The Only Real Way to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

The Only Real Way to Get Rid of Stretch Marks - To get rid of stretch marks may seem like a daunting, never-ending story. In some ways, it can be. As much as we hate to be the ones to break it to you, there’s no sure-fire way to erase them. But there’s no need to lose hope.
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To get rid of stretch marks may seem like a daunting, never-ending story. In some ways, it can be. As much as we hate to be the ones to break it to you, there’s no sure-fire way to erase them. But there’s no need to lose hope.


The good news is there are a number of real ways that you can potentially improve those unsightly marks so they become nearly invisible over time. Similarly, certain steps can be taken to help prevent stretch marks from occurring in the future. Let’s take a closer look.


What are stretch marks?


Stretch marks have nothing to do with stretching at the gym. They’re indented streaks in the skin caused by superficial scars that may develop any time the dermis layer of the skin is torn, dermatologist Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas said in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.


Many people equate stretch marks with pregnancy, and it turns out sporting a baby bump is one of the most common causes. The same story said approximately 90% of women will experience them during the last trimester when the skin is most prone to a high degree of stretching to accommodate the growing baby.


But stretch marks in the skin can occur in men and non-pregnant women. They can also crop up on breasts, hips, buttocks and thighs, according to the Mayo Clinic.


While genetics plays a huge role in who will get stretch marks, other factors include rapid weight gain or loss as well as high hormonal levels during puberty.


How to treat or get rid of stretch marks?


While no magic potion currently exists to get rid of stretch marks, you can minimize the appearance with time, patience, and a few helpful products.


“Many stretch marks improve a lot over many months without treatment,” Dr. Oscar Hevia, a cosmetic dermatologist, told StyleCaster. “But, since stretch marks are essentially a scar from the inside out, there is no treatment that makes them disappear completely.”


Retinoid cream may be one of the most promising DIY treatments. Derived from vitamin A, retinoids such as tretinoin (Retin-A, Renova, Avita) that you apply to your skin may improve the appearance of stretch marks that are less than a few months old, according to Mayo Clinic.

Tretinoin can help to rebuild collagen, making the stretch marks look more like your normal skin. However, it’s important to note that tretinoin can irritate your skin.


And if you’re pregnant or nursing, make sure to check with your doctor about other treatment options because possible side effects of retinoid cream may affect the baby.


If you’d rather avoid retinoids, The Organic Beauty Expert says castor oil can be a good substitute to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Apply the oil to the affected area and massage gently in a circular motion, then use a clean cloth to wrap the affected skin. Next, use a heating pad on the spot for at least 30 minutes for the best results.


Light and laser therapies are a more intense option. In the Harper’s Bazaar story, Alexiades-Armenakas said that the best bet for treating red or active stretch marks is with in-office treatments using a pulsed dye laser.


“It won’t work if the marks are old and no longer red,” she told the publication, “But if you catch stretch marks early, you can help reverse them and prevent scarring or permanence in one to three monthly treatments usually.”


The Mayo Clinic also highlighted microdermabrasion as a solid solution. A hand-held device blows crystals onto the skin, gently removing its topmost layers, which promotes the growth of new, more elastic skin. This makes stretch marks less noticeable.


The Derma Roller System is an at-home option you can try as well. According to the product, it can be used to improve the appearance of stretch marks, such as those developed during pregnancy, adolescent growth spurts, rapid muscle growth, and weight fluctuations. Again, this is according to the product, so it’s best to remain a bit sceptical!


How to help prevent stretch marks


While total prevention is never a guarantee when it comes to stretch marks, you can take matters into your own hands through a few at-home treatments, some of which can duly help lessen the appearance of existing stretch marks.


First of all, it’s imperative to keep the skin as healthy and hydrated as possible, according to Dr. Kishan Raichura, a skin health expert. He told The Huffington Post UK, “While it’s impossible to entirely prevent them, pregnant women can improve skin condition to hopefully reduce the chances by keeping the area well moisturized and nourished.”


Coconut oil or olive oil are both great, all-natural products to use in combination with vitamin E oil or cream to help keep collagen fibers strong. And keep in mind, drinking enough water is the best way to stay hydrated from the inside out.


In the same story, Dr. Erich Schulte, founder of QMSMediCosmetics, also mentioned skin exfoliation as an important part of your daily regimen. “It is a key benefit as it continues to stimulate the cell turnover and works well in conjunction with body-firming creams,” he said in the story.


You can exfoliate the skin through dry brushing or by using an exfoliating wash. Sugar is also an all-natural exfoliator; mix it with a few drops of lemon juice and almond oil to make a paste, then gently rub it over your skin.


Nutrition also plays a role. Top 10 Home Remedies suggests eating a balanced diet rich in vitamins C and E, zinc, silica, and other nutrients to help nourish the skin.


The antioxidant vitamin E is especially crucial as it protects the collagen fibers in your skin from damage, which promotes skin elasticity. Almonds, olives, sunflower seeds, spinach, avocados, and pumpkins are all high in vitamin E.


The most important thing to remember is to be flexible in treating stretch marks. Find what best works for your body and your lifestyle.



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How Do Stretch Marks Form and How to Reduce Stretch Marks Fast



Reduce Stretch Marks Fast With Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy


It is those things that make you feel helpless, those changes occurring on your skin as you go through the journey of life. Wrinkles on your face? You are aging. Age spots on your skin? You have spent too much time under the sun.


As if these are not enough, you also have those stretch marks appearing on those areas of your body that you make you feel embarrassed when you are in bikini or in front of your loved one. You want very much to reduce stretch marks. How? See below.


Stretch marks happen for various reasons. They are often associated with pregnancy, which is why they are more common in women. But stretch marks can also occur when your body is going through rapid changes such as during adolescence, weight gain or loss. At other times, some medical conditions or even weight-lifting can also cause stretch marks. Did you get that, guys?


Of course, it is definitely not sexy at all if stretch marks occur on your upper arms, thighs, hips, breasts and buttocks. In summer time or in those intimate moments, when the clothes come off, that really sucks.


What Causes Stretch Marks


Contrary to what most people believe, stretch marks are more than just the skin been stretched too much. Stretch marks happen when the body secretes the glucocorticoid hormone during some life events (that is when you are pregnant or gaining weight). This hormone prevents the fibroblasts from forming collagen and elastin fibres which are necessary for tight, healthy skin.


The loss of these supportive proteins is detrimental to your skin because this reduces the ability of your skin to withstand stretching. This causes it to separate in the deeper layers, resulting in the formation of those angry red striations that eventually give way to stretch marks.


Fortunately you can do something to reduce stretch marks appearance, and prevent them from forming in the first place, with Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy.


First, let’s discuss on how you can prevent or treat stretch marks, and why you should put Stretch Mark Therapy at the top of your list for stretch mark-free skin.


About Stretch Mark Treatment


To reduce stretch marks, there are surgical treatments to do it, which include dermabrasion, chemical peels and laser surgery. Results for surgical treatments are rather mixed and very dependent on age and skin condition. Such treatments show moderate success.


You can also adopt a healthy eating habit such as having a diet consisting of foods that are skin-friendly. Foods that are good for your skin are those high in vitamins A and C, zinc and protein. Consider salmon and oily fish, nuts, carrots, milk and eggs. These foods are definitely of great help for improving your skin.


You will do well do to make them a regular part of your diet, for healthy skin and great complexion. If you are looking for any foods to reduce stretch marks formation, these are the ones.


Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy Can Reduce Stretch Marks.

Now, let me share with you some encouraging news. In a clinical study recently done on 13 women with post-pregnancy stretch marks, they are told to apply a 2 per cent concentration of Regestril on the affected areas for two months. After 2 months at the end of the study, these 13 women showed a 72.5% reduction in the depth of stretch marks. Not only that their stretch marks also showed a 52% reduction in length.


Well, this is not the only good news for people with stretch marks. What makes this Stretch Mark Therapy so different from other treatments is that it contains an active ingredient – Pro-Coll-One+.


This essential ingredient can help to stimulate the natural production of collagen in your body by as much as 1190% when applied in a 2% concentration in a 56 day separate study. 78% of study participants saw a noticeable improvement by up to 10% in skin smoothness.


Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy fades stretch marks. Scientifically formulated with the latest in skin care technology, it is an effective and safe way to erase those embarrassing stretch marks on your body. In those clothing-optional moments, that is a definitely a good thing to have!


For more information, please visit the Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy Homepage


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Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy – Best Product to Prevent Stretch Marks




What can be the best way to prevent stretch marks?


Well, it is by having lots of collagen. You may ask why collagen? In the next few paragraphs I will talk about the role of collagen in reducing the appearance of stretch marks.


If you are like 80% of women around the world, you developed stretch marks from pregnancy – and you are not exactly fond of them. So, what can you do to prevent stretch marks?


To start, stretch marks, or striae, are actually thin white scarring of the skin that appears in striped formations where the skin has been stretched.


When there is extreme stretching of the skin (due to pregnancy, puberty or rapid weight changes), it will cause a tearing of the dermis of your skin which give rise to the appearance of stretch marks.


Stretch marks can appear pretty much anywhere on the body, but the most common areas are your stomach, hips, breasts and thighs.


What is collagen and why do we need it?


Understanding what causes stretch marks on an anatomical level can be almost comforting, but what about real solutions?


To start with, there are two proteins that play an important role in keeping our skin supple. They are collagen and elastin.


Collagen is the protein that provides rigidity to the connective tissues within the skin. Some people refer to collagen as the glue that holds the body together. Without it, the body would, quite literally, fall apart.


Collagen works hand-in-hand with elastin in supporting the body’s tissues. Basically, it gives body tissues form and provides firmness and strength; elastin gives the same body tissues much need flexibility.


Collagen is plentiful when we are young, which explains why our skin is plump and without wrinkles. Unfortunately as we age, the collagen that is produced by the liver is only something over 80% of what we would really need and hence the sagging skin in our senior years.


But, it is not just the time factor that depletes collagen. Some life events, including adolescence, weight gains, weightlifting, medications containing corticosteroids and, yes, pregnancy, stimulate the body to increase production of a hormone called glucocorticoids. It is this hormone which prevents the collagen fibroblasts required for the skin to repair itself when traumatized.


Without sufficient collagen, your skin is impaired. The skin separates within its deeper layers, and stretch marks appear as a result.


So THAT’s why we need collagen!


Hope for People with Stretch Marks


Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy will be your best friend if you are looking for a safe and effective solution to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.


It is scientifically formulated with the latest in dermal technology for erasing those embarrassing stretch marks. What makes it so different from the rest of the offerings you see in the market is it has an essential ingredient – Regestril™.


In a recent clinical study done on 13 women who have post-pregnancy stretch marks, they are asked to apply a two per cent concentration of Regestril™ on the affected areas for two months. The result of the survey showed a 72.5% improvement in depth of stretch marks. In two months!


Please take note that the only way to supplement collagen is with synthetic injections. Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy doesn’t contain collagen. What it does is stimulating the body to produce collagen naturally, and as the results show, very successfully.


How to Prevent Stretch Marks?


You have heard that prevention is better than cure. Now if you ask any women who has just given birth whether they are comfortable with their stretch marks when they are in bathing suit, or in front of their loved ones. The answer is obvious – stretch marks aren’t sexy.


What I am trying to say is you can prevent stretch marks from forming in the first place! Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy is formulated to nurture the skin and guard against future stretch marks.


If you get the Mom-To-Be package, you will have a nine-month supply of the best stretch mark cream on the market today and an insurance policy for your beauty and confidence.


With this, you will never have to feel any unease in front of anyone and any time especially in those moments when clothing is optional. Try Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy and keep your skin young and sexy and, yes, stretch mark-free!


To find out more how you can prevent stretch marks, you can visit the Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy Homepage.


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How Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy Works To Prevent Stretch Marks




Are stretch marks bothering you a lot? If you are, have no worries because you are not alone. Around seventy-five to ninety per cent of women develop stretch marks during pregnancy.


The big problem here is that those stretch marks just stick around and refuse to go away. Stretch marks serve as a reminder of some life-changing things that have happened to your body and it wears them proudly.


However that is not to say that this is something you should be ashamed of. After all these stretch marks is a result of some of the most monumental life events.


Adolescence, gains or losses in weight and pregnancy are all milestones. However, these are the milestones you wish you can do without when the clothes are off.


What causes stretch marks? There is a combination of various events, but each of them that we have just mentioned earlier can trigger hormones called glucocorticoids that hold back the body’s ability to produce elastin and collagen.


Of course, this is not good for your body, because these two proteins are very essential for giving you that tight, healthy and vibrant skin. If you do not have enough of collagen and elastin in your body, the layers of skin will separate and you will see those grooved and discoloured appearance of stretch marks.


The good news is that you can do something about this. These stretch marks are treatable and preventable. We have come up with a Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy which has the latest in skin care ingredients.


These ingredients are chosen because they have been clinically proven to work well in reducing the appearance of stretch marks by up to 72.5%…in just two months!


Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy has the following qualities of being potent, nourishing, effective, but gentle. Let’s take a look at some of these ingredients that make it so:


Regestril® – one of the main ingredients in Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy, Regestril® makes stretch marks disappear. In a recent clinical survey conducted on 13 women who have post-pregnancy stretch marks, they were being told to apply a 2% concentration of Regestril® to affected areas for a period of two months. At the end of their trial period, the results indicated a 20% improvement in the colour, indentation and width of the stretch marks. They also reported a 70% reduction in depth of scarring.


Darutoside® – a stimulator of collagen growth, Darutoside® helps to heal wounds, promotes tissue renewal and skin elasticity. Darutoside® stimulates the regeneration of cellular matrix, meaning the protein structures in the skin will get durable and can stretch without tearing. This will go a long way to prevent stretch marks! Darutoside® is also an anti-inflammatory.


Pro-Sveltyl® – originally developed for its anti-cellulite properties, ProSveltyl® is made from an extract of the sacred lotus flower Nelumbo Nucifera. ProSveltyl® stimulates collagen synthesis and helps to repair damaged skin. ProSveltyl® helps to keep skin smooth. It can sooth irregularities and promote the development of strong dermal matrix which is the basic requirement for taut, healthy skin.


Pro-Coll-One+® – a relative new-comer to the skin-care industry, Pro-Coll-One+® stimulates collagen I (the body’s most common form of collagen) in healthy human fibreblasts by an astounding 1,190%! In a clinical survey lasting for 56 days, participants were asked to apply a 2% concentration of Pro-Coll-One+® for 2 times a day. The results indicated that Pro-Coll-One+® can reduce skin roughness by almost 10%. 78% of study participants also reported a noticeable improvement in their skin texture.


Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy can reduce and prevent stretch marks using the latest in skin care technology. With its gentle, nourishing, potent and effective qualities, Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy can make your skin smooth, with no stretch marks!


Don’t ever let yourself suffer for one more day with those unsightly reminders of what you have gone through. Let your future to be the one that you are proud to flaunt your sexy and vibrant skin to anyone you come across.


For more information on how to prevent stretch marks, please visit the Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy Homepage.


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