“I Have a Small Penis” – Women Don’t Need Huge Cocks…

Small Penis Is Not A Problem, There Are Still Lots Of Sexy Ways You Can Satisfy Her, Click On The Picture Above To Find Out More


Having a Small Penis can be Better than having a Big One!

I know this sounds totally back-asswards, but it’s true. You might think that your cursed with a small penis, guys, but here’s the honest truth:

Only 10% to 12% of Women really want a bigger dick

And maybe only 1% – 3% would make it an issue in the bedroom.
For the rest of us. we’d rather have any size, and shaped penis, just as long as it’s attached to the man we love! Let me put it this way, boys. I had a choice between a 10 inch cock that was about as thick around as my wrist, and a 6 inch “normal” penis. Guess what I chose:

I Chose my husband because I loved him, and really didn’t care for the 10 inch dick. The other guy was nice, but I wanted someone who loved me. I got Michael.

Having a 3 to 7 inch Penis is Great for All Women!

So why is it so important for men to have big dicks??? It’s because men made it that way. Really, most wives dont care. I sure don’t. There’s nothing to gain on average woman’s side to having sex with a really big cock:

  • They Hurt.
  • The Guy is Usually an Asshole
  • They Hurt
  • He Thinks he’s a sex god
  • They Hurt
  • Cant go down on it -it’s too big
  • They Hurt
  • Cant get it all the way in – too long
  • They Hurt
  • NEVER will have anal sex with me
  • Did I mention they hurt?

Most women will not be satisfied 100% by a penis bigger than 8 inches. Although many of us have experiences with bigger penises, it does NOT mean we’d rather have one!!!

I think that I speak for most women when I say:

If you love us, and are intimate with us, you can have all of us. No matter how small you think you are, You’re the hottest, sexiest man in the world to me, and I’ll love making love with you over and over!!!

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Men Health – Does Size Really Matter In Sex?

Do You Want To Put Her In The Best Position To Orgasm? Click Here!

Is bigger always better for sex? When most people hear this question, they will immediately think about penis size. Many men think their penis is small. Research confirms that men worry about penis size more than women do and are more dissatisfied with the size of their penis than women are with their partners’ penis size.


There are many reasons why men think their penis is too small, and this is due to men’s tendency in comparing their own penis to someone else’s, which I believe is a fruitless exercise. So, do women really care about penis size?


In a world of super size cars, extra large servings for McDonald meals and non-stop effort to build the world’s next tallest building, it is hard to stop thinking about whether bigger is actually better for everything. When comes to the ability to satisfy women, men places a lot of pride on the size of their penis.


So, does penis size really matter? The reality is that most of the time size doesn’t matter. In fact, I have some women telling me, too big a size causes painful sex. Other women aren’t shy to say that lovemaking skill is more important than size.


Rather than relying on hearsays and the hundreds of junk mails that try to sell you penis enlargement products, let’s look at what research tells us about whether penis size matter?


A survey of 655 women between the ages of 19-49 asked about whether penis length and girth matter. The findings revealed:


(a)    18% said penis length was very important, 22% said penis girth was very important

(b)   57% said penis length was somewhat important

(c)    25% said penis length was unimportant, 25% said penis girth was unimportant


A major flaw of this study was that it did not specify the optimal size. Therefore, women who felt penis girth matters a lot may have different ideas of what the ideal penis girth is. The assumption could be bigger is better, but this is not confirmed by the study. Other more specific studies try to find out about women’s preference between length and girth, still cannot come to any conclusion about preferable size.


OK, let’s come out with some scientific facts and figures to put to rest some of the claims and myths about whether or not penis size matters and what is normal for the majority of men. A worldwide study of over 40 independent penis size research projects undertaken since 1942 has come up with a general penis size guideline. Feedback from over 11,000 survey participants put the average erect size of the adult penis is between 5.5 inches to 6.2 inches in length and 4.7 inches to 5.1 inches in girth.


If you happen to be one of the millions who are outside of the average range size in length and girth, please do not worry. You can still make the most of what you have.

The following are some best sex positions that make every man feel “big” irrespective of his penis size.


(1)   The Snake Position


Get your women to lie down flat on her belly. Put a pillow under her hips so that her buttocks ache upward. Keep your knees bent and position your genital just behind her bottom. Gently spread her thighs just enough to allow penetration and slide your way in. Be careful to keep your weight off her body during intercourse. If you want to get the feel of tight fit, simply hold her thighs together as you penetrate her.


(2)   The Doggie Position


This is quite similar to the snake position. The difference is instead of lying on her belly, she has to kneel down, her back bend forward so that her buttocks are raised upward. Same as above, you penetrate her from behind.


(3)   The Rabbit Ears Position


Get her to lie on her back, spread her thighs and draw her legs up so that her knees are quite close to her chest. Put a pillow under her buttocks which will place her vagina at an angle that is suitable for penetration. To keep her knees in place, you can rest her legs on your shoulders as you thrust forward.


(4)   The V-Formation Position


With her lying flat on her back, you position yourself between her thighs and enter her as you normally would from a kneeling position. Next raise her legs and then spread them apart until they form a “V”. This position allows you to stimulate her clitoris. Free one of your hands by allowing one of her legs to rest on your shoulder and stimulate her clitoris until she orgasms.


While it is true that society tends to place a great deal of importance on size, the truth is that a penis of any size can bring a woman to orgasm. Irrespective of size, foreplay is still needed to “warm” her up.


Of course, the most important thing is the strength of the relationship with your woman. If she feels loved and appreciated and has strong feelings for you, just words and touching can easily turn her on. If she dislikes you, even you can have elephant-sized penis and superb lovemaking skills, she will not respond to whatever you do. On the contrary, her feelings towards your gestures/actions will make her feel been molested or raped.


Want to know more about the secrets of great sex? Read on further from Hot Sex and Women Pleasure.



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Men Health – How To Get A Hard Cock

Inline image 1If she is in front of you now, would you want to get harder and lasting longer?

You love your gal very much. She is gorgeous, sexy and seductive.  During your intimate moments with her, though you can get an erection, but it is not hard enough for intercourse. What can be done to get stronger erections?


If you want a harder erection and to increase your sensitivity, one of the ways you can do about this without being too dependent on pills is to use a cock ring. Why wear a cock ring, you may ask. Lots of reasons!


It temporarily creates more sensitive, intense and hard erections, and may even help you to delay ejaculation. (Of course, everybody is different, and not all men respond to cock rings the same way. For some, the intense sensations caused by the cock ring make them come faster.) Will cock ring make your penis bigger? Well it can only enlarge the penis temporarily, and repeated use of cock ring won’t result in any permanent changes.


However, a cock ring should not be worn for more than 20 minutes because this can restrict too much blood to your penis and cause permanent damage. Be sure to take it off right away if your penis starts to feel cold, numb, or uncomfortable. For this reason, it is better to choose one that is adjustable and easy to remove.


Avoid those metal cock rings because in an emergency getting a metal cock ring off fast can be a difficult process. The same reason applies to those heavy weighted cock rings which can pull on the delicate structures near the base of the penis. This can lead to nerve damage and worsening of hernias in the groin.


You need to wait until you are fully erect before you put on your cock ring. Adding a little water-based lubricant to the inside of the cock ring will make sliding down your shaft and moving it around a whole lot easier. If you want to wear a cock ring for longer than 20 minutes, take your cock ring off after 20 minutes to let your penis have a 5-10 minute rest to get the blood flowing again and then you can put your cock ring back on.


People suffering from diabetes, disorders involving circulation or nerve-related diseases should steer clear of cock rings. If you suspect there is any reason not to use one, talk to your doctor and get his or her okay before you try it.


The most important feature of a cock ring is how tight it is. As everyone is different, there is no ‘one size fits all’. You may need to experiment with various options to find which works best for you. If your penis starts to swell significantly, loosen the cock ring or take it off. If it is too tight it could damage your penis. If you experience any pain or ongoing effects, don’t be embarrassed to ask a doctor. A few blushes are better than lasting damage.


How then to choose a size that is suitable for you? You use your thumb and forefinger to form a ‘ring’ around the base of your penis and testicles. You measure the width of this ‘ring’, which is the size of the cock ring you need.


To put on an adjustable cock ring, loop the strap around your penis, under and behind your testicles. Tighten the strap until it feels snug and you are ready to go.


To take the cock ring off, you have to wait until your erection has subsided. Put a touch of lube on your penis and testicles. First, pull your penis straight back out of the ring. Then, ease your testicles through, one at a time.


If for certain reasons that your penis is still quite erected, try a cold shower. Cold water is the closest thing to anti-Viagra there is. Put a little lube on your penis and testicles. Use a lot of lube if that helps.


If none of this works, it is time for more extreme measures. Use a pair of surgical scissors to snip through the cock ring. Do not under any circumstances use anything other than surgical scissors! Don’t let regular scissors or a knife close to your penis.


If your erection just won’t go away, then it is time to go to the emergency room. And don’t worry – they have seen this before.


If you like the feeling of a vibrator, you will probably like a vibrating cock ring. It is a cock ring that comes with a small vibrating attachment. It offers an extra buzz to the penis or testicles, and is extremely popular for the clitoral stimulation it adds for women during partner sex. Your partner will like it if you use it during sex, as the vibrations should intensify things for her too.


Some of the best positions in which to use a vibrating cock ring are woman-on-top and missionary as these provide easy access to her clitoris, allowing the cock ring to add enhanced pleasure with every thrust.


For more tips and ideas to help you get a stronger erection, you can read on more from Get Hard. To get greater pleasure from sex for you and your partner, you can read on more from Make It Erect and Get Hard.


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Men Health – How To Keep It Up And Last Longer In Bed

Inline image 1

Do You Wish You Can Get Harder For A Little While Longer If She Is With You Now?



Are you looking for ways to maintain an erection or make it bigger without being too dependent on pills? Are you looking for ways to last longer so that both of you can orgasm at the same time? Have you ever heard off some sex tools that can let you perform under the bed sheets longer?


Have you heard off penis pump? It is one of those blessed sex toys that can keep an erection longer and give you and your partner the satisfaction you want to gain.


What Is A Penis Pump And How Does It Work?


A penis pump (also known as vacuum constriction device) is a device that fits over the penis for achieving a lasting erection. It can also be used to give a man self-gratification when used as a masturbation tool. All you need to do is to stick your organ right into the tube and then pump.


This action will create a suction that will allow your penis to become hard. It is used like a vacuum to create hardness. This vacuum will increase blood pressure forcing more blood flow to the penis. In this way you can maintain an erection for up to 30 minutes.


At the opposite end of the tube or cylinder of the vacuum constriction device is a constriction ring. After the vacuum has caused the penis to become erect, the constriction ring will be slipped off the cylinder onto the base of the shaft of the penis with the help of a lubricant.


This constriction ring allows the penis to stay erect for a period of time. At this point the cylinder should be removed. The constriction ring can safely remain on the penis for approximately 30 minutes, allowing the user to have intercourse. Beyond the 30-minute period, it may cut the blood flow off, causing injury.


A penis pump should always be used carefully. Stop and check your penis every few minutes to ensure that you are doing things correctly. If you fail to stop and check you could do serious damage to your penis.


Be sure to follow the instructions and not to pump more than twenty minutes. Pumping too vigorously or for too long may cause blood vessels to break or other injury. It is recommended that you wait for a 60-minute interval in between each use.


It is not recommended for usage on men with congenital bleeding disorders, leukemia, sickle cell anemia, or a predisposition to priapism (prolonged, painful erection that lasts for hours). Before using a penis pump, talk with your doctor about your overall health and well-being. He or she can describe how the penis pump works and if it is the right choice for you.


There are some things you should understand about using a penis pump. There are numerous myths and facts about what a penis pump can and cannot do. A penis pump will not permanently enlarge the size of your penis. A penis pump will not create a permanent erection.




But a medical penis pump is a great apparatus if erectile dysfunction medications, such as Cialis, Levitra or Viagra do not work, or if you do not wish to have implant surgery. If you have had prostate surgery, the penis pump helps to maintain size and sexual function.  That being said if you feel the need to use a penis pump, you can use it as often as needed as long as it is used properly.


Still, it is generally considered the safest non-invasive method of treatment for men with erectile dysfunction. Some possible side-effect of using the penis pump is that it may cause a black and blue mark on the penis that is not painful and will go away in a few days. The penis does, however, tend to be purplish and may be cold or numb.


The user will experience a lessened force of ejaculation because the constriction ring keeps the semen in at ejaculation. When the ring is released the semen often dribbles out, but should not interfere with the orgasmic experience and pleasure.


How To Use A Penis Pump


Before using the pump, it is better to trim your pubic hair in order to create a better seal. Apply a water based lubricant on the opening of the penis pump. Make sure to apply lubricant on the constriction ring as well. Next, place a good amount of water based lubricant on your penis.


Next, push your penis through the ring into the tube. Make sure the mouth of the tube is firm against the base of your penis. Slowly begin to pump your penis.


Continue to pump until fully erect. Always remember to take care when you are pumping. If you see the growth of girth happening inside the tube do not get too excited and think by adding more pressure you will be doing a good thing. It is actually quite the opposite. You could end up bruising yourself. 


Stop and take a look to ensure everything looks and feels as it should. If you are hurting or feel too much pressure you need to stop. You could rupture veins using the penis pump if you are not careful enough. Look for discoloration on your veins to see if there is any problem. If everything looks great continue to pump.


Now that you are armed with some great tips, get out there and get pumping! For more tips and ideas to get a stronger erection, you can read on more from Keep It Hard. For more ways to have a better love life, you can go on to read about Hot Sex.


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