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The best way to please a man is to offer and perform oral sex on him. When you are giving a man oral stimulation, you are giving him pleasure, which is a precious gift. Like all other sexual skills, they must be learned, so communication is highly recommended.


Finding out what he likes will improve the chances of giving him a mind-blowing oral sex. There are other methods of communication you can use. Looking into his eyes, while sucking him. This will help you learn what works and what doesn’t. By looking at him, you can communicate your enjoyment in pleasing him. You can also use your facial expression to show how much you are enjoying yourself.


If he is not totally hard on, use your hands to stroke his penis until it is semi- of fully erected. Next, apply lubricant on both hands and warm your hands by rubbing them together. Form a ring using your fingers by pressing the tip of your index finger against your thumb and slide this ‘ring’ around his penis all the way down to the base. Now pull the ‘ring’ up towards the tip of the penis. It is only until you reach the tip that you give a slight twist. Immediately after the twist, cup your palm over the head of the penis, rotating your hand as though you are smoothing the glans down, before sliding down to the base. As you stroke down, remove the ‘ring’ to allow the other hand to reach the base. What you are trying to achieve is a smooth, continuous up and down movement, using your two hands in succession. You can practice this on your own first on a cucumber.


You can mix it up by switching between oral and hand stimulation. When you first put it into your mouth, do not suck yet. Instead, you keep your lips very moist. Make sure you do not bare your teeth as you encircle your lips around his shaft. Rotate your head so that your lips slide in a clockwise motion around the shaft. The best place to position your lips is to be just right below the head of the penis. Once you have rotated as far as you can go in one direction, change course and rotate the other way. Alternate between clockwise and anti-clockwise movement.


You can enrich his sensation by switching between hot and cold stimulation. As you glide your lips up and down along the shaft, you inhale through your mouth as you travel up the penis and exhaling in the same way as you travel down. What this does for him is to give him a cooling sensation as you move upwards, followed by the warm of your exhale when you are moving downwards.


Another way in applying this hot and cold sensation technique is to first warm your mouth with some water and then take his penis into your mouth for twenty seconds and suck. Then fill your mouth with cold water and swallow before you suck again.


If for certain unknown reasons, his penis goes limp, you can make it hard again by placing your lips just at the area after the tip of the penis. Now, suck quickly and intensely just on the tip of the penis. Within a minute or so, it should start to get hard again.


It will be better if you can get your whole body involved in the action. You can squeeze your breasts against the shaft of the penis, and let it slide slowly down between the breasts. This position will be perfect if you sense that he is quite close to orgasm and you do not want to swallow his sperms.


Fellatio is not just putting a penis in your mouth. You can either suck or lick gently on his scrotum (balls). It is also very pleasing for him if you can run your tongue around the anal opening (where there are many nerve-endings) in circular motions, using the tip of your tongue to tickle the opening and penetrating it. Sex toys can add more stimulation. Whether it is a vibrator, a vibrating cock ring, or an oral stimulator, these toys can greatly intensify the stimulation.


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Sexy Moves To Get A Man Hard





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Are you getting less than the amount of sex you want? Are you looking for ways to get your man in the mood? Want to know what a man wants?


At times, your guy may need a little more than a grope to get him into action. If he is turned on in the right way, his body will become more receptive and his orgasm more intense. Follow these tips and make your man crazy for you.


(1)   Give him visual stimulation


Men are visual creatures. A man’s brain chemistry changes when he is presented with a sexy image. Therefore flaunting your body will make his desire climb. Let him see you undress. Play up to his eyes with a slow, seductive striptease and watch him go weak at the knees. It will be best if you can torture him in a good way by letting him look and not allowing him to touch. To really titillate him, let him sneak a peek at the good stuff – your breasts, buttocks and inner thighs – and then cover up again. When you are down to the last piece of cloth, removes it painfully slow to build up the sexual tension.


(2)   Give him pleasant surprises


To turn a man on, everything is in his head. While physical attraction may be important, it also takes a few mind games to surprise and seduce your guy once in a while to keep the heat on in your relationship.


At times, when he returns from work, you surprise him in your sexiest undies or whatever he likes. When he is taking a shower, you unexpectedly join him and slowly soap up his entire body. It is pretty obvious to the both of you that at this moment getting clean is not the top priority. Your man will be so aroused that he can barely wait to get you into bed.


Once in a while, send him some playful, devilish phrases by way of texting or write them down on his date planner. These phrases can be like “Thinking of you makes me wet”, “I want sex tonight”, or “Sex @ 7pm”. The key is to make him feel like what you are doing is sexy and he will always get aroused by you.


(3)   Show him what works


Showing your man what turns you on can be just as arousing for him. If he misses the mark, guide his hands with your own to any part of your body you want him to be. Gently run your fingertips around your breasts as you two enjoy foreplay to let him catch sight of the way you like to be touched.


When he is on top, you put your hands firmly on his buttocks, to let him know how fast or slow you want him to move. When you are ready, you pull him deeply inside you. When you reach orgasm, you put your hand over his heart. If he can see the pleasure he is giving you, it will boost his confidence and help him to relax and get hard.


(4)   Bring him to the edge


Use the start and stop trick to tease your guy mercilessly and bringing him close to climax repeatedly in order to give him an intense orgasm. When you are jerking him off, alternate attention between the tip of the penis (which is extremely sensitive) to the base (which can take more stimulation). Read his body language to determine when he is close to exploding and you ease off. If you do not want him to climax yet, move your focus to another lusty location. This will keep him at a highly aroused stage but still allow him to hold back his climax. When you are ready to finish him off, his orgasm will be more powerful later.


Use these tips to get your man to appreciate your body, desire you and feel lucky to have you. Be sexually unpredictable and he will awe you. Gets his horny mind working and he will always get aroused by you.


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How To Give A Good Blow Job That Can Pleasure Him A Lot





Looking for fellatio tips to please your man? Fellatio is the art of orally stimulating a man’s genitals. Most men enjoy fellatio since it is pleasuring. It involves little effort on their part and can easily lead to orgasm. Here are a few tips to help you start giving your guy the amazing blow job that he always wants.


(1)   Hygiene


Cleanliness is essential with virtually all forms of sexual play. This is especially with oral sex where a bad taste or smell can dampen enthusiasm and performance on your part. If you are uncomfortable with a particular smell that your partner may have, suggest taking a shower with him. Get him to trim or shave a little if he is too bushy down there.


(2)   Coping with gag reflex


One essential thing about giving him oral sex is for you to relax your throat and gag reflex. However, this is easier said than done. One of the easiest ways to cope with this is to use a phallic-shaped object to practice on. This can eliminate a lot of pressure on your part. You can use bananas, zucchinis, popsicles or even adult toys such as dildos.


When comes to the real action, you can wrap one hand around the base of his shaft to form a ring and slide your mouth and hand up and down in unison along his member. This will prevent you from taking in more than you can cope.


(3)   Get some breath mints


Putting a mint in your mouth immediately before going down on him is a great way to drive him crazy and enrich his sensation. The coolness of the mint will be transferred to his member, making him feel fantastic.


You can also use ice-cubes which have the same effect. To drive him wild, after giving him ice treatment, you can give him some hot treatment by having some lukewarm water in your mouth and let the warm water swish around him member for a few seconds before you swallow it.


Another hot trick is to use heat-activated lubricant. Squeeze a nickel-size dollop onto your palm and rub your hands together. Then gently massage it all over his shaft and testicles. Take your time because the longer you rub, the warmer it gets. This is how you can get him to enjoy the slow burn.


(4)   Get his feedback


Ask about what he likes and dislikes. Find out from him where the tenderest spot on his penis is. Focus on sucking that area will blow his mind. Find out if he likes to be sucked and stroked at the same time. Find out which positions he likes when receiving oral sex – he stands while you kneel, he lies on the bed with you between his legs, the 69 sex position or he kneels on all fours while you lie underneath bobbing your head back and forth. By knowing his individual preferences, you will be able to tailor-make your moves to give him maximum pleasure.


(5)   Use your hand(s) too


Besides using your mouth to repeatedly stroke his penis, you can also use your hands too. You should give your mouth a chance to rest to avoid getting a sore jaw and neck. A good blow job should not be limited to mouth action and should include using your hands to explore other areas such as his testicles, thighs and the anal region.


You can give him more intense orgasms by stroking his penis. Apply some oil on your palms and rub the penis between both palms, as if rubbing two sticks together to create fire. Or, you can hold the penis in one hand; use the well-oiled palm of your other hand to massage the tip of his penis. You reverse the direction of your stroking every once in a while.


Another easy stroking technique is to form a ring with your thumb and forefinger and pump up and down with it. When you get to the tip, you close the ring. After this you make him squeeze his way in as you slide back down to the bottom.


(6)   Go to other areas


There are 3 other areas down there which a guy enjoys to be licked. These are the testicles, the perineum (the area between base of the penis and anus) and the anus. Lick these areas as if you are savoring a delicious ice-cream. There are lots of nerve endings around the anus which make it very sensitive. You can run your tongue around it in circular motion and using your tongue to tickle the area.


(7)   To swallow or not to swallow


For this, I leave it to you to decide. But if you do not want to swallow, you can finish him off manually. Ask him to signal you when he is about to come so you can switch to stimulate him with your hands. You can use your fingers to rub his nerve-packed perineum as you simultaneously stroke his shaft with your other hand.


Another way to send him into orgasmic bliss is to let him come on your chest. When he is close to climax, put his penis between your breasts. Then you squeeze your breasts against his penis as he slides his shaft back and forth until he ejaculates.


As you can see, giving your guy amazing blow job is not too tricky. If you apply these simple tips, he will keep crawling back for you in no time. Just make sure he will return you the favor when it is his turn to pleasure you.


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Sexy Ways To Touch A Man And Drive Him Wild




Make A Man Want You


When sexual frequency gets lower and you feel your man is emotionally drifting away from you, you begin to wonder, “How to please my man? How to get him want you more?” This may not be your fault! Because his behavior can be due to stress in his working place and most men do not like to talk about this at home.


What better way to help him relax by pampering him with a full body erotic massage? Humans need some caring physical contact on a daily basis. This is the wonderful thing for massage. It allows us to experience the sensual world of touch without the pressures of having sex. Massage is a wonderful way to get close and sensual with someone you care deeply about. Here are some tips to touch him the right way.


(1)   Get Him Relaxed First


Some men may not be so receptive to receiving an erotic massage. You just ask him to let you try massaging him for 5 minutes and if he does not like it, you can stop. If he likes the idea, you can get him to do a few minutes of simple stretching beforehand. Start by connecting with your man through kind words, soft gazing into each other’s eyes, synchronized breathing, and/or caressing each other’s face or hands.



(2)   Start At The Head


When you are ready, you have him lie face up on the bed or any padded surface and you position yourself behind his head. You use your 1st 2 or 3 fingertips to gently rub in a circular motion over his temples and the center of the forehead. You then run your fingers across his entire face lighting tapping on his face. With your thumb and 1st finger, you rub his ear lobes and ears.


Next you place your fingertips on the hollows in the bone, where the back of his neck meets the skull, and you gradually increase the pressure on them. These hollows which serve as acupressure points are the often-ignored erogenous zones. You then grasp his head at the jaw and pull it gently towards you, stretching his neck muscles. By pressing the points and stretching muscles, you will increase his circulation, release his tension and allow sexual excitement to flow.


(3)   Working On His Chest And Hands


You use your thumb and forefinger to press gently on the indentations below the collarbone which are the little-known erogenous zones. You then move to the center of the breast bone, right over the heart. You feel for a dimple in the bone and press gently on it with your fingers.


Next you move to one of his arms and you focus on 2 erogenous zones, namely the armpit and the inner folding between his upper arm and forearm. These 2 areas are quite ticklish if a lot of pressure is applied on them, so you should just apply very little pressure using your fingertips. You then repeat the same on the other arm.


(4)   Pushing His Belly Button


The area between the belly button and his genitalia is another erogenous zone. With well-oiled hands, you press gently on an acupressure point which is 3 or 4 finger-width down from the navel. Make sure he empties his bladder before you press on this area. You can also find acupressure points where the legs join the trunk of the body. You gradually increase the pressure on them using the heel of your hand. Ask your partner to breathe into your hands while you stay at this position for a minute or two.


(5)   Moving To The Lower Part Of His Body


There are many different massage strokes that feel good on male genitals. It is usually safe to assume that firm and consistent stroking will feel best on him. One approach that some people favor is to select 2 favorite strokes and periodically alternating between them every once in a while. Here are the 3 different types of stroke you can try on.


(a)    Using your lubricated fingers, you stroke the under side of his genitals from the tip to the base for a couple of minutes. Using the other free hand, you roll his testicles in your palm.


(b)   You use one hand to stroke his penis from the top all the way to the bottom. When it hits the bottom, release it. You then switch hand and repeat the same stroke, creating an alternating motion.


(c)    You sensuously caress the penis with one hand for about 10 seconds, and then give it one quick up-and-down stroke. Repeat this sensuous caressing for about 10 seconds, alternating between slow up-and-down and quick up-and-down strokes. You can continue with this until he ejaculates. It is up to the 2 of you to decide whether to finish this with an ejaculation or normal intercourse.


If this is your 1st massage, it is a good idea to look into his eyes, while cradling his genitals and get his feedback on the type of stroke he likes. One of the skills that come with practice is being able to read his arousal levels and smoothly and gradually ramping up from relaxing massage to more arousing and sexual massage.


I have provided you with some basic massage techniques to help you to be the original lover who can give him a night that he will want to repeat. Remember that if you treat him to this, chances are that he will repay you by working a little harder to please you sexually later.


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How To Be Good In Bed With A Man

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Turn A Man On And Get Him Crazy For You!

Want to turn a man on and drive him wild like never before? Do you want to have wild, passionate sex and make him love the things you do to him in bed?


You can be very gorgeous and attractive, but this alone is not enough to keep him interested for long. To turn a man on and make him want you, you need to do more than just pulling down your thongs.


If you want him to fall for you and keep thinking of you no matter where he is, you need to become more desirable to him. You have to look for ways to get him excited and aroused so that just his mere thought of you can make him get hard down there in no time.


Here is how to please a man in bed and make him desire you and want you more than ever.


(1)   Satisfy His Ego


Most guys like to brag about how good they are in bed. Compliment his bedroom skills if he makes the right moves and able to press the “hot spots” on your body. What better way to do this than to let out moaning noises or to tell him you are coming when you really are?


You can lick his nipples, nibble his ears and grab his buttocks as he rides and grinds on you. Pamper him with some naughty compliments and he will love you for it. At other times, avoid being too critical or negative to your man. If he feels sexy and confident when he is with you, he will be a lot more turned on around you.


(2)   Dress Well And Sexy


Men can easily get hard on by just staring at a half-naked woman. Flaunt your assets, wear something rather revealing in bed all the time and not just on the nights when you want to have sex.


Do get into the habit to make some periodic and regular changes in what you wear in bed. Or, once in a while and if weather conditions allow, you can simply wear nothing when you sleep with him. Guys are very visual. If he can’t keep his eyes off you, it will be equally hard on him to keep his hands off you. 


(3)   Be A Bad Girl When Alone With Him


Though guys want their women to behave gracefully in public, but when in private, they would love their partners to let go off their inhibitions. At times, take control, dominate him. Tie him to the bed, blindfold him, handcuff him, ride on him, and ask him to lick your clitoris.


All these can be done naturally by role-playing yourself into a real bad girl. You can also spice things up by teasing him with some naughty, fun games. The one who wins in each round of the game will get the right to demand sexual favor from the other.


(4)   Get To Know What Turns Him On


The easiest way to please a man in bed is to find out what your man likes. Sex is fun if you are willing to try new things and observe what really works for him. Brush up your bedroom skills by reading some books on sexuality and male anatomy to get some fresh ideas to keep sex exciting for you and your man.


You can take a look at Hot Sex to get more inspiration and ideas to spice things up in the bedroom.  For something kinky, you can go to Dirty Harry’s Secrets



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