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She dislikes sucking you. She won’t swallow. All the time, she will spit it over a piece of tissue whenever she gives you oral.  Some girls dread giving guys blow job. One of the reasons is they hate the taste of the semen. Therefore, if you have this problem and you very much like to have your woman to give you head as often as you want, you need to do something to improve the taste of your semen. Fortunately, it is quite easy to make your cum taste better. Read on!


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There are three primary tastes in semen – sweet, bitter and salty. To understand what causes the taste, you will first have to know what are the components of the semen. Semen only contains about 10% sperm – the rest consists of enzymes, vitamin C, calcium, protein, sodium, zinc, citric acid and fructose sugar.


The slightly sweet taste of the semen is due to the high content of fructose. The saltiness is due to the protein presence in the semen. The bitter taste is due to the overall diet of a person, which means it is effectively a barometer for overall health and balance of foods in the body. Therefore, what is good for the general health of our body is also good for the semen. A strong smell may also indicate an infection in genitals and you should urgently visit a gynecologist without losing time in the search of the magic formula!

To start with improving the general health of your body, you should have a good lifestyle. You should cut down on the consumption of alcohol, chemically-processed liquor, junk food and foods with lots of additives, drugs and cigarettes. If you smoke or consume alcohol, your cum is far more likely to taste bitter. They all make you unhealthy and make your semen taste acidic.


Drink lots of water 1 – 2 liters a day to flush out body toxins that can give your cum a bad taste. Water also helps to lessen the bitter and salty taste of semen. Another way to take a lot of fluid will be to consume foodstuff with high water content such as fruits. Pineapple, papaya cranberry, melons, mangos, apples grapes are all good choices. These fruits are also high in natural sugars and offset the bitter taste of your cum.


Some scientific studies have shown that the semen of vegetarians generally taste better. In   reality, most of us are not vegetarians and unless for religious reasons, I am not going to advocate that you go on a totally vegetarian diet. My suggestion is you tweak your diet to one which consists of a heavier proportion of vegetables and fruits than meat.


This is beneficial to overall health. I don’t feel comfortable with eating too much meat, as most of the meat we eat nowadays comes from animals which are injected with hormones to make them grow unnaturally faster. Within the meat component of your diet, this should be low on red meat and red-meat related products such as dairy foodstuff because they tend to be bad for semen taste if eaten in excess. You can get more of your protein from chicken, turkey and fish.


Though vegetables are generally good for your body, however, some should be consumed in moderate amount. Those vegetables such as asparagus, kale, onion, garlic, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts should be consumed in moderate amount because they contain sulfur which can give your cum a bitter taste. On the other hand, parsley, wheatgrass, and celery are particularly recommended for bettering the taste of semen and sperm due to the high chlorophyll they contain.


Cinnamon, cardamom, peppermint and lemon are particularly recommended for making semen taste sweeter. Among these, cinnamon is the number one choice and the best way to take cinnamon is to consume it with protein-rich oatmeal to compensate for the reduced intake of red meat.


Having said so, you do not need to totally give up your favorite foodstuff. If you fancy some curry or a few drinks, it is fine. But take care not to consume them too close to the moment when you are on for a hot night!


Another factor to consider is that temperature is also said to affect semen flavor. Men have scrotums, which are needed to regulate the temperature of semen. If the temperature increases by even one degree, the fertility as well as the flavor of semen can be greatly affected. This is because live semen is said to taste slightly different than dead semen. What is needed is not just tasty semen, but healthy and productive semen. Therefore in order not to heat up the scrotums too much, men should not wear too tight underwear and jeans.


Besides taking care of what you eat, you can also make oral pleasure tastier for your woman by using some sweet and sexy food as part of the sex play. She may enjoy licking some chocolate sauce or whipped cream off your body.

You can also make oral sex tastier and more comfortable for her by getting an oral sex kit which consists of essentials such as oral sex candy, deep throat spray and strawberry-flavored lotion. The candy will provide a nice flavor for your girl while delivering unique and sexy sensations for you. The deep oral sex spray can help to put her at ease when she gives you oral pleasure. This can numb her gag reflex so that she can take you deeper, giving you greater pleasure. The strawberry-flavored lotion can give your cock a yummy flavor so that she will enjoy licking you more.


Finally, great sex is not just having great semen taste. Whether to swallow or not to swallow is her choice and you have to respect her wish if she does not like it. You also should not inconvenient yourself by spending too much time on the small details to the extent of giving up the things you like. Instead, you should focus your effort in how to be a great lover.


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