How To Get A Girl To Love Sex





Make Her Love The Sexy Things You Do To Her


She is always in your mind. Thoughts of her make you get hard down there. It takes more than just penetrating and ejaculating when it comes to arousing a woman and making her love the things you do in bed. You need to keep her needs in mind.


The only thing that makes a great difference to a woman on how she gets the best sex is to focus on her pleasures. When she is turned on in the right way, her body will be more responsive sexually and her orgasm stronger.


Here is a checklist of what you can do to make the special lady of yours to get hot and wet and ensure that she has a real great time too.


(1)   Do Your Homework


If you want to have wild, passionate sex with a girl and make her love the things you do in bed, you need to make an effort to know what she likes. There are three ways you can go about doing this.


The easiest way is to ask. Have a sex debrief with her after the session and ask which part of her body is especially sensitive. If she is too shy to tell you, ask her to hold your hands to guide you to the parts of her body she wants you to pay more attention to.


Another way is to observe her. If you can, get her to masturbate in front of you and watch where and how she likes to be touched.


When you are on top of her, read her signs. If she seems to be distracted or in pain, slow down and see if it is something you are doing. Perhaps you are moving too aggressively. If her breathing begins to speed up, or she starts to arch herself into you, then you may have already found her personal hot spot.


If you can do any of the above three ways, you will feel more proud at accomplishing a good finish and keeping her satisfied.


(2)   Give Equal Attention To Other Areas


For guys, there are just two parts of a woman’s body that occupies their attention in bed. But if you really want your girl to have a wild time in bed, you should not restrict yourself to just a place or two on her body.


The key to giving a woman powerful orgasm is not to neglect the other areas. Make sure you spend enough time (90 to 120 seconds) on every part of her body. Focus on all over her – the back of her neck, kiss her hands, lick her navel, and kiss her inner thighs, her toes and everywhere else.


When you are moving towards her breasts, do not just grab and squeeze. Tease her by slowly circling your fingertips around the base of each nipple, then gently pushing down the tip and letting it spring back. Like just about everything, women prefer the indirect and gradual approach to build towards the center of interest and that certainly includes the nipples.


(3)   Maintain Your Pace


Most women need to focus on the sensations you are providing to achieve the most powerful orgasms. Unexpected interruptions can set you back a step, risk having her to start again and lessening the intensity of her orgasm. Your hands may get tired or you need to catch your breath. If this happens to you, get the help of sex toys to maintain the pace of stimulation.


(4)   Make Missionary Position More Pleasuring For Her


Rather than frantically thrusting her down there, try slowly tracing the outer edges of her vaginal lips with your fingertips while gently parting the lips. Stretched skin tends to have greater sensitivity, so this should send waves of pleasure to her.


In the normal missionary position, it is quite difficult to stimulate the clitoris. To overcome this problem, put pillows or a wedge under her pelvis to prop her up at an angle that can allow you to aim more effectively to hit her g-spot.


Getting more sex can be as simple as doing more of what she enjoys in bed and less of what she does not. Remember to focus more on her pleasure and she will reward you by keeping you hard for a long time.


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Unusual Ideas To Spice Up Sex




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You have a wonderful sex life and both of you are very open-minded. Both of you have done just about everything and are actually going to venture down another road. You are looking for some more sex ideas and nothing is off limits. The best way to begin is to talk to your partner and ask her what she may like to try. Here are some ideas to start with.


(1)   Use sex toys


Clothespins make wonderful toys. They can be clamped onto any part of the body (for example her nipples) and the sensation is quite intense. The longer they stay on, the more intense the sensation when they are taken off. You can clamp the clothespins to nipples or anywhere along the breasts; along the dies, arms, legs and thighs and almost any other place you can imagine. For more intense sensation, plastic clothespins will be better than wooden ones and small clothespins will have a sharper ‘bite’ than large clothespins.


A pair of chopsticks and a couple of rubber bands can also be used to make improvised clamps. Put the chopsticks above and below the nipples, or along each side of the clitoris and rubber-band them together at the ends.


Ordinary dental floss makes great nipple bondage. Tie a slipknot in a piece of dental floss and pull it snug on her nipples.


Brushes of various sorts are excellent on bare skin, especially when she is being blindfolded. For example, a soft brush such as a shaving or makeup brush can be alternated with a stiff brush such as a toothbrush on breasts, nipples, thighs, sides, etc. An electric toothbrush makes a wonderful sex toy when used on the clitoris.


Ice is a great all-purpose sex toy that can be used in a number of different ways. You can either run an ice cube over her body especially when she is being blindfolded and/or bound; or place an ice cube in your mouth and run your lips and tongue over her body.


Feather is also a great way to turn her on. It can be any type of feather but I would highly recommend that you buy feather products from a craft shop not a sex shop because those real bird feathers that you find on the ground may contain parasites and germs. A peacock feather is common because the end is round and blunt. First you blindfold her and you can tie her up if you want. You run the feather over her body and apply some tickle torture on her. The premise of tickle torture is that she struggles against you but she cannot get away from being tickled and she cannot even scratch the itch because she is being tied.


(2)   Use light bondage


If you want to explore bondage, the easiest way to do this is with plain old cotton or nylon rope. Nylon stockings and silk scarves can cause problems because they tend to bunch and become difficult to untie. When you experiment with bondage it is always a good idea to have a plan about getting your partner untied in a hurry if you need to. One good tip is to keep a pair of bondage scissors handy which you can get inexpensively at most drug stores.


You can tie your partner to the bed, to a chair, or simply bind her hands behind her back. Once you have her bound, you can kneel over her and tell her to perform oral sex on you, or you can penetrate her. Or, you may like to try sensation play such as running your hands or ice cubes or improvised sex toys on all over her body. Blindfolding her can make these sensations more intense. You can add a little bit of light pain play to the mix by pinching, pulling or twisting her nipples. Biting her or teasing her with tongue or fingers can be a lot of fun too.


For introductory pain play, spanking, pinching and biting can be good ways to begin. You may bend her over your lap, or for a bit more fun, you can tie her down bent over the bed. You can combine this with role playing. You will be acting as the teacher disciplining a naughty student. You can spank her with your hands, a paddle, or even a wooden spoon. Start with light rapid strokes and gradually, you can get those endorphins (pleasure-related hormones) going, which is exciting and intoxicating.


The above are some simple, basic but novel ideas which can keep things new and exciting all the time. They can increase both of your pleasure. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Have fun! Experiment! Be creative! Want some more ideas?  Click on Dirty Harry’s Secrets and Love House

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How To Make Her Have An Orgasm Fast




Every woman is different in how she gets turned on. What makes one reach orgasm may not work for another one. However, there are ways to increase her chances of having orgasm. Read on to find out how you can do this.


(1)   Work on her brain first


Great sex is not just the mechanical aspects of sexual techniques. Women are emotional beings and unlike men, they do not get easily aroused by visual stimulation alone or get turn on fast. In contrary to what most men think, a woman’s major sexual organ is not located in between her legs, but in her head – her brain.


This means in order to make a girl turned on, you have to seduce her brain. In other words, you have to make her feel relaxed and good about herself in order for her to feel sexy and more receptive to lovemaking. Your preparation work on stimulating her brain should be ongoing and long before you enter the bedroom. Every little word, the small touch, glance, kiss and other sweet gestures can gradually cause some magical effect on her brain, making her more connected and responsive to you sexually.


What I want to emphasize is this preparation work should be about 60-80% of your total effort. If you do this well, your bedroom life should be smooth sailing. Like having a meal, the preparation work should be the main course leaving those techniques to act as the side dishes or appetizers to spice things up. It will be very unrealistic to expect a woman to enjoy sex with you if outside of the bedroom, both of you have communication problems and the intimacy level is low. The next few paragraphs, I will talk about the mechanics and techniques for you to complete the unfinished mission.


(2)   Relax her body


Women love to be touched because they enjoy the feeling of comfort it provides. If you want to please a girl, you should never under-estimate the power of sensual massage. First you need to create a conducive and romantic environment to get her in the mood.

Dim lights, soft music, clean and comfortable environment are the essentials to start with.


You take a few minutes to give her a light massage by rubbing her shoulders, her back, her thighs and her feet. Do not press too hard. Get some massage oil. Slow and steady strokes are the key. Another way to put her mind at ease is to encourage her to indulge in fantasies. You can ease her into wonder land by getting her to read or watch erotic stuff.


(3)   Do not go straight down on her


When helping a woman to reach orgasm, the indirect approach is always the best. You should give her some time to warm up first to let her body get ready for penetration. This means you should not neglect other parts of her body. This is because her erogenous zones can be found throughout her whole body. You touch her from the head to toes by kissing or rubbing on the various parts of her body.


When working on her breasts, you spend some time on the surrounding areas first, kissing, rubbing, and using your fingers to draw circles around her nipples before you actually place your mouth over her nipples.


This is the same when you stimulate her clitoris. Before she is properly turned on, direct clitoral contact can be very uncomfortable to her. Instead, more time should be spent on the area around her clitoris and extending to her inner thighs. You either use your fingers or tongue to stimulate on either side of the clitoral hood. Once her breathing starts getting heavy, you can then move directly on her clitoris.


(4)   Use everything at your disposal


When you give her oral, your action should not be limited to your mouth. You can also use your hands to caress her nipples, inner thighs, buttocks (or tickle the outskirts of her anus) and pubic area, or use 2 fingers or a sex toy to massage her g-spot as you lick and suck her clitoris. After a while, you can switch to sucking her nipples while you finger her clitoral area.


The multiple sensations that come from this alternate stimulating of her erogenous zones using your mouth and hands for a few times, is a great way to enhance intensity and increase her chances of having orgasm.


When your hands are tired, you can use sex toys to help you to continue with your stimulation effort. You can start with a battery-operated vibrator and if she likes it, you can add other toys such as a dildo. Many women find hard plastic or glass dildos work best. Others find that makeshift dildos work great such as cucumbers, brush handles, mirror handles, etc.


Now that we know every woman is different and there is no surefire method to make her orgasm. It is up to you and her to keep the communication lines open to find out what she likes and you customize or tailor-made your sexual techniques on her.


Once you know how to push her buttons, you will be tempted to do the same routine every time. Throw in a new position, location, or technique every now and then to keep it exciting. Want to know more? Click on Hot Sex and Great Lover.

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10 Erogenous Zones Of A Woman


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How do you make a woman orgasm? You probably think I am talking about clitoral and g-spot stimulation. However, there is so much more to pleasing a woman than just stimulating the clitoris and g-spot. Fortunately, for guys like you and me, a woman has erogenous zones all over her body. These areas produce intense sensation when stimulated and can be gently, moderately or intensely arousing. To discover all the different areas and see which ones you may have neglected when you try to pleasure a woman, read on.


(1)    Hair and face


These 2 areas are my favorites. Besides dressing, a woman normally spends a lot of time on her face and hair. She will feel flattered and sexy if you give her face and hair as much attention as she does.


To gradually get her in the mood, you begin by touching her eyelids, eyebrows, temples, cheeks and hair which can be very intimate and arousing for your girl. During lovemaking, you stroke her hair or hold it firmly but gently. You can also make use of your eyelashes to caress her cheeks or neck.


(2)    Ear lobes, behind the ear, mouth, lips and neck


You nibble, stroke and kiss these areas lightly with soft lips and a slightly open mouth. You let your breath linger in her neck and over her ear, but avoid heavy breathing into the ear. Being a naughty guy, I always press my lips against her ear. The next minute she will start giggling non-stop saying this is too ticklish and soon goose pimples will appear on her forearms. You should not do this at the early stage of foreplay. This will be more suitable when she is quite close to climax and relatively more relaxed than at the beginning. By then you only need to kiss her ears lightly which can give her erotic sensations. Another effective technique is to alternate light sucking of the earlobe with little nibbles.


For many women, French kissing is far more intimate than intercourse. You gently move your tongue in, exploring the inside of her lips, and then you move in a little more, paying attention to her motions and rhythms. When you kiss, be gentle at first, sucking the lower lip between your lips for a second before you let it go to give your partner a chance to come after your lips. Avoid pressing your lips too much onto her lips because squashing her lips can be suffocating and making it difficult for her to respond. You also need to pay attention to your oral hygiene because bad breath or smell of garlic can be a big turn-off.


You then move your lips down to her neck and focus your attention on the areas along the jaw line and above the collar bones. Kissing along her jaw and in the hollows just above the collar bones can make her whole body tingling with pleasure.


(3)    Shoulders, hands, arms, armpits and fingers


The upper limbs respond well to gentle as well as firm stroke. They are good areas to start with during seduction and foreplay because stimulating them is pleasurable and gently arousing. You massage and stroke the fingertips and hands. You can also kiss and suck the fingers. When you move to her armpit, you apply firm touch to avoid tickling her. You can also try licking or stroking. Then you move on to massage her shoulders firmly but not too hard as to break her bones.


(4)    The back


Massaging of the upper and lower back, varying between light and firm pressure and dry or wet touching can be stimulating and very enjoyable. You can use massage oil but be careful not to allow the oil to be in contact with the condom as the oil will damage it. For something different, you can use ice-cubes or feathers.


(5)    Breasts and nipples


Being a highly sensitive area, the breasts respond well to touch and kiss. You draw circles around the nipples with your fingertip or tongue tip, brushing them with your palms, before you suck them like a baby.


(6)    Abdomen and navel region


Circular massage or stroking of the abdominal area and kissing or licking the navel can be very pleasurable to a woman.


(7)    The inner thighs and knees


Stroking, kissing and licking the inner thighs as well as the crease at the upper end of the inner thighs are highly arousing. The knees are often an overlooked area for pleasure but the real pleasure center is the back of the knees which can be quite ticklish for some women. But if she is relaxed, light stroking on the back of her knees can give her thrilling sensations.


(8)    Buttocks


The buttocks are a major erogenous zone but are less sensitive than breasts because they contain muscles and fat. You can use stronger stimulation such as grabbing, patting or smacking or very light touching by using your fingertips (be sure to trim your fingernails) to scratch or a feather to tickle her buttocks.


(9)    Feet and toes


Giving her a foot massage can be both relaxing and sensuous. You can rub, kiss or suck the toes, a neglected erogenous zone full of nerve endings. To enhance her sensations you can tickle the soles lightly or apply firm pressure to the instep.


(10) The genitals


Needless to say, this is a major female hot spot. The most sensitive area is of course her clitoris which you can lick, stroke, rub and kiss it, offering your girl the most stimulating sexual experience. Being highly sensitive, you should avoid excessive clitoral stimulation at the start of foreplay. Instead you focus on stimulating the surrounding areas of the clitoris and only when she is quite close to climax that you offer her direct stimulation. Before having sex, you can get her to clamp her legs tightly together against her stomach and you enter her in this way which offers higher chances of your “little brother” rubbing against her clitoris, or you can get her to climb on top of you.


Of course, there is the elusive hot spot, which is her g-spot that is located inside and on the front wall of the vagina (towards her belly button). During foreplay you insert one or two lubricated and slightly curl fingers into her vagina with your palm facing upwards, slowing moving in until you feel an area of flesh that is rough. During lovemaking, you choose those sex positions that have her genitals higher than the other parts of her body to offer higher chances of hitting the g-spot. This can be done by resting her legs on your shoulders while you enter her or you penetrate her from behind.


These are some basic directions you can use to impress a girl in bed. But, if you are still keen to discover the secrets of great sex and want to give her the best orgasm, you can click on Hot Sex and Great Lover

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How To Be The Lady Gaga In His Sex Life And Turn Him On With Your Unusual Ways


Do you want to know how to satisfy your man by turning him on with some unexpected strokes, pressures and temperature changes? To find out how you can enrich his sexual experience by treating him to some of the most electrifying sensations read on.


(1)   Make him hot


The simplest way to do this is to gently blow on his more sensitive spots such as his ear lobes, neck, nipples and stomach. When you give him oral sex, you take in a small sip of warm water, hold it there as you wrap your lips around his ‘little brother’, swirl the water around his manhood for a few seconds and then swallow. Another way to add a little heat on his genitals is to massage his shaft and testicles with lubricant. The longer you rub, the warmer it gets. By adding heat to your guy’s erogenous zones, you will raise his level of arousal and make him very sensitive to your touch.


(2)   Give him some cold treatment


You get him to lie on his back, with an ice-cube in your hand; you glide your hand slowly from his neck down to the inside of his leg (but avoiding his manhood) and back up again. Your hand can linger a bit longer on those highly sensitive pleasure areas such as his ear lobes, the crease in his thigh and his nipples. You can use the ice-cube to draw circles around his nipples. Or, you can cool your tongue by sucking on an ice-cube and then lick on each of his nipples. Short, quick and cold sensations can set off a chain of reactions that energize him. It can also help your guy to last a bit longer when you do it (such as putting something cold on the small of his back) at the point of him getting close to climax.


(3)   Surprise him


The main thing here is the element of surprise. When your man is not sure where your tantalizingly light, teasing touch is going to end up next, it can keep him in a heightened state of sexual arousal, which culminates in a more intense orgasm. Instead of the usual giving him a cat bath from the head to toe, you work on his toes first, which are a big erogenous zone packed full of nerves. Because they are often neglected, stimulating them can produce an unexpectedly pleasurable shock. You gently use your thumb and forefinger to rub along the length of each toe. After this, you lick each of his toes as if you are giving him oral sex.


You can surprise him by using your nipples to brush against his body or you can use your hair to apply a ticklish touch on his body instead of the usual kissing or touching up and down along his body. You can offer him double pleasure by stimulating two areas simultaneously (such as using your hand to rub his nipples while giving him oral sex).


(4)   Rough him up


Applying a little force when you make love with him is also sexually arousing for him. This applies on his genitals as well (only to use on his shaft because his testicles need gentle treatment). Once you turn him on, you grab his wrist and tie them together with a scarf, hop on top and give him a little rough love. When you are in doggie position, you can move your pelvis back and forth to match his thrusts, so that your bodies are banging against each other with each penetration. When you have sex with him in a missionary position, you give him a pleasant surprise by grabbing his buttocks, squeeze them tight and pull him close to you and all of a sudden you give him a spanking. Men love women who are a bit aggressive and wild in bed because it shows you are hot for him.


By exposing your man to the different degrees of touch and temperature, you will be able to increase the sensitivity of his skin to your stimulation, raise the level of his arousal and trigger the release of feel-good endorphins. The resulting erotic reactions that he has never experienced before will make him hunger more from you when you are alone with him in the bedroom again.


Do you want to be that great lover who can wake up his animal desires and send his sexual pleasure through the roof? To find out how you can achieve this, click on Turn Him On and Arouse Him.

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