How To Have Sex As Often As You Want

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She doesn’t seem to be keen. When you touch her, she either pretends she is asleep or she tells you she is tired. Why does this happen? How to keep her interested again so that you can have sex as often as you want? Read on.


(1)   Getting wet is not all


When comes to sex, every woman is different. Some women can lubricate a lot while others do not. For this reason, you cannot rely on lubrication alone or how much she gets wet as the sole signal to judge whether she is ready for penetration. Being lubricated and being open for sex is not the same thing. The fact that she is getting wet is not a good excuse to skip foreplay.


How to recognize the signs that she is ready? When she is getting more and more aroused, her heart will beat faster and breathing get heavier causing her body to get tense up. More blood will flow to her genitals, ultimately triggering rhythmic muscle contractions in the vagina and other parts of her body. The skin on her face and chest may flush red. She may moan, pant or her face may take on a pained expression. Some women may emit a silky fluid (not the normal type of lubrication) often referred to as female ejaculation.


Before you see the above signs, you have to lay the groundwork and warm her up. You have to be patient. She needs a lot of kissing and tender loving care. She needs you to explore and tease her body to build up the tension and expectation. One of the sex tips you need to keep in mind is not to assume that just because she is wet that she is ready. Getting wet is only the beginning and not the end game.


(2)   It is not just about orgasm


Ideally it will be nice if she can have orgasm in every sexual encounter. In reality, sometimes she may not reach orgasm at all. This is not your fault and not hers. Lovemaking is, fundamentally, a present moment experience, with no pressure, free of any inhibitions and nagging thoughts. If you are too goal-oriented about achieving orgasm, you can only create unnecessary stress on yourself and her, diminishing the chances of actually reaching peak.


You cannot force a woman to reach orgasm. What a woman wants most is to be emotionally connected to her partner and the feeling of intimacy. What you can do, besides physically stimulating your woman, is to create a safe, comfortable and caring environment for her in which an orgasm may happen.


Each encounter does not have to be orgasmic. Sometimes it is nice to just relax and enjoy the sensations and emotions of being together. Intercourse is supposed to be about feeling good and there are plenty of good feelings that may not lead directly to orgasm.


Stop pestering her with words like “there yet?”. This can only turn her off. The pressure to perform for you can cause her to fake it just to stop you from asking. You can say words like “Do you like it? Here? There?” or “Harder?”.


(3)   Talk to her


This has to take place outside the bedroom. Those intimate moments are not the time to bring up any sexual issues. Be careful with what you have to say, no blaming, no accusing, just purely fact-finding. You can ask her some pointed questions such as “Are you tired or do I need some improvements?”  , “Do you need more foreplay?”  , or “Would a sensual massage help?”.


Great sex does not happen overnight. Bringing her to orgasm needs lot of patience and knowledge. You can get more ideas from here. Sometimes it can be as easy or simple as offering a little extra help, which you can find at this place.



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How To Have Fast Orgasm

English: woman during orgasm
English: woman during orgasm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is one of those things men like to experience when having sex – to make women orgasm faster! Do you want this to happen to you too? How to help a woman reach orgasm easily? Read below for tips on how to have an orgasm fast or better still a squirting orgasm.


(1)   Calm mind


Orgasms can sometimes happen quickly when you least expect them. At other times, they seem to take forever to reach it. If you want your girl to have a fast orgasm, you must keep her comfortable and relaxed. If she is too tensed up during and just before sex, you are going to have a hard time trying to make her cum.


For a start, it will be good to take a bath together with her to gradually get her into the mood. This gives you a good excuse to touch her whole body as you prepare her for intercourse. Ask her to do some deep breathing exercises. To keep her relaxed, you can give her a full body massage, but don’t touch her pubic area first.


As you massage her, there are two things you can do to loosen her up. What can be the best way to turn a woman on? Of course, this is best done by seducing/arousing her brain by talking dirty. This can increase the sexual anticipation inside her mind and increase her desire for sex.


The other thing you can do is to pay attention and observe her reactions (moans and groans) as you touch the various parts of her body. This should give you a very good idea about her unique hot spots. Once you are able to pinpoint these areas, you can later spend more time and effort to stimulate these erogenous zones to make her orgasm faster.


(2)   Stimulate clitoris


Assuming you have been doing the above first step well enough to relax her, by now, she should be getting more aroused. Therefore you should move to her more private areas and spend more time on them. This means you have to start stimulating her clitoris. This is the step you cannot miss. The clitoris solely exists for women pleasure. Most women can reach orgasm by themselves by just stroking their own clitoris (masturbating).


Because every woman is different; some like it gentle, some like it a bit rough, some like direct stimulation while others prefer indirect stimulation. The best way to find out what works well for her is to get her to show you how she masturbates or let her hand hold yours to guide you to where and how she likes to be touched.


Besides using your fingers, use your mouth to lick on her clitoris too, because most women love oral sex. For a start, press your tongue tip to her clitoris lightly and quickly and then you move on to the surrounding areas. As she gets highly aroused, you can spend more time on licking the clitoris and you can begin to lick faster and maintain this pace until she reaches orgasm. You can even speed up the process by bringing in sex toys such as a clitoris vibrator and/or g-spot vibrator.


(3)   Get into positions that can help her to orgasm faster


(a)   Reverse cow girl


She is on top of you and faces the other way. She gradually lowers herself to allow your penis to get inside her. This position makes it very easy to hit her g-spot and also allows you or her to stroke the clitoris at the same time.


(b)   She sits and you stand


To get into this sex position, you lift her up onto the counter top and let her assume the spread-eagle position. You should be standing in front of her to enter; the angle and thrust force provided by this sex position should get her excited in a minimal amount of time through g-spot stimulation.


     (c) Up and down banging


In this position, you need to move two to four inches forward from the usual missionary position. The next is to align yourself in such a way that the base of your penis is rubbing against her clitoris. Both of you will coordinate the movement – while she pushes her pelvis upward by two niches, you will push down gently to give a slight counter-resistance.


(d)   Rear penetration


The doggy style is effective in hitting her g-spot and you can double her sensation by massaging her clitoris at the same time.


Another way to do this is both of you will lie by your side with you behind her. You pull her bottom backwards against your groin and slip her top leg over your hip. With her thighs spread in this way, you will enter her from behind. This is one of those favorite sex positions for women because they love the feeling of a man’s arm wrapping around them or playing with their breasts and clitoris.


Do you want to have some more ideas to please a girl and at the same time make sex fun for you? If you do, click on here and/or this place.

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“Am I Tight Enough?” and 6 Other Secret Sex Worries

Cover of "Sex Bible for Women: The Comple...
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Don’t know where to turn to address some of your most intimate and off-the-wall sexual concerns? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Even if you’re comfortable talking about your sex life with friends, there are likely some topics — such as weird carnal concerns — that are too embarrassing to bring up, even to your best girls. But, hey, that’s why you have Cosmo! We asked experts to weigh in on some of the most outrageous sex worries women have.


The worry: “I’m not sure I’m tight enough down there.”
The reality:All vaginas aren’t created equal…but they’re not far off. While guys may notice slight differences, it’s nothing worth stressing about since the variation is so minuscule. And if he does feel like he has extra room down there, it’s almost certainly because he’s on the small side.


Worried that you’ll become loose from too much use? “The vagina has a lot of elasticity and won’t become stretched out from sexual activity,” explains Ian Kerner, PhD, author of Passionista: The Empowered Woman’s Guide to Pleasuring a Man.In fact, the only thing that can stretch you out is having a baby…and even that’s minor.


To deal with what you may perceive as a lack of tightness, contract and release your pelvic-floor muscles — the ones you use to hold in pee — at random times during the day. Then when you’re having sex, tighten them as he thrusts. You’ll both find that you feel tighter, and you may even have a more intense orgasm. Or try this position to create more friction: Lie on your side with your thighs together, and have him enter you from behind.


The worry: “He sometimes says ‘Take it, bitch!’ during sex, and it weirds me out.”
The reality: Many of the XXX-rated movies guys watch have scenes in which the man says aggressive, domineering things to the woman. So it might just be his attempt at emulating those scenes. It’s not inherently bad (some men and women find rough talk hot); it just comes down to how you feel about it. “If it bothers you, let him know after you finish having sex that you find that version of dirty talk off-putting,” advises Robin Sawyer, PhD, author of Sexpertise: Real Answers to Real Questions About Sex. Next time, give an example of the kinds of words that turn you on — if you set the tone, he’ll follow suit. Guys want to make women happy in bed, so once they know they’re doing something you don’t like, they will stop…or at least should.

The worry: “He doesn’t seem to enjoy my oral sex technique.”
The reality:Maybe you’ve noticed him looking less than engaged during an oral session, or perhaps he hasn’t seemed excited about you heading down south lately. If you’re right about his being less than wowed, one of two things is probably happening: Either you’re a little robotic about it and, as a result, he’s a bit bored, or you’re fretting about your mouth moves so much and acting so tentative that it’s making him anxious too.


Regardless, if he doesn’t think you’re into it, chances are, he won’t enjoy it when you’re down there. “Showing enthusiasm and having a sexy attitude are key to giving him pleasurable oral,”says Susan Crain Bakos, author of The Sex Bible for Women.Not only will he go crazy when he senses that going down on him is a huge turn-on for you, but you’ll also love the complete control you suddenly have. So moan, flash a naughty glance upward, or just go at it with abandon. Trust us, he won’t have any complaints.


The worry: “I really like it when he spanks me or tugs my hair during sex, which I’m concerned is not normal.”
The reality:This should make you feel like less of an anomaly: A whopping 70 percent of Cosmo readers say they’re game for trying something kinky. Here’s the thing: Not only is partaking in some booty slapping a sign that you’re able to have a little silly fun in bed, but there’s science behind why it feels good. When you’re turned on, your body releases endorphins that make stinging slaps on the butt feel like pleasurable pats. The reason you may like a playful tress tug? “Your scalp has tons of nerve endings, and pulling your hair while you’re aroused can activate them,” Kerner says.


If you’re too embarrassed to ask your man outright to do these things, show him what you’re craving. Lightly pull on his hair while you’re kissing or swat his butt while you’re going at it and he’ll be likely to return the favor.


The worry: “I love my guy, but I just had a really steamy dream about a chick.”
The reality:There’s no reason to question your sexual orientation if you have a naughty dream about a girl. “Female sexuality is less rigid than male sexuality, so it’s common for women to be turned on by other women,” Bakos says.


Instead of trying to forget it, use it to spice up your relationship. Tell your guy that you had a really bizarre dream that you also found very hot. You know how cartoon characters’ eyes bulge out as their tongues roll to the floor and steam shoots out their ears? Yeah, that’s pretty much what he’ll look like when you describe it to him. Not willing to share? Use it to fuel a fantasy when you’re with your man or even when you’re flying solo.

The worry: “Sometimes pee slips out when I climax.”
The reality:“During a G-spot orgasm, many women release a tiny bit of fluid that feels like urine but is actually a clear liquid that’s considered female ejaculate,” Kerner says. You can’t prevent it from happening, and trying to may actually get you so caught up in your own head that you won’t be able to orgasm.


If you’re really convinced it’s pee — though it almost never happens, particularly not to young women — be sure to empty your bladder before having sex. And if your guy is grossed out, remind him that he tends to make just a bit of a mess when hefinishes.


The worry: “I pleasure myself daily and am worried I might be addicted to my vibrator.”
The reality:The good news? You’re not addicted, and you don’t have to give up your daily alone time. The bad news? You can totally have too much of a good thing. “By relying on a sex toy that often, a woman might become too accustomed to a single approach to orgasm and be less able to enjoy variety with an actual person,” Kerner explains. In other words, you can get so used to battery-powered orgasms that it becomes more difficult to achieve flesh-and-er-bone climaxes when you’re with your guy.


The solution, however, is simple: Use your hands during at least half of your solo sessions. It may take a little longer, but the results are that much more satisfying. And if you’re still worried, try avoiding self-gratification on days you know you’ll be with your guy. The anticipation and desire will leave you eager for his human touch.


Read on to find out what fears get his panties in a bunch…

“I freak a little after a round of sex where she doesn’t orgasm. If I have an off night, I lie there and wonder if she’s going to call her friends the next day and discuss how I didn’t get her off in bed.” —Steven, 31


“I’m a clean guy, but after I’ve been in a crowded bar all night, I get sweaty. So if I go home with a girl, I’m always stressed that my junk might be gross and smell funny. Sometimes, I won’t even let a girl go down there if I think it’s bad.” —Kurt, 23


“I love when a chick uses her hands on my package. But if a girl is really aggressive, I start to get nervous that she’ll spend too much time on the tip. That spot is really sensitive, and too much stimulation can make me go soft.” —Matt, 20


“I know that every guy has different-size balls, but mine are quite a bit larger than average. Whenever I hook up with a new girl, I stress over whether she’s going to think I have elephantiasis.” —Manny, 27


“So many crazy thoughts and desires bounce around my head during sex. If I thought the girl I was with was half as deranged as I am, it’d scare the crap out of me.” —Chris, 35


You can help him and yourself to improve your sex life by going to this page and here.



By Bethany Heitman

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