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How to arouse a woman? How to make her wet? How to get women horny? What are the ways and things you can make a woman sexually aroused? Read below for answers to these questions.

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In order to arouse a woman, you have to make an effort in your foreplay for her. What I mean foreplay here is not just the things you should do in the bedroom before sex. In facts, there are lots of things or preparations you should do. In my definition, foreplay has two aspects. One is the emotional part and the other is the physical aspect.


What is emotional foreplay? It is a series of things outside the bedroom that you have to do as a great lover or partner in making her feel totally comfortable with you. It plays an important role in building up sexual intimacy. To be good in your emotional foreplay, you will have to make her feel loved and appreciated.


You will treat her as a person you are deeply in love and not just an object or outlet to vent your sex needs. You have to be romantic by giving her pleasant surprises which can be some small gifts (which she has always wants) or in the form of gestures. When you are not with her, you can romance her with sms text messaging.


Communication and emotional connection are both very important foundation for a strong relationship. You need to be patient and listen to her without interruptions her needs, wishes, concerns and problems.


You must first resolve any underlying issues outside the bedroom if you want to have a great sex life. If she is not so keen in sex, you have to find out the reasons. Sometimes, she may be troubled by certain conditions such as vaginismus (painful intercourse) or excessive and colored vaginal discharge. Besides getting her to seek medical treatment, you can search online for some self-help guides on vaginismus cure and how to treat yeast infection.


Once you have taken care of the emotional aspect of the foreplay, you can now work on physical aspect of the foreplay. In order to be effective in pleasing and teasing your woman, you will have to take things slowly. The longer you build anticipation, the more pleasure she feels when you reach her hot spots. You do this by deliberately leaving out her most obvious erogenous zones (nipples, clitoris) initially and instead spending more time on her less obvious ones which can be more sensitive to stimulation during the early stage of foreplay.


To make it sensationally intense for her, you can practice some light bondage by way of blindfolding her. As she is not going to know where you will be touching her next, this can be very arousing to her. In touching her, you can impress her with your creativity. There are many things in your house that can be used as sex tools. For example, you can use lightly stroke her with light feather that can be very ticklish and arousing. While touching her, you can either sweet talk or dirty talk to her.


At this point, your main aim is to give her pleasure and make it mutually enjoyable. Though it is best to give her an orgasm, you should not make having an orgasm the main goal for every intercourse session. This will put undue pressure on your woman, making it difficult for her to achieve orgasm.


There is no one-size-fit-all way in arousing a woman. You have to customize or make special adjustments to the sexual techniques you master, in order to be effective in helping her to have the best orgasm she ever gets. You have to pay attention and observe how her body reacts to your move and touch.


Does she put her arms around you or caress you when you touch or penetrate her? If this happens, this means you are doing the right thing. Does she push you back or cover herself up? If this is so, you will have to make changes in your moves. Does she synchronize her movement with yours such as moving her hips in time with your thrust? If this is so, this means she is enjoying what you are doing to her. Does her breathing get more rapid? This is often a sign of she is quite close to orgasm.


How do you know if she is aroused enough? When she is wet down there, does this mean you can stop your foreplay? Many guys have this wrong assumption that when a woman is wet, this means she is ready for sex. Well, this is not so. When she is lubricated, it means her mind is starting to get sexual but still far away from the stage when she is about to orgasm. A clear sign of her been highly-aroused is when you see her vagina swollen or bulging due to increased blood flow to this region. You will see her clitoral hood covering her clitoris in contrast to the beginning when the clitoris is partially-exposed.


Though every woman is different, but for most women, the most effective way to arousing them is by way of clit stimulation, which is the easiest and best way to female orgasm. You can stimulate her clitoris by your hands, your mouth and tongue, your sex organ and sex toys. The best way is to let her have her first orgasm through clitoral stimulation before you enter her. She will then be very sensitive to your subsequent moves and will be able to achieve multiple orgasms.


What I suggest is 60% of your effort will be what you should do to please her when outside the bedroom. Once you do this well, you can be very sure, she will be very receptive to what you are going to do her in bed.  This is 60% emotional (laying the foundation) and 40% physical action in the bedroom.


For more ideas to make a woman want you, read on more to discover the Secrets of Female Orgasm and to find out What She Wants.

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How To Make Sex The Best She Ever Had

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Do you want to know the secret of what women want during sex? Do you want to be in the situation when women are always eager to see you, whether for just casual sex or a serious relationship? Do you want to be the one who is always been pulled into the bedroom again and again by women? Read below for some ideas you can use to get a woman to have orgasms and sexual experience that she never had before.


(1)   Make her feel sexy and confident


The very fact that you want to see her naked means you find her hot, but she needs to actually hear you say it. Compliment her body and how it makes you feel. Tell her how much she turns you on. Place your hand on her lower back, and tell her how badly you want to run your hands all over her. Make her feel seductive when she is out and she will reciprocate in bed. The key is to make her feel very comfortable, desired and safe.


Don’t ever laugh at her attempts because you can guarantee it will be her last if you do. Genuinely compliment her on what she does well, and even if it means over-exaggerating at first. Do not let her have doubts on herself because you can bet that if she has the time of think of that, she’ll be thinking it. 


(2)   Talk her into an orgasm


Some women get insecure about their body, some women get nervous.  They do not know what to expect especially if it is their first time with you.  Talking to them in loving yet naughty ways will only make her more comfortable with you, which will then get her to relax, be more open to you, which can eventually get her even more turned on with you, so that she can really enjoy your presence! To keep her mentally stimulated, you should talk dirty to her; tell her what you want to do to her or how great she feels.  Let her know how turned on you are, how beautiful she is, how she tastes, how silky soft she is. Imagine her doing something wild, and tell her all about it. Let her feel confident that she can do it. Let her feel confident about her body and she will satisfy your deepest desires!  


(3)   Put her interest first


If you really want your woman to have a wild time in bed, you have to focus on her needs. To make sex great for her, you have to give her pleasure and satisfy her needs. Focus on all of her, kiss her hands, lick her navel, and kiss her toes, the back of her neck and everywhere else. If she moans or gasps, you know you’re doing the right thing. Do not get carried away while having sex and focus only on your own needs. Take it slow and warm her up, and don’t ejaculate until your woman gets an orgasm first. Or if you’d like, try to orgasm together. But do not end it before she’s had an orgasm. Another trick: Ask her to kiss your earlobe with the same pressure she prefers during oral, then cop her style next time you are south of the border.


(4)   Fulfill her naughty wishes


Did she joke about going skinny-dipping? Find her a lake. She joked about performing a striptease? Buy her something sexy to shimmy out of. If she’s joked about being blindfolded, or about making out in the wilderness, do something like that. If she wants to join the mile high club, then book a plane or manage it in first class! The main aim is to make her feel like she won’t be judged. Let her overcome all her fears will build trust and confidence and you will see how uninhibited she will be the next time when she is in bed with you.


(5)   Tease her

Plant a long kiss on her in the morning and tell her you can’t wait to ravage her later. Knowing that you find her irresistible is the ultimate turn-on. Call her every now and then from work, and tell her that you are waiting to get home and ravage her! Call her and say something like “You just wait and see, what I’m going to do on reaching home three hours later!” Pamper her with naughty compliments, and she will love you for it. And she will unleash her seductive side to you.


Women like to have all their senses stimulated.  It is how you touch her and caress her, how you talk to her and build a connection, and how you can create and build up desire and affection that makes a big difference between great sex and bad sex. Unleash your girl’s wild side and give her the best experience she ever had using these moves that I have just mentioned. For more ideas to make your woman want you more than ever, read on further at Great Lover.


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