How Can I Really Remove Stretch Marks?

How Can I Really Remove Stretch Marks? This post will talk about everything you need to know in trying to look for ways to remove stretch marks. The most expensive ways to remove stretch marks is not necessarily the most effective. Some methods to remove stretch marks will work better than others, depending on individuals.
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This post will talk about everything you need to know in trying to look for ways to remove stretch marks. The most expensive ways to remove stretch marks is not necessarily the most effective. Some methods to remove stretch marks will work better than others, depending on individuals.


Stretch marks — they’re just not only related to pregnancies. In case you or a someone has gained weight, then you definitely have likely seen them develop first-hand.


Stretch marks can come as a result of packing on extra fats, or even losing it quick. As a result, your skin simply breaks down and stretches, leaving streaky scars that can be red, purple or white in color.


They’re unsightly, annoying, and alas, hard to cope with.


One thing about stretch marks is that they sneak up on you. You don’t clearly see them happening — within the equal manner that you don’t see yourself turning into obese.


But after a period of time and due to not paying attention, you can see stretch marks appearing on your skin. This can be due to you can’t kick your sugar habit, or simply don’t exercise enough. Due to the lack of care for your body, stretch marks appear.


And stretch marks are just one of these visible results from the lack of care for your body. Most likely, if you’re seeing stretch marks, you’re experiencing a host of other problems due to weight gain or loss.


So, you need to make an effort in controlling the bad habits first before you bother about the cosmetic issues related to stretch marks.


But if you’re ready to tackle those stretch marks and attempt to repair your body to its former glory, the question is that this: what precisely are you able to do to remove stretch marks?


Trying to remove stretch marks isn’t as easy as you might have hoped. In truth, there’s no assure which you’ll ever be able to completely remove stretch marks. As just mentioned, the marks themselves are basically scars, and scar tissue is notoriously hard to conceal or make disappear.


However, that doesn’t imply there isn’t any ways to remove stretch marks. There are options at the table, ranging from surgical, to a collection of topical remedies.


In truth, there’s studies that points to androgens, estrogen, and glucocorticoids being the essential substances that are needed for concealing scar tissue.


But the surgical method to remove stretch marks — going under the knife is one of the greater popular remedy options nowadays, and it’s becoming even easier to do now that we are able to use lasers.


Even Kim Kardashian has gone through laser treatments to remove stretch marks, as an example to show how ubiquitous this treatment has come to be.


But surgical treatments are expensive, and there are many issues that each you and surgical experts need to address first you could even get the go-ahead. Even then, there’s no guarantee that this will work to remove stretch marks absolutely.


There are various easily accessible alternatives to remove stretch marks. Those typically take the shape of topical creams, which can be apply directly on the skin, like creams or moisturizers.


For the thrifty amongst us, the costs of those merchandise can fast add up, and relying on how long or how many you plan to use to remove stretch marks, your charges can also even eclipse a surgical remedy.


So, in case you want to proceed and opt for topical treatments, the first thing is to make sure you drink enough of plain water. The more hydrated your body is, the greater is the elasticity of your skin. This make a great difference in preventing marks from getting worse. After that, you’ll need to moisturize your trouble regions with lotion, and always use sunscreen.


These are the first steps towards prevention of stretch marks. In addition, you could try bio oil multiuse skin care oil, which usually gets positive feedbacks for being effective in helping to remove stretch marks. There are comparable options you could try as well. Even coconut oil has been hailed as a powerful treatment.


You can even try your very own serums, using powerful ingredients like tretinoin.


Whichever methods you choose to remove stretch marks; you’ll be better off with coming to accept the reality that those marks are possibly with you for life.


If you can accept that reality, and even wear them as a kind of badge of honor (perhaps a reminder of your former overweight self, and how you overcame obesity?) you’ll be a good deal happier in the long run. For most people, stretch marks are never going to go away, or be fully indistinguishable.


Some remedies to remove stretch marks will work better than others, depending on individuals.


Again, you need to realize that even if you spend a lot of money to look for ways to completely remove stretch marks — there’s still a possibility that you may not get the result you hope for.


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Great Butt Lift Workout For Women to Do At Home

Great Butt Lift Workout For Women to Do At Home - Are you embarrassed about your butt? Do you want an instant butt lift? You don’t have to go to the gym, or do any dangerous procedures. Read on to find out more.
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Are you embarrassed about your butt?

Do you want an instant butt lift?

You don’t have to go to the gym, or do any dangerous procedures.

We all know those never work!


Do this with me instead or you can also watch this butt lift workout Video HERE:


Today’s butt lift exercise is going to be called “The Cat and the Cow.”

It’s a variation of one of the best yoga postures you can use to not only lift your butt, but also tone your core.


So come on, let’s do this together.


I’ve got a mat, but you don’t even need a mat, you can do this on the carpet or on the floor, just make sure that you’ve got enough cushion for your knees.


If you want to place some towels underneath your knees to support you, just make sure it feels good.

You never want to push yourself too far.

Listen to your body and remember to breathe. Are you ready to go?



Come on down onto the mat with me…

So, start angling up the knees to the hips. Then place your feet flat on the floor behind you.

And make sure to walk your hands out until you once again have alignment with your wrist to your elbow to your shoulder.


Now, this takes a little bit of time to really get that stable distance.

Now that your hands are shoulder width apart, you really want to squeeze those triceps together to give yourself a nice stable platform.

Whenever I have that stability, I’ve got equal balance on the right and the left side of my body.


Many people don’t take the time to bring balance into their body and that’s what causes injury.


So take a few deep breaths here…

And on the next inhale, you’re going to inhale deep and then on the exhale, you’re going to round your back.

So rounding the back and dropping the head down. ..

This is called the “Cat Position.”

It looks like a cat that’s really stretching its back.


On the inhale, you’re going to arch your back and this is called the “Cow Position,” so imagine a cow with its belly hanging down towards the ground.


We’re going to do 5 of these breaths.

So you’re exhaling rounding your back, inhaling arching your back. That’s one. Keep going using your breath.

The deeper you go, the more length you’re bringing into your spine.

You may actually feel that your butt muscles are starting to stretch out, that’s very good. Just use your breath.


Okay, last one, go as deep as you can… then, and inhale as you come up.

Then just go back to neutral.

So now, that you’ve got a nice open spine, we’re going to begin to use our core and to play with balance.

Now, this is called the “3-Legged Cat.”


Imagine that you’re a cat that only has three legs and you’re just going to lift one arm up and just play with being on three legs.

It’s important to connect to your core and while engaging your butt because that’s what’s going to give you that stability you want.


So now, let’s be a 3-Legged Cat with the other arm.

Reach that arm up, keep that spine long, make sure you’re not sinking down, keep lengthening, and use your core.

One more deep breath in and then slowly come down.

Now, let’s use our legs.


So let’s be a 3-Legged Cat once again and now you’re going to lift that back leg as high as you can.

Don’t worry if you need to bend your knee, wherever you’re at, just find your core and lengthen.


Now, you may think:

Wow, this is so easy or you may be falling down, wherever you’re at, just accept it, love it, and have fun.

Just keep practicing. Slowly lower that leg down.

Now, let’s be a 3-legged cat on the other side. Notice that my body isn’t really shifting.


I’m keeping my core stable. I’m keeping everything in place except for that one leg that’s reaching back lengthening back and then, slowly come down.

Okay. So, how did you do? Are you ready to go further?


Now, we’re going to be a “2-Legged Cat.”

So, in order to do this, we’re going to have the opposite leg and the opposite arm reach up and extend at the same time.

Take a deep breath in.


You want to roll those shoulders in so that you have stability in the upper body and so you can engage your core.

I’m going to lift the opposite leg and the opposite arm.

So, I’m working on balance and I’m also squeezing the butt. It’s a full body stretch.

I’m using my core and, yeah, I’m giving myself a butt lift.

Just take one more deep breath in and I’m shaking a little bit, that’s a good sign.


That means my muscles are doing something that they’ve never done before. Just holding the stability is really powerful.

It’s the small tiny muscles that prevent injury, give you balance, give you stability, and make you get a nice, lifted butt.


See how fun that can be, because you can play with your balance. Slowly come down.

We’re really chiselling away the butt fat, we’re decreasing cellulite and we’re toning the muscle underneath.

Just imagine how great you’re going to look in that bikini, how great you’re going to feel.


Now, you can drop down into “Child’s pose.”

That’s going to really stretch out the butt and it’s also going to lengthen your arms.

Take a deep inhale and exhale. Slowly walk your hands back to your knees.


I’m going to just come back through downward dog because that feels really good… then I’ll walk my hands back to my feet, and slowly come up.


Now go ahead, reach down, and grab that butt.

It might’ve even lifted a couple of inches.

Feel great about yourself because you just did an instant butt lift.


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This program can significantly reduce cellulite and is designed to work in just 28 days without starvation diets, giving up your favourite foods, or killing yourself at the gym.


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How to Minimize Back Pain During Sex?


How to Minimize Back Pain During Sex? Contrary to what you may believe, back pain doesn’t mean the end of your sex life. It means you and your partner will have to adjust to your new reality—temporarily or permanently—to keep the pain at a minimum. Here are some positions to minimize back pain during sex
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If you’ve ever had back pain you know that it’s difficult to perform non-strenuous activities like walking and sitting, so more vigorous activities such as sex often have to take a back seat until the pain subsides.


This can place unnecessary pressure on a relationship as intimacy takes a backseat to pain. You should not feel alone however, as more than 30 million people are suffering from back pain.


The problem with back pain in sex is that the pain can go away for hours or days and you never know when the pain will return. This can put you in a fearful state of mind, constantly worrying about re-injuring your back or causing injury to your partner. The fear of pain can also take the spontaneous nature of sex out of the equation altogether, causing tension between you and your partner.


Before you let back pain dictate your sex life, make sure you get a diagnosis from a physician. An accurate diagnosis will let you know what’s causing your back pain, but it will also let you know what is possible with your current physical limitations.


Contrary to what you may believe, back pain doesn’t mean the end of your sex life. It means you and your partner will have to adjust to your new reality—temporarily or permanently—to keep the pain at a minimum.


After your diagnosis don’t be afraid to speak with your physical therapist about what movements you can and cannot perform in the bedroom. Set aside your embarrassment and you’ll ease your fear about worsening the back pain.


Make this discussion easier by making sure your partner is in the examination room with you so both of you can be fully informed about what is and is not okay.


Before you engage in sex you want to make sure you, as the injured party, are as relaxed as possible. This may mean beginning with a sensual massage or a hot bath or shower to relax back muscles. Once the muscles are relaxed you can get into the mood, leaving fear as a distant memory.


Try These Positions Tonight to Minimize Back Pain


Enjoy a painless sexual encounter by giving the positions below a try:


For men:


Try having sex while lying on your side, facing each other or prepared for entry from behind.


Place a back pillow under your lower back for woman on top position.


You can have sex on a chair with a sturdy back, in the sitting position.


For women:


Missionary position with knees bent toward chest instead of facing to the left and right.


You can straddle your partner on a chair.


Position yourself on hands and knees for rear entry, or place a cylinder pillow under your chest with back arched.


Your best bet is to try different positions to maximize pleasure while minimizing back pain. You may have to continuously adjust your lovemaking positions as your recovery progresses or digresses.


But avoid getting too boisterous because you have been pain-free for a few days, as you can cause back pain to return or worsen.


Physical vs. Mental Pain


There are two important aspects to back pain: physical and mental. The physical pain is what we most identify with because it is what most inhibits us in our everyday lives. The physical pain manifests itself in limited movements, but it is also what causes the mental aspect of back pain.


The mental part of back pain can be far more damaging to your recovery and your relationship. The feelings you have of inadequacy and not feeling “whole” because of your limitations can make matters worse for you and your partner.


As your worry increases about the pain getting worse and your sex life deteriorating further can make you terrified of having sex until you are completely free of back pain.


Your misconceptions about how your partner perceives you can cause you to act too cautious when it comes to activity in the bedroom.


The best thing you can do to overcome this is to be open and honest with your partner about what he or she can expect during sex. Let him or her know what you can and cannot do in terms of positions and map out a plan that allows you both to enjoy sex without aggravating your back pain.


One thing you should remember is that exercise is great for back pain and sex is excellent exercise. The longer you put it off the more difficult it will be to overcome.


Approach sex as exercise and figure out what positions hurt the least and what positions feel the best. Only by working with your partner can you figure this out and get your sex life back on track.


Start slowly with basic positions that don’t require a lot of jerky movements and do your best to take note of what positions cause pain and where the pain is located.


Use your imagination to come up with new positions to minimize back pain that lets you both enjoy sexual encounters without doing further damage to your back.


Back pain doesn’t require you to say “goodbye” to your sex life, it just means you’ll have to get reacquainted with imaginative sex.


You may want to watch a Video HERE to learn how to prevent and minimize back pain.


By Jesse Cannone – Creator of the International Best-Selling Back Pain Treatment Program “Lose the Back Pain System” and Best-Selling Book “The 7 Day Back Pain Cure”


Unlike most treatments which only deliver temporary relief, if any at all, muscle balance therapy delivers lasting relief to 8 out of 10 people who use it because it addresses the underlying cause of the pain, not just the symptoms.

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Why Intercourse Is Painful



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When intercourse is painful, she will wonder, “Why does sex hurt?” But due to out of shame and embarrassment, she often keeps quiet about her sexual problem and endures the discomfort without knowing that this can have adverse effect on her sex life.


As to why intercourse is painful, there can be several conditions that can cause a woman to feel pain during sex. In the following paragraphs, I will talk about the single most likely as well as challenging cause of painful sex – Vaginismus.


Vaginismus is a condition whereby there is an involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles which effectively seals off the vaginal entrance. This closing down of the vaginal entrance makes penetrative sex extremely painful. About 90% of the Vaginismus cases are due to emotional causes which include fear and anxiety with regards to sex and intercourse due to past traumatic experiences or insufficient as well as incorrect knowledge about sex.


Start Curing Your Vaginismus Today!


How Common Is Vaginismus?


Vaginismus is actually far more common than it seems to be. This is because most women who are suffering from Vaginismus are just too afraid or embarrassed to discuss their sexual problem with any person, even to a doctor. This of course makes matter worse for the woman concerned, because the delay in taking action to deal with her problem can only prolong her suffering and the pain gets more severe as time goes by.


The fact is Vaginismus is a highly treatable sexual disorder. It therefore serves a woman’s interest that she quickly sees a doctor or gynecologist to get a correct diagnosis, so that she can regain a normal pain-free sex life, just as other women do.


How do you know if your painful intercourse is due to Vaginismus?


The best way to find out if you are suffering from Vaginismus is to visit a gynecologist. He/she will ask you a series of questions in an effort to get a correct assessment of your condition. If a woman is suffering from Vaginismus, she will normally feel pain during sexual penetration. Besides feeling painful and uncomfortable, she will also get a burning or stinging sensation during intercourse.


This will happen whenever she attempts to have sex. Many women who are afflicted with Vaginismus are also not able to even insert a tampon into the vagina. They will also find it difficult to undergo any kind of pelvic examination.


How to go about curing Vaginismus?


Fortunately, a woman can cure Vaginismus by learning how to do Kegel exercises. These exercises aim to relax the pelvic muscles for the purpose of relieving the spasms in the vaginal muscles.


She has to be patient because she has to do the Kegel exercises for several weeks or even a few months in order to get the desired result. She needs to persevere and not to give up half-way. Her success rate will be higher if her partner is supportive because during this period it is best that she temporarily abstains from having sex before she is cured.

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The Kegel exercises involve contracting the pelvic floor muscles and holding them for couple of seconds and then relaxing them. The muscles that you need to train are those that are responsible for controlling the flow of urine. You will have to do at least twenty contractions.


When you are performing these exercises, do remember to relax the muscles after each and every contraction. After you have gotten used to the contraction and relaxation of the muscles, you can then try inserting your fingers into the vagina.


These are the facts about Vaginismus. The best way to deal with the pain during intercourse is to stop asking question and start taking action to see a physician or gynecologist and trying to get the Vaginismus treatment that most suit you.


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Why Does Sex Hurt Me So Much Every Time?



Sex Isn’t Supposed To Be Painful and HERE Is How You Can Enjoy Pain-free Sex Just like Any Other Woman!


Does it hurt your vagina too much when you have sex every time? Do you get this aching feeling down there that last the whole time? Do you ever wonder why it doesn’t get any looser down there from the first time and it continues to hurt? You have used lubrication and you are aroused but you just don’t know why does sex hurt a lot. Have you visited a physician and asked him/her why does intercourse hurt?


Well, this is the situation many couples encounter.  For anyone who is struggling with this condition it is best that you go to see a doctor or a gynecologist as soon as possible to get an accurate diagnosis. This is not normal. Sex should not hurt. It doesn’t even need to hurt the first time; it should definitely not hurt for you now. It means that something is going wrong. It’s a very sad myth that sex in the beginning will and even should hurt for women.


The most common cause of pain during intercourse is a condition called Vaginismus, which means that sex is made painful or in some cases impossible by involuntary contractions of the muscles in your vagina, making it tight and uncomfortable.  Complicating matters is Vaginismus tends to be misdiagnosed because it shares some similar symptoms with other conditions such as endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, yeast infections, Vulvodynia, or Bacterial Vaginosis.


Vaginismus is a common sexual condition that stays extremely hidden due to the wrong belief that sex can hurt and most women are just too embarrassed to bring up this issue even when they see a doctor.  The fact is this condition is fairly common, especially in teenage girls and women in their twenties and thirties. It is likely that many women will experience it at some point, even if they have had a history of enjoyable and painless sex. Studies have shown that one out of every 10 females suffer from Vaginismus however this number has been said to be a lot more as numerous females do not choose to speak about their own sexual difficulties.

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You may ask what are the signs and symptoms of Vaginismus? Generally, a woman who is suffering from Vaginismus usually has great difficulty in having penetrative sex because the muscles in the vagina have tightened. She can get this burning or stinging pain and tightness of the vagina if penetrated by a tampon, finger or penis. This fear of pain or intense fear of penetration can lead to loss of sexual desire and eventually to avoidance of sex.


The symptoms of Vaginismus can vary in severity from one woman to another. Some women are unable to insert anything into their vagina while others can insert a tampon and complete a gynecological exam, but intercourse is not possible. Some women can try to have intercourse, but it is very painful, whereas other women are able to have intercourse, but tighteness and pain prevent orgasm.


By now you should have a better understanding of Vaginismus as well as its signs and symptoms; we will now talk about the causes contributing to Vaginismus. There are both physical and psychological reasons why the vaginal muscles contract against a woman’s will.


Stress to the vagina during child birth, previous surgery to the genital area, past sexual activities such as rape or sexual abuse are a couple of the physical causes that lead to Vaginismus. The psychological reasons behind Vaginismus are negative attitude towards intercourse due to strict upbringing, lack of understanding about sex, fearfulness or nervousness while having sex, anxiety about pregnancy, relationship problems and others.

If you are suffering from Vaginismus there is no reason to feel that it is the end of your love life. This is mainly because; Vaginismus is very treatable. If the cause is psychological, you will be given counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy or even hypnosis to help you to overcome the underlying or hidden factors that cause you to develop anxiety or fear of sex.


The typical treatment for Vaginismus usually includes relaxation techniques and using vaginal dilators or trainers to help you to gradually overcome the psychological causes of your condition. Vaginal dilators are four smooth, penis-shaped cones of gradually increasing size and length, which are meant to train the vagina to eventually get used to penetration without automatically contracting the pelvic floor muscles.


When using dilators, the smallest one is inserted first, using a lubricant if needed. Once you feel comfortable inserting the smallest one, you can move on to the second size, and so on. It is important to go at your own pace and it does not matter how long it takes, whether it is days or months. When you can tolerate the larger cones without feeling anxious or any pain, you and your partner may want to try having sexual intercourse.


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Hope that at this juncture, you will have a clear answer as to why does sex hurt. If you are seriously having great pain during intercourse, it is advisable that you simply check with a doctor or a gynecologist and choose a Vaginismus treatment plan that is both suitable (for you) and effective in getting rid of this condition as quickly as possible.


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