Are You Looking For The Parabens Free or Safest Way to Treat Stretch Marks?



Skinception offers the free of  Parabens or safest way to remove stretch marks fast.


It is an open secret in the skin care industry. It is about the rampant use of parabens, a class of chemicals widely used as preservatives in the cosmetics industry that can cause skin irritation and even breast cancer.


That doesn’t bode well for women who develop stretch marks after giving birth. This is definitely not sexy and less-than-flattering when the clothes come off, be it on the beach or in the bedroom.


Okay, since parabens are so widely used in skin care products, but I have got stretch marks. Does this mean I should avoid those stretch mark creams and spend the rest of my life with these unsightly scars?


Of course not! Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy is a splendid balance of patented peptides with proven botanicals that can stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin and nurture the cellular matrix back to smooth, supple skin, with the aim to reduce  stretch marks and make you look younger.


Oh the best thing is this skincare product is free of parabens.


Why You Should Avoid Parabens?


Parabens might cause breast cancer. Though there is no proven link that they do, but there is compelling evidence to suggest that women who use products with parabens are at a greater risk to get breast cancer.


There were at least two recent studies that called for further investigation into whether or not a causal link exists between products with parabens and development of breast cancer.


One study, published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology, found that parabens mimic the role of estrogen, which is known to play a role in development of breast cancer, and that the use of antiperspirants/deodorants and underarm shaving with parabens might be responsible for growth of tumours in the breasts. The study also suggests this might explain why up to 60% of breast tumours develop near the under-arms.


The second study in 2004 done at Northwestern University builds upon these findings and suggests that the use of deodorants and parabens products might explain why nowadays more and more younger women are being diagnosed with breast cancer. The earlier a woman is exposed to parabens, the earlier is the chance of being hit by breast cancer.


Does this conclude that parabens can cause breast cancer? No, it does not. But as the studies suggest, there is no evidence to prove that the long-term use of parabens is risk-free. Given this likelihood between parabens and breast cancer together with the fact that parabens can cause redness and allergic reactions in patients with sensitive skin and, it is better for you not to use parabens.


Why You Should Try Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy?


Relax. Free of parabens doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice results for peace of mind. Parabens are just preservatives that are only meant to maintain the shelf life of those skincare products. They are not the active ingredients that produce the sexy young skin that you want so much.


Lack of parabens in stretch mark products doesn’t mean you will allow those more stretch marks to stick with you forever. At least not, if you use Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy! How does this work to reduce stretch mark?


In a recent clinical study, of 13 women with post pregnancy stretch marks, Regestril®, a patented peptide, reduced the appearance of stretch marks by 72.5%.


In another study, Darutoside® reduced the length of stretch marks by 52%. Scar indentation reduced by 55%, and skin was smoothened, with faded scarring and more eye- pleasing skin tone.


What will you find in Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy? Regestril® and Darutoside® of course! What won’t you find? Parabens!


In Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy you will not only get patented peptides in its formulation, you will also find plenty of botanicals to nurture the skin, with beta glucan, soybean fiber and rutin, among others, to protect and soothe the skin.


Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy is potent, yet gentle, paraben-free, fades stretch marks – the safest way to get sexy, young-looking skin!


For more information, please visit the Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy Homepage


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How Do Stretch Marks Form and How to Reduce Stretch Marks Fast



Reduce Stretch Marks Fast With Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy


It is those things that make you feel helpless, those changes occurring on your skin as you go through the journey of life. Wrinkles on your face? You are aging. Age spots on your skin? You have spent too much time under the sun.


As if these are not enough, you also have those stretch marks appearing on those areas of your body that you make you feel embarrassed when you are in bikini or in front of your loved one. You want very much to reduce stretch marks. How? See below.


Stretch marks happen for various reasons. They are often associated with pregnancy, which is why they are more common in women. But stretch marks can also occur when your body is going through rapid changes such as during adolescence, weight gain or loss. At other times, some medical conditions or even weight-lifting can also cause stretch marks. Did you get that, guys?


Of course, it is definitely not sexy at all if stretch marks occur on your upper arms, thighs, hips, breasts and buttocks. In summer time or in those intimate moments, when the clothes come off, that really sucks.


What Causes Stretch Marks


Contrary to what most people believe, stretch marks are more than just the skin been stretched too much. Stretch marks happen when the body secretes the glucocorticoid hormone during some life events (that is when you are pregnant or gaining weight). This hormone prevents the fibroblasts from forming collagen and elastin fibres which are necessary for tight, healthy skin.


The loss of these supportive proteins is detrimental to your skin because this reduces the ability of your skin to withstand stretching. This causes it to separate in the deeper layers, resulting in the formation of those angry red striations that eventually give way to stretch marks.


Fortunately you can do something to reduce stretch marks appearance, and prevent them from forming in the first place, with Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy.


First, let’s discuss on how you can prevent or treat stretch marks, and why you should put Stretch Mark Therapy at the top of your list for stretch mark-free skin.


About Stretch Mark Treatment


To reduce stretch marks, there are surgical treatments to do it, which include dermabrasion, chemical peels and laser surgery. Results for surgical treatments are rather mixed and very dependent on age and skin condition. Such treatments show moderate success.


You can also adopt a healthy eating habit such as having a diet consisting of foods that are skin-friendly. Foods that are good for your skin are those high in vitamins A and C, zinc and protein. Consider salmon and oily fish, nuts, carrots, milk and eggs. These foods are definitely of great help for improving your skin.


You will do well do to make them a regular part of your diet, for healthy skin and great complexion. If you are looking for any foods to reduce stretch marks formation, these are the ones.


Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy Can Reduce Stretch Marks.

Now, let me share with you some encouraging news. In a clinical study recently done on 13 women with post-pregnancy stretch marks, they are told to apply a 2 per cent concentration of Regestril on the affected areas for two months. After 2 months at the end of the study, these 13 women showed a 72.5% reduction in the depth of stretch marks. Not only that their stretch marks also showed a 52% reduction in length.


Well, this is not the only good news for people with stretch marks. What makes this Stretch Mark Therapy so different from other treatments is that it contains an active ingredient – Pro-Coll-One+.


This essential ingredient can help to stimulate the natural production of collagen in your body by as much as 1190% when applied in a 2% concentration in a 56 day separate study. 78% of study participants saw a noticeable improvement by up to 10% in skin smoothness.


Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy fades stretch marks. Scientifically formulated with the latest in skin care technology, it is an effective and safe way to erase those embarrassing stretch marks on your body. In those clothing-optional moments, that is a definitely a good thing to have!


For more information, please visit the Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy Homepage


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