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Oral sex is in fact the greatest gift that a guy can give to a girl. This is because most women do not reach orgasm through intercourse. The easiest way for a girl to achieve orgasm is by way of stimulation of the clitoris. Due to this reason, most women love oral sex. But not everyone can do cunnilingus well. Here is how you can give your girl the best oral experience.


(1)   Be Enthusiastic


Most women want to be assured that you are totally comfortable with going down on her. Most important she must feel that you are enjoying it. A woman’s pleasure will be higher if she can see her man is enjoying it as well. Do compliment her about her genitalia. This will boost her sexual confidence. This will also help her to relax so that she can come more easily.


To be enthusiastic means you must have the patience to learn and observe in what ways your partner likes to be stimulated orally. Let her guide you. Every woman is different. What is good for other woman may not be so for your woman. Communication is the key here. You have to pay attention to your partner’s moans, movements as well as suggestions.


(2)   Be Gentle And Sensual


A lot of guys make the mistake of being too enthusiastic to the point of being too rough. You should not, because the clitoris is very sensitive and you cannot treat it the way you want your penis to be treated. At the beginning you have to be gentle and this can be the biggest turn on to a woman.


You also have to be patient and not to rush. This is because it normally takes a woman longer to come (or cum)  than a man, on average. It is only in porn movies that women can orgasm in one to two minutes, which is not a reflection of the reality. You have to understand that women need more time to get into the mood, to build the tension and finally to release that tension in the form of an orgasm.


(3)   Try Various Positions


Oral sex can get boring for a woman if she is always lying down to receive. You can actually spice things up with different oral sex positions. In fact, when you go down on your woman in different positions, the same moves and techniques can actually feel totally different to her.


You can have her sit on a counter top, a couch or chair and spread her legs as wide as she can. This will give you access to the whole genital area for you to pleasure her with your mouth and hands. This will also allow her to watch as you perform oral sex on her which can be quite arousing for her.


You can have your girl stand up either with her feet apart or one leg on a stool or chair. This position allows her to feel like she is dominating you as your mouth has to reach up to lick her.


You can also position your head in a perpendicular position to her body. You will kneel at one side of her body and give her oral in this position.


You can have her lie flat on the bed, lift her buttocks up, and bring her knees close to her chest. This will give you easy access to lick her.


You also can have her squat over your face. This can be incredibly erotic to a woman especially if she is into domination.


You can get your girl to lie on her side and lift up the leg that is not on the bed and hold it high either with your hand or some kind of restraint. You will rest your head and neck on the other leg and eat her out.


(4)   Try Various Techniques


There are few women in the world that can resist the temptation of a good oral sex. The stimulation is intense if done properly and will highly increase the chances of your girl coming back for more. You can put that magic on your tongue by trying out some of the following techniques.


You can suck a mint in your mouth (not too strong or weak flavor) for a few seconds and then you begin to lick/suck her clitoris. You can then do that to her nipples too. You can blow on those areas that you have licked on. This can produce a tingly effect on the clitoris and nipples.


You can give her hot and cold treatment. What you need for this technique is something cold such as a glass of ice water or some ice-cubes and something hot such as hot coffee. You make your mouth cold by taking in some ice water or ice-cubes and let it linger in your mouth for a while before you swallow it or let the ice melts in your mouth. Then you perform oral sex on her with your cold mouth. You can lick/suck for a minute or two before you do a switch by taking in hot coffee to make your mouth hot. You can then perform oral sex on her with your hot mouth. You can switch between hot and cold for a few times. These two different sensations will feel terrific to her.


You take a straw and blow light, concentrated air on her nipples, vaginal lips and clitoris after you wet these areas with your licking. The straw allows you to be very precise about where the air hits. It also condenses the air into a small space, thus giving you greater pressure with your precision. If you want an even better effect, then you can do the same technique with mint in your mouth. You get her real wet with your mint-flavored saliva and then lightly blow on her.


You can use one or two fingers of each hand to fence in her clitoris. In this way, her clitoris will be nested right in the middle of your fingers. This will allow you to lick on the clitoris without fail. This technique is especially applicable if you are giving her oral sex in the dark.


From these tips here, you can choose which is most comfortable to you to take your cunnilingus to the next level. You may not do it right for the first time. But it is okay because practice makes perfect.


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Pussy Licking – How To Turn A Girl On






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Almost every woman loves oral sex. But the problem is most women do not get enough of oral sex from their lovers. A sure bet way to make a girl horny and rock her world is to give her oral sex. Giving her the most intense sensation and pleasure that correlates with oral sex will no doubt make her want you more and make her orgasm fast. Who knows this may even cause her to initiate it the next time she sees you. Read on to find out how you can make your lady’s thighs quiver with pleasure.


(1)   Get her to relax


The less insecurity there is for her, the better she will response during oral sex. If either of you are worried about unpleasant odors or tastes, take a shower together beforehand. Do reassure her that you think she is sexy. When you are down between her legs, she may feel uneasy about the way she looks, whether it is the size of her thighs or the appearance of her vagina. Say and do things that compliment the way she looks, smells and tastes, while rubbing and kissing the pubic region.


(2)   Get her warm up


Before you tongue a girl, you need to make sure she is relaxed and ready for you. Do not skip foreplay. You stimulate all of her other erogenous zones with your mouth or hand. You take time to cuddle, kiss, suck and nibble and let her know you are so excited to be with her. When you finally get to her vagina, tease her by kissing, sucking, licking and nibbling all around the area. This technique will keep her in anticipation and get blood flowing to her ‘love canal’ making her nether region more sensitive to stimulation.


(3)   Get wet


When using your hands and fingers, use your saliva to get them wet before you use your mouth on her. Once she gets turned on enough, her vagina will create lubrication of its own. Show her how much you enjoy eating her out by rubbing your cheeks against her vagina or taking some of her love juice with your fingers and spread it on your lips and face. You will turn her on with this dirty gesture. You may also use flavored lubricant, but either way, keeping her wet down there is an incredible sensation, making it one of the best oral sex techniques to use.


(4)   Pay attention to her signals


Your partner will let you know what is working for her and what she does not like. To tongue a girl you have to respond properly to her movements. If she is grinding her hips and grabbing the back of your head while arching her back, you are probably on to something. Sometimes wetting a finger or two and slipping it inside her vagina can also drive her wild. You can gauge her response by testing with one finger first and if she enjoys it, you may slip another finger in, making it to two. This will give her the dual sensation of your mouth on her clitoris and penetration at the same time.


Carefully watch her physical response and make adjustments accordingly. When you notice she is getting more and more aroused, you speed up your act, and increase the intensity of your stimulation. Finally, when she is reaching her peak, you keep up with a steady and firm pace until she comes.


(5)   Talk to her


If she is not very vocal in bed, or you are unable to decipher the noises she makes, ask her what she likes. It may seem like an amateur move to ask for help, but it will be of greatest pleasure to her by having her guide your hand, or your tongue to her ‘hot buttons’. By talking to your partner and finding out what she likes will help you to know how to give her the best orgasm in the shortest amount of time.


(6)   Gently lick and suck the clitoris


A lot of guys make the mistake of driving straight for her clitoris, though clitoral stimulation is an important part of oral sex. This is because the clitoris is a very highly sensitive region with lots of nerve endings (more than at the penis tip). Hard licking and sucking initially on the clitoris can make her feel uncomfortable.


For a start, you gently flick it with your tongue and move onto the area around the clitoris. Come back to the clitoris every once in a while, but do not concentrate all your efforts on it. It is only when you sense she is quite close to orgasm that you can suck and lick harder on her clitoris.


(7)   Venture to other areas


Not every woman is not anal stimulation, but you may be surprised what this gesture could do for your sex life. Some women like to have their anus licked, or even have a finger inserted into it. If she is into it, you can lick her anus while you are eating her out. While you are there you will be able to lick the lower part of her vagina at the same time or you can lick back and forth between the vagina and the anus. This oral sex technique can provide extra stimulation and gratifying results. Ask her if she likes it, or allow you to try it.


Just because you are going down on her does not mean that the rest of her body should be ignored. Use your hands to rub her breasts, stomach, neck and inner thigh. This will load up her senses and make her completely and utterly involved with what you are doing down there.


(8)   Vary your moves


Use different patterns, pressure and motions while sucking or using your tongue. For those who are a little nervous about going down on a girl, it sometimes helps to spell out each letter with your tongue. It may sound a little odd, but this helps in two ways. First, this will increase the dexterity of your tongue. Second, this will help you to get more used to licking her for a longer period of time.


She may be partial to certain moves such as the rapid flicking of your tongue over her clitoris, long and short licks, a flat or rigid tongue, or sucking. Take your time and pay attention to the way she responds so you will be able to know which oral sex techniques work best for her. When you figure it out, keep doing it unless she seems to get bored with it, then you can try tweaking your technique or find a new one to use. You can also take oral sex to a whole new level by trying it in different positions, like with her straddling your face, from behind, or standing up. To spice things up, you can also introduce sex toys or stimulating lubricants.


You can also use food creatively to enhance her oral sex experience. Rub strawberries covered in whipped cream or honey around her private parts. You can also insert a banana and use it to stimulate her as you pull it out with your mouth.


Using these oral sex tips can increase the chances of giving her the best orgasm she ever had. Most important, make sure you listen to her and try to read her body language as well. Do you need some more tips to get her wild and make her addicted to you sexually? Click on Make Her Pussy Wet and Good Head Kit For Her

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Advanced Oral Sex Techniques To Drive Him Crazy

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Hello ladies, if you are looking for ways to improve your oral skills to give pleasure to your man, the following oral sex tips will be of great help for you to work on.


(1)   Maintaining visual contact


Keeping eye contact helps to maintain connection with your partner. If through your eyes you can show him how much you like what you are doing in pleasing him orally, this can arouse him a great deal.


(2)   Getting creative with your tongue


You can change the shape of your tongue in stimulating him in order to give him different sensations. A tongue that is wide and flat feels very different as compared to one that is curled up, or rolled into a tube. The side edge of your tongue, the tip, the flat part in the middle of your tongue, each of these parts gives different kinds of sensation to him. He will especially feel the difference when your tongue is in contact with his frenulum, scrotum or certain spots on the shaft of his genitals.


(3)   Do not neglect his scrotum


The scrotum is a highly sensitive spot you should not leave out when giving him oral sex. You can either gently tap or massage his scrotum with the pads of your fingers. You can also make a circle with your thumb and index finger and grab the scrotum at the point where it meets the penis and gently pull at it.


(4)   Pressing on his perineum


The perineum is the area between the scrotum and anus. Depending on some men’s preference, some of them find it very enjoyable when you use your fingers to apply a bit of pressure in the middle of this area.


(5)   Giving him pleasure through sucking


Sucking the male organ with just the tip of it or when the tip and some part of the shaft is in your mouth can be a very highly pleasurable experience to your partner. This is because the sucking action can draw even more blood into his genitals.


(6)   Working on his anus


The anus is filled with nerve endings and is therefore very sensitive to your stimulation. When giving him oral sex, you can increase the level of pleasure by using your finger to gently massage the outside of the anus. The sensation on him will be unforgettable if you can combine this with the sucking action as mentioned in the previous point.


(7)   Getting feedback on his preference


Some men may like a bit of rough handling of his “little brother” such as using your teeth on certain areas of it. Both the tip and shaft of the penis, when properly lubricated can take in a fair amount of friction and squeezing. When it comes to scrotum, it is best not to apply direct pressure on his testicles. You have to get his feedback to find out how much rough handling he can take it when giving him oral sex.


(8)   The use of sex toys


When you are busily masturbating him with your mouth, you can use a vibrator to provide some external stimulation on the middle part of the perineum and/or the outside of the anus.


(9)   Spicing things up


You can enrich the oral sex experience with additional ingredients such as sexual fantasy role play, dirty talking or some specific kinds of touch which include grabbing, slapping and spanking.


What if you are feeling a bit lazy at times but do not want to disappoint your man? In this case, you can choose to lie on your back. You then ask your partner to adopt the doggie position and he positions his genitals directly over your mouth. With this position, you can still give your man a good blowjob even if you are lack of energy.


To make having sex mutually fun, you can adopt the 69 position, whereby both of you face each other’s genitals. With this position, both of you can give oral sex to each other.


Try these oral sex tips to make him begging more from you. For additional amazing ideas on how to get your partner to be sexually addicted to you, read on more from Blow Job and Oral Kit.

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Advanced Oral Sex Tips To Please Women Sexually

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If you have already mastered the basics of performing oral sex on women and are looking for some advanced tips to keep women sexually addicted to you, you may find new ideas below. You should not restrict yourself to just one technique in performing cunnilingus. In trying to bring a woman to orgasm, you should be adventurous, creative and be attentive to what your partner is telling you both verbally and non-verbally.


Here is how:


(1)   Writing ABCs with your tongue


To get her gradually into the orgasmic stage, you use your tongue to “write” from A to Z on your partner’s vulva and clitoris. While doing this, you need not follow strictly the sequence of the alphabets because your main objective here is getting both of you to enjoy the whole lovemaking process. This is a very creative way in using your tongue to drive her wild and in the process you will be able to find out which “alphabets” she prefers.


(2)   Maintain visual contact


While you are busily licking the area between her legs, once in a while, do make some eye contact with her. This gives you a sort of feedback loop for both of you to indicate how much you enjoy what is happening and to give her that naughty and lustful look that can turn her on.


(3)   Give her room for maneuver


It is important to allow her to adjust her body so that your tongue is on the right spot. Therefore you should not read too much on her occasional fidgeting as a sign of displeasure. It will be better if you can get her to tell you or show you what works and what does not work.


(4)   Get creative with your tongue


You can experiment with the way you use your tongue to see how she likes to be licked. A tongue that is curled up or rolled into a tube feels different from one which is wide and flat. The tip of your tongue feels different to her than the side edge or the middle flat part of the tongue.


(5)   Include other parts of your body to stimulate her


Besides using your tongue, you can use other parts of your body on your partner’s genitals as well. Your chin, your nose and cheeks create different sensations and pressures when each of these parts is rubbed against the vulva and clitoris.


(6)   Tongue penetration


Some women enjoy the sensation of her partner’s tongue going inside her. As always, every woman is different, therefore this tongue thrusting method may not be applicable to every woman. Even for women who like this, some like a fast in-out motion while others like slow penetration.


     (7) Make some noises


The noises or moaning that you make when you give her oral sex can let your partner feel you are enjoying and this can get her feel relaxed and progress into orgasm easily. In addition to this, the vibrations on your lips as well as your exhaling will serve to enrich her sensations and raise her arousal level.


(8)   Add in some sucking motion


You can intensify her enjoyment by taking her labia (lips) or even clitoris into your mouth and gently creating a sucking sensation. Some women prefer a powerful sucking while others may just be contented with a hint of it. You can add in some more stimulation by moving your tongue when part of her labia or clitoris is in your mouth.


(9)   Add in some ice cubes or sex toys


At some point when you give her oral sex, you can slip some ice cubes into your mouth to increase the sensation and sensitivity of your stimulation effort. Move the ice-cube(s) in your mouth so that sometimes it is in your cheek to provide the alternative hot and cold sensation. You can also either use a small vibrator for external stimulation or a dildo for penetration or even something to wear on your tongue to spice up your oral stimulation.


(10)  Use your fingers


When she is high and excited, apply some lubricants on your fingers and gently insert them into her vagina. Move them in and out using short but firm strokes while you are licking her clitoris. This may not be suitable for all women, but quite a lot of them enjoy the experience of clitoral stimulation and penetration.


Try these 10 oral sex tips tonight to give her an unforgettable orgasmic experience. The way to get her enjoy sex with you is to be observant and willing to try. If you want to be that great lover she can live without and if you are eager to explore further on how to achieve this, you can click on Eat Pussy and Oral Kit.

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Oral Sex Tips For Men To Get Women Wanting For More

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Cunnilingus, the technical term for performing oral sex on women, can be quite a daunting task for an inexperienced guy. To be an expert on it, you have to be an observant person paying close attention to her body signals (her breathing, her movement, the changes in the color/temperature of her skin, her moaning), willing to experiment, going through trial and error to see what works as well as listen carefully to what she may be telling you. Whatever you do is for your partner in that moment and not based on what you saw in porn, or previous oral sex experiences. If you are looking for the fastest way to get her orgasm, it is through oral sex and not by way of penetration.


Here are 8 things to take note when you give her oral sex:


(1)   Keep yourself clean


You have to wash your hands and cut your nails to reduce the risk of infection on her. Unless she likes the feel of your moustache brushing against her skin, you should shave regularly too.


(2)   Coping with her smell


Some guys probably cannot bring themselves to face their partners’ genitals because of the smell down there. This can be due to her diet and other factors affecting her chemical makeup. If you are anxious about this, it will be good to have a shower together before you go down on her.


(3)   Get yourself familiarize with her body parts


Female genitals consist of the external genitals (which are the portion that are easier to see and touch) and the internal sexual and reproductive organs (which you may or may not be able to reach). The most visible part of the external genitals is collectively known as the vulva which includes the mons pubis, the outer and inner labia or lips, the clitoral hood and the vaginal opening.


The mons pubis is the area where most of the pubic hair is grown. The outer and inner labia or lips are the 2 “rings” of skin around the opening. The labia will meet at the top of her opening into a little hood that covers the clitoris.


The part of the clitoris which can be seen or felt is actually the tip of the clitoris which extends into the body and down in 2 roots to either side of the vagina. When she is fully aroused, the clitoris will look a bit like an erected male organ.


(4)   Proceed slowly


Most women do not like to be rushed because they need some warming up before they can get into the mood. Though this is all about performing oral sex on her, this does not mean going immediately for her clitoris. You start by kissing her lips, ears, neck and slowly move down to her breasts, licking and sucking her nipples to prepare her for the ultimate stimulation. You will next move to the belly, kissing around her navel before brushing your lips against her inner thighs.


(5)   Both of you should be physically comfortable


Besides using pillows, you choose an oral sex position that keep both of you comfortable and relaxed allowing you to move around easily. Depending on your preference you can go on your knees to stimulate her with her either standing in front of you, or sitting at the edge of bed or chair.


Or, you can get her knees bend or her legs rest on your shoulders. Another way is to position your head at right angle to her genitals so that you will be licking her side-to-side instead of the usual up-and-down motion when you use other oral sex positions. Other option is to get her adopt a squatting position so that the whole area between her legs will be just above your mouth. At all times it is perfectly alright to adjust and switch positions until you feel comfortable.


(6)   Do not neglect other parts of her body


As the clitoris (the biological equivalent of male sexual organ) is a highly sensitive area, you should not spend too much time licking directly on it. You move your tongue to explore the outer and inner labia. You can glide your tongue further down to the perineum (the area between the anus and vaginal opening) before you return to her clitoris.


(7)   Try with different kinds of strokes


Most women prefer repetitive motion of the tongue with firm pressure. Quick tongue flicks against the clitoris may irritate some women. It is best to ask about her preference whether she likes your tongue to lick in a circular motion or up-and-down or side-to-side.


An alternative good way to gauge her preference is to observe how she masturbates, where she touches, how much pressure she uses on each area and how fast she moves her fingers. You can ask her to place her hand on top of your hand to show you how she likes to be stroked. This should give you plenty of ideas in how you can drive her wild with your tongue and hands.


(8)   Maintain a steady space


Do not stop half way. If you are tired, switch to using your hand or a sex toy to stimulate her. Some women may need a little bit extra time to get sexually excited and in this case you just have to be patient and not to make her feel pressurized which can dampen her mood.


By now, you should have a rough idea about the basics of giving her oral sex. What you need to remember here is to choose a position that is comfortable to both of you, take your time and most important to check with her how she likes you to stroke and lick her. For more fun ideas to spice up your sex life, you can click on Lick Pussy and Oral Kit.

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