How To Give A Girl The Best Oral Sex Experience

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To some people, oral sex is a good way to build intimacy with her. To be good at this, you need to “read” her body carefully, listen to her breathing and observe her movements. Do remember that everything you do is for your partner at that particular moment and is not based on any past sexual experiences or what you see in porn movies.


Here is what you should take note when you are giving her oral sex:


(1)  Pay attention


This is of utmost importance because when it comes to having great sex, as every woman is different. There is just no one-size-fits-all type of techniques. Some women like direct pressure that is so firm that you are afraid she may get hurt, while others prefer tender loving care and even indirect touch. Every woman is unique and finding out how to sexually stimulate her effectively takes experimentation and paying attention.


It is unlikely she will tell you how she wants you to stimulate her but her body signals will “communicate” all the information to you and all you need to do is to pay attention to these signals. You need to listen carefully to the changes in her breathing, the way her skin softens and her muscles tighten, the way the blood flushes beneath her skin in her face and breasts and the way she moans.


Through all these signals she is telling you all the secret ways she wants to be touched and teased. It is all up to pay attention and for you to understand what she is communicating.


But this alone is still not enough. You can do everything right. You can do all the right moves with your fingers, lips and tongue and still yet to drive her crazy. On the other hand, you may be doing the only basic steps, but if you can tune into her “emotional channel” and stay connected with her, you can wake up the “pleasure zone” in her brain.


(2)  Stay connected


Most men never really figure out how to connect to a woman’s sexual emotions. It is a pity they fail to realize it is in her brain (not in her vagina) where the most intense orgasms begin. Great sex for a woman is impossible if you are completely disconnected with her.


She needs to feel connected with her partner; she needs to feel trust and to be assured that she will not be judged or humiliated. You make those connections to her through the way you hold her eye-contact, the way you smile confidently at her, the tone of your voice, the way you put your hands on her and the way you hold her.


To make her feel at ease and connected with you, all you have to do is to give her some small signs to let her know you are still aware of her as a whole person and not just her breasts and genitals. Look up at her and make eye-contact once in a while. Stop and tell her how much you enjoy doing it or how hot she is. Reach up and stroke the side of her face and hair. Take her hands and give them a gentle squeeze. Any gesture that can let her feel you are connected to her as a person will be great!


Once you do this, after a while you will realize her body will start to relax into what you are doing and later she will progress into a state of orgasm.


(3)  Push her limits


This is only applicable when she is your lover because you should never do anything to a woman that she does not consent to.


For unknown reasons, women usually “resist” to having their most intense orgasm. They get panic when they feel it is about to happen. Usually this will occur after she has come a few times and is about to go into multiple orgasm. Yet she feels that if she comes that hard, she will not be able to take it, so she clamps her legs closed or she wiggles her hips out of the way.


But if you and she have a trusting relationship you can try to ease her past this limit. When she begins to squirm or resist as she reaches her “pleasure limit”, place your palm firmly in the center of her chest to give her some reassurance. If you can do this gently and with confidence, she will become sexually submissive and let go off her anxiety to allow you to take her to the “next level”.


To recap, you need to:


(a)  pay attention to her body signals

(b)  be emotionally connected to her

(c)   give her reassurance so she can go all out to reach orgasm


Before going further, there are other thins to watch out for:


(i)                 Make sure your hands are clean, nails are trimmed and you are clean-shaven as you may want to use your hands as well as your mouth on her.


(ii)               If you are anxious about the taste and/or smell of her genitals, it is probably a good idea to have a romantic bath or shower together before you go down on her.


(iii)              Take your time before you move down to her. You can start by touching her non-sexual places, kissing her passionately, stroking your finger tips up her back to the nape of her neck, gently massaging her open palm and the inside of her wrists, licking and sucking her nipples and kissing around her navel, before gliding your way down to between her legs.


(iv)            Keep a steady pace and try not to stop. Women like steady stimulation and it is better not to stop unless you need to come up to catch your breath. Should you need to stop, replace the stimulation with your hand or a vibrator.


(v)              Women can take longer than men to come and many women are anxious about this. Whatever you do, do not make her feel bad about this.


Sex and sexual play are great fun between a man and a woman who are attracted to each other. If you are keen to find out the secrets of great and fun sex, you can check this out at Oral Kit and Kissing Pussy

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Female Orgasm – How To Get Her To Climax With Multiple Orgasms

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Trying to get a woman to reach orgasm can be difficult for some guys. This is especially so if you are trying to get her to have multiple orgasms. Although not every woman can have multiple orgasms, but it is always worthwhile to try out these techniques to give her at least one BIG and UNFORGETTABLE one!


Before going further, there are two things to take note. You MUST show her you are enjoying the whole process. Women love to see that you are having fun (another turn on) when you are trying to give her multiple orgasms. Men and women get stimulated in different ways. While men can get “heated” very fast, for women to reach climax, men NEEDS to be PATIENT. Women do not just get high by how hard you thrust her, how big your organ is or how long you can stay inside her. A woman’s TOP EROGENEOUS ZONE is HER BRAIN. If her brain is not stimulated, all your efforts in trying to get her to climax will be wasted. You have to first make her feel good with your words and actions.


Hopefully, the following steps can help you to give her multiple orgasms.


(1) You have to turn her on before reaching the bed in order to build up the sexual tension. Say something nice about her, talk dirty to her, compliment her looks, and give her non-verbal cues of love and respect. She has to feel overall good about you and herself in order to get stimulated later.


(2) Because women get aroused slower than men, you need to use foreplay to warm her up. Try to find out where are her hot spots and spend some time stimulating them. For most women, the best trigger is the clitoris which is the fleshy part that is outside and at the upper front end of her opening. Stimulate her clitoris using your hand, or vibrator or your tongue.


(3) Do not rush. Keep it slow and smooth. Spend some time gently sucking the clitoris, start slowly and gradually working up the speed. Take your time to enjoy her tastes, smells and get to know every part of her vagina. While doing this, you can massage her nipples.


(4) Getting the right position. Not all women are the same. Understanding her is very important and you need to discover what position she prefers and feels comfortable in. She needs to feel relaxed in order to reach orgasm.


(5) Be observant. You need to pay attention to see if she is bored with the sex position or foreplay. Use their moaning and groaning to guide you. The more they moan and groan, the more you should continue on what you are doing. Glance at her eyes. If you catch her eyes looking at you often when you are in a particular sex position or foreplay, this indicates she is getting bored.


(6) Figuring out the right rhythm for her. Not every woman has the same sexual preferences. Some women like fast and aggressive sex while others it to be slow as cooking porridge and prefer her guy to be delicate in making love. Therefore you need to find out what pace she likes in order to get her climax fast.


(7) Control the timing of your ejaculation. Because a woman takes time to get “heated up”, you need to last longer in bed in order to satisfy her. Here are two ways you can probably get her to help you last longer. Ask her to gently squeeze the part of your organ before the head or the area at the base of your organ. Another way is to get her to gently tug on your ball sack for several seconds until you subside.


The bottom line here is to make her feel good before reaching the bedroom and when in bed you need to observe, listen and feel for sex cues in order to get her orgasm fast. You can get more related ideas from Hot Sex and Explosive Orgasm.


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Female Orgasm – Want to Know How to Arouse Her with the Blended Orgasm Method?

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In this article, I am going to talk something that I like to refer to as the “blended orgasm”. It is actually a combination of clitoral and vagina orgasm. This is achieved through a combination of clitoral and G-spot stimulation.


Here is how to go about raising her to the heavenly state of “blended orgasm”:


First thing you have to make sure she has been sufficiently turned on. That means pressing all her mental and emotional arousal buttons – giving her the proper amount and type of foreplay that she really enjoys.


Next, deliver at least one clitoral orgasm either through using your fingers or your tongue and at least one orgasm by stimulating her G-spot.


Begin by first stimulating her clitoris either by using your clean and nail-trimmed finger(s) to softly rub on it or using the tip of your tongue to lightly lick on it. At this point, your main focus is on her clitoris, which tends to trump other stimulating inputs. As her arousal increases you will feel her vaginal walls start to flex and twitch.


While stimulating her clitoris, insert your lubricated finger(s) into her vagina to massage her G-spot with your index and/or middle finger(s). Do keep in mind that the G-spot is different from the clitoris, which in most cases, you need to stroke it slightly harder than the clitoris. Begin by massaging it gently and gradually increase the pressure up to a point she finds satisfying.


By now you should have a good idea what kind of clitoral stimulation works best for her using your fingers and tongue. You should have figured out how best to stimulate her G-spot. Most important thing to remember is the best feeling will vary for every woman. Alternate between two movements (circular or up and down, harder or gentle) to find out which she likes best. Take your time and let her response guide you. You will know what she likes by her breathing or when she firmly grips you.


You see, lovemaking is not only a skill, but an art.  Imagine yourself being the special person in bed seeing her face, feeling her skin, smelling her hair, etc. Think about how good you feel when you are with your sex partner(s). Think about how much better you feel when you are able to pleasure her. You can turn all these into your reality. Want to learn to be a better lover? Go to Hot Sex and Make Her Orgasm.



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Female Orgasm – How To Make It Last Long

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Do you want to give a girl a night of never-ending pleasure? Do you want her to come again and again? So that, in future, she will be the one initiating sex and not the other way round! Do you like to be the man who can do this to your girl or to any girl? Read below.


(1)   Stimulate her mentally and physically


If you want to rock her world and give her a night she’ll never forget, you have to put her at ease and create the right atmosphere. Women orgasm more easily when they relax and feel loved from their men. At all times, treat her lovely, give her lots of emotional support, occasionally give her pleasant surprises and give sincere compliments.


Make sure you have plenty of time to give her attention and find out what she likes. Is there a certain way you kiss her body? Does a particular way you touch her bring shivers down her spine? Is it the way you grab her butt? Ask her what she likes and more importantly, what can you do when performing oral sex that drives her wild.


One of the ways you can stimulate her mind and help her achieve multiple orgasms is to talk dirty to her to the point that she will get wet and her clitoris stimulated without any touching involved.


As for her body, give her lots of kisses to heighten her arousal. Women need kissing, touching and exploration before they are ready for sex. Know what your girl likes physically and always aim to please her erogenous zones, which can be her earlobes, her stomach, her inner thighs, or her breasts or her neck. If your touch elicits a favorable response, increase the pressure and the tempo of your fingers and tongue. You will be able to gauge her excitement level from her breathing, moaning and facial expressions. If she loves it, do more of it.


(2)   Give her a hot massage


You can combine your kissing with a hot massage which you can give lengthen her pleasure through reaching more body areas.  Massages can work like magic for getting a woman to have more orgasms. Start off by gently massaging her shoulders and hands. Try using some massage oil. Use the oil sparingly, and all over her body (except her private areas). Massage her feet calves, thighs, back and arms. As you are nearing the end of your massage, pay special attention to her thighs. Hot massages will turn on a woman every time.


(3)   Give her some oral teasing


Do not jump onto her clitoris right away without first warming her up elsewhere.  Use your tongue to lick her belly, inner thighs, behind her knees, her feet, her buttocks and the area surrounding her genitals. You can kiss her outer vaginal lips, but stop short of moving to her clitoris. She knows that she will eventually get the tongue, but never give it to her when she is expecting it.


Making her wait will increase her desire, but making her beg will ruin the mood. Stop the oral teasing and give her what she wants at the right time. Observe the movement of her body. You will know the time is right when she tries to position herself so that your mouth can find her. Go for it when she begins to press her inner thighs into you.


(4)   Help her to achieve her first orgasm


When you sense that she is ready, move to her clitoris – the place that brings most women to orgasm. Use your tongue softly to make slow, wide and sensual strokes from the vaginal opening to the clitoris.


Some guys make the mistake of increasing the stroking speed once they sense the woman is close to orgasm. However this is not the right way. What you should do is to keep the same rhythm or even decrease the stroking speed of your tongue. At this point, she will have a powerful orgasm and probably more than once.


(5)   Give her another orgasm


After a woman gets her first orgasm by clitoral stimulation, her vaginal area becomes sensitive to touch. You will want to continue manually or orally stimulating her in order to give her multiple orgasms, but do so with a far lighter touch than before. When she indicates that she is ready for more, you can start to stimulate her g-spot.


Now, begin flexing your finger as if you are beckoning to her. Use firm, consistent strokes. Gradually build up the pressure of your finger along the woman’s G-spot. This is an important key to giving your woman multiple orgasms.


At this stage, you can try different sex positions to get her orgasm again. Some positions are better than others are for a woman to obtain an orgasm. Doggie style is one of the best because a man can easily located the G-spot thrusting deeper in the vaginal area; plus you can stimulate the clitoris with your finger, which heightens sexual sensation.


If you follow the above steps, you will guide your woman to very strong orgasms. Are you keen for more sexy ideas? To learn more about pleasure and orgasm, you can check out from Good In Bed about the additional help to for her to have better and multiple orgasms.


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