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Women love being pampered. She especially likes to be touched by the man she loves. Touching is the easiest and simplest way to make a girl feel loved and appreciated. If you want to please a woman, giving her a sensual massage can ease her way into sex.


You can start with a relaxing general massage before shifting the focus to your partner’s sex centers. The idea is to bring your partner to high levels of arousal and keep him or her there for a while.  Below are some basics of sensual massage.


(1)   Get him/her into a comfortable position and situation


The best place to give a massage is when he/she is lying down on a padded surface. Wherever it is, the place has to be padded with some blankets to protect him/her from unnecessary strains. A massage is best given when he/she is naked. If she does not want to be nude, then a bathing suit or underwear is fine. But a massage will be more sensual and erotic when your skin touches hers.


A romantic mood can be fostered with dim lights and soothing music. Turn off the cell phone to avoid any distraction. Before starting to give him/her a massage, make sure you are relaxed too. If you are tense, your strokes may hurt.


(2)   Prepare some lubricants


Make sure you get some massage oil, preferably those scented ones. This will allow your hands to glide smoothly across her skin. If your massage include the female genitals, avoid using oil-based lubricants because they are not so easy to wash away, which can promote bacterial growth resulting in yeast infection. Make sure the water-based lubricant does not contain any Nonoxynol-9 because this can cause irritation. Never apply the oil or lotion directly onto his/her body.


(3)   Maintain communication


During both the relaxation and general phases of your erotic massage, it is important for him/her to feel comfortable enough to make any requests and comments. If the one receiving the erotic massage is a man, communication can allow stimulation to be slowed down, changed or stopped before ejaculation becomes inevitable. It is a good idea to look into your partner’s eyes while your hands are on his or her genitals and based on his/her response you can adjust your strokes accordingly.


It is helpful to encourage your partner with hot and dirty talk or sexy compliments. Many sexual difficulties that women experience are due to worries such as her partner is getting tired of pleasuring her or she does not come fast enough, etc. Letting your receiving partner knows you enjoy giving her pleasure can be a powerful aphrodisiac for her.


(4)   Watch your body posture and strokes


Keep your hands in contact with your partner, taking your time, being rhythmic yet sensitive and progressing from long gliding strokes to deep ones. When giving a massage be sure to use good body mechanics, use your body weight rather than arm strength for deep strokes and during gliding strokes keep your knees slightly bent.


(5)   Neck and shoulders


Assuming your partner is now lying face down, the upper part of his/her body is the right place to start with because an awful lot of tension is built up there. Using your fingertips you slowly and gently knead (not pinch) on the shoulders. For the neck, you place one hand on each side of the neck, and then you move your hands in slow and gentle circles.


(6)   Back, sides and buttocks


Continue with this circular motion on each side of the spine extending to the sides and lower back. Besides this, you rub in a diagonal motion on each side of the spine. Another way which I find very enjoyable is to straighten both hands one on each side of the spine, you lean forward using your body weight not using the force of your hands to press down on the back. You do this from the middle to the lower part of the back.


Using the inside of your forearm, you slowly rub one butt cheek at a time in a large circular motion. After that you make a fist and roll your knuckles, one by one, over the triangular bone at his/her lower back which is very helpful to relief stress.


(7)   Legs/feet


Grab his/her ankle and knead with your thumbs and fingers all the way up his/her leg. But do not use too much pressure behind the knees to avoid hurting the sensitive veins there. For the feet, you use your thumbs to massage the soles in circular motion. Then you massage each toe by lightly squeezing it between your thumb and index finger and gently pulling on each one.


(8)   Head/face


Your partner should be lying on his/her back facing you. To massage the head, you do not need any massage oil, so you use a towel to wipe the oil off your hands. You use the tips of your first 2 or 3 fingers to gently rub in a circular motion over his/her temples. With your thumb and first finger, you rub his/her ear lobes and ears and then you lightly run your fingers across his/her entire face. If you want to get more intimate, you can kiss his/her on the eyelids, nose tip and lips.


(9)   Genitals


When massaging the clitoris, you need to know what works and feels best to her. Using your lubricated fingers to draw circles around it softly and rhythmically is a good way to start with. Once you discover something that works best for her, you continue with it. Some women find that clitoral orgasm feels better if their vaginas are pleasantly filled with either your fingers or an appropriately-sized dildo. Vibrators also work best on or near the clitoris. If the vibration is too intense, switch to a lower speed or put a cloth between the vibrator and her clitoris.


You can let her hold on to the vibrator while you use 1 or 2 fingers to reach for her g-spot (to rub on it in circular motion) which is about 2 inches away from the vaginal opening. You probably notice that her g-spot becomes bulging up as she gets more aroused, which means your fingers need to rotate a little away from the g-spot in order to maintain the same pressure on the vaginal walls. G-spot stimulation only feels good when the woman is aroused.


I have provided you with some basic massage techniques. There are many and more techniques for you and your lover to share, so I highly recommend you to click on Hot Sex and Great Lover to expand your knowledge and improve the techniques to please her more.

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Female Orgasm – How To Get Her To Climax With Multiple Orgasms

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Trying to get a woman to reach orgasm can be difficult for some guys. This is especially so if you are trying to get her to have multiple orgasms. Although not every woman can have multiple orgasms, but it is always worthwhile to try out these techniques to give her at least one BIG and UNFORGETTABLE one!


Before going further, there are two things to take note. You MUST show her you are enjoying the whole process. Women love to see that you are having fun (another turn on) when you are trying to give her multiple orgasms. Men and women get stimulated in different ways. While men can get “heated” very fast, for women to reach climax, men NEEDS to be PATIENT. Women do not just get high by how hard you thrust her, how big your organ is or how long you can stay inside her. A woman’s TOP EROGENEOUS ZONE is HER BRAIN. If her brain is not stimulated, all your efforts in trying to get her to climax will be wasted. You have to first make her feel good with your words and actions.


Hopefully, the following steps can help you to give her multiple orgasms.


(1) You have to turn her on before reaching the bed in order to build up the sexual tension. Say something nice about her, talk dirty to her, compliment her looks, and give her non-verbal cues of love and respect. She has to feel overall good about you and herself in order to get stimulated later.


(2) Because women get aroused slower than men, you need to use foreplay to warm her up. Try to find out where are her hot spots and spend some time stimulating them. For most women, the best trigger is the clitoris which is the fleshy part that is outside and at the upper front end of her opening. Stimulate her clitoris using your hand, or vibrator or your tongue.


(3) Do not rush. Keep it slow and smooth. Spend some time gently sucking the clitoris, start slowly and gradually working up the speed. Take your time to enjoy her tastes, smells and get to know every part of her vagina. While doing this, you can massage her nipples.


(4) Getting the right position. Not all women are the same. Understanding her is very important and you need to discover what position she prefers and feels comfortable in. She needs to feel relaxed in order to reach orgasm.


(5) Be observant. You need to pay attention to see if she is bored with the sex position or foreplay. Use their moaning and groaning to guide you. The more they moan and groan, the more you should continue on what you are doing. Glance at her eyes. If you catch her eyes looking at you often when you are in a particular sex position or foreplay, this indicates she is getting bored.


(6) Figuring out the right rhythm for her. Not every woman has the same sexual preferences. Some women like fast and aggressive sex while others it to be slow as cooking porridge and prefer her guy to be delicate in making love. Therefore you need to find out what pace she likes in order to get her climax fast.


(7) Control the timing of your ejaculation. Because a woman takes time to get “heated up”, you need to last longer in bed in order to satisfy her. Here are two ways you can probably get her to help you last longer. Ask her to gently squeeze the part of your organ before the head or the area at the base of your organ. Another way is to get her to gently tug on your ball sack for several seconds until you subside.


The bottom line here is to make her feel good before reaching the bedroom and when in bed you need to observe, listen and feel for sex cues in order to get her orgasm fast. You can get more related ideas from Hot Sex and Explosive Orgasm.


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How Female Orgasm Happens

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Want To Make Her Cum Fast?


Want to know how you can give a girl the best orgasm? Keen to know how you can increase the chances of her having an orgasm?

(1)   Foreplay First

Foreplay before sex is very important to make your girl orgasm. Women simply love foreplay and want everything to happen slowly. If it takes you longer than your partner to warm up, get a head start by e-mailing or texting each other sexy messages. Her anticipation alone will make your touch feel that much more exaggerated. Your kissing and touching her all over the body later will sexually arouse her even more making it easy for you to make her orgasm.

Talk dirty to her. Did you know that a woman’s mind is actually considered as an erogenous zone? You can stimulate her by stimulating her brain and her imagination. Make up a fantasy and use a lot of descriptive words. Be a little vulgar but not too bad. Tell her everything you want her to do and make sure it is everything, even if you don’t think she would do it still say it. It is not hard.

Make emotional connection with her. Women are very emotional. Making an emotional connection with your girl will really help you to make her orgasm. Tell her how much you love her. Praise her beauty. In whatever way you feel most comfortable, let her know that she is the most ravishing creature in your world. Even the most beautiful women have insecurities and it’s always nice to know how you see her through your eyes.  Flattery can definitely get you somewhere.

Be specific when you compliment her. If there is a certain part of her anatomy that particularly excites you, spend some time verbally dwelling on it. Here is a clean example, but you can spice up your language in whatever way is appropriate within the context of your relationship. “Honey, I absolutely love each and every curve of your body. Your body reminds me of a perfect work of art.” It will really help her in enjoying sex.

When you are doing oral on her, do tell her she Looks (and tastes) great. It has been proven that women who feel confident about the appearance of their genitals are more open to different kinds of sexual activity, and are more likely to orgasm because they feel relaxed. When a man goes down on his partner, he should be enthusiastic, tell her how beautiful she is and how great she tastes. Don’t treat it like a chore.


(2)   Stimulate Her Clitoris


You are making a very big mistake if you focus only on vaginal stimulation. Before sex it is very important to stimulate her clitoris. It is known as erogenous zone. Use your tongue and fingers to stimulate her clitoris. It will really satisfy your woman and help her make orgasm. When you stimulate her clitoris, there are two key factors you should keep in mind.

Direct vs. Indirect – How you make contact with the clitoris is very important to her orgasm. Before she is properly turned on, direct clitoral contact can feel quite irritating to a woman. It is best to start with indirect contact. Run your fingers along either side of the clit’s shaft. Tap the clitoral hood. As you move around, do not go for direct stimulation until she is good and ready for you. Once her breathing is heavy, and you can feel the throb below, then you can move to the sweet spot to send her over the edge.

Rhythm vs. Speed – An incredibly important distinction to make is the rhythm of your touch versus the speed of your touch. A lot of men think they are the same thing, but they are not. Speed may vary, but rhythm should not. Most women like to start with slow, easy caresses, and then a faster pace of touching the closer they become to achieving orgasm. However, you must maintain the same rhythm with which you started. It is the beat that gets her heat up. So no matter how much you increase the speed of your caresses, maintain a consistent flow to the activity.

(3)   Make Her Orgasm During Intercourse

There are very few nerve endings in the walls of the vagina. Sending her into blissful orgasms simply by sticking your penis in her is a long shot. No matter how hard you rail her, you will not get her off. However, that does not mean that she is completely incapable of climaxing while you are inside her if you do it right. Instead of a poke, try a grinding motion. It will allow your pubic bone to make contact with her clitoris, which will give her the stimulation she needs to reach orgasm.

It is why so many women report the woman-on-top position as their favorite. They can control the action, so they are able to get that clitoral stimulation by rocking their hips forward to allow contact with the head of the clit.

Another position you can use to make your woman reaches orgasm during intercourse is by getting your woman to lie on a desk or table and position her hips close to the edge. You then position yourself between her legs, and place them on your shoulders. To increase intensity, she can raise her pelvis while you hold her hips for support. This position will surely help in reaching her g-spot which will help stimulate her more.

Every woman deserves great sex and regular orgasms, and a partner who takes the time to learn how to make his girl orgasm is worth his weight in gold. Giving her this incredible pleasure isn’t difficult or impossible like many men believe. It just takes a little knowledge and learned technique. With a little practice, observation, and communication, you can learn how to make your partner have unbelievable orgasms.

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The Oral Sex That Will Increase Chances Of Female Orgasm

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Most women love oral sex. Due to this reason, men who can perform great oral sex are always in demand. If you want to belong to this group of men, the following oral sex tips will come in handy and will increase her chances of having an orgasm.


(1)   Get Wet


If either of you are worried about unpleasant odors or tastes, take a shower together beforehand. Most women will want to wash up first anyway, as they may feel uneasy about how they smell down there. This is especially so if you want to provide her extra pleasure by giving anal stimulation.


(2)   Make Her Hot


Generally, women need more time than men to get into the mood. Before you dive on in, stimulate all of her other erogenous zones with your mouth or hands. Try kissing her from the neck down to her crotch. A little licking if done tastefully can help a lot. Try the area between her belly button and her sweet spot. Kiss her thighs too.


The main objective at this early stage of your oral session is to get her to relax and ready for sex. Say and do things that compliment the way she looks, smells and tastes while you are rubbing and kissing her all over. You can spice things up by adding in some dirty-talking.


(3)   Read Her Body Language


It is not enough just to read about some oral sex techniques and just apply everything on her. You need to pay attention to her reaction. All your effort will be gone to waste if she does not get any pleasure out of what you do to her. When you are experimenting with the different moves, make sure you observe her reaction.


If she moans, that is a good thing. Heavy breathing is a good sign. If she is just lying there stiff as a log with no reaction, you will have to switch your moves. No two people are alike in what turns them on, so you need to be adaptive in your techniques, positions, etc. If possible, get her to show you how she pleases herself. You will learn how she likes to be stimulated by observing her in action.


(4)   Try Different Positions


In order to make your oral meal as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible, you can get her to lie on her back with her legs spread apart and her knees slightly bent. Get on your stomach between her legs and slide your arms under her legs. Your head ends up comfortably facing her sweet spot. Wrap your arms around her legs and you will have perfect access to her vagina, which allows you to manipulate it with your fingers.


You can also lie down in the same position and place both of your hands under her behind, elevating it so that it comes directly to your face. Although this requires a little more strength and requires both your hands, it can be very pleasurable for your woman.


If your woman is a bit of the shy type, instead of positioning yourself between her legs, sit on your knees beside her as she lies on her back. Spread the vaginal lips and lick the clitoris with your tongue from the side. This lessens the feeling of being exposed for your woman and lets her enjoy the action more.


(5)   Vary Your Pressure And Stimulation


Arousal is a process. As women get more excited, the types of sensations desired will vacillate. In general, you should start off light and delicate. This means you should avoid over-stimulating the clitoris at the early stage. What you should do is gently flick it with your tongue and move onto the other areas of the vaginal wall. Come back to the clitoris every once in a while.


As she gets more aroused, you should apply more pressure and more stimulation. What may have been uncomfortable at the beginning may be comfortable for her at the later stage. This means you can now pay more attention and put more pressure on her clitoris. Grab it between your lips and hold it. Suck it and while you are holding it in your mouth, flick it with your tongue. As she begins to moan loudly, you can increase your tongue speed and suck it a little harder. Do not let go off her clit until she climaxes.


(6)   Move To Other Areas


One of the areas you can consider is the anus which is full of super sensitive nerve endings. Some women like to have their anus licked, or even have a finger inserted in it. You can lick at the rim of the anus and/or even to insert your tongue into it. This oral sex move can provide extra stimulation and gratifying results.


Remember to find out what your woman likes the most and you use those moves on her more often. For more tips and ideas to make sex hot and fun, you can click on Eat Her Pussy and/or Oral Kit.



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Oral Sex Positions To Make A Girl Orgasm

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Make Her Cum Fast And Hard


Most women love oral sex. Cunnilingus which is oral sex involving the female genitals is more important to most women than intercourse because oral sex increases the chances of reaching orgasm. A man who has good cunnilingus skill will never need to worry about his dick size because oral sex is highly pleasurable to most women. Good oral sex for a woman takes time and effort; enthusiasm for the act, the giver must be comfortable in doing it and a desire to please your woman.


If you are giving cunnilingus, try these oral sex positions to get her keep begging more from you.


(1)   Side Position


This is one of the most comfortable positions both for the giver and the receiver. For a really unusual experience, try having her lying on her side while you rest your head on one of her thighs with the other thigh of hers drape loosely around your neck. She may need to pull back the skin above her clitoris to give you clear access.


(2)   Sitting Position


She sits on the sofa or chair and spreads her legs as wide as she can. She will spread her vaginal lips with her fingers while you go down on her. You will position at between her legs and licks her clitoris. If she pulls her legs back, her anus is exposed for oral and/or manual stimulation and her perineum is available for you to massage as well.


This position allows you to use both your mouth and hands to pleasure her. If either of you is stretching up or hunched down to get in this position, try to find another chair or stool to sit where you can be more comfortable.


(3)   Rear Entry Position


This position allows you to give her analingus at the same time. She adopts a position in which you use to have rear entry sex, kneeling on all her fours, with her chest supported by cushions, while you kneel behind her and press your face against her exposed vulva.


Alternatively, she can do away with the cushions and kneel on all fours with her bottom facing you. You slide up underneath her and lick her clitoris. You may need a pillow behind your head to get to the right height.


(4)   She Sits On You


This is incredibly erotic for a woman, especially if she is into domination. You lie on your back on the bed or floor and your knees bent upwards at an angle with your feet flat on the bed or the floor. She kneels over you, then leans backwards so her weight rest against your knees. Her vagina will be located over your mouth giving your tongue easy access.  


Alternatively, she can do a “reverse cowgirl” sort of move and face your feet instead. This is a great way to provide both anal play and clitoral stimulation.


(5)   Standing Position


She stands facing away from you, possibly bracing herself against the wall, sofa or table. You will kneel behind and between her legs. Alternatively, you can sit on the floor and lean against the edge of a couch or bed and she will stand spread-legged over your face. This position gives you and her a great deal of control; you are free to lick and suck at will, while she can lower her body for more pressure, raise it for less pressure, or rock forward and backward to change the area of focus.


She can also stand facing you with one leg up on a chair or couch. You will sit on the floor and give her oral pleasure in this position. To get to the right height, you can sit on a stool or pillow or she can wear high heels.


For more idea and tips to pleasure a woman, you can read on further at Lick By Lick and Oral Kit.



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