Giving Her The Best Orgasm She Ever Had




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If you want to please a woman, you have to make sex better for her. If she is satisfied, she will have orgasms more often which means you will have better sex more often too. Follow these steps to help your wife or girlfriend reach orgasm as often as she can.


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(1)   Start with kissing


Before you do anything, make sure the surrounding temperature is not too hot or too cold. Even a slight chill can hold off an orgasm. Start kissing her slowly and deeply. Women love kissing because it helps them to feel physically and emotionally connected to their partners. Deep French kissing can be teaser to what you are going to do next when you are between her legs.


Kiss her sensitive spots (lips, neck, ear lobes). Move your lips slowly towards the side of her neck and kiss softly. Kiss those erogenous zones on either side of her throat. Gently scratch her back as you kiss her and softly but firmly slide your hand up under her hair at the nape of her neck and give a nice squeeze. Move your way down her collarbone to the indent located below her neck. Kiss this nerve-dense region. Work your way towards the part of her neck, below her earlobes. This area is full of sensitive, pleasure-producing nerve endings.


Once you have been kissing for several minutes, work your fingers under the bottom of her shirt and circle back to her stomach. Lift up her shirt and take it off in the smoothest way possible, being careful not to pull her hair.


(2)   Move to her breasts


Now that her shirt is off, slowly progress your kissing down to her breasts, kissing the upper area and still rubbing her lower body with your hands. While you are kissing her, reach behind and unhook her bra.


Do not just go direct to her nipples. Go back to kissing her on the lips and neck. Though nipple stimulation works, but it is much more effective to tease around them first as well as other part of her body before reaching for her breasts.


Lift her breasts when you caress them and touch them softly. With your thumb and index finger, you gently and directly massage her nipples in a rotating motion moving clockwise and anti-clockwise. Next, place your hands flat over her nipples and roll around them under your palms. Now, with your thumb and forefinger, you gently pull on her nipples but never pull down, Switch around the above movements to see which ones she likes and gets most excited over.


As she gets aroused, her nipples will become flushed with blood, and the sensory receptors will become primed for greater pleasure and pressure. You can start gently nibbling on her nipples or using a little more suction or pressure. A slightly firmer touch can be very pleasurable for a woman if she is already aroused. If you start out with intense pinching or firm sucking before she is fully and completely aroused, you are very likely to turn her off.


(3)   Heading downwards


As you move down to her stomach, you kiss every inch of the area below her breasts. Kiss her on the mouth again while you take off her pants. But not her panties yet! Take her right leg, and starting at her foot, you kiss every inch of it and working your way up to her inner thigh. While doing this, you can rub her clitoris. The friction caused by the brushing of the panties fabrics against her clitoris can start to make her feel the heat. Then go back to her left leg and do it all over again!


(4)   Clitoral stimulation


At this stage, she will be begging you to rip her panties off and give her more. Next, you pull apart the skin surrounding her clitoris and position your tongue on either the right or left side of the clitoris and move your tongue in a sweeping motion from side to side. You can also lick her in either clockwise or anti-clockwise motion. In between licking of her clitoris, you lick the rest of her vulva as well. Her vaginal lips and opening have super sensitive nerves that feel extremely pleasuring to her when you run your tongue over them. As she gets more aroused, you can take her clitoris gently into your mouth and lightly suck on it. While licking her clitoris, you can at the same time pinch and rub her nipples gently.


(5)   Get into position


If you are doing the above steps correctly, she should be having at least one orgasm. At this stage, her body will be very responsive to further stimulation and she has the capability of getting multiple orgasms. By now, you can choose to enter her as deeply as you want in any of the 3 following sex positions.


(a)    Enter her from behind (doggy style)

(b)   Woman-on-top

(c)    Missionary with pillow support or with a wedge under her pelvis region with her legs resting on your shoulders


So there you have it! This entire process should take around 30 minutes and will get her more turned on than she ever had before. Building anticipation like this paves the way for her to have not only one intense orgasm, but lots of them as well. If you are with a woman for the very first time, this is a pretty good way to make her be the one begging you to be inside her and not the other way round.


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Female Orgasm Tips – How To Please A Girl






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Do you want to know how you can please a woman effectively so much so that she keeps looking forward to the next sexual encounter with you? Do you want to learn to be one of the rare men who can satisfy her with your lovemaking skills? Here are some tips to increase the chances she will get an orgasm and probably multiple orgasms


(1)   Give her the best foreplay ever


If you want to get her in the mood, foreplay is absolutely necessary. Foreplay is one of the things that women usually cannot get enough. You will never hear her complaining about you hugging, cuddling, kissing and whispering naughty thoughts in her ear. The more you tease her the more you will be able to please her.


To gradually build up the mood, it is best to start foreplay before you reach the bedroom. You can try doing some fun things or give her pleasant surprises to make her feel good. Believe it or not, creative and romantic gestures do turn women on because love and sex are interconnected in a woman’s brain. By connecting to her emotionally as early as you can, she will be so aroused by the time you really start to pleasure her in bed.


(2)   Do not forget her lips


Do you know that women’s lips are their number one erogenous zone? The art of tongue kissing will pleasure her more than you know and leave her with a lasting, eroticized impression. When you kiss her, you hold her face firmly but gently while you slip your tongue inside her mouth and suck on her lips one at a time. Do not confine to kissing just her lips. You can also use your lips for giving sweet arousing kisses all over her body.


(3)   Give her oral pleasure


The easiest way to help a woman reach orgasm, even multiple orgasms is by giving her oral sex. Any licking or gentle sucking on the vaginal entrance and lips or the clitoris will surely make you popular with any woman. Try licking her with the skill of an experienced painter by experimenting with broad and varied strokes using your tongue to ‘write’ the alphabets A to Z or figure of 8. Ask her what she likes and mix it up with different movements such as vertical and diagonal strokes.


You begin by licking up and down the entire area along the vaginal opening before you move to her clitoris. Then you start by giving her short quick flick of your tongue on her clitoris. At this stage when she is not fully aroused yet, do not spend too much time on her clitoris. You use your tongue to pleasure the surrounding area especially the clitoral hood (just above the clitoris). You place her clitoral hood between your lips to allow both sides of the hood to rub against each other.


Your woman will let you know when she is ready for all-out clitoral stimulation when you see the following signs – her breathing gets more rapid, the visible part of the clitoris will swell slightly and she will press your head down towards her harder than ever. At this point, you gently retract the hood to expose the clitoris and dart your tongue across it. You repeat your tongue movement gently and quickly, varying the direction each time and pausing between each flick of the tongue. When she starts begging for more attention, release the hood and increase the degree of applied pressure until she reaches orgasm.


(4)   Use your fingers too


While kissing her clitoris, you can use your fingers to caress her breast and run them down to the middle of her stomach. You can also use your fingers to rub on her clitoris in circular motions. When she is fully aroused, you can insert one finger about 2 inches inside her. You press this finger against the frontal wall of her vagina. You use this finger to rub on a location that feels rough to your touch, which is the g-spot.


(5)   Use the best sex positions


You can learn about the various lovemaking positions by reading about them from self-help guides. But this alone is still not enough. This is because not all love positions are made equal. It will be better to read this together with your partner and discuss with her which positions both of you can try.


There you have it the 5 tips you can start using right away to give a woman the most earth-shattering experience of her life. These tips covered here are by no means exhaustive. You can read the rest of the tips from Hot Sex and Make Her Orgasm

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Do You Want Her To Have Sex With You More Often






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How to please a girl and turn her on in bed? What do women want in bed? How to be a great lover to women? You may have heard about women being hard to please. Not all women are the same in bed and some are more difficult to satisfy than others. Well, have no worries; there are still some universal ways to please women. So, below here are some suggestions to improve your seduction power with women that can make dramatic changes to your sex life.


Be Sexually Confident


Women like men who know what they are doing and the best way to be sexually confident is to be knowledgeable and relaxed. Do not be overly anxious to please her. Instead of getting anxious about sex, you should bear in mind that this is a completely normal part of the relationship. So, you just stay relaxed and go with the flow.


Next you need to understand what sexuality is all about. This means you need to understand what really pleases a woman. If you can understand how and when to push her ‘hot buttons’, it will be very much easier to be a great lover and turn her on.


So, you should read up on sexuality topics such as how to give her oral sex, how to give her g-spot orgasm and clitoral orgasm, how to give her multiple orgasms and so on because once you have mastered these skills, she will want to have sex with you more often.


The next thing that you need to learn in order to be sexually confident is to delay your personal sexual gratification. What you should do is to give her multiple orgasm or at least one orgasm first before you have your own climax. In this way, you will be transformed into a great seductive lover.


In order to display sexually confidence, you also need to be sexually aggressive and not to be too timid. You have to take the initiative or to take control when having sex. This is a classic display of your male masculinity. Women love guys who are in command in the bedroom when having sex and this can turn them on like crazy.


Touch Her The Right Way


You can turn a girl on slowly by touching. Don’t just ram a finger inside her or go straight for her clitoris. If she is not yet fully aroused, touching her clitoris can be far too sensitive for her. Therefore, you should start at the top by softly kissing her lips and then going down to her neck. You hold her arm in your hand and kiss her from her shoulder all the way down to her hand. Kiss anywhere on those bendable body parts – neck, elbow, waist, bikini creases, etc. These spots tend to be highly sensitive to touch.


You can heighten the sense of your touch by blindfolding her. You then kiss on the unexpected spots, like her knees, her ears, or the inside of her wrists. Because she does not know where your lips will land next, her body will be in a state of constant anticipation.


Before you move to her lower body, make sure you trim your fingernails because the area around a woman’s vagina is very sensitive. It will be good if you can apply some amount of water-based lubricant on your hands to help them glide over her sweet spots.


You start by gently pressing both of the outer vaginal lip together and massaging the entire area with your fingertips. This will indirectly stimulate the clitoris which should be very pleasurable for her.


Next, you turn your attention to the inner vaginal lip and massage it, along with the outer lip and gradually apply more pressure. Feel free to use the different parts of your hand such as the fingertips or the side of the hand. You can also massage the whole vaginal area by using your palm or fingers to press on it. When her vagina begins to swell and deepen in color, she is aroused.


Once she is aroused, you can start with more targeted stimulation. Put your fingers at just above the clitoral hood and you either move your fingers in a circular or side-to-side motion depending on her preference. Build this up slowly for the start. As she gets quite highly aroused, you can slide one finger about 2 inches inside her. Continue to use your thumb to stimulate the clitoris while you curl your inserted finger towards the frontal wall of the vagina and massage the g-spot.


As ever, communication and feedback is very important, so you should take notice of both verbal and non-verbal cues. If her belly is rising and falling faster than usual, or she raises her hips and pushes into your hand, it is a clear sign she is enjoying your touch. Ask her if what you are doing feels good, ask for direction or even have her shown you what she likes.


These tips covered here are by no means exhaustive. But they should give you a good start to turn her on. You can continue your reading at Hot Sex and Make Her Orgasm

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Female Orgasm Tips To Make Her Cum Many Times





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She already has an orgasm. What if she can’t get enough and want to have more than one orgasm? Simply take these good stuff and tips to bed and discover how to double her fun.


(1)   Make her orgasm before penetration


For most women, clitoral stimulation from oral sex is the easiest way for them to climax. You caress her down there with your tongue for a minute or so before pulling away for 10 to 15 seconds to stimulate the area surrounding the clitoris. Then you move back to stimulate her clitoris. Oral teasing techniques prime the body to expect for another new climax after each peak in sensation.


By getting her to have an orgasm before intercourse, her body will be geared to come again and respond faster to the added vaginal stimulation during sex. Even though she may not come during foreplay, you keep pampering her down there. This still paves the way for multiple orgasms. If she gets aroused slowly, she is likely to stay aroused a little longer.


(2)   Warm up other areas


After she has an orgasm, she will be very sensitive to your touch because a lot of nerve pathways have been stimulated due to the tremendous surge in blood flow. It is better to take a break from stimulating those sensitive hot spots immediately after an orgasm.


What you should do is to give the vaginal area a break and moves to stimulate her other erogenous zones such as her inner thighs, neck, breasts, ears, buttocks, behind the knees, feet, wrists and the inner folding between the upper and lower arms. Stroking in other regions will keep her nerves and sensual energy in high alert while allowing her nether regions to cool off just enough to take your caresses all over again.


(3)   Stimulate the g-spot


After she comes as a result of oral sex, her clitoral area will become super sensitive and you can give this area a break. You move on to stimulate the g-spot (the sponge-like moan zone behind the pubic bone which could be nothing more than the back-end roots of the clitoris) to unleash the next orgasmic wave. The best sex positions to hit the g-spot naturally are the reverse cowgirl and doggie-style.


To enhance the sensation, make sure you do not neglect other areas. This means you can fondle her breasts or trail your nails down her back as she rides on you, creating constant rubbing of her clitoris against your body in a rocking motion. The more areas you engage on while stimulating the g-spot, the better and more likely she will have multiple orgasms.


The angle of her hips determines both the depth and angle of your penis inside and outside her vagina. Therefore, simple adjustments can increase the friction on her hot spots and bring her multiple orgasms. Having her hips propped up with pillows or a specially-designed love cushion will help you to hit her g-spot easily.


(4)   Get help from sex toys


One of the best ways to keep her coming again and again is to use sex toys. If you want to please a woman sexually, you should introduce clitoral vibrators into the bedroom. These clitoral vibrators can be used during sex or even when masturbating. At times, certain sexual acts can be difficult to sustain for long periods of time, the use of sex toys not only can help her to reach orgasm easily but can also give her pleasure over and over again during a single session.


Bullet vibrators can also be used to stimulate the vaginal area. They are inserted into the vagina to stimulate the g-spot as well as the clitoris. These vibrators can be used during foreplay or during intercourse.


When it comes to multiple orgasms, the essential skill is paying attention after the first orgasm. You pay attention to the subtle cues that indicate her body is ready for more stimulation. You keep her on the plateau of pleasure and then build up again towards climax without overwhelming her body with sensation too soon after orgasm.


For more ideas on how to please a girl, you can click on Hot Sex and if you need additional help to spice up sex, you can visit How To Make Her Orgasm

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How To Increase Confidence In Your Love Life




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Why would you want to buy and use a sex toy? How to choose a toy that is suitable for you and your lover? Read on to get the answers to these 2 questions.


Why Do Some Couples Buy Sex Toys


Here are the reasons that people use sex toys –


(a)    Sex toys can spice up the sex life of you and your partner. They can be used during foreplay or intercourse or both.

(b)   They can also act as good temporary substitutes for self pleasure when either you or your partner/lover is not available for sex such as during advanced pregnancy stage, confinement period after giving birth, separation or divorce.

(c)    They can offer more stimulation during masturbation.

(d)   The toys can help you and your partner/lover to reach certain parts of the body that either one of you are not comfortable to touch on such as anal toys.

(e)    They can help you in situations if your woman needs a longer than usual time to reach orgasm or to help you stay focus in pleasuring her in certain ways. While giving oral sex, certain sexual positions may make it difficult for you to finger her and in this case you can use a vibrator to stimulate her erogenous zones.

(f)    Having an orgasm can help you to release stress and tension which is a great way to start your day or ‘a good tranquilizer’ to help you sleep.


How Sex Toys Can Help Women


Many women are unable to have orgasm through intercourse as a result of insufficient clitoral stimulation. Toys such as those electric-powered vibrators can provide the right amount and intensity of stimulation she needs, helping her to orgasm fast. Some new models of vibrators have intensity adjustments to suit personal preferences and sensitivity.


Some women use sex toys to enrich their experience and help them to achieve multiple orgasms. Some dildo/vibrators have 3-in-1 functional features providing simultaneous vaginal penetration, clitoral stimulation and g-spot stimulation.


Some women who have orgasm difficulty need a longer stimulation time (than most men are able to cope with), to achieve orgasm. In this case, sex toys can offer men a temporary break without the stimulation being interrupted, winning them some more time to increase chances of female orgasm.


How Sex Toys Can Help Men


Vibrating toys can help a man to achieve orgasm when they are held against his shaft, anus, the area between the anus and testicles and the testicles. Some men who suffer from erectile dysfunction use them (erection pumps, cock rings) for help to achieve erection. Not only this, some dual purpose vibrators can help them to overcome performance anxiety. Examples are the cock ring cum vibrator toy and ticklers that offer mutual and simultaneous stimulation to both you and your lover. There are even toys that can extend the penis length which I personally think are not of much help in getting women to orgasm. This is because the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body are located at the area around the vaginal entrance and about 2 inches deep inside her which is the g-spot. Therefore artificially extending the length of the male organ will not increase female sexual pleasure and the rough thrusting may even damage her cervix.


How To Get The Sex Toy(s) You Want


Before you shop for any sex toy for yourself and your lover, you should consider things like who will be using the toy, for what purpose, how should the toy look like and the pricing. If you are new to this, it is better to discuss with your lover to reach a joint decision.


The kind of stimulation (light/indirect, moderate/direct) you prefer is an important factor for you to consider in getting a sex toy. For women who are looking for dildos, they should ask themselves if they want the toys to look exactly like a penis or it is not necessary.


Quality can vary accordingly to prices and you need to ask yourself how much you are willing to spend. If you are unsure of a particular type of toy, you can try on a lower price model to see if you like it and you can later upgrade to a higher quality one if this suits you.


Sex toys should be treated as a side dish instead of the main course. They only take care of the mechanical aspects of love making. When comes to sexual intercourse, you cannot neglect the emotional aspects which are even more important. Over-dependence or emphasis on sex toys at the expense of strengthening the emotional bond with your partner will in the long run cause you and your partner to drift apart mentally.


For more help and ideas to improve sex life, you can click on Hot Sex and Dirty Harry’s Secrets

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