Female Orgasm – How To Make A Woman Orgasm First

When your girl had an orgasm, it was not caused by you. She had to put her hand down there to help out a bit. You want to give her an orgasm, just by you. You want to give her one inside her, a real great orgasm. You want her to experience a mind-blowing orgasm that she will never forget. How to do it?


While every woman is different, there are some basic steps you can follow so you will know how to make a woman orgasm. First, you must get her aroused. Here are some ways to give her the best orgasm that will make her beg for more from you.


(1)  Get Her In Right Mood

For a woman to be sexually aroused to the point of orgasm, she has to feel good about being with you sexually. She must be relaxed and comfortable. At the same time she also needs appreciation intimacy, passion, compliments, and attentiveness.


Every woman loves a good compliment. Make sure you are listening to what she has to say, and compliment her on achievements and other things that are not necessarily visibly noticeable. Try to stay away from compliments that are geared toward how she is looking.


To increase intimacy, you need to be attentive, be a good listener and maintain eye contact with her when you talk to her. You have to incorporate this behavior into your daily life, not just on the day you are going to have sex with her. This will show your sincerity. You are doing this because you love her and not just solely for the purpose of sex.


At times, you can surprise her with a gift. Depending on the size and tone of the gift, it can be an instant mood-changer or a nudge in the sexual direction. Obvious sex-inducing gifts include handcuffs and vibrators. But for a classier approach, consider getting her some sexiest lingerie. These things are incredibly skimpy, so the gift will tell her you appreciate every part of her body and she has nothing to hide. The best part about this gift is that it is more of a gift to you than her.


Encourage her to hop in the shower with you before bed. Ideally, this will lead straight to shower sex. Even if you don’t have sex in the shower, you will still have a great chance when you get out. Encourage her to leave her towel on as you both watch TV and relax. Therefore there is no need to rush into clothes; the towels provide easy access for both of you. Plus, she will appreciate your cleanliness and will be likely to explore parts she may otherwise shy away from. At this point, go in for a long make-out session to get her warmed up.


Seduce her with a massage before intercourse. This is one of the all-time best ways to get her juices flowing. Massages are fantastic because for one, no woman will turn them down, and two, they can easily be transitioned into foreplay. Begin with a massage, and then start exploring her body with your hands, once it is apparent she is into it, start using your lips and take it to the next level. Finally, as you end the massage, whisper something in her ear and buckle up! Even if you don’t have sex right then and there, you can be assured she will be in a giving mood the next time you do it.


 (2)   Build Anticipation


After you have gotten her aroused with some kissing/touching, don’t ruin things by diving in for the goods too fast. In order to make a woman orgasm, take your time and let her anticipation get stronger. This will make her orgasm more intense, when she will have one.


You will kiss every single erogenous spot on her body. Some great places to start are her ears, eyelids, neck, throat, shoulders. As you are kissing her, rub your hands firmly up and down her back.


Gently scratch her back as you are kissing her, and softly but firmly slide your hand up under hair at the nape of her neck and give a nice squeeze. Now, gradually move your kissing downward towards her breasts, kissing the upper area, and still rubbing her lower body with your hands.


Do not go straight for the breasts! Go back to kissing her on the lips and do not go for her nipples yet! Kiss them in slow circles, leaving the nipples for last! When you get to her nipples, lick them gently, alternating between the two. When your mouth isn’t on one, your finger should be on the other


Move down to her stomach, and use the same slow, anticipation-building style. Try to kiss every inch of it! Slip your tongue under her waist to tease her once in a while, and “accidentally” graze your chin over her “area”, breathing heavily over it.


Kiss her on the mouth again. Next, you will take her right leg and starting at the foot, kiss every inch of it. This should take a while and she will love every second of it! Then, when you get to the “good spot”, breathe heavily over her clit, letting her feel the heat! Then go back to her left leg and do it all over again! By the time you get back down to her “area” she will be begging you to give her more!


(3)   Stimulate Her Till She Orgasms


Your tongue can be your partner’s best friend, as many women particularly enjoy orgasm from oral sex. If you want to know how to make a woman cum and more importantly to keep her coming back for more, this is where you can get high marks.

Using your tongue, gently caress your partner’s clitoris. A light licking back and forth is a good start, gradually graduating up to more firm flicking. A steady rhythm is important, but do not forget to pace yourself. If she jerks or recoils, you might have been too eager, so ease up for a minute.

As she responds by getting more and more aroused, keep the pace fast and enhance her experience by penetrating her vagina with your fingers, lightly at first and then sliding in and out to simulate the penetration of a penis. Or, you can also tongue-fuck her, if you want to. You will notice her breaths getting shorter, muscles tensing, and back arching, among other responses. Keep the tongue-flicking going steady until she reaches orgasm.

For more tips and ideas to make your girl enjoy having sex with you, click on Hot Sex and/or Dirty Harry’s Secrets.


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The Sexy Moves That Trigger A Squirting Orgasm

Inline image 1

Do You Want Her To Get A Squirting Orgasm?


You love your girl so much and really like to please her. You want to know what you can do to be a guy that she will never forget. What sort of things can you do to make sex better and hotter? Here are some hot and sexy moves you can use to please your woman and make her think about sex when she is with you.


(1)   Spice Up Your Foreplay


Women love to be pampered and just can’t have enough of those sweet little moves or gestures that work up to sex. In fact you can sometimes make a woman orgasm easier during foreplay than sex.  If you are looking to spice foreplay up, then the best way to do is to vary your foreplay routine. You can pamper her with an erotic massage, whisper nice and dirty words into her ear or even to stimulate her senses by reading and watching sex-related stuff with her.


(2)   Spice Up With Massage


Massage is a wonderful way to get close and sensual with your lover. Make sure you have some type of massage oil. A lubricated body massage feels much better than a dry one. When you massage her, try to put a lot of your focus on the neck. You place one hand on either side of her neck and apply a small amount of pressure. Then you move your hands in a circular motion gently and slowly. This will help her to relax, resulting in more enjoyment later.


When you massage her back, you use both hands, one on each side of her spine and rub in a diagonal motion from the spine out. You use small, quick strokes. After that you lightly rub your hands all over her back.


You rub her buttock cheek in large circular motions one at a time using the inside of your forearm. After this, you make a fist and roll your knuckles one by one (applying moderate pressure) over the triangular bone at her lower back. 


When you massage her leg, you work your way from her ankle using your thumb and fingers. Do not use too much pressure behind the knees because it has sensitive veins there. Once you reach the thigh, you rub the place with your entire hands in a circular motion and knead the skin.

The best way to end a massage is by massaging your lover’s head and face. Before this, you need to wipe the massage oil off your hands. Start by gently stroking your fingers through her hair with your fingers, and gently knead the whole head. Work your way over to the temples and use the tips of your first two or three fingers. Gently rub in a circular motion. Then lightly run your fingers across her entire face. After which you use your fingertips to tap lightly on her face. With your thumb and first finger, rub your lover’s earlobes and ears. Then lightly run your hands over her eyes, eyebrows and lastly lips. If you want to get more intimate, gently kiss your lover on the eyelids, tip of nose and lips.

(3)   Spice Up With Dirty Talking


You can do this while you are massaging her. Tell her what you want to do to her. To make the dirty talk even sexier, follow through with what you are saying. For example, tell her “I’m going to lick all around your nipples.” Then, do it. The anticipation will arouse her even more.


You can make this creative by coming out with a scenario you want. You can talk about things you’d never really do in real life, such as a threesome, or you can talk about things you and your partner have done, such as that time you had sex in a restaurant bathroom.


When talking dirty and pleasuring your partner, give out a little moan every once in a while to show her you’re enjoying it. Breathe heavily and talk softly. This will get her more aroused and more likely to reciprocate.


(4)   Spice Up With Erotica 


Some may find watching porn before sex odd, but it is actually a great way to heat things up. You may want to start out with something more on the erotic side, instead of pure sex. You can choose those great titles for couples.  They are like real movies with good story lines, great costuming, great sets, plus they may have some of the hottest sex scenes. So you and your lover can actually get into the story and you are both already way too involved by the time the sex scene comes in. 


It is a smooth transition. Also the men in these movies are attractive as well, giving the woman attractive people to look at. You might want to try recreating some of the scenes with her to really add some spice. Women love to role play. This will be a nice sex move to please your woman and add some excitement into the relationship. Ask her what she wants to try or come up with something new on your own.


(5)   Pay Her Lip Service 


If you want to make her feel loved, admired, sexy and to drive her wild, making her cum like crazy, what better way to do than to give her oral?` If you get great at going down, the women in your life will make their way back into your bed again and again. 


To please a woman with your tongue you will need to take it slow. Her clit is very sensitive, just like the head of your penis, and you have to get her properly aroused before you can earnestly get to work. Start by nibbling around the vaginal lips, breathing on her to warm her skin in this area. Lick her slowly all around and not until you can tell that her clit is getting swollen and her breath is getting short should you start to lick her firmly.


You can try pleasing her with your tongue by taking the time to alternate your technique, drawing out the experience for her. Try alternate between slow and fast tongue flicks, work her up and down, side-to-side, draw circle around her clit, or move your tongue in and out of her vagina and of course, gently suck her clit into your mouth when it comes to a point where each lick or motion of your tongue can excite her.


Use your hand to supplement your action by caressing the insides of her thighs, rub her breasts and squeeze her nipples, and of course, gently penetrating her vagina while you lick her. To give a girl oral to complete satisfaction, you may want to give her the benefit of vaginal penetration (fingering her g-spot) while working over her clit.


To enhance her sensation, you can apply hot and cold treatment on her by sucking on an ice cube while giving her oral sex and then switching to drinking hot tea or coffee. The change from hot to cold will have her on sensory overload and she won’t know what to expect next.


You can send her over the edge into the pleasure abyss by using a bullet vibrator (make sure it has a cord attached to it) around her clitoris and sliding it along the vaginal lips for added stimulation. You can insert the vibrator into her vagina (making sure that the cord is outside of her body to allow you to pull it out later) to let her feel it deep inside her. The sensation inside of her will be wonderful as you increase the vibrating rate of the vibrator. Slowly make the toy go to off because she will be very sensitive. When she is ready to go again, turn it back on and keep playing with her.


As you sense that she is getting close, from her physical and vocal responses to you, find a nice rhythm on her clit and hold steady, providing consistent pressure. As she reaches her peak, don’t overdo it, but don’t ease off either, at least not until all her quivering and shaking comes to a standstill.


When in the bedroom, it helps if you use the above-mentioned moves to please your woman. When you can please her, she will be more than happy to do the same in return for you. This makes for a very exciting sex life. Are you keen for more ideas to keep her happy in bed? Click on Make Her Squirt.



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Crazy Sex Ideas To Turn A Woman On

Inline image 1Do You Want Her To Enjoy Sex With You?

Are you looking for some really new crazy and sexy ideas to try on your lover? Do you want to try new things to spice up your sex life? Here are a few to get your started to turn an ordinary night into a night of incredibly hot sex.


(1)   Use Sexting


If you want to get your woman ready for a hot sexy night you should start the foreplay long before the actual action. The first thing to do is to prepare her mind by mentally warming her up. You can start with sexting. Technology is a great way to stay connected and build anticipation.


You can say something like, “I can’t stop thinking about how horny you make me!”, “I can’t believe just thinking of you is making me want you this much.”, “What are you wearing and what is the color of your panties?”, “I miss you so much. I need a picture.” Or, “Just a kiss isn’t going to be enough for me tonight. Start undressing now.”


If sex is getting routine, sending sexually explicit messages and pictures via text messages can set the tone for where you want the conversation to go. These can set off a chain of emotions including giggles as well as getting her hot, horny and wet.


(2)   Shower Together


Of course, this is more than just a shower. You can tease her by rubbing your penis against her buttocks, but do not penetrate yet. You take turns washing each other and have her give you a sensuous hand job while she applies soap on your penis. Don’t let her bring you to climax. Stop her when you are on the edge.


Then you reciprocate her effort by eating her pussy. You kneel down, spread her legs and lick her as if you are licking an ice cream cone. You suck her clitoris and insert your tongue into her pussy, darting in and out. At this stage, your purpose is to warm her up and not to make her orgasm yet. You stop before she comes. You will keep her in suspense and anticipation, driving her wild.


(3)   Give Her A Kinky Massage


If you really want to get a girl horny, give her a kinky massage. You can make this very visually stimulating by placing a mirror where both of you can get a view of what is going on from a different perspective. Use a little bit of massage oil and gently stroke her entire naked body. You can use food (such as whipped cream) to rub on her body or certain items such as cucumber, carrot and banana for inserting into some sexy places on her body.


You can bring in a variety of message-enhancing toys or sex toys such as vibrator or those improvised vibrators (back massager, electric toothbrush, and electric-powered razor) or even vibrating nipple clamps. You can take things further by blindfolding her and get her to guess the various types of objects you are using to touch her body. If she guesses it correctly, you will reward her by doing a certain sexual act she requests.


If you want to turn her on and pleasure her, make sure your massage covers all her sensitive areas such as her genitals, breasts and buttocks.


When massaging her buttock cheeks, you should also rub on the surrounding areas such as her hips, thighs and lower back. You can use your palms and fingers to vary the massage movement on the buttocks. You can slap on it once in a while to make this sexy buttock massage a little kinkier.


To caress her breasts, you can start by cupping your hand around her breast from underneath. Grab it and hold onto it up a little bit. You use your pointer finger and thumb to squeeze and rub the nipple. You can do this while you lick her clitoris. Or, you take turns to switch it up by sucking and licking on her nipples while you are fingering her down there. You can also encourage her to masturbate while you are working on her breasts.


(4)   Play Bedroom Games


A little bit of variety can go a long way to spice up your relationship. You can play some bedroom games to bring the erotic fun and excitement back to your relationship.


You can play this ‘Alphabet Game’ starting from A. You can both take turns going down the alphabet and kissing the body parts that begin with the letter you have.


A modified dice game will be fun with you and your partner assigning a sexual act for each number and combination of numbers on the pair of dice. You get to take turns rolling the dice and giving and receiving the sexual act as represented by the number you get.


You can try strip poker. Each time when someone loses, he/she has to remove an article of clothing.


(5)   Try Bondage


Bondage can be fun during sex if you use it correctly. You can add some silk scarves for gentle restraints to heighten her sexual desire. You have her hands confined or to blindfold her while you play and tease her. This will build her anticipation and have her begging for more.


Before playing bondage games, you have to make sure your partner is willing to give them a try. You do not want to whip out the handcuffs and all of sudden she just freaks out by this kind of rough sex. It is better to talk to each other the likes and dislikes before beginning any bondage sex.


Sex may become dull as a relationship matures, but it doesn’t have to be. Use these five tips to get more sexual pleasure and improve your overall sex life. When you are ready for more ideas to brush up your lovemaking skills, you can click on Kinky Sex.




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I Want To Have Sex – How To Turn Her On

Click Here For More Help To Turn Her On

Do you ever wish your girl can be a little forthcoming, a little bit aggressive or taking a little more initiative when comes to sex? Do you ever wish she likes to have sex as much as you do so that most often she will be begging to have you inside her? Below are some tips you can do to turn her on so that you can have sex as often as you want.


(1) Cater to her emotional needs


If you want to improve your sex life in terms of quality and quantity, you have got to understand what women want. Women are emotional creatures, unlike men who can easily get aroused just by the sight of a naked girl in front of them. In order to really get her in the mood, you have to cater for her needs for romance, intimate conversation and a build-up that brings a real sense of anticipation. If you want more sex, you have to tap into her desire for connection. Women want to talk first, connect first and then have sex.


To be emotionally connected to her means you are able to sympathize with her intimate experiences she shares with you. It means knowing how frustrated she feels when her boss yells at her. It means showing you are happy for her when her best friend is getting married.


When a woman has a problem to share with a man, she wants him to understand that how she feels. She wants you to share the same kind of feeling as hers. When she shares about how her best friend is getting married, she is not sharing information; she is sharing her happiness with you. She is sharing an emotional feeling with you. And if you do not feel that happiness with her at that moment then she is going to feel disconnected to you.


If you want to connect with a woman emotionally so that you are able to maintain a happy and fulfilling relationship, you have to take the time to be curious about what made a situation frustrating to her. If she is happy about her best friend getting married, find out what aspects she is looking forward to her best friend’s wedding that makes her happy.


Try to discuss the topics purely for the sake of curiosity. When you become curious about her, and what is going on, and how come she feels a particular way, you will start to understand her emotionally as well. When you understand her emotionally, she will naturally feel it. Her intuition will let her know, and that is when she will feel deeply connected to you.


(2) Tease her


If you want to get more sex and better sex for both you and your girl, you have to tease her and drive her crazy by slowly seducing her until she begs you to finish the job. For a period of one week, you tease her subtly by giving her long, passionate kisses, sensual massages or caressing her softly while you are watching a movie and when you feel that she is getting turned on, slowly pull away and continue whatever you are doing in a non-sexual manner. By not doing anything sexual with her for a week, you can be sure that by weekend she will be all over you.


Another way to tease her is when she is washing the dishes, you stand behind and kiss her neck and then you walk away. After a little while, you go and find your girl again and rub her shoulders slowly. Again, you walk away after a few minutes of massaging her. The next stage is to kiss her. The lips are one of her erogenous zones and the most exposed one too, so you should give her lips a lot of attention. Start with small kisses to build up the tension and anticipation. Once you have managed to pull off a great kiss, your girl will be thoroughly turned on and will want to jump straight into bed.


(3) Arouse her


Though a lot of people have heard that spending time in foreplay makes sex better, but they are not sure how to go about using foreplay to arouse a woman. If foreplay is sexually exciting and arousing for a woman, her vagina will grow in length and width, thus making for more comfortable penetration. Arousal also enhances a woman’s natural vaginal lubrication response which can make sex more pleasurable. Spending time in sexually and arousing types of foreplay can make it easier for a woman to reach orgasm during intercourse.


To arouse a woman during foreplay, you can kiss her with both of your clothes on for at least ten to fifteen minutes. Women love it when guys take time to tease and please them. Therefore during foreplay, instead of going straight for her hotspots, you should explore other, more subtle areas of her body. Get as much of her body in the game as you can before you head south. Aim for her lips, behind her ears, the nape of her neck and the sides of her torso just below her breasts. When you are kissing her, you run your fingers through her hair, down her back and up her thigh.


During foreplay, you break the silence and moaning every now and again with some arousing words (dirty talking). Women love communication from men, including in the bedroom. Occasionally tell her how you want to touch her, where and with which of your body parts or why you love doing what you are doing to her, or ask her what she wants you to do next, or throw in the guaranteed winner phrases such as “I just can’t get enough of you” or “I love how fucking wet you are”. If you know how to have sex with her brain, which is a major sexual organ, you can bet that she will be begging you to have sex with her again very soon in due time.


(4) Give her what she wants


While foreplay is all about building anticipation and longing, sex is all about bringing it all together with a strong finish. Though every woman is different, but for most women the easiest way to reach orgasm is to stimulate her clitoris.


You move your hand to her vaginal area and use your fingertips to rub her outer vaginal lips by spreading them apart and bringing them back together. When you are stroking or rubbing her, it is best to start off light and do not go harder until she starts pressing against you. Once she starts lifting her hips towards you, this is a clear indication that she wants you to touch her a little deeper, harder, faster and more direct. You can start rubbing her inner vaginal lips and then move up to her clitoris, which you should rub in a circular motion. Sometimes your fingers may be tired and when this happens, you can use a vibrator and press it against her outer vaginal lips while you massage her g-spot.


When you go inside her, you can make her orgasm again by choosing those sex positions which provide maximum stimulation to the clitoris or g-spot or both. The woman-on-top position provides some of the best g-spot stimulation and she can move her body in a way that stimulates her clitoris. The rear entry is good for g-spot stimulation while she can reach under to stimulate the clitoris. When you are on a chair, you get her to sit on your lap which allows for both deep penetration and good clitoral stimulation. When you are on top of her, you place two or three pillows under her butt to lift it off the bed at an angle so that you can rub against her clitoris when thrusting.


It is a sad fact that over 50% of men are not satisfied with their sex life, and one of the things most men wish they had more pleasure from sex. Would you like to be the lucky ones among the minorities enjoying a happy and fulfilling sexual relationship? If you do, click on Great Lover


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Female Orgasm – How To Make A Girl Squirt

Click On HERE For Ideas To Give Her Powerful Orgasm

Do you want to know how you can transform yourself from the average guy in bed to being the guy who knows how to truly satisfy a woman sending her into total bliss telling you, begging you, not to stop? Want to know the ways you can get any woman keen to have sex with you? If your lover is taking too long to peak, you need to hone your skills a bit. Here are a few tricks to make her moan with pleasure in no time.


(1)   Make her aroused first


Most women will reach orgasm if they have enough foreplay during sex (which, by the way, often means about twenty minutes). However you do this, it’s important to make sure that she has enough excitement, enough foreplay, and is aroused enough to fully enjoy sex. This may mean caressing her, stroking her, kissing, cuddling, massaging, and giving her cunnilingus, but however you go about it, the object of the exercise is to make sure that her arousal matches yours before you enter her, so that sex for her is just as enjoyable as it is for you.


When you are touching her, instead of just caressing her using your fingertips, you can use a variety of touches to enrich her sensation. Try scratching, try running your nails down her back, gently or firmly as the mood takes you; use different types of pressure – firm or soft – as you move your fingers over her skin; try using circular movements of your fingers alternately with long strokes; when you kiss her lips, tease her with varying movements of your tongue, perhaps sucking or biting her lips with your teeth.


When you touch her, there are two areas that you should not miss, which are her belly and inner thighs.These are very erotic areas for most women, so your partner will certainly appreciate you touching them. Move your hand gently in a circular motion, palm downwards, fingertips in contact with her belly, preferably moving your hand in a clockwise direction. Another exciting movement is to move your fingertips (or perhaps your fingernails, for a different kind of stimulation) up her inner thighs from her knees to her vulva, doing this slowly and teasingly, so that she is constantly anticipating the touch on her vulva that you deny her at the last moment. Such gently stimulation will tease her, and brushing her genitals gently will enhance her desire to be touched more firmly.  


While touching her, you can also use words to turn her on. What a woman want to hear are phrases that let her know how turned on you are, how much you love her body and how good you want to make her feel. You can say something like – ‘I love the way you smell’, ‘You taste so good, I can do this for the whole night’, or ‘You have a really nice vagina. The color is so hot’ and ‘You make me feel like a man. I feel incredibly powerful and sexy’. Not only what you say but how you say it is equally important. When she can hear the burning lust in your voice, the area between her thighs there can pretty much catch on fire.


One thing to take note about her arousal is though she is wet but this does not mean she is ready for sex. Indeed, in research, it has been shown that even when women are very wet they may still not feel aroused mentally. In short, a woman has to be ready both physically and mentally for sex: it is no use assuming that as soon as her vagina is juicy, you can just stick your penis in and she will be happy.  Far from it – she will show (or tell) you when she wants you in there, and, no matter how wet she is, you will do well to wait until there is no doubt she wants to be penetrated. So, you have to be patient with her during foreplay. Observe her body signals or body language before you make your next move.


(2)   Give her a sensual massage


You start the massage by stroking her hair and lightly scratching her scalp which is basically a continuation of the hair brushing.  Again, she does not perceive this as sexual and further relaxes and lets her guard down.  You then massage and stroke her neck, down her shoulders and her arms.  You then proceed down her back down to her lower back.  You then just naturally go on down her butt without asking permission.  She might momentarily tense up, but you simply ignore it and proceed to massage her butt cheeks thoroughly.  You spend a good 5-8 minutes massaging her butt cheeks with a kneading motion.  You will connect with nerve endings that she did not even know that she had. These nerve endings are connected to her vagina and her clitoris.  She will end up getting sexually aroused which will be evident by her more rapid breathing.


You then go on down each leg individually massaging them thoroughly including her feet.  As you transition from her butt to her thigh, keep one hand on her butt cheek and the other on her inner thigh.  Make sure that your hand is massaging her inner thigh right next to her pussy.  The fact that your hand is so close to her pussy and that you are not actually touching her pussy will drive her wild with anticipation.  It will cause her to start desiring to have sex with you. 


You then take your fingertips and start at her face and then stroke down her whole body lightly.  You go down her back, back and forth from head to foot about 3 times, and then you turn her over and do the same thing on her front.  On the last trip you stroke past her boobs and lightly over her nipples. They will get instantly erect.  You trace circles around the nipples and lightly caress her breasts.  You then continue down her body all the way down to her toes.  On the return trip back up, you stroke up both legs on her inner thighs at the same time.  As you go up her inner thighs, you slow way down to slow motion.  This builds anticipation and desire on her part and making her more turned on.  At this time you strip her down to her bra and panties, slowly.


(3)   Bring her to orgasm with oral


Once you have her down to bra and panties continue to take your time. You then hook a finger inside the leg band of her panties and you stroke up and down without touching her pussy.  This will drive her wild with her desiring for you to stroke her vagina or clitoris).  You don’t, you resist the urge to touch them yet.  You stroke up and down each leg band of her panties which will hugely turn her on.  You then trace the line between her pussy lips (labia) outside of her panties back and forth several times.  She will be squirming by now. 


You will then bend down and place your mouth over her clitoris and blow hot breath on her clitoris through her panties several times.  She will continue to get extremely aroused. You then pull the crotch of her panties to the side and lick between her slit (labia) up and down several times.  She will be by now breathing heavily and thrusting against your tongue which is the green light to remove her last piece of clothing. 


Now is the time for you to take charge.  You get at least a couple of pillows and place them under her butt to elevate her butt so that you can go down on her more comfortably.  You pull her legs apart and spread them.  You then get your hands under her ass and squeeze her butt cheeks very firmly.  You drive your tongue into her pussy (vagina), burying it in her as deeply as you can.  You then proceed to tongue fuck her (tongue thrusting) for a couple of minutes.  You then proceed up to her clitoris and suck it into your lips by placing a lip lock on it.  You suck it like you were sucking a thick milkshake through a straw.  It will start to engorge with blood and swell.  You keep sucking it and then start pulling on it with your lips.  She will be highly aroused by now and perhaps have even come. 


You then move her tongue against her clit like a machine gun as fast as you can.  Once it flicks out and hits her clitoris, it is guaranteed to drive her wild and make her come.  Take your time and get her off two or three times.  Now she will literally be aching to be penetrated by you.  You can even pull the hood of her clitoris back like a male foreskin and press your tongue directly on her clitoris.  The more time that you spend getting her aroused and making her come before entering her, the more turned on she will be and having you enter her will make it much more enjoyable for her.  The more enjoyable you make it for her; the more likely she is going to say yes to your sexual overtures to her in the future.


(4)   Give her a g-spot orgasm


The G spot is an area of tissue about one or two inches deep in her vagina, along the top surface (as you feel it when she lies on her back).  You will find that this tissue gradually changes in texture as she becomes more aroused: more swollen and engorged with blood (just like your penis), and simultaneously less ridged and smoother.


Once she is aroused after the clitoral stimulation, thrust your finger or two fingers in and out of her.  You don’t thrust them in all the way but only about one-and-a-half inches in against the roof of her pussy.  Think of how you stroke your dick when beating off.  You start slowly and build up speed and pressure where you are doing it very fast.  If she has a G spot orgasm, she will likely secrete some small amount of vaginal fluids or even squirt.  It is a powerful orgasm that is much stronger than a clitoral orgasm.  You will need to hold her tightly if this happens because she will feel weak and cold and shiver afterwards.  Wait a couple of minutes and do it again.  Once she reaches this level of arousal, she can have multiple G spot orgasms.


After a G spot orgasm, a woman’s vagina is as warm, swollen and wet as it gets, and she will most likely be very ready to feel you inside her. If she comes again during intercourse, as you thrust, she may well have intense vaginal contractions around your penis that make you ejaculate. You can achieve this by using the modified doggie position. Instead of having her keep her arms straight with her palms on the bed, ask her to lower herself onto her elbows. Holding her hips for balance, thrust slowly at first and then up the intensity. With each stroke, your penis will rub against the front wall of her vagina, stimulating her g-spot. This will produce simultaneous orgasm and it can be deeply satisfying for both partners.


Try these tips to see how she reacts. Make her feel sexy and comfortable with you by being patient in the foreplay stage. Next you pleasure her all the way till she orgasms by giving her clitoral and g-spot stimulation. If you can do these, you will be able to drive her wild in bed making her come back for more.


For more tips just like these, click on Give Her Mind-Blowing Orgasm.


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