The Most Prominent Sexual Health Issues Among Men




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Sexual health issues are problems that occur during the the sexual response cycle which may inhibit the completion of a sexual intercourse or hinders the achievement of sexual satisfaction. These issues may create problems within the relationship and the couple’s sex life. Most of these sexual health issues are treatable, a fact that prompts people to talk about their sexual problems to their partner and health care provider. For men, the most prominent sexual health issues are:


  • Ejaculation Problems
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Loss of Libido or Sexual Desire

Who are Prone to These Sexual Health Issues?

These prominent sexual health issues may affect men of all ages, although they may only discover it when they enter the age of sexual maturity. However, older men and those with medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, prostate cancer and depression are more prone to have these sexual health issues. When a man ages, he is gradually losing his sex hormones called testosterone which are responsible for a man’s sexual desire. Medical conditions and medications may also alter the normal blood flow, functions of the body and movement of the chemicals in the brain which affect a man’s ability to hold and sustain erections and ejaculations.

 Ejaculation Problems

Ejaculation problems are of three types: premature ejaculation, retarded ejaculation and retrograde ejaculation. Premature ejaculation occurs when a man ejaculates before or soon after he penetrates the vagina. Retarded ejaculation happens when the ejaculation is slow and gradual. Lastly, retrograde ejaculation occurs when the ejaculation is forced back and not excreted through the urethra.

These ejaculation problems usually occur out of performance anxiety, when a man is unattracted to his partner or if he is depressed and stressed. Some medical conditions such as diabetes and nerve disorders may prompt the occurrence of retrograde ejaculation.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is one of the prominent sexual health issues many men deal with. It is a condition when blood is inhibited from entering the chambers of the penis and fails to generate an erection. It can be caused by low testosterone levels, atherosclerosis, stress, performance anxiety and depression.

Loss of Libido

Inhibited sexual desire or loss of libido is more prominent among men who have low levels of testosterone, diabetes and those who are dealing with psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety. Men with inhibited desire find themselves difficult to get stimulated and unable to perform a satisfying intercourse.


These prominent sexual health issues are treatable and can be managed especially if men are open to talk about it. Men with these problems must determine and address the root causes by talking to their doctor. Furthermore, open communication with their partners and living a healthy lifestyle can significantly contribute to the solution of their problems.

By: Allen Wander

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How Female Orgasm Works






How can I make a girl orgasm? Why she can’t orgasm when we are having intercourse? What is wrong? There is nothing wrong with you and your girl at all. Around 75% of women do not reach orgasm from penis-in-vagina intercourse alone. This does not mean that 75% of women do not experience a sexual climax. The truth is that sex is more than just intercourse and orgasm. In order to help put your woman into the 25% who enjoy sex and make her like you a lot, you have to understand the process of sexual response. Any sexual experience will involve some or all of the 5 stages which are desire, arousal, plateau, orgasm and resolution.


(1)   Desire


Desire is simply the wish or urge to participate in any sexual activity or some kind of sex. This desire works in the same way as feeling hungry which makes you want to eat.In a sexual context, desire is a matter of having an appetite to have sex at a given time which is sometimes described as being “hungry” or “horny”. Without this feeling of sexual desire, sex in any form is not going to be enjoyable. This feeling of desire can happen when all or any of the 5 senses of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste are being stimulated. This can also occur when we are talking about sex with someone else. In order to get aroused, we need to have desire first.


(2)   Arousal


What happens when you or someone is aroused? When we are aroused, blood pressure will go up, making our face red hot, breathing and heartbeat gets faster. Our body becomes very sensitive and responsive to touch. There will be an increase in the flow of blood to the genital issues. Your penis will get hard. Her nipples become erect or swollen and the breasts get slightly fuller. Her clitoris and vaginal lips become puffed up. She will start to get wet (vaginal lubrication). The deeper end of the vaginal also expands and pulls back a bit, making her feel emptier inside the vagina. Though a guy can get aroused very quickly, but for a woman, this usually can happen if you are patient in giving her a good foreplay.


(3)   Plateau


When sexual stimulation continues, our arousal may then progress to the plateau phase. We get this “high” feeling or a feeling of being “on the edge”. Your body will feel increasingly sensitive, face, lips or chest get flushed, or the heart beat gets even stronger. The same thing also happens to her.


(4)   Orgasm


This is the peak of sexual excitement which happens after the plateau stage. The muscles especially around the pelvis region will expand and contract and the body will secrete more good-feeling hormones such as endorphins. For a guy, he will reach the point of no return and ejaculate. For a woman, she must be stimulated all the way (without stopping) in order to reach orgasm.


(5)   Resolution


The pressure that builds up in the body to reach orgasm is finally released just like the popping of an inflated balloon. Both you and your girl will feel physically and psychologically relaxed. Blood that fills up the genitals and other sensitive body parts will drain out causing them to return to their normal state. This resolution stage can also happen without orgasm when all forms of sexual stimulation are stopped abruptly.


Now that you understand how orgasm can happen to you and your woman, you can start applying this knowledge in your sex life now. In order to get her to enjoy sex and experience full arousal, plateau and climax, you need to stimulate more than just her genitals. Her state of mind is of utmost importance. Her mind needs to be stimulated as well to get in the mood.


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How To Improve A Woman’s Chances Of Having An Orgasm






I came across this at a sexuality forum. A guy and his girlfriend have been having sex for over 5 months and she never had an orgasm. She never seems to be in the mood to do it. She only said that if the environment was right maybe it would be possible for her to achieve orgasm. She claimed to love her boyfriend and sex didn’t really bother her. The guy would like to know how to make a girl orgasm and how to increase her sex drive.


If you are facing the same situation, the following ideas should help to start the ball rolling.


(1)   Create the right conditions


To get a girl to desire you and want to have sex, you have to put her at ease. This will need more time, the right atmosphere, some romance, and lots of other nice sweet little things you do to make her feel good. If she is stressed and is occupied with other problems, sex will not work. She needs to get in the right mood. Therefore you should be helpful as well as supportive and give her a lot of care and appreciation.


Making love is a slow process for a woman. You may have to start many hours in advance in order to turn her on effectively. This will require fondness and attention from the man she loves.


Women need a much longer foreplay than men. You start by whispering sweet words in her ears. Give her a very specific reason why you find her irresistible such as the curve of her neck or the way she walks. You may also take a long hot shower or bath together which will give you both the chance to touch and rub each other. The lightings in the room should not be glaring. Candles and soft music can help too.


Do not fondle the genital area until she is ready. You need to be patient. She may not get an orgasm until after 20 minutes or more. Sometimes it may not work, even if you do everything right. With practice, she will eventually be more responsive to your stimulation.


Another good way to get her relaxed is to let her mind wander into fantasy. To reach orgasm, she needs to clear her head and turn off her brain’s fear center. Fantasy is a great way for her to deactivate her fear center. You can help her to relax by constructing an erotic fantasy before things heat up. This can be done by whispering provocative sentences to each other in turn, building a story she can get lost in.


(2)   Make her orgasm first


Most women will not achieve orgasm through an ordinary genital sexual intercourse. Men are often very tired after their orgasm. Due to this reason, it is best to ensure your woman has an orgasm before you. She will still be excited afterwards and will enjoy your orgasm.


Women can easily reach orgasm by proper stimulation of the clitoris, a small lap of skin just over the vagina. You can stimulate her clitoris using your fingers and your tongue. One study found women who experience multiple orgasms usually have the first orgasm after cunnilingus, rather than intercourse or manual pleasures. The tongue is therefore the perfect instrument for stimulating the clitoris. The way to do is to start with cunnilingus and move on to intercourse.


There is also a place inside the vagina, which can be stimulated to give her an orgasm, which is the g-spot. It can be a bit difficult to find this region and stimulate it in the right way. This can only be effectively done when she is highly aroused after clitoral stimulation. Women who succeed in getting orgasm this way will usually use the woman-on-top intercourse position. This position gives her lots of options to control the movements to facilitate g-spot stimulation.


These are the 2 key things you can do for a woman who never had an orgasm. Her chances of getting an orgasm or even multiple orgasms will be higher if she has a partner who is attentive to her needs.


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Why Does She Avoid Sex






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When you are standing in line at the store or in a café, she can be very affectionate. But when in bed, she says she is too tired. When both of you make time to go to bed, sex is always a one-way street, you are the one doing a lot of stroking, caressing and playing with her genitals, trying to get her to reach orgasm. But she has real trouble in getting intimate with you.


A fear of intimacy – hiding behind emotional walls and barriers – is something that affects many adults and prevents them from forming healthy relationship with others.


Here are some reasons why people develop a fear of intimacy and what can be done to close the gap between yourself and the person you love.


(1)   She has fairly strong body image issues


Sometimes a woman’s view of her body can be so poor that she hates seeing herself naked, let alone allowing someone else to see her naked. Some women will do something about this like getting regular exercises and having a proper diet. Others will do nothing but bitch and whine about it and most likely they will have a fear of intimacy.


How to overcome this? One of the things you can do is to basically treat her like she is gorgeous and sexy all the time. You can gently but positively refute all her negative self-doubts. When she is self-conscious about her tummy or wide hips, you just have to say, “You are the hottest woman I have ever dated” and give her this kind of assurance as often as you can. Do not be afraid to grab and caress her tummy or hips just because she has issues over them.


To support what you say, you frequently touch her all over her body, not just during sex but even outside the bedroom. When she is looking or doing some other things, you come up from behind her to rub her tummy or hips. What you are doing is to basically and totally normalize her body and your attraction to it. You have to be patient because this may take a couple of months to change her from someone with crippling body anxiety issues to someone who is very accepting of and comfortable with her body.


(2)   She is afraid of the unknown


Some women can easily open up to men and may have no problem in sleeping with you on the 3rd date. However, some may be unwilling to get intimate even after a couple of months. Maybe she is a virgin, maybe she has had a couple of short-lived relationships, or maybe she is unsure about what lies ahead for the relationship. Perhaps she had been with someone for years and the thought of being with someone totally new, while exciting, scares her. Whatever the reasons, she is one of those people who simply take a longer while to open up, especially where physical intimacy is concerned.


If you share an otherwise mutually satisfying relationship and enjoy being with each other, give her some more time. She may need to feel certain of your love or require a while to feel comfortable with you physically before she can engage in a sexual relationship.


(3)   Unhappy past relationship


Maybe her last boyfriend did not treat her properly (maybe even sexually abused her) or cheated her and this can make her fear intimacy. This fear can prevent her from entering into another close connection. If this is the case, you need to go slow on your sexual advances because being too forceful or trying too hard can backfire. You have to be patient to allow her to heal herself before she can be comfortable with you in an intimate setting. Maybe you can encourage her to talk about her past with you, assuming that she even wants to. By all means, let her know that you find her attractive but will not pressure her into sex. Offer support when she feels scared, confused or depressed.


(4)   She has medical issues


She may be suffering from a condition that is medically defined as hypoactive sexual desire disorder. Signs of this condition include feelings of shame, fear about sexual matters and painful spasm during intercourse, complete emotional detachment during sex. The cause of this condition could be psychological or physical/hormonal.


However, it is important to remember that the absence of a dramatic orgasmic climax during intercourse does not necessarily mean she is suffering from this condition. Sometimes a woman may be concerned about other matters like sexual hygiene or unwanted pregnancy which may prevent her from wanting to be intimate with you and you interpret these as fears of intimacy. Assure her that you will take care of these issues and work together with her to find solutions to them.


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How To Achieve Mutual Pleasure In Sex




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A love relationship is not just about sex although it is an important part of the relationship. In order for a relationship to work well sexually and non-sexually, communication is very important and you cannot do away with it.


If this is so, why some couples can’t talk things out when they are unhappy with their sex lives?


(1)   Not good in expressing themselves


By nature, most guys as compared to women are not as vocal. They do not like to talk and like to keep things to themselves. Or, they are not so good in expressing themselves which can likely cause others to misinterpret them. Therefore, some will choose not to discuss their problems with anyone including their spouses. This can only cause a build up of anger and frustration that may ‘explode’ at a time when it is most hurtful, doing serious damage to the relationship.


(2)   Afraid of hurting his/her feelings


Some people are afraid that if they are honest or frank to their lover, it will hurt their feelings. Therefore they choose to remain quiet. This unhappy feeling builds up over time affecting the overall relationship including their sex lives. It is better to keep those lines of communication open and risk hurting your partner’s feelings for a day or two. This honest but necessary conversation may result in long-lasting great sex between you and your lover.


(3)   Afraid of hurting his/her ego


Some people are afraid that if they are too blunt about their dissatisfaction, this can hurt his/her ego. However, you can voice out your needs and feelings in a loving and compassionate way. This can also give you the chance to learn about your partner’s needs and give him/her the best sex they have ever had. At the same time be willing to listen to your partner because he/she may have some unfulfilled needs as well.


(4)   Afraid of facing resistance or rejection


Some people are very used to their usual ways of doing things and seeing no need for any changes. When you suggest something new or unknown to them, they will get very uncomfortable because they are afraid of changes. But a little love, compassion and patience in explaining may ease their fear.


(5)   Do not want to look selfish


To overcome this concern, when you want to bring up any issue, encourage your partner to let you know what he/she feels is missing too. Though sex is something that is very individualistic, however it should not be treated as something that is too intimidating to talk about. You are concerned about your relationship and you want to make it better, stronger and more satisfying. The main goal should be mutual pleasure. If your partner truly loves you, he/she will listen and want you to be satisfied.


What To Avoid When You Bring Out An Idea


(1)   Talking in a blaming and accusing tone


Avoid saying things like, “You don’t do this or that”, or “You just do not want to believe or listen to me anymore”. This will prompt your partner to get defensive and he/she will emotionally ‘shut out’ everything that you said. The right way to approach this is to explain to your partner that you just want to experience new things with him/her and you want your lives together to be as enriching and fulfilling as possible.


(2)   Bring things up at the wrong time


Avoid bringing up any sexual issues right before, during or immediately after sex, when you are in the midst of a rush to do other things and after you have a stressful day at workplace. Do discuss at a time when both of you are in a relaxed state of mind and more open to discussion. You can create a cordial environment through arranging a nice dinner first and set a comfortable atmosphere.


(3)   Do not set a deadline


This can only cause unnecessary stress on your partner. Whether it is inside or outside of the bedroom, sex is not something to be rushed on. Great sex is something that you learn and build on through trials and errors and listening/understanding of each other needs.


Therefore put your fears and egos aside and start talking and listening to each other. If you do not discuss sexual an intimacy matters with your partner, you will be depriving yourself of wonderful life experiences. You can get more ideas on improving the sexual aspect of your relationship by clicking on Hot Sex and Eternal Flame

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