The Wonders of Argan Oil as a Natural Skin Care Supplement



Argan oil is an oil and popular natural skin care supplement, valued for its cosmetic properties and medicinal uses. Among other things, Argan oil is used to moisturize the skin, fade wrinkles, fight acne, heal skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis, strengthen finger nails and condition damaged hair



What is Argan oil and why is it the perfect natural skin care supplement to reduce wrinkles and fine lines? Why is Argan oil used for anti-aging and how it can help you to look years younger from head to toe?


Do you want to have youthful and healthy-looking skin without any side effects and more so without the need to go for those regular expensive Botox injections? If so, you should seriously consider Argan oil.


What is Argan Oil and why is it the perfect natural skin care supplement?


Argan oil is an extract of the Argan tree that once covered much of North Africa. Today the tree is endangered, and grows only in south western Morocco. Because each Argan tree can only produce one litre of oil, it is both rare and highly prized.


Argan oil consists of major biochemical components which are recognized for their health benefits.  It has been proven as being the most effective beauty oil on the market, for all facial, hair, nail and body care. Rich in vitamin E, it is especially recommended for dry or aging skins.


This oil has lots of useful properties for skin care. You can use Argan oil to treat split ends in your hair, fade stretch marks, strengthen finger nails, and reduce wrinkles and those fine lines from the sun.


It is natural antioxidant to reduce the effect of free radicals and also prevent the fragile soft tissues of the face. This oil includes all essential nutrients and fatty acids such as linoleic acid and utilized for cosmetic products and skin care from many years.


This oil provides lots of other advantages such as reduction in signs of early ageing. Argan oil stimulates the renewal of skin cell and also helps you to fight against the effects of aging cause by prolonged exposure under the sun, pollution, smoking and stress. It is also very beneficial in treating wrinkles on the face and body and helps you to soothe the skin soft.


It is also shown by some scientific studies that this oil is very effective in an increase in skin elasticity and tightens it with the daily use of this oil. It includes high content of vitamin E, which increases healthy skin and it is also very useful in treating eczema. Argan oil is therefore one of the most effective natural treatments for all types of skin problems.


This oil is very versatile and it can also be used for treating common skin problems like acne. Acne is one of the skin disorders, which is caused by the excess production of sebum (natural oil) in the sebaceous glands. Oils from the glands merge with the dead skin cells to clog hair follicles. Skin bacteria can then develop very speedily under such condition. Argan oil can stop the overproduction of sebum and lessen the occurrence of acne.


What does Argan Oil consist of?


A closer look at Argan oil reveals traces of:


Vitamin E (Tocopherol) – A powerful antioxidant, vitamin E reduces harmful free radicals and protects the skin from sun damage, chemicals and pollution. Vitamin E also improves the skin’s ability to retain and use water.


Essential Fatty Acids – They keep your cells healthy and your skin plump, with the ability to re-form after stretching.


Oleic and Linoleic Acid – They are essential for their anti-inflammatory properties and to help heal the skin.


Polyphenols – They offer protection from UV rays and aging from sun damage, polyphenols are anti-inflammatories and fight free radicals.


Squalene Oil – With similar functions to olive oil, squalene oil is a natural moisturizer, a powerful healer and is ideal for people with eczema and psoriasis.


Should you use Argan Oil?


If you are looking for a safe and effective natural skin care solution, you should be looking for Argan oil in its purest form.


Indeed, there are lots of those larger skin care brands that dilute Argan with additives and preservatives. So of these products even have more than 20 ingredients which will dilute the effectiveness of the product and reduce the good things that Argan can do.


If you have dry skin, sensitivities to common skin care products, frizzy hair, wrinkles or stretch marks, or a general interest in natural skin care, then yes, then you should use Argan oil.


Make sure you are getting pure Argan, undiluted with preservatives that degrade Argan oil and the magic it does. Your best bet is to purchase Argan oil in its pure form, from a major skin care name with minimal use of parabens and with discount packaging.


To that end, you might consider Skinception Cold Pressed Cosmetic Argan Oil, which offers the power of Argan oil with the comfort of the Skinception name with a proven track record, live customer support, discount pricing and a firm, money-back guarantee.


To get more information on natural skin care with Argan Oil, visit the Skinception™ Cold Pressed Cosmetic Argan Oil Homepage

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Finally the Anti-Aging Cream that Works In Getting Rid Of the Tired Look!





It doesn’t matter whether or not we have a healthy lifestyle, as we age; somehow at times we just seem to look tired. You know how it feels like when someone you happen to bump into by chance tell you that she didn’t see you ever look as tired as today. Nothing is more depressing than that!


You have had good eight hours of sleep, but yet your eyes are still saggy and to make things worst those wrinkles and age spots just make you look old and tired.  This can make you feel so helpless and discomforting!


You feel you have done nothing wrong to deserve this. You eat right, you have enough of sleep, you exercise regularly, you don’t smoke at all, you even try to avoid being under the sun for too long when you are out, but still age is catching up with those wrinkles relentlessly appearing on your face.


Perhaps it is time for you to start taking action about it rather than trying to force yourself to face up to the reality in front of the mirror. But what and how can you do about this? You come across so many advertisements and those advertised products seem so promising and convincing. You are just not sure which product or offer can be the right one for you.


But not to worry, because there is a team of very dedicated researchers and scientists who have been working hard for years for people like you  in coming up an amazingly effective Kollagen Intensiv anti-aging cream.


They have taken all the guess work out of other anti-aging products and their claims. They have specially formulated an anti-aging cream that works wonder in reducing wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and dark under-eye circles. Not only that it also helps to repair damage caused by the sun and smoking.


This anti-aging cream has been formulated from a wide range of products that work together to overcome all the effects of aging.  So with all those fine lines and wrinkles starting to disappear, you will get to look younger.


Not only that, your skin will also look fresher, more vibrant and glowing because the anti-aging cream also helps you to get rid of all those old skin cells.


The natural moisturizer in this anti-aging cream works by going deep beyond your skin’s outer surface to reach the epidermis layers that hold collagen, which is necessary for you to retain the firm, tight look of younger skin.


Kollagen Intensiv will certainly spare no effort to do what it needs to get you the younger look with no pains. All you need to do is to add this anti-aging cream into your morning and night cleansing routine. Within weeks you will start to see a noticeable difference in the look and feel of your skin.


This anti-aging cream can serve dual purpose in repairing skin damage and protecting your skin from the elements and sun. This is to ensure that your skin will retain the youthful appearance that you will soon start to notice.


The people behind this amazing anti-aging cream fully guarantee the effectiveness and quality of their product. If you are not fully satisfied with the result after using this anti-aging cream, you can simply return the unused portion and get all your money back.


Of course you will never even want to consider this when you start to see the remarkable results which definitely get better.  For every two months’ supply that you order today, you will get a third month at no extra charge. So why not take action immediately to look and feel younger today and purchase your youthful future now!


For more information, please visit the Kollagen Intensiv Homepage.


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