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Do you know what turns a woman on? What makes her a bit of a cold fish in bed? How to bring sexy back into your bedroom? How to make her love sex again so that you can have as much as you want to? You can have the sex life you want and bring the pleasure back into lovemaking with these tips.


(1)   Make her feel at ease


One of the reasons she never initiates sex is because of her fear of rejection. For a woman, self-esteem is one of the most important things to have in order to feel at ease when she is in bed with a man. To reduce her anxieties you need to do what women do when they want sex.


You need to show her you are up for it by sending out subtle signals. This will mean creating an atmosphere where she is quite sure she will not be rejected. This can be as simple as lighting a couple of candles, or dimming the lights, playing her favorite sexy music, feeding her chocolate-flavored cream or strawberries and talking dirty to her. The key is in creating a relaxed but suggestive atmosphere conducive for a night of wild sex.


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(2)   Be creative


After a few years, it is easy to find the whole game of sex monotonous if you do not create new ways to enjoy each other in bed. When one of you get bored, you may have trouble getting an erection or she may have difficulty in reaching orgasm. The best way to overcome this is to be opened to each other’s new ideas about the things both of you like to try.


To prevent being knocked back, you can turn your requests into a game. You can alternate weeks of who is responsible for coming up with ideas, fantasies and new positions. This way your partner will not feel pressurized. If she gets stuck, there is wide choice of sex manuals, magazines and videos available for both of you to browse.


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(3)   Give her oral pleasure


If she does not orgasm often, this may be due to insignificant stimulation. No matter how much she wants it, she may be too shy to let you know just how hot it makes her to have your mouth down there. In order to get her off, head south. One study found women who experience multiple orgasms usually have the first orgasm after cunnilingus, rather than intercourse or manual pleasure.


The tongue is the perfect instrument for stimulating the clitoris. Instead of making her beg for oral sex, learn to be best in performing cunnilingus and give it to her without her ever having to ask. To spice things up, you can try different positions for oral sex, such as licking her from behind or letting her sit on your face. You can also get an oral kit to enhance your performance. This will add an element of variety to giving your lover a climax orally, making her want more and more.


(4)    Be romantic


It is easy to take your partner for granted if both of you are too busy with the daily routines. Make an arrangement to set aside some moments for some dirty romancing. Strike a deal with one of the many relatives you are always in contact with: one Saturday a month, they watch your kids for the night while you and your wife go on a date and you return the favor the next Saturday.


Romance her as you would during courtship days. Her identity is more than just wife or mother and she needs the assurance of your love as well. Intimacy is often more important to a woman than sex. Letting her feel important as a woman and person, and helping her feel emotionally close to you, is what that can fuel her drive to have more sex with you.


(5)   Getting fit together


Working out with your woman and treating this activity as fat-burning foreplay can raise her dopamine (good-feeling hormone) levels and ease her anxieties. Besides this, your post-exercise sweat will contain traces of androstadienone, a testerone derivative that spikes her arousal when she smells it.


Use these tips to tune in with each other’s needs and what follows next will be more explosive than both of you ever imagine.


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5 Female Ejaculation Tips To Make Her Pussy Wet


5 Female Ejaculation Tips to Make Her Pussy Wet - Every woman is different when comes to sexual matters. This can make pleasing a woman quite challenging for many guys. Fortunately, there are certain ways that increase the chances of her getting not only one but even multiple orgasms. One of the ways is to stimulate the g-spot. Here is what you need to do to make her pussy wet.
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Every woman is different when comes to sexual matters. This can make pleasing a woman quite challenging for many guys. Fortunately, there are certain ways that increase the chances of her getting not only one but even multiple orgasms. One of the ways is to stimulate the g-spot. Here is what you need to do to make her pussy wet.


(1)   Turn her on and make her pussy wet first


The best time to give a woman a g-spot orgasm is when the g-spot is swollen as a result of her becoming sexually aroused. If she is not aroused, the g-spot can be quite difficult to locate. This means you have to spend a lot of time on foreplay. Most important is you have to make her feel mentally, emotionally and physically relaxed.


The best way to arouse her is to give her at least two clitoral orgasms through oral stimulation or fingering. When she is aroused, the g-spot will be swollen as blood pumps up this area, making it easier for you to locate the g-spot with your fingers.


(2)   Give her oral sex to make her pussy wet


Most women love oral sex. This means you can easily make her orgasm one to two times before you actually rub her g-spot. What you need to is to use your tongue to stimulate the clitoris and the area around it.


You start by giving a light flip on her clitoris using the tip of your tongue and then you move to the area around the clitoris. This is because at the initial stage when she is not yet aroused, too much attention on her clitoris can be uncomfortable to her. It is only when she is quite aroused that you can give her clitoris more attention.


(3)   Make Her Pussy Wet By Getting help from sex toys


There are some concerns from guys that a vibrator will give a woman such intense sexual pleasure that she will not desire actual sex anymore. This is not true because there is nothing that can replace the closeness and intimacy of sex with a person.


A vibrator or other sex toys are just helping hands for giving pleasure and are not meant to replace a sex partner. Clitoral vibrators work well because many women can only achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation. Therefore you tease and please her with a vibrator before you begin to finger her g-spot.


(4)   You finger her to make her pussy wet


Assuming that by now she should be fully aroused, you can start to reach for her g-spot using your fingers. Make sure your fingernails are trimmed and your fingers are lubricated. You insert one finger about two inches inside her and massage the g-spot gently for a minute or so to warm her up. Once she is ready, you insert a second finger inside her. Your palm should be facing upwards so that the tip of your two fingers should be pressing against the front wall of her vagina. The motion of your two fingers should be rubbing the g-spot up and down and not thrusting in and out of her because this does not hit her g-spot.


You will know you are doing the right thing in finding her g-spot when she starts to moan in pleasure much more. She will also feel as if she is going to urinate. When giving her g-spot stimulation, you slowly ramp up the intensity as she gets more turned on. You keep going on gradually increasing your pace of stimulation. When she reaches orgasm, you do not pull out if her vaginal wall squeezes against your fingers but just hold your fingers there.


(5)   Choosing the sex positions that can reach her g-spot easily


Under the normal missionary position, it is not possible to make her orgasm because the penis will not be able to curve upward to rub against her g-spot. The following are some positions which can reach her g-spot easily and turn you into a woman-pleasing stud.


(a)   Woman-on-top


When she is on top, she can adjust her body in a way that can allow her g-spot to be stimulated through penetration.


(b)   Enter her from behind


Rear entry gives you a good angle of stimulating her g-spot. You can also easily adjust the position and intensity of the thrusting.


(c) Modified missionary


When she is lying on her back, you place one to two pillows or a specially-designed love cushion under her pelvis region so that her lower part of the body is raised probably up to 45 degrees. This angle will allow you to reach her g-spot easily.


Or, another way to  make her pussy wet is to get her legs bent far back so that her knees are pressing against her chests and you enter her. If this is a bit uncomfortable for her, let her legs rest on your shoulders instead and you can penetrate her in this way.


Of course, no matter what position you are using, you can give her additional pleasure by stimulating her clitoris at the same time (either you or she does it).

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How To Have Multiple Orgasm For Men And Women





Is multiple orgasm too much of a good thing? Is it possible to have multiple orgasms for men and women? How to become multi-orgasmic?


Male Orgasm vs. Female Orgasm


Compared to women, men have lower chances of achieving multiple orgasms. This is because after men ejaculate, they have to go through a refractory period which can last from a few minutes to a few hours, before they can have orgasm again. After ejaculation, a guy has to start all over again from getting aroused to totally erect. But this does not mean it is impossible for a man to have multiple orgasms. I will talk about how this is achievable for a guy later.


For a woman, her chances of having multiple orgasms are higher as compared to men. This is because she does not need to go through a long refractory period as guys do. After a woman have an orgasm, her body is still in a stage of highly aroused. She will be able to experience some more orgasms, if within 30 seconds of her previous orgasm; her erogenous zones are being consistently stimulated. Most women can experience multiple orgasms after their late 20’s but this does not mean older or younger women cannot have multiple orgasms.


How To Have Multiple Orgasms For Men


The key in learning how to have multiple orgasms for men is to understand that orgasm and ejaculation are 2 different kinds of experience. Many men can ejaculate without experiencing orgasm and vice versa, climaxing without ejaculating. The way for a man to achieve multiple orgasms is to postpone or delay his ejaculation. By holding off ejaculation, a man can remain in a high state of excitement and do not need to go through that long refractory period to “recharge his engine”.


The best way to delay ejaculation is to do some self-practice. You masturbate until you start to feel turned on and have an erection. As you get more aroused, your genitals become more sensitive and you feel you are about to ejaculate at any time, you then stop the stimulation for at least 15 seconds. After this, you begin to masturbate again and you go on with this start and stop action periodically until you feel you are getting quite close to the stage of letting go. The most important thing you need to remember is how this feeling is like so that when you reach this stage again, you will know when to stop the stimulation. Some men find that doing Kegel squeeze exercises can strengthen their PC muscles to help them control their ejaculation.


During intercourse, a guy can control and delay his ejaculation by applying direct pressure on the area near to the tip of his genitals and by gently pulling his scrotum. When making love, as soon as you feel you are about to release; you pull out and squeeze on the area near to the genitals tip for a few seconds before you enter her again. You may find this method disruptive and can cause you to totally lose your erection. An alternative way will be to gently pull your scrotum by yourself or train your partner to do this to get you more time to stay at the non-ejaculatory aroused state. During the cooling off period, you can focus on stimulating your girl. By turning yourself on and off a few times, you are able to increase the chances of multiple orgasms and simultaneous orgasm with your woman.


How To Have Multiple Orgasms For Women


For women, the easiest way to achieve multiple orgasms is by way of masturbation. This can help a woman to discover (on her own without any pressure) where and how she likes to be touched. As compared to men, this is much easier as she does not need to go through the start and stop motion that men do.


The best way for a woman to have multiple orgasms is to constantly stimulate the clitoris, the area around the clitoris, g-spot (an erogenous zone about 2 inches inside away from the vaginal entrance), the breasts, the anus and the area between the anus and vagina.


While men are more visually stimulated, women are emotionally stimulated. A woman’s ability to reach orgasm depends a lot on her state of mind. Before she achieves orgasm, she needs to feel important and appreciated. She also needs to feel comfortable and relaxed with her surroundings and her partner. During intercourse, the best sexual position for a woman to have multiple orgasms is to adopt the woman-on-top position. This is because in this position she has full control over how quickly and deeply she is penetrated and how much friction she wants against her clitoris.


It is a wonderful experience to have multiple orgasms. If you have never experienced multiple orgasms or do not get it on your 1st few trials, do not force yourself and do not make this to be the main objective of love making. You just need a little bit of patience and practice. Most important is you and your partner enjoying each other’s company and make sure she gets lots of foreplay before intercourse.


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