How To Make A Woman Orgasm


The biggest obstacle to a woman having an orgasm is psychological. First, she must feel sexy in order to get turned on. For a woman, achieving orgasm is a gradual process. There is no single best sexual technique that can guarantee a woman’s satisfaction. It requires a slow building up of mood and touch that eventually send her over the edge. A better understanding of female orgasm will be of great help in guiding you on how to give her pleasure in bed.


(1)   Give her pleasure not pressure


Sometimes it is not due to the fault of you or her. It may be due to some temporary psychological factors. Many women feel so pressurized about not able to reach orgasm after a fairly long foreplay session that they end up faking orgasm. The best way to handle this situation is to tell her it is alright and let her know you just want to give her pleasure irrespective of whether she is going to have an orgasm. What you can do is to explore each other’s body and in the process you will probably be able to discover some possible neglected erotic spots.


(2)   Get her in the mood


If you want your woman to be uninhibited in the bedroom, you have to help her by setting the mood. Do anything to make her feel good about herself. It will be best to make her feel sexy. Give her sincere compliment on something that she works hard on such as her new hairstyle or the new clothes she just bought. Do not rush into the bedroom. When she is sitting beside you on the sofa watching TV or chatting with you, you can start caressing her and kissing her slowly. You can have a steamy and sensual bath with her, taking turns to scrub each other’s back.

You can offer to give her a massage after her hard day at work. You start massaging her shoulders then her neck and when she relaxes you can get naughty with your hands. Pamper her with some of her favorite tidbits, chocolates, or wine. In the bedroom, use dim lighting, play some sensual music, fill the room with scented candles or perfume, change into her favorite colors curtains or bed sheets. You can also create the mood in other places of your house such as in the living room, kitchen or anywhere you can imagine.


(3)   Do not just keep quiet


Communication is the key to good sex. Some women who are self-conscious about how they look when naked tend to have difficulties in reaching orgasm. You can make her feel good about herself by complimenting how great she looks and you can make some noises to show her how you are enjoying what you are doing on her.

You can also talk dirty to her which is a turn on for most women. You can tell her about what you like to do to her. Your words will be more effective if you can keep eye contact with her. Besides the content of the dirty talk, the way you say it is equally important. You can choose a low and deep voice, high and squeaky pitch or a breathy whisper to carry your sexy messages across to her.


(4)   Give her breasts tender loving care


Gently brush the tops, bottoms and sides of her breasts which are actually quite sensitive. Slowly move in towards her nipples. The super sensitive nerves on the nipples are connected to the pleasure nerves in her clitoris and vagina, so pinching or rubbing her nipples will make her get wet.

To tease her, start by stimulating her nipples with your mouth and her clitoris using fingers. After she has gotten aroused, switch to stimulating her nipples with your hands and using your mouth on her clitoris. The different sensations on each of her body parts will bring her to an orgasm that she never experiences before.


(5)   Give her clitoral orgasm


The easiest way to bring a woman to orgasm is to stimulate her clitoris, an area which is solely for her to enjoy sensual pleasure. Before she is properly turned on, direct clitoral contact can make her feel uncomfortable. It is best to start with indirect contact. You can add a little variety by trying side-to-side or diagonal strokes. Once her breathing gets heavy which is a signal that she is ready for more stimulation, you can then place your thumb on her clitoris and start to massage it.


Most women do not get orgasm through penetration. It is because there are comparatively much lesser nerve endings in the walls of vagina than at the entrance. Therefore no matter how hard and how deep you can ramp in, you will not get her off. Instead, try a grinding motion that can allow your pubic bone to come into contact with her clitoris which will give her the stimulation she wants to get orgasm. It is the main reason why many women favor the woman-on-top position. This position allows them to control the action to get maximum clitoral stimulation by rocking their hips forward to allow contact with the head of the clitoris.


(6)   Get to know the tell-tale signs of her having an orgasm


When you give her oral sex, do not immediately dive in and reach for her clitoris. Start by kissing her inner thighs and then move your mouth to either side of clitoris including her vaginal lips before gently making the first contact. Watch her hips for a clue to the rhythm she likes. If her hips are digging into your face, it means you can speed things up a bit by licking her clitoris faster. Watch for signs of her near to climax such as the subtle deepening in the color of her vaginal lips due to increased blood flow. You can also put a hand on her stomach to feel the muscular contractions that immediately happen before her orgasm.


(7)   Continuity and consistency


Women do love and appreciate your effort when you try new things or ways to pleasure her. However once you discover what works on her, do stick with it until she reaches orgasm. Do not stop or change moves midway to orgasm. You can try those new things in the next round or future encounters.


(8)   Get her reach orgasm first


A woman’s orgasm threshold drops after her first one. It is therefore much easier to bring her to climax through penetration after she has already experienced one. The easiest way to her achieving orgasm before you is to stimulate her clitoris using your fingers, tongue, tip of your “little brother” and a vibrator. Therefore make her orgasm first before you go inside her.


There you have it – some of the basics you need to know about female orgasm. They serve as a good starting point to make her enjoy sex with you. There are plenty of other positions and techniques you can try to please her. When you are ready and keen to find out more about these, you can click on Hot Sex and Great Lover.


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4 Most Common Sex Myths And Facts


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Great Sex is about sexual technique? Or is it about effective sexual communication? Or is it about sex toys? If you do a search on the Amazon website, you can easily find over 150 books with great sex in the title, each offering various kinds of ideas about sex. As the saying goes, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”, when comes to making love which is something very personal, one person’s great sexual ideas may not necessarily be yours. The subtler the sex myths, the more damaging they can do to your relationship and love life. Here are a few of the more common sex myths that a lot of guys tend to believe.


(1)   Women are not interested in watching porn


It never occurs to most guys that women get in touch with their sexuality through pornography. The fact is women often use literary erotica or more subtle pictures of half-naked males to accomplish what men use pornography for. Women can be equally as horny as men.


(2)   You need to give a woman an orgasm in every lovemaking session


The fact is at times not due to the fault of either party, or it can be due to certain temporary psychological factors, a woman is not able to reach orgasm. This is perfectly normal. When a guy feels that sex will not be complete if he is not able to bring a woman to orgasm, this will exert a lot of pressure on both parties. When your mind becomes fixated on the goal of achieving orgasm, your chances of actually reaching this peak of sexual excitement can diminish significantly. The thing is, many women who do not have orgasms can still find sex fulfilling as long as they feel loved.


If you are struggling with achieving a powerful orgasm, it may be because your foreplay is lacking. What you should do is you can slightly tease each other and come close to orgasm without actually achieving one, when she comes her final orgasmic moment will be spectacular. Teasing one another is playful and fun and creates a sexual buildup that powerfully culminates in her final orgasm.


(3)   There is a right amount of sex


Many guys will start to get concerned about their relationships when the frequency of sex decreases after an initial spurt of almost every late night’s bedroom orgy. The fear out there is everyone else out there is having a lot more sex than you are. The fact is people have different sex drive levels and it is perfectly normal about having sex once or twice a week, or even less frequently for some couples.


(4)   The longer the lovemaking session the better it is


Most men think so. They will try to push sex regularly past the hour mark, and get frustrated or disappointed if they cannot extend their bedroom sessions to the tantric levels of longevity.


The reality is that longer sex does not necessarily equal better sex. It usually results in a lot of sore body parts and painful sex due to prolonged penetration. Here is the simple truth. You only need to last as long as it takes for a woman to have an orgasm. This does not even need to be achieved through vaginal penetration. A woman is capable of getting an orgasm through foreplay, oral sex, masturbation or even mental seduction. As long as she receives her orgasm, the amount of time you spend inside her does not matter much. What a guy should do is to spend more time and effort during foreplay and bring her to climax before entering her. Even if you do not last even a minute longer after penetration, she will still give you 100 marks for your sexual performance.


Much of what you have known about sex is not true. Only once you move beyond these myths will you truly be able to reach the level of sexual satisfaction you and your partner desires. For more ideas on having a healthy sex life, you can click on Hot Sex and Turn Her On.

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How To Keep Sex Enjoyable At Any Age

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When most relationship first begins, sex is full of discovery, intimacy and fun. Over time, this new-found excitement and intrigue starts to wane as demands of life may get too overwhelming to an extent that you begin to neglect your sex life. This does not mean you can no longer have a satisfying and desirable sex life just because you have been married for many years. Sex drives like the tide of the sea can go into “high tide” and “low tide” at times which is perfectly normal in every relationship.


So how can you continue to have a fulfilling and pleasurable sex life when your relationship is way beyond the novelty stage?


(1)   Talking and listening to each other


It is important to talk to your partner about the issues whether they are physical or emotional in nature. If you feel your partner is no longer interested in sex, let him or her know your concerns and find out how he/she thinks about it and to work out ways to overcome this problem. If you are the one who has a lower sex drive, you need to reassure your partner that you love them and enjoy being close to them. If you want to try something new, discuss it with your partner, and be open to his or her ideas too. If for certain unknown reasons, both of you find it difficult to talk about sex, you may need to seek the help of a counselor. If your loss in libido is due to signs of medical problem or medication, you will have to discuss with your doctor to find out what you can do to improve your sex life.


(2)   Recognize that sex is more than just orgasm and penetration


It can be stressful to both parties if your sole objective of sex is orgasm and penetration. Instead you should try to enjoy the process of lovemaking and the feelings of arousal with your partner. You can spend time exploring each other’s bodies to find out what both of you like, through bathing together, giving each other sensual massage or just simply touching each other from head to toes. Through this process, you will also be able to discover your partner’s sexual preferences through your partner’s breathing and the sounds he or she make.


(3)   Finding out what you like and what works for you


Sexual preference is a very unique and personal thing. Therefore you should spend some time to get to know your body in order to discover what feels good. You can lie in a warm bath to explore your body and experience the sensation of how the water feels on your skin. Find out what you like through masturbation, and then share this with your partner.


Losing sexual desire can happen for a number of reasons, such as getting older, illness, having children or worries about work, money or the relationship. If one partner has a higher sex drive than the other, you have to work out how to manage it within the relationship. Masturbation, sex toys or merely hugs and kisses may be an option. A lot of people who may not be able to accommodate a full sexual intercourse would be happy to give their partner that kind of sexual pleasure.


You may no longer feel comfortable with the usual sexual positions you once enjoyed. This does not mean you need to give up on having sex. The key to a great sex life is to find out what works for you now.


You can try the sexual positions that you both find comfortable and pleasurable. If erectile dysfunction is an issue, you can adopt the woman-on-top sex position. For women, using lubrication can help to overcome dryness problem. You can also make some changes in the way you engage in sexual activities such as having sex in different places and time of the day.


You can redefine sex to more than just penetration. Intercourse is only one way to have fulfilling sex. Holding each other, gentle touching, kissing, sensual massages, oral sex or masturbation can be just as pleasurable for both you and your partner.


Because it might take longer for you or your partner to become aroused, you should take more time in your foreplay to create and build up the mood, such as a romantic dinner or an evening of dancing. Share romantic or erotic literature and poetry. Or try connecting first by extensive touching, kissing, teasing or tickling your partner.


(4)   Understanding and overcoming the obstacles to sex


Understanding the problems can be an effective first step to find solutions to overcome the obstacles to a satisfying sex life.


Stress, anxiety, depression can affect your sexual desire and your ability to get aroused. Psychological changes may even interfere with your ability to connect emotionally with your partner. Some people feel embarrassed, either by their aging bodies or by their bedroom performance, while others may feel less attractive to their partners.


It is therefore very important to have a 2-way communication to share with each other the thoughts, fears and desires. It will be of great help for you to accept that changes are inevitable and natural. If you can adopt a positive attitude (to love and appreciate yourself as what you are) and open mind to make the necessary adjustments, you can still enjoy a gratifying sex life at any age. As much as you can, do use your age and experience to be wise and candid with yourself. Learn to let go of any feelings of inadequacy and simply enjoy the pleasure of being physically and emotionally close to your partner.


Getting older does not mean you have to forego the things and activities you use to enjoy. If health allows, you should stay energetic by exercises and increasing your general level of activity. This will benefit your sex drive by increasing your energy and is also good for your mind, mood and memory.


The need for sexual intimacy is not dependent of age. Studies have confirmed that no matter what your gender is, you can enjoy sex for as long as you wish. To find out more about how you can always have great sex, you can click on to Hot Sex and Eternal Flame

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8 Ways To Pleasure A Woman

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Women can be quite unpredictable. For this reason, some men find sex intimidating. However, this does not mean you need to memorize all the complicated lovemaking techniques from self-help sex guide in order to please a woman. You can still bring a woman to orgasm if you are able to master the simple things that give her pleasure. The more you can give her what she desires, the more you will get her sexual trust, gain increase sexual confidence on your part and also get turn on by her high state of sexual arousal.


Here is what every woman is asking for from her partner:


(1)   Stimulate her clitoris orally


Most women can easily reach orgasm when you flick your tongue quickly along the length of her clitoris. The clitoris, which is solely for her to get sexual pleasure, extends deep inside a woman’s body. Therefore when you do this, you are bringing her sensational pleasure way beyond your tongue’s reach. The proper way to do is to pull the clitoral hood back gently and then make quick, darting motions with your tongue as far down along the shaft as your tongue can reach.


(2)   Teasing her


Teasing works effectively to get her aroused because it keeps her guessing. Predictability can often dampen her mood. Women usually are not able to respond well if from the starting, you zoom right in very aggressively to her sensitive areas.


Most women love it when a guy teases her by making circles around the breasts with his finger or tongue before going for the nipples. This is because the area surrounding the erogenous zones (nipples in this case) is normally very sensitive to sexual stimulation. You start at the point where her breast starts to rise from the chest. You then use your fingertips to circle slowly inward around her nipple and when you are about to reach it, you pull back for another tantalizing spin before you suck and gently bite the nipple.


It will be best if you can combine the nibbling of her nipples with touching her sensitive spot(s) between her legs. For many women, lightly biting the nipples produces a tingle in their genitals, especially the clitoris.


Another effective way to tease her is to penetrate her slowly. You can be inside or halfway in or very close to getting inside; you go in super slow, suddenly pause for a few seconds and resume entering her inch by inch using this start-and-stop motion.


(3)   Stroking her very lightly


Women like it a lot when you can show appreciation for her body. After you undress her, you take her hand and stand facing her. You brush her hair back and using your fingertips you move your hands all the way up and down over the surface of her skin before you make love to her.


(4)   Applying firm pressure on the area right under her belly button


When you are thrusting, you gently press the heel of your hand onto her belly button. Bury inside her body under her belly button is actually the location of her G-Spot. The reason most women are not able to get orgasm through penetration in the normal missionary position is because the male sexual organ is not able to be in direct contact with her G-Spot. However, if you can press her on her G-Spot from the outside when you enter her, you are pushing her G-Spot forward to increase the chance of direct contact with your penis which can trigger orgasm from her.


(5)   Blowing over after you wet her


This is like blowing on a bowl of soup to cool it off. You lick on any of her erogenous spot (such as nipples, private parts, neck, etc), you moist the area either with your saliva or other form of liquid which can be alcohol or ice-cube. You then blow on the wet patch. The trick is if you can apply very contrasting form of sensation (such as hot and cold or hard or soft) in close succession on her pleasure spot, you can create those sexy tingles down her spine.


(6)   Combine thrusting with rocking


You choose a rocking chair that is comfortable for her and a footstool or low table that puts you at the right thrusting height. The back-and-forth rocking motion can intensify her sensation because this can increase the chance of hitting her G-Spot.


Any position or movement that can get the lower part of her body to be at a higher level than your genitals can easily bring direct contact to her G-Spot. One other easy way you can achieve this is to put a pillow under her butt before you enter her in the missionary position.


(7)   Applying push-and-pull sensation to her erogenous spots


You pucker up your lips and seal them on any of her erogenous spots (such as her nipple). Then you alternatively breathe in through your nose to create a vacuum and breathe out through your mouth to put pressure on the surrounding area. You repeat and keep increasing the intensity of your action.


This is applying the same principle of using contrasting sensation on her sensitive spot. You can do the same on the area near to or around her clitoris. Instantly your mouth will become like a improvised vibrator on her. Before long, she will enjoy this so much that she begs you for more.


(8)   Alignment of your hips slightly above hers


During normal thrusting, a woman’s clitoris is usually neglected. So, if you position your hips above hers, during thrusting your penis shaft will be able to remain in direct contact with her clitoris.


So, you have here the 8 simple ways to fire up her mood for sex. Both you and your woman will be so much happier and sex will be more fulfilling if you can do these to her from today onwards. For more amazing ways to spice up your sex life, you can click on Hot Sex and What She Wants.

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For Couples – How To Sex Talk To Make Love Better

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Better Communication Leads To Better Sex


How often do you want to have sex? What are your sexual fantasies? How do you want to make sex more pleasurable? What are the new things you like to try to spice sex up? These are the things you probably like to talk to your partner. You want more from your sex life. After many years of being together, sex has gotten stale and routine. But, whenever you bring up the topic of making some changes or trying new things, your partner gets embarrassed and hurt or kind of behaving in a dismissive manner.


How to talk about sex with your partner without making him/her feel uncomfortable? How to talk to your partner in a way that really let him or her know how you feel? Here are some ways to get your partner to open up.


(1)   Avoid Criticizing Or Blaming


If you feel rejected or not satisfied, find a way to let your partner know without accusing him or her. Start your talking in a positive mode. You can begin by saying something like, “I love you and I like to feel more connected to you.”


Just discuss what you feel is the problem and let your partner know how you feel. For example, “I am really hurt and confused that you seem to have much less interest in sex than you used to,” or “I miss having sex with you.” You cannot be faulted for how you feel and expressing yourself this way is likely to get a more positive reaction.


When you talk to your partner about sex, make sure that this is done outside the bedroom such as in the kitchen while preparing meals, during a casual chat over a cup of tea or a glass of wine. The more natural you can make the conversation, the less threatening it will be.


(2)   Ask About His Or Her Views And Suggestions


Rather than dictating to your partner about how it should be done, he or she will be more receptive if you can ask him or her about suggestions and views on how to make things better. Ask what turns him or her on or what makes him or her uncomfortable. Ask him or her about any fears about sex. Find out from him or her any kind of sexual pleasuring that he or she wants but have not experienced. Get him or her to tell you about any special places he or she likes to be touched.


At this stage it is important to keep an open mind and listen. Avoid ridiculing his or her views. During the discussion, do pay attention to your own and your partner’s body language. Do your facial expressions, your posture appear defensive and/or uncomfortable?


(3)   Use Props


Talking about sex with your partner is not always easy. You have the underlying worry that you will embarrass or hurt his or her feelings. Get some how-to books or videos about sexuality and read or view them together and use them as a platform or basis for your discussion about the new things to try.


Go online or to a sex shop together and look into toys, blindfolds, ticklers and paddles. You can also buy her some sexy clothes and lingerie along with maybe some new perfume so that she does not think it is all about sex.


You can create a “love coupon” book for her and inside each coupon you put things like – romantic dinner, receive a massage, oral sex, try a new position, etc. Tell her that she needs to use each coupon each week.


You may also consider creating a “suggestion box” and both of you will make contributions to this box in term of ideas or suggestions about the things you want to try. Both of you will take turns on a weekly basis to pick out a suggestion from this box and act on it.


(4)   Negotiate A Compromise


It is very common and normal for couples to have differences over how often to make love. The one who wants sex more often than the other one feels being rejected while the other who is contented with the current frequency of sex feels being badgered. This can lead to an impasse or tension.


To ease the tension, work out a compromise. If the husband wants to make love four times a week and the wife once, they can agree they will make love twice a week. The wife can give her husband a kiss and cuddle on those sex-free days to reassure him how much he is loved without her feeling that will inevitably lead to demand from him for sex.


(5)   Give Your Partner Positive Feedback


Your partner may not understand what you are trying to tell him or her about issues regarding sex, but will respond to encouragement. When in the bedroom, show your partner what turns you on and where you want to be touched. You can take his or her hands and put them on the body parts you like to be touched. Give him or her lots of positive feedback during sex. Moan and groan and better still say things like, “Wow that feels good” and “I really like that”.


(6)   Be Patient


You have to realize that the discussion may take more than one conversation. You do not have to knock it out all in one discussion. Sexual communication is an ongoing process. Give your partner time to process and think about what you have said.


Give yourself an option to bring up the topic again. Reassure your partner that you care about how he or she feels and you want to follow up to hear about what he or she has to say about the topic.


If you are still keen for more ideas to improve sex to enjoy your love life to the fullest, you can check this out at Fun Games and/or Creative Sex.



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