Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin, Dry and Combination Skin

Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin, Dry and Combination Skin - Here are some skin care tips for oily skin; How to properly cleanse and choose right cleanser for an Oily Skin; Moisturizing and Nourishment Tips for Oily Skin.

Some of the basic characteristics of Oily Skin: If your face shine even after 30 minutes of cleansing then you are likely to have an oily skin. You may also suffer from acne and pimples. Your skin also attracts debris.

As you grow older, you may also develop patches of oiliness on face. It maybe is due to hormonal imbalance, pollution or humidity, or oily food and bad lifestyle. Blackheads and enlarged pores are also common among those who have oily skin.

Here are some skin care tips for oily skin:

How to properly cleanse and choose right cleanser for an Oily Skin:

It’s very important for oily skin to properly cleanse skin with water based products. If you have an excessive oily skin, then pick any good oil free cleanser.

For the eye areas, use a less drying cleanser, to keep the area around eye soft and wrinkle free. Cleanse your face 2-3 times a day. If you are above 30 then frequency should be reduced to 2 times a day.

Makeup removal Tips for Oily skin

Removing makeup is very important for those who have oily skin, otherwise it will clogged pores and leads to pimple formation. Pick a makeup removal product which is oil free, it will help to properly draw out excess oil, dirt and makeup residue from your face. Get a watery, hypo- allergenic eye makeup remover if you have sensitive eyes and do it gently.

Always try to use makeup products which are oil free and non-comedogenic.

Right Facial Scrubs Tips for Oily Skin

Granular scrubs are effective in removing dead cells which gather at the surface of your skin. Choose a scrub which is meant for oily or blemished skin.

Toning Tips for Oily Skin

Toning is very important who have oily skin. Pick a toning lotion, an alcohol based astringent or a skin refresher for oily skin. The toners help to remove the traces of dirt and makeup. If you have very oily skin, then choose a toner with high level of alcohol content.

Moisturizing and Nourishment Tips for Oily Skin

If you are between the ages of 14-18, there is no need to apply the cream and moisturizer as you skin is naturally moisturized or choose one which is much diluted.

But if you are above than 21 then the type of moisturizer you choose depends on the oiliness of your skin. Choose a light, non-greasy moisturizing lotion. You should apply a day cream before doing makeup.

Never leave your throat area, moisturized it also. Choose a light eye cream to nourish your eyes. Use a good light and nourishing night cream for your face and eyes.

Face packs and face masques tips for oily skin: Use masque or face pack every alternate day according to your skin type. They will give you more firms, soft and glowing skin.

Some useful tips for oily skin

  • Stay away from thick, greasy, sticky cream or lotions to prevent break outs and patchy skin.

  • Use products which are more diluted.

  • Apply only a thin film of moisturizer or cream and those which get absorbed completely into the skin, to prevent it from greasiness.

  • Keep your hair clean and away from your face.

  • Don’t touch your face again and again with your fingers; the dirt on your hands will be transferred to your face and result in more pimples.

  • Get blotting paper to soak excess oil and makeup to remove the shine on your face.

  • If you are facing too many skin problems, then visit a good dermatologist, because your skin is precious.

  • Do not squeezes blackheads, whiteheads or pimple otherwise it will leave many scars and pores. Pimples normally go away after a few days.

  • Take a proper diet which is free from fat, sugar and do some form of exercise.

  • Before using any kind of product, always do a patch test.

How to care for Dry Skin | Tips for Dry Skin Care: Some of the Characteristic of dry skin:

Dry skin appears good when you are young, but when you grow older wrinkles are likely to appear more than oily skin. Though pimple problem may not be there in usual case for people with dry skin but you may experience contact dermatitis. Dry skin can be very sensitive.

Cleansing a Dry Skin

The effect of dry skin begins during 20’s. If you do not take proper care of your skin and health, then you will feel negative effect of dry skin sooner. Try to stay away from the sun and follow a regular effective cleansing routine.

Choose a mild face cleanser for dry skin. Don’t wash your face too often. You will have to use oil based or moisturizing cleanser to clean and moisturize the skin at the same time.

Dry skin can be sensitive so choose a product which is unscented. Don’t uses soap for cleansing your face, they are too harsh for dry skin. Cream cleansers are good option for your skin.

Makeup removing techniques for Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, then don’t forget to remove makeup before going to bed, otherwise your skin look more dry and dull next morning. Choose a makeup remover product which is meant for dry skin types.

You can also use almond oil to wipe out the makeup and dirt from your face. Choose makeup remover which help to thoroughly cleanse your face and at the same time doesn’t steal skin’s natural moisturizer.

Using Facial Scrubs on Dry Skin

Dry skin generates deader cell, thus a soft and round beaded scrub with an oil based formula is necessary for dry skin. Use a mild scrub. If you have dry and sensitive skin avoid using products with harsh and scented ingredients.

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Skin Toning for Dry Skin

Toners are necessary to tighten the pores and for fresh skin. Use skin fresheners instead of astringents. Choose toners which are free from alcohol. Alcoholic astringent is not suitable for dry skin.

Moisturizing/nourishing a Dry Skin

It is most crucial part for skin care routine for those who have a dry skin. Use moisturizer which helps to nourish your skin from inside. Use a thick and creamy night cream, to prevent wrinkles. Apply eye cream twice daily to nourish delicate eye area.

Masques and face packs for Dry Skin

Facial masques and face pack are must for dry skin as they give extra nourishment to dry skin. After a face pack is applied a protective shield is created, locking in water and penetrating deeply into the skin’s tissue. Masques also help to remove dry and dead skin at the same time. Natural masques like fruit masque are beneficial for dry skin.

Few Tips for combination skin care

Combination skin is oily at some part of the face and dry at other parts of face. Combination skins normally have an oily T-zone at the forehead, nose and chin.

So for combination skin you may have to use different types of product on your face, an oily skin cleanser for the oily part and a dry skin cleanser for the drier parts. In market there are lots of product available which are for only combination skin.

If you skin is not excessively dry or normal, try products that are meant for normal skins.


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