How To Get And Use Sex Toys For Beginners




If you have never used sex toys you may find them intimidating. This is especially so for people with little or no sexual experience. You can use sex toys to explore your body before choosing to become sexually active. What are the good sex toy choices for beginners or people who have little or no sexual experience?


Penis sleevePenis sleeve

Penis sleeve

This is a male sex toy. It is a tube made of cyber skin or other soft material that slides over the penis shaft and is supposed to mimic the feeling of a vagina or mouth. If you haven’t discovered how really great masturbating with a sex toy is, a penis sleeve is a good choice. Rub a little water-based lubricant on the shaft before you slip your penis through the sleeve and glide it up and down manually. You can get all kinds of sleeves to satisfy whatever desires you have. Some have textured lining for extra stimulation.


Penis ring

Penis ring



The ring works by constricting the flow of blood out of the penis to help the user achieves a firmer or harder and longer lasting erection. For beginners, it is advisable to use adjustable and simple rings. Some rings come with buckles and snaps. If you are using them, just be careful not to let your pubic hair get caught in the snaps.


If you are using an adjustable ring, open it up all the way, slip it over the penis and behind the scrotum and then tighten it. Once you have gotten the ring on, you can masturbate all the way to orgasm and ejaculation. If you feel any discomfort, remove the ring. Whichever type of penis ring you choose to use, do not leave it on for more than 20 minutes. Once you are comfortable with using the penis ring on your own, you can let your partner put the ring on you as part of the sex play.


Clitoral vibrator

Clitoral vibrator


This is the best option for a girl if she does not want to have any insertion at all or does not want to stretch her vagina too much. Women can reach orgasm most often through clitoral stimulation. This is because the clitoris which is packed with numerous sensitive nerve endings is responsible for most female orgasms. In fact, many women prefer clitoral vibrator than other kinds of sex toys because it can provide some of the best orgasms.


Small vibrator

Small vibrator


This is a good choice for women who are using a vibrator for the first time to insert into themselves. This kind of vibrator is even thinner than a tampon so that it does not hurt when a woman push it into herself. A good thing about small vibrator is that it can fit in the purse so that she can take it with her wherever she goes.


Bullet vibrator attaches to penis ring

A more versatile type of small vibrator is the bullet style vibrator which can be placed on the clitoris or in the vagina. Some bullet style vibrators can be attached on penis rings and used for couple’s pleasure.







Anal plug

Anal plug


This is a good choice if you are new to anal sex. Whether you are enjoying anal stimulation during sex or during masturbation, this toy can give you just enough stimulation without being painful. Make sure you apply water-based lubricant on this toy before inserting it into the anus.



Special toy cleaner

Toy maintenance


To keep your toys in proper condition, it is better to clean them with a mild soap or special sex toy cleaner before and after use. Avoid using strong detergents because they can breakdown the toy material. For battery-operated toys, take out the batteries after using them. Rinse water-proof toys with hot water. For those that are electrical or not water-proof, clean them with a soapy wet cloth. Dry them thoroughly after cleaning. Most germs cannot live on a dry surface.


Read this a few times before you make any decision about the usage of sex toys. When you are ready for action, you can take a look at Dirty Harry’s Secrets and Naughty Jane’s Treasure.

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Sex Tips For Women – How To Overcome Problems With Orgasms




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If you are not having orgasm during your sexual activities you may think that you are abnormal. However, you are not alone. 4 out of every 10 women report some degree of sexual dissatisfaction. Factors like stress, medication, birth control pills, emotional health, hormone imbalances, chronic ailments and many other factors call all influence female orgasm.


I think that in order for you to be able to reach orgasm with someone else, it is better to learn to do it yourself and on your own first. The reason being, the majority of women do not experience orgasm through intercourse alone. It is only after you know what kinds of touch you like that you can let your lover know how to please you. The following masturbation tips should help to get you started on your self-exploration journey to orgasm and sexual satisfaction.


(1)   Keep yourself relaxed


First of all, set up a comfortable environment for yourself. If you are going to use toys, get them and also standby with some lubricant. To get yourself into the mood, you can read some erotic stuff. If you do not like reading, you can watch some erotic movies. If your ability to visualize past sexual encounters is strong, you may just want to turn on some music that will help frame that memory and turn yourself on in this way. The key is to do whatever it takes to get you in the mood. The following paragraphs are the different areas to stimulate when masturbating.


(2)   Stimulating the clitoris


You can use your hands, fingers, knuckles, water spurting out from the shower head, vibrators and any object that will stimulate the clitoris. You can use your fingers to rub the area around the clitoris by grabbing the skin around the clitoris and rubbing it together. Make sure you are well lubricated to prevent yourself getting sore by rubbing the clitoris raw.


The shower head where you can adjust the stream of water, a steady, gentle stream and then a more powerful jet spray can be equally stimulating. Just be careful not to send strong stream of water into the vagina for a very long period of time because it can cause air embolism.


Getting a vibrator or some sex toys can help to spice things up. Holding a vibrator against your clitoris is the way to feel the maximum of vibrations. But since this area can be hyper sensitive, you can also hold the vibrator around the general area, the vulva, the pubic bone, the anus and the area between the vagina and anus. If the vibrations are too strong, just put a towel or an index finger in between the vibrator and clitoris.


(3)   Stimulating the g-spot with a g-spot toy


You can use a silicone-based g-spot vibrator or a glass-based dildo vibrator to stimulate the g-spot. You can also treat yourself to one of those multi-stimulation dildo/vibrators. This kind of vibrator provides simultaneous vaginal penetration, g-spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation all in one and at the same time. However, if you can locate your g-spot (which is easier when you are highly aroused) and stimulate it with your fingers to your pleasure, then better still.


(4)   Stimulating the anus


The anus is a very sensitive area which can give you a lot of pleasure when you give it some tender loving care. You can explore the area with your fingers, by rubbing or tickling the area, or using small anal toys. Make sure that before you insert a toy, finger, etc into your anus, you have plenty of lubrication and the toy should have a flared based at one end of it.


(5)   Touching the breasts


Touching, rubbing, fondling and even attaching nipple clamps can be very pleasurable. If your breasts are large enough, try licking your nipples yourself can be equally stimulating.


There is no one right way to pleasure yourself and have a better sex life. Just relax and explore your body and see what feels good. For even more ideas, you can click on Hot Sex  and Sensual Ecstasy

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