9 Best Ways to Absolutely Fight Chronic Inflammation

9 Best Ways to Absolutely Fight Chronic Inflammation - The majority of serious progressive diseases hassling the Western world are in one way or another caused by chronic inflammation. This includes arthritis, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and more. The good news is that it’s relatively easy to manage chronic inflammation just through diet and small lifestyle changes. And when inflammation is dealt with, it reverses the progressive illnesses caused by it. Here are 9 best ways you can use to fight chronic inflammation.
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9 Foods That Fight Chronic Inflammation


The majority of serious progressive diseases hassling the Western world are in one way or another caused by chronic inflammation. This includes arthritis, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and more.


The good news is that it’s relatively easy to manage chronic inflammation just through diet and small lifestyle changes. And when inflammation is dealt with, it reverses the progressive illnesses caused by it.


Fight Chronic Inflammation Method 1 – Fatty fish 


Salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation. A 2009 study proved that eating baked or boiled fatty fish cuts down the risk of developing heart disease by 23 percent. If you don’t like eating fish, consider taking fish oil supplements.


Fight Chronic Inflammation Method 2 – Whole grains 


They are a good source of fiber and are low in sugar and are ideal for reducing inflammation. In fact, at the molecular level, fibers help reduce the levels of C-reactive proteins. (C-reactive proteins are agents that stimulate inflammation.)


Fight Chronic Inflammation Method 3 – Green leafy vegetables 


Spinach, kale, collard greens and broccoli are already praised for their health benefits. The high Vitamin E content in them helps protect the body from inflammation-causing substances like cytokines. They are also rich in other vitamins as well as minerals and are highly recommended.


Fight Chronic Inflammation Method 4 – Nuts 


Nuts, especially almonds and walnuts, are packed full of antioxidants that help reduce inflammation. Almonds contain high levels of Vitamin E, calcium and fiber, while walnuts are rich in a type of omega-3 fatty acid called alpha linolenic acid. The antioxidants in nuts are useful for repairing any damage in the body caused by inflammation.


Fight Chronic Inflammation Method 5 – Soy 


Soy and soy products are a rich source of isoflavones, which lower the levels of C-reactive proteins in the body and thus reduce the chances of inflammation.


Avoid processed soy as the additives and preservatives in it will destroy the benefits. Consume tofu, soy milk and edamame (boiled soya beans), for maximum benefits. Just make sure you choose organic, non GMO soy products.


Fight Chronic Inflammation Method 6 – Beetroot 


Beetroots are packed full of fiber, Vitamin C and antioxidants and are known for its blood pressure-lowering properties as well as reducing inflammation.


Fight Chronic Inflammation Method 7 – Onion 


Onions are not just remarkably great at boosting the flavor of food, it is also very good for keeping inflammation at bay. Onions contain several anti-inflammatory substances like quercetin and allicin that break down to form sulfenic acid that, in turn, fight free radicals.


Fight Chronic Inflammation Method 8 – Garlic 


It might have a strong smell, but that’s no reason to stay away from this healthy vegetable! Garlic has many compounds that work in the same way as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and shuts down the inflammation molecular pathway.


Fight Chronic Inflammation Method 9 – Berries 


Almost all types of berries are good for fighting inflammation, especially the bright red-colored berries like raspberries and strawberries which contain anti-inflammatory compounds called anthocyanin.


Raspberry extract has been shown to prevent arthritis in animals, while blueberries prevent intestinal inflammation and ulcerative colitis.


The two major diseases proven to be caused by inflammation are arthritis and type 2 diabetes.


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5 Tips to Really Reduce Night Time Pain Quickly


5 Tips to Really Reduce Night Time Pain Quickly - Night time pain is a cause of distress for millions of people. Here are some easy tips and a little education about how you can reduce night time pain.
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Night time pain is a cause of distress for millions of people. It seems that in the evenings when people are worn out from their long day and the body is shutting down its defenses, pain seems to jump front and center.


And without the ability to ease the pain, inflammation, tightness and stress… getting a deep, sound sleep is next to impossible.


Without deep sleep the body cannot properly heal and recharge itself and the next days will be worse. Here are some easy tips and a little education about how you can reduce night time pain.


Watch Your Diet


The food we eat is a critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to controlling inflammation and indigestion, which themselves cause pain.


The typical American diet consists of too much fat, tons of sugar, loads of red meat, and a frightening amount of processed foods–all of which are likely to increase inflammation and indigestion.


By switching to an anti-inflammatory diet plan consisting of healthy whole foods, you can actually decrease inflammation and ease the pain and discomfort associated with it.


Eating plenty of whole grain and complex carbohydrates, as well as consuming ample fresh water, will help your stools move, decrease constipation and limit indigestion.


Adding more of the aromatic spices to dishes (like ginger, garlic, onion, turmeric, curry) also aid the body in naturally fighting inflammation, pain and help expel toxins.


In addition, avoiding the nightshades (tomato, potato, egg-plant) will help as these have been shown to increase inflammation, which increases discomfort and pain.


Have a Good Laugh


The notion that laughter is good for the body has been around for thousands of years, even as far back as the Old Testament.


Proverbs 17:22 says, “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”


Seventeenth century English physician Dr. Thomas Sydenham remarked, “The arrival of a good clown exercises more beneficial influence upon the health of a town than of twenty asses laden with drugs.”


Or as the master Groucho Marx put it, “A clown is like aspirin, only he works twice as fast.”


A study published in the Journal of Holistic Nursing reported that patients who were told one-liners after surgery and before painful medication was administered perceived less pain when compared to patients who didn’t get a dose of humor as part of their therapy.


Another study, this one published in the Journal of Applied Behavioral Analysis, found that young girls with burns who were shown cartoons during very painful hydrotherapy said they felt less pain than similar patients who were not exposed to cartoons during the same procedure.


Aside from distracting us from pain, laughter triggers the release of endorphins–chemicals in the brain that can make us feel good. So make it a point each day, and especially each evening to laugh.


Read something funny, watch something funny, think of something funny or talk to a funny person. Not only will this distract from pain, and reduce night time pain, but it will also help relieve stress and help get you a new focus on your life.


Reframe Your Mind


Reframing the way you think of your pain is easy and it shows you that your outlook on life has a lot to do with the life you lead. Pain is simply a form of communicating information within your body.


You may say to yourself, “My back hurts, I have weak knees, they stop me from doing things and this gets me down.” What you are doing is letting yourself know you have all of these problems.


By focusing on the problems, you are actually reaffirming a negative cycle. Reframing helps break that cycle to bring on relief.


Step One is identifying the problem.


Why is it happening (e.g., you have a disc problem; you slept in a new bed)?


When is it happening (e.g., while doing something that always sets it off)?


What is happening (e.g., what kind of pain is it?)


And how is it happening (e.g., is it fear-based pain where you are worried that it will get bad so you get in the mindset of being in pain?)


Step Two is separating the intention from the learned behavior.


In other words, you slow down to really talk to your subconscious mind about a better way to deal with the problem at hand.


You might say, “Okay, I know I am having pain, but it’s not an injury, I am not my pain, it just happened today because I have been sitting all day and not moving.”


Thinking and acknowledging in this way keeps you focused on getting to step three.


Step Three is setting the positive way forward.


You can even thank your body for the message of pain, as it focused you to work with a better intention of achieving your health and long-term life goals.


You can reframe in many ways, just look at the positive view of the situation and let your mind work for you!


Take Systemic Enzymes


Most physical pain is caused by inflammation. Enzymes are the main line of defense against inflammation by neutralizing the bio-chemicals of inflammation to levels where the creation, repair and regeneration of injured tissues can take place.


Reducing inflammation can have immediate impact on improved heart health, cancer prevention and recovery and Alzheimer’s prevention.


Taking systemic enzymes also helps speed up recovery from sprains, strains, fractures, bruises, contusions, surgery–and arthritis. And any of these areas certainly cause night time pain and poor sleep.


Enzymes also break down scar tissue and fibrosis. They cleanse the blood of excess fibrin that causes the blood to thicken, which sets you up for clots, which can cause heart attack or stroke.


Enzymes also help take some of the strain off of the liver by keeping the blood clean and not allowing it to thicken beyond normal.


Enzymes are adaptogenic and they work to restore the body’s balance. When the immune system is low and we become more susceptible to infections, the enzymes clean the blood to help fight off infection.


And if the immune system is too ramped up, as with autoimmune diseases, the enzymes work to tone down the immune system and eat the antibodies that are attacking the healthy tissue.


Systemic enzymes truly are one of nature’s most powerful natural remedies. After years of research and testing, the only systemic enzyme formulation that I have found to deliver consistent and excellent results is called Heal-n-Soothe.


This formula includes what I believe is the best combination of enzymes and herbs that have been proven to fight off inflammation and reduce pain. In fact, Heal-n-Soothe is the most powerful proteolytic enzyme formulation that’s ever been created and is now available to you today.


Get Deep, Restorative Sleep


While it is a catch-22, deep sleep is necessary to relieve pain. Yes, night time pain will keep you awake, but finding ways to reduce it and over time getting that sleep will do wonders in the long run.


During sleep, the body works to repair itself. The liver purifies blood, the muscles repair, and serotonin increases. Without ample sleep, these things do not happen at optimal levels.


In our natural circadian rhythm, or biological clock, sleep is set to take over during the evening hours. We are genetically programmed to get up and lie down with the sun.


So it was the invention of artificial sources of light (candles and bulbs) that began our stressed-out drive for more working hours at the expense of much-needed rest.


What’s the big deal, you ask, if you sleep only a few hours per night? You can always drink coffee, take NoDoze caffeine pills, cat naps… life is good.


Well, not really. Did you know that in clinical tests rats die within a few short weeks of sleep deprivation? And it’s not just rats at risk.


Watch this Video HERE to listen to some music to help with sleeping issues and night time pain.


Chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, attention deficit disorder, chronic migraine and headache, body aches and pain, mental illness, depression and anxiety are all in part caused–or made worse–by lack of sleep.


And no caffeine pill or taurine-laced energy drink can cure these dangerous side effects of our global-economy-size workloads.


Get Heal-n-Soothe HERE To Fight Inflammation and Reduce Night Time Pain


Here are seven ways to help you fall asleep and repair.


  1. Do not consume ANY sugar or caffeine after 6:00pm.


  1. Stop working at least two hours before bedtime.


  1. Turn off the computer and television at least one hour before bedtime.


  1. Make sure your sleeping quarters are as dark and silent as possible. Studies have shown that those in darker and quieter spaces tend to sleep through the night more deeply than other


  1. Establish a sleep/wake schedule, and stick to it.


  1. Make a set routine out of bedtime. Change into pajamas, brush your teeth, set out clothes for the morning, even jot down any last thoughts but promise yourself to revisit them tomorrow, then turn off the light… breathe deeply, relax, sleep tight.


  1. If a racing mind is nagging, slow your breath and focus on the sensation of air as it passes through your nose. This will derail those busy thoughts to help you drift off.


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