What causes Skin Spots on Your Face and Body?



No matter which factor is responsible for your skin spots, you can remove them safely and easily with natural products in just a matter of weeks. You will not experience any side effects and your skin will be white and radiant once again!
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Skin spots are not actually harmful. They are sometimes referred to as age or liver spots. Most of the time, this skin condition becomes an annoying problem only when a person is conscious about the way he or she looks, especially for those who desperately want a clean, spotless skin.


Skin spots that are brown in color can be caused by a multitude of reasons. Freckles, rashes, moles, pregnancy, hormones, age, exposure to the sun, and other factors are cited as some of these factors. In most cases, this type of skin condition is called hyperpigmentation, in which dark spots appear in a certain areas of the skin as a result of a melanin increase.


The good news is that these spots can be treated. Laser technology, bleaching creams and exfoliation are some of the available treatments which you can make use of to get rid of skin spots.


But before actually starting to treat the different types of Skin Spots you will need to figure out how you personally came to have this skin conditions. Perhaps this is due too much time in the sun. Only you will know the answer. Now once you have isolated the cause then you can now move on to treat your skin spots.


Here’s a look at what causes skin spots on the face and body.


Skin spots caused by sun


Sun is the main factor triggering dark skin spots. When your skin is exposed to sun rays the production of melanin increases significantly. Melanin is what determines the pigment of your skin and the more that is present, the darker the skin becomes.


This is the reason you become tan but it also leads to skin discolorations in many people. Most people who develop spots this way will get them in places like the face, arms, back and shoulders.  In some areas the damage is so bad that the brown spots remain permanently on the skin.


For this reason it is highly important to protect the skin from the damaging action of the solar rays. Wear hats to cover your head and face, or apply high SPF (sun protection factor of at least 30) lotions to create a screen between the solar rays and the skin.


Use protection no matter if you are taking a walk in the park, go shopping or lie on the beach. It will be best if you can avoid staying outdoors for too long, at between 10 am to 3 pm, when the sun rays are their strongest.


Skin spots caused by age


As we become older, we will experience some specific signs of aging such as wrinkles, brown spots and loose skin. Nobody like this to happen, but not to worry because you can make the brown skin spots go away or at least diminish their frequency and their intense color by specific treatments (bleaching or exfoliation). Also, drinking about 8 glasses of water and having a balanced diet will postpone the apparition of brown skin spots and will diminish their size and intensity.


Skin spots caused by hormonal imbalances


Not all the factors triggering brown spots are external. Indeed, hormonal imbalances can also cause skin spots. This is especially so for pregnant women and other women who undergo treatments with estrogen. Skin spots appear as your body adjusts to having more hormones being thrown into it.


As you can see, the causes of brown skin spots and hyperpigmentation are multiple. Therefore, you have to know exactly which specific factor triggers your skin problem before you treat it, so that you will know exactly how to approach it.


No matter what factor is responsible for your skin spots, you can remove them safe and easy with natural products. Try learning how to make and use these simple, fast and effective natural recipes by clicking on Skin Whitening Forever and your brown skin spots will be gone in a matter of weeks. You will not experience any side effects and your skin will be white and radiant once again!


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4 Simple Steps for Preventing Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation



The 4 steps you should take in preventing dark spots are – avoid unprotected prolonged exposure to the Sun, drink plenty of water, have a balanced diet and monitor your health regularly.
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Looks do matter a lot in many current activities, starting with finding a job and ending with finding a person with whom to share our lives. If you have dark spots on your skin, it feels a little awkward when you meet people.


Dark spots, also known as brown spots, sun spots, age spots, liver spots, are the results of overexposure to the sun or sun damage of the skin. Ultraviolet radiation can cause oxidation of lipids in cellular membranes, leading to production of free radicals and inflammation, which could promote melanocytes to produce melanin via activation of tyrosinase.


The melanin pigment is made to absorb sunlight and help protect your skin from the sun’s UV radiation. However when melanocytes make too much melanin in the epidermis (top layer of the skin), and you will see the development of dark spots.


One of the most frequent issue when it comes to skin looks and health is hyperpigmentation, which happens when the dark spots won’t fade normally of their own accord. Due to this reason, it is always better to take precautionary measures in preventing dark spots before they start to ruin your healthy good looks.


The following are some easy steps you can take to avoid being affected by hyperpigmentation.


Avoid the sun


Long hours of exposure to the sun can trigger the overproduction of melanin (the substance responsible for skin darkening). The longer you stay under the sun without using protection, the darker your skin will become. Excessive exposure to the sun’s rays can increase the chances of developing permanent brown spots.


Minimize as much as possible the time spend outside between 10 am and 2 pm when the sun’s rays are the strongest.


Protect your skin with hats, sunglasses and high SPF sunscreen when you have to get out in the sun, will help a lot in preventing dark spots from showing up on the face.


The sun protection factor (SPF) in sunscreens is a measure of their ability to prevent burns from sun exposure. Choose a sunscreen (also known as sunblock or suntan lotion) with the correct SPF to avoid sunburn and damage.


The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher that says “broad-spectrum” on the label (which means it protects against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays) and is water-resistant. UVA is thought to cause skin aging, while UVB is mostly responsible for sunburn and skin cancers.


You should wear sunscreen every day, regardless of the weather or season. Apply it all over your exposed skin about 15 minutes to 30 minutes before going outside.


Reapply sunscreen at least every two hours and after you sweat or swim.

If you wear foundation, apply sunscreen as well as foundation or buy foundation that has sunscreen in it.


Drink plenty of water


Water is the main source of moisture for the skin. Water is also great for your skin because it helps flush away toxins, which translates into a clearer and healthier complexion.


Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day, try fitting in an extra glass or two during the summer months and the chances that your skin will get spots and fine lines will be reduced significantly.


Have a balanced diet       


Believe it or not, you are what you eat. The things you eat have a great impact on the way your skin looks like. Insufficient vitamin in your diet can also contribute in causing dark spots.


By eating foods rich in vitamin A, B and C, minerals, fibers, amino-acids and carbohydrates you will not only keep your body healthy, but you will also have a great skin.


Specifically, your diet should have green tea (which contains anti-inflammatory chemical called catechins), olive oil (which contains the fatty acids for nourishing skin cells), orange (which is rich in Vitamin C), fiber-rich whole grains, vegetables and apples, and tuna (which has various nutrients including niacin, pyridoxine, magnesium, potassium, essential fatty acids and selenium). When your body is functioning right, your skin will be healthy and glowing too.


Check your health permanently


The skin is the mirror of your body. If something goes wrong inside your body, this will be seen outside too. Some brown spots or hyperpigmentation are caused by internal problems, such as hormonal imbalances.


For this reason, you should regularly go for a health check so that you can work your doctor to tackle the room of your problem and prevent any spots or other conditions on your skin and in your body.


These four steps should help you in preventing dark spots from appearing on your skin. These are easy things to do which you should include them in your daily routine if you are longing for a long, healthy and happy life.


For more ideas in preventing dark spots, try these simple, cheap and safe natural skin whitening recipes from Skin Whitening Forever. From here you will be able to learn how you can use natural ingredients to get rid of dark spots in just a matter of weeks and your skin will be radiant and spotless once again!

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Why Proper Skin Care is Important after a Skin Whitening Treatment




Whether you are going for laser skin whitening treatment or using a bleaching cream, you need to exercise proper skin care before, during and after the skin whitening treatment. This is necessary if you want to look better.
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Whether you are going for laser skin whitening treatment or using a bleaching cream, you need to exercise proper skin care before, during and after the skin whitening treatment. This is necessary if you want to look better.


For this reason, you need to be aware of the things you need to be done and the things to avoid after you have done your skin whitening treatment. What I mean here is you need to have proper skin care after you whiten your skin.


Right on top of the list is to avoid direct exposure to the sun’s ultra violet rays. This is because after the skin whitening treatment, the upper layer of the skin is removed so that there is no protective ‘shield’ between your exfoliated skin and the sun rays, making it more sensitive to the sun’s ultra violet rays.


Prolonged exposure to the sun can even cause sunburn or even further skin darkening. If you need to leave your house during day time, you need to apply a good sunscreen lotion over your skin and to wear a hat to protect yourself against the sun’s rays.


Another essential thing you need to get done is to keep your skin moisturized. You can do it by drinking lots of water during day time and applying moisturizing creams and lotions that can retain and increase the moisture. This will get your skin to heal faster so that you will look much better in a shorter period of time.


After you have finished your chemical peel routine, you do not use your hand to peel any dry or dead skin on the surface. Instead you should let it fall by itself. Premature peeling will increase the risk of scarring your skin or can even cause your skin to get darker.


You also need to understand that some types of treatment require specific skin maintenance procedure. You can find this maintenance instruction written on the prescription (if you do the procedure at home) or you will receive the specific instructions from the dermatologist who treats you (if you chose to do the procedure at a professional office).


You need to strictly follow the post-treatment skin care instructions if you want to reap the maximum benefits out of your skin whitening treatment. Doing so will also avoid any type of side effects.


In the event of anything going wrong after you have finished your skin whitening treatment, you need to see a dermatologist as soon as you can, irrespective of whether you have done your skin brightening procedure at home or at a specialized office.


If you follow closely the proper skin care instructions given to you on the product label or from the dermatologist and to be clear about what are the things you should not done to cause unnecessary damage to your skin, skin whitening treatments will definitely give you a more beautiful and radiant skin.


If you want to get great results from a skin whitening treatment without having any side effects, click on Proper Skin Care. Here you will find out everything you need to know about skin whitening as well as some natural recipes for homemade products that will remove dark spots, age spots and freckles in a matter of weeks!

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How to Look More Radiant and Younger with Illuminatural 6i Skin Brightener



If you want to look more radiant and younger by reducing skin blemishes, dark spots, uneven complexion and you'd like to do something about it, you might consider Illuminatural 6i as a safe and natural alternative to most skin lightening products which contain mercury, hydroquinone, steroids and other harmful chemicals.
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Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to have a glowing, healthy and radiant complexion. If your skin is dull and tired looking, it can make you look older than your actual age, which is what most people want to avoid. It is due to the reason that one of the top sellers in the lucrative skin care industry is those skin brightening products, which aims to help you look more radiant and younger.


But the problem with most skin brightening products is that they are laden with dangerous chemicals and toxic agents, including steroids, hyrdoquinone and especially mercury. Enter the natural skin brightener, a skin lightening product formulated with botanicals and natural exfoliants.


Illuminatural 6i by the Skinception line of skin care products is one of the few skin brighteners available today that has been carefully formulated with no toxic ingredients or dangerous chemicals in it. This makes the product suitable for people who have sensitive skin. This fact has been confirmed by positive customer reviews.


How does Illuminatural 6i help you to look more radiant and younger?


Skin brighteners can really do wonders for your complexion. A good skin brightening cream such as Illuminatural 6i can lighten the skin; help you look your best by greatly reducing the appearance of age spots, moles, freckles, birth marks, acne scars, sun damage, and uneven pigmentation on your skin. This will give you a more even complexion so that you will look more radiant and younger.


In order to give you this desired effect, a skin lightener must inhibit the tyrosinase enzyme that stimulates the melanocyte skin cells that produce melanin – the dark pigment. Excessive melanin causes skin blotchiness, uneven skin tone and dark spots. Excess melanin also results in hyperpigmentation.


A skin lightener must also be able to exfoliate the dark pigmented cells to promote the growth of newer, bright skin cells to reach the outermost layer of skin, the epidermis.


Illuminatural 6i is designed to perform both of these functions – inhibit the enzyme responsible for hyperpigmentation and exfoliate the skin in a safe yet effective manner. Illuminatural 6i offers a less painful and more convenient way to exfoliate the skin than by using a chemical peel.


What does Illuminatural 6i contain?


Illuminatural 6i is a natural skin lightener which contains mainly gentle skin lighteners, plant-derived active ingredients and natural exfoliants.


Among these ingredients, the more notable ones, you will find:


Niacinamide – It is a form of vitamin B3 which is water soluble that has been clinically proven to have this capability to improve the appearance of your skin. Niacinamide can help to preserve the levels of enzymes that are essential to slow down the aging process, as well as protecting the skin against pollutants. It has demonstrated anti-inflammatory capabilities that can benefit people who are suffering from skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and hyperpigmentation.


Alpha-Arbutin – This is derived from the leaves of berries and fruits. Alpha-arbutin has been clinically proven to be able to reduce melanin by up to 70%. It is considered a safer, more natural alternative to common skin bleachers. In a Chinese study, researchers found that women who used alpha-arbutin experienced 60% more skin lightening effects than achieved with hydroquinone.


Beta Glucan – This is a soluble fiber derived from the cell walls of algae, bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and plants. It is commonly used for its cholesterol-lowering effects.  In the aspect of skin care it is also considered a natural alternative to Botox. Beta glucan helps natural turnover of dead skin cells and promotes health of macrophages, which are the cells that destroy dead or mutated skin cells.


Should You Buy Illuminatural 6i?


If you have skin blemishes, dark spots, uneven complexion and you’d like to do something about it, you might consider Illuminatural 6i as a safe and natural alternative to most skin lightening products which contain mercury, hydroquinone, steroids and other harmful chemicals.


You might also take comfort in knowing that it’s offered by Skinception, a well-known brand of popular skin care products that blend natural ingredients with patented peptides and that keep paraben content to a minimum.


Positive consumer reviews have confirmed that Illuminatural 6i can deliver what it claims, which is to lighten the complexion and reduce visibility of skin blemishes, including blotchiness, sun damage, acne scars and age spots.


For more information on how to look more radiant and younger, go to Illuminatural 6i Homepage

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How to Treat Blemishes Naturally At Home with Illuminatural 6i



A natural skin brightener, like Illuminatural6i by the Skinception line of skin care products, performs the same functions as a conventional skin brightener that can give you a lighter complexion and help to treat blemishes and dark spots. It does not contain mercury and hydroquinone; therefore you will not get any side effects.


Are you troubled by facial or skin blemishes? Are you looking for way to treat blemishes? Do you feel your skin too oily? Are you looking for ways to have a radiant, blemish-free skin?


Indeed blemishes are not only incredibly embarrassing; they might be painful as well. Blemishes are not something any person wants to live with. Blemishes on face could be really daunting, causing people to feel conscious and less confident at social gatherings along with other meetings.


A blemish is really a disturbance within the skin caused by pimples, blocked pores, a skin rash or scarring. Blemishes are marks or discoloration of the skin in quite a few areas. Underlying skin blemish causes include inflammation, clogged pores, excessive sebum (natural skin oil) production and overgrowth of bacteria.


Skin blemishes may also appear as acne scars, birth marks or other signs that skin has been damaged in some form. Though such blemishes are primarily cosmetic, sun damage may elevate risk of skin cancer.


Skin blemishes can also be due to the result of excessive melanin levels. Melanin is the pigment that is responsible for the color of the skin and hair and even the shade of one’s eyes.


Melanin is produced in the deepest layer of the epidermis – the skin’s outermost layer – by the melanocyte skin cells. Hyperpigmentation occurs when the tyrosinase enzyme triggers the melanocyte cells to produce excessive melanin in localized areas.


Hyperpigmentation, and the skin blemishes that develop as a result, can be triggered by internal and external factors. Internal factors include pregnancy (due to hormonal imbalance), birth control pills, and hormone replacement therapy. External factors include over exposure to sun, acne and surgery.


There are a few types of hyperpigmentation that is based on the cause of the excess melanin. These include melasma, age spots or liver spots, freckles, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


Skin blemishes tend to form in concentrated patches, as a result of these factors, and can make once smooth complexion look uneven and blotchy.


How to Treat Blemishes


If excessive sun exposure is the main cause of those age spots and blotchy patches, then it is advisable to wear sun screen, which has an SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 30.


For some women, the main reason for their dark spots and skin blemishes is due to hormone replacement therapy (HRT). If this is the case, it is best to avoid this treatment completely since some forms of HRT can increase the risk of getting breast cancer.


For many women, the most popular way of treating dark spots in order to achieve a brighter complexion is to get a skin brightening product. However, conventional skin brighteners present health risks that warrant a closer inspection.


How to Choose a Skin Brightener


An effective skin brightener should be able to inhibit the tyrosinase enzyme that triggers hyperpigmentation. In addition, it should have the capability to exfoliate dark, dead skin cells from the epidermis to coincide with the skin’s 28-day renewal process.


Many skin brighteners, however, are formulated with hydroquinone and steroids and roughly 25% of these products contain mercury, which is often labelled as calomel, mercuric, mercurous or mercurio. Mercury is harmful to human body.


Due to this reason, many consumers opt for safer natural skin brightening, with a lightening product formulated with gentle exfoliants, plant-based sun filters and natural ingredients, including niacinamide and beta glucan.


A natural skin brightener, like Illuminatural6i by the Skinception line of skin care products, performs the same functions as a conventional skin brightener that can give you a lighter complexion and help to treat blemishes and dark spots. It does not contain mercury and hydroquinone; therefore you will not get any side effects.


One thing to take note is that Illuminatural6i is created with alpha-arbutin, which in a Chinese study, was shown to be 60% more effective for its skin-lightening effects than hydroquinone, and is much safer.


For more information on how to treat blemishes, visit Illuminatural6i Homepage


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