner. They keep an already great sex life exciting because they offer new ways to bring pleasure to yourself and your partner. Sex toys can be used during intercourse, or foreplay, or both.


Sex toys make a great partner substitute at times when either of you are not with each other or for some reasons such as pregnancy or menstruation when she is not comfortable to have sex. Some guys are intimidated by their girlfriends’ sex toys feeling that they may replace the guys in certain ways sexually. The fact is the experience for a woman being alone in her bedroom with a sex toy is very different from being with a man. Your girlfriend may enjoy using sex toys when you are not around because it makes self-stimulation easier and more pleasurable. There is no way that sex toys can replace a partner. To be jealous of a sex toy would be as absurd as her being jealous of your fingers.


Sex toys offer prolonged stimulation that may otherwise be difficult to sustain such as when your hands are tired or your tongue or lips may need to take a short break to get some water. Sex toys can help a partner to reach spots that he/she may not be able to or do not want to. An example of this is anal toys.


Sex toys can also promote good health.  An orgasm releases stress and tension. It is a great way to start the day or act as “tranquilizer” helping a person to relax before sleeping. Sex toys can help in coping sexual frustration that will allow a person to deal with all other issues they have to face with.


How To Choose A Sex Toy


If you are new to sex toys and sex fantasy kits, you may be overwhelmed by the wide range of choices being offered through various websites or racks at a local adult store.


Each toy has its own function as each one is created to give a special, erotic sensation. If you are looking for a creative gift idea to create a magical night for your partner, you should first think of what you like to accomplish. From here, you can proceed to look for the right toys to help make such a magical night happen.


The other thing you have to ask yourself is who will be using the toy. Is the toy meant for him/her to use alone or you want to use it with your partner? You should also consider your partner’s personality traits as well as your own. You have to check whether your partner is familiar with adult toys or are they comfortable with experimenting. If you first talk with your partner about this idea, you may be able to narrow down the choices to those that both of you are willing to try.


You may also want to consider how the sex toys should look like. Do you want the vibrator or dildo to look real? Of course the most important thing is to determine how much you are going to spend. If you are unsure of a particular type of toy, you may want to try out with a lower price model to see if it suits you before getting an expensive option.


Vibrators, dildos, cock rings, anal plugs and various massagers can prove to be creative, stimulating gifts. If you are looking for a night of erotic sex, these items should be included into a great sex kit for you and your partner.


When choosing toys, open and honest communication is very important. Do some research and learn about the different products. You may do so at Dirty Harry’s Secrets and/or Pleasure Kit

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Sex Tips – How To Last Longer





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Do you want to climax at the same time as your girl or to let her orgasm first? Do you feel helpless at those moments when you seem to lose control over the time you make love to your woman?


According to a survey of 900 women conducted by a female magazine, nearly two-thirds of them have had sex with a man who experienced premature ejaculation (PE). PE affects men of all ages and it happens to all men at some time in their lives. This happens especially to some guys who are inexperienced or to others who are too highly excited or who have abstained from sex for a long time.


PE can be caused by physical or psychological factors, or a combination of both. Some studies indicated that the pelvic muscles which surround the erectile tissues in the penis are in a hyperactive state in men with PE. For the majority of men with PE, the cause is mainly psychological such as feeling pressure to perform. This can cause a feeling of inadequacy which can manifest in the form of performance anxiety and avoiding sex.


How long should you last in bed? There is no fix timing here. According to a sexuality survey done on over 7,000 men, 21% of them ejaculated within 50-60 seconds and another 62% ejaculated within 1-5 minutes. Only 1 in 6 lasted over 5 minutes and 1 in 10 over 10 minutes. This can be subjective also. Some men who ejaculated at less than a minute did not feel they have PE and yet some who lasted over 5 minutes still feel they should last longer.


While impotence drugs can sort out problems in the short term, long term solutions can be found through non-medical and less costly ways. Here are some ways to cope with PE.


(1)   Reflex control exercises


Masturbation a few hours before sex is said to be the easiest way for a man to delay ejaculation. But what I am referring here is not just masturbation. It is the use of the start-and-stop repetitive action to control your sexual response. During each masturbating session, you stroke yourself until you feel you are about to ejaculate and then you stop probably for a minute before you stimulate again. You do this for a few times until you decide you want to ejaculate. This exercise will train you to control and delay your sexual response. You can combine this with deep breathing exercises. When you feel you are about to reach climax, you breath in deeply to relax your body and muscle in order to delay ejaculation.


(2)   Focus on pleasuring your partner


If you feel pressured to perform, or have performance anxiety issues, you are more likely to experience PE. Telling ourselves to relax and not to be too stressed up is easier said than done because the more you tell yourself not to do it, the more your mind will think this way. The best way to cope with this is not to think about how long you should last but to switch focus to your partner’s pleasure. You pay attention to your partner’s body and learn/observe when she is about to reach orgasm. You learn to stimulate your partner and pleasure her so that she can reach orgasm sooner and before you. When you see that she is enjoying your stimulation, not only you will get turned on, you will also feel confident you are performing well enough.


(3)   Squeeze yourself to numb the sensation


During intercourse, when you feel you are about to ejaculate, you or your partner will gently squeeze the base of the penis shaft to hinder sexual stimulation and wait until the pressure for ejaculation stops. This squeezing action can be done repeatedly until climax is reached by both parties. Also, remember to empty your bladder before intercourse because having a full bladder will add pressure to the PC muscles and increase the chances of PE.


(4)   Choose the sex positions that can help you last longer


(a)   Woman-on-top position


When she is on top, your penis is less stimulated. Ask her to go slowly because long and fast thrusting can increase the chances of PE.


(b)   Modified missionary


You get her to lie on her back with the lower part of her body near the edge of bed or desk and lift her legs straight up pointing to the ceiling. Then you give shallow penetration in standing position. This position is effective because when you are standing or kneeling, it can help to restrict blood flow from your extremities. The penis will not be overly stimulated. This will give you greater control over your arousal and help you to last longer.


Use these 4 ways to help you regain your sexual stamina and at the same time satisfy your woman. For more tips to have a long lasting and better sex life, you can read on further from Hot Sex and Last Longer

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Sex Positions That Please A Woman And Make Her Orgasm At Least Once





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Do you ever wonder why she is less interested in sex? Or, when you initiate sex, she says she has a headache. Perhaps it is time for you to make some changes in your bedroom routine and get creative by experimenting with some sex positions you never try before.


If you want to please a woman and make her orgasm whenever you are in bed with her, you will not achieve much unless you know the differences between the sex positions. These differences may have something to do with the way the position increases the chances of providing more or prolonged stimulation to the clitoris and g-spot as well as helping you to last longer. You may have one or two favorite sex positions. However, if you want to continue to have intimate moments with your girl, you have to learn more about other sex positions that you can try during lovemaking to keep things going hot.


(1)   Woman-on-top positions


This position puts a woman in total control of the movement and allows deep penetration


(a)    Instead of the usual kneeling, she can choose to squat. The usual forward to backward movement can be switched to upward and downward.


(b)   In the usual woman-on-top position, you bend your knees so that she can rest her back on your knees. This position allows her to adjust herself in a way that increases the chances of rubbing her g-spot. You can also take the chance to use your hand to stimulate the clitoris.


(c)    You sit on a rocking chair. She will either sit facing you or her back towards you on your lap as she positions herself to let you enter her.


(d)   While on top of you, she faces your feet. This is the perfect position to rub her g-spot. You can bend your knees to allow her to rest against your knees. Some women feel that they enjoy sexual fantasies more when they face away from their partners.


(e)    You sit on the floor with your legs straighten out. She will sit on your lap wrapping her legs around your waist as she adjusts her lower body to allow penetration. This position allows both of you to touch and hug each other. It is very intimate and the pelvic rocking gives a wonderful sensation to her.


(2)   Standing positions


(a)    She stands facing the wall and bending forward. You hold her by the hips and enter her from behind. She can either allow you to completely dominate her in this position, or she can use the wall to push back against you as you thrust. This is one of those positions that will open her up for deep penetration and will increase the chances of stimulating her g-spot.


(b)   In this more advanced standing sex position, she will slightly separate her legs and bend over to grab her knees. You will enter her from behind. Heights issues can be overcome either by you bending slightly at your knees or she stands on a stool or stair step.


(c)    This position will require you to stand at the edge of the bed. She will lay on her back with buttocks on the edge of the bed. She will rest her feet on your shoulders while you lift her buttocks to penetrate her. She can also rest her legs on your arms or wrap her legs around you as you thrust her.


(d)   This is a reverse of the position just mentioned. She will stand adjusting her body for penetration while you will sit at the edge of the bed.


(3)   Rear entry positions


(a)    She lies on her stomach with her hips slightly raised while you enter her from behind. She can put a pillow under her upper body to adjust the angle of penetration. As you enter her, you will push together and separate her buttock cheeks. Every time you do this, it will change the sensation just a bit, making the tension tighter and then loose.


(b)   She will squat in a position like a frog. This will mean her hands and feet are on the bed with her knees up. She should put the majority of her weight on her legs and hands as she leans slightly forward. You will then penetrate her from behind. She can bounce up and down a little on you to enjoy herself in this position.


By now, she should be moaning in pleasure as you try one of the positions listed above. If these do not work, do not blame yourself and do not give up. You can try other methods of stimulation from Hot Sex and Make Her Orgasm.

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