8 ways To Rekindle Your Sex Life & Reignite the Magic in Your Relationship

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This article lists out 8 ways for couples to get back the “spark” in their relationship and sex life. The ways include both in the bedroom tips and out of the bedroom actions/gestures. Some of the suggestions need couples to better communicate with each other to understand their needs. It also requires the guys to be sincere in their approach to be effective.


Are you frustrated that your relationship doesn’t have the magic and romance that it once had? What do you do when your sex life takes a dive? You are not alone. Living with the same partner for a long time can become stable and comfortable and as a result can also kill the spark that made your relationship so special. Should you go out and cheat or should you do some research on how to improve your sex life? If you truly value your relationship with your partner you would pick the 2nd choice.


Here are some simple, fun and creative ideas to reignite that flame of passion:


(1)   Become kids again.

If you and your partner are walking by the park, visit the swings and give your partner a ride.


(2)   Fun with water

On a hot day, buy two large water pistols and take them to the beach. Take them out and pass one to your partner and then have a huge water fight.


(3)   Give each other a massage

Take the time to give each other a massage. Try mixing some rose oil with almond oil to make cheap massage oil.


(4)   Bring back her fond childhood memories

Contact your partner’s family and ask if there was anything she always wanted as a kid. For example, if she always wanted a Barbie Doll, buy one for her next birthday. She will not only appreciate the gift, but also the fact that you were thoughtful enough to find out what she always wants.


(5)   Do something romantic!

During your picnic at the beach, draw out the shape of a big heart in the sand. Sit inside the heart and cuddle your partner as you admire the setting sun. When the night comes, spread a mat on the ground and get together some snacks, chocolates and champagne. Lie down on the mat with your partner and watch the stars together.


(6)   Show your partner how much you appreciate her.

Leave a long-stem rose at a place where she could easily find it, with a note on it saying: “Thank you for coming into my life.”


(7)   Give her pleasant surprises

At times, do surprise her with some small gifts or some simple gestures that she will appreciate. This really requires you to be concerned enough to know what she wants. To be effective, you must do this out of sincerity or at the bottom of your heart. The problem with a lot of men is that they only give presents or treat their wives slightly better because they feel guilty over some matters. Needless to say, some wives will suspect their husbands may be cheating on them. Believe me, even if your wife is not as clever as you think, you can’t fool her. That’s why I want to emphasize that the act of giving her pleasant surprises must be done out of sincerity.


(8)   Look for ways to spice up your sex life. How?


(a)    Changing the place where you have sex.

This is the best way to add spice to your sex life with your partner. After making love at the same old place all the time, you will get bored as time goes on. How about making love at the bathroom, on the kitchen table or at any place where you can have some privacy?


(b)   Be a bit more adventurous and try some new sex positions.

It helps to take the time to learn more about the positions of the karma sutra.


(c)  Learn how to talk dirty.

Some women get turn on or love it when men talk down and dirty to them. You can find all kind of guides on how to talk dirty in books or you can “google”   for talk-dirty tips from the Internet.


(d) Perform oral sex.

Besides genital penetration, there are some other ways to satisfy a woman sexually. Oral sex is one of the ways that can give her great satisfaction. By incorporating oral sex (of course with the consent of your lover) during foreplay, you can “buy some time” to get her to reach orgasm. Men must have the patience and open mind to discuss about oral sex before trying it. They should know how the woman would like him to do it to her otherwise it is not going to help. When giving oral sex to a woman, the man has to understand this is only for the pleasure of the woman so her likes and dislikes are very important. Sometimes men don’t like the idea of giving oral sex to their women because of the smell of vagina, women should understand this and take shower and wash “her area” properly. Doing this properly with patience and mutual understanding can enhance sex life and build a strong relationship.


A man-woman relationship is like cultivating a plant. Both parties at times have to play the role of a gardener, regularly provide enough of water and fertilizer that suits the plant, so it will grow, flourish and/or bear fruits.


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How to Prevent Getting Bored with Sex in Marriage?

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Very often in most marriages, people get bogged down over various responsibilities such as parenting, building careers, or taking care of aged parents. These cause us to gradually neglect taking the time and effort to pay more attention to our spouse. It is either we are too tired or too stressed up for sex or even no time for sex. Some probably just rush over with sex, repeat the same action and position and naturally get bored over it. Sex does no necessary have to become boring in marriage.


Here are some ways to prevent your sex and marriage life from sliding into boredom:


(1)   Good communication is the key to healthy sex life in a marital relationship


Talk with one another often. Share with your spouse your sexual desires. Talk with him/her about your expectations on lovemaking.


(2)   Love for each other


Let your spouse know you care and always have him/her in your mind. Especially for women, they like positive feedback from their husbands in the form of verbal appreciation about their efforts, sacrifices and compromises they make in their marriages. Show her how much you care for her by helping out in some household chores such as washing dishes after meal, or at least clean up your own if you finish last, will help her a lot. Remember the special occasions such as marriage anniversary, her birthday, etc.


(3)   Willingness to reserve time for each other


As life gets busier and schedules become more hectic, plan for your sex encounter with him/her. Do make sex one of your top priorities. You also need to recognize that sex may not be perfect at times, so do not compare your sex life to what you see in movies or on television.


(4)   Try to cultivate the mood in advance


Being in a bad mood for most part of the day or ignoring your spouse during the day sets a bad tone for your lovemaking at the later part of the day. If you want an enjoyable sex experience at night, start the foreplay in the morning.


(5)   Be responsible


Both you and your spouse are equally responsible for keeping the romance alive in your marriage. Do not expect this to be a one-sided effort.


(6)   Building up intimacy in your marriage


This involves more than having good sex. It is an ongoing process of discovery on each other. Intimacy is achieved when both of you can share thoughts, opinions and feelings with one another. You can increase your marital intimacy by:


(a)    Spending time together as a couple such as taking a hand-holding-hand walk together; watching a romantic movie together; arranging dates for lunch, dinner in his/her favorite restaurants or going to the cinema or picnic. Schedule date nights or free time alone when kids are away or in bed or arrange for someone to temporarily watch your kids

(b)   Having fun together whether it is going on a spontaneous trip, dancing, hiking, walking on a beach, reading a book together, hosting a party for friends, taking a shower or a Jacuzzi bath together, etc.

(c)    Surprising one another such as giving him/her an unexpected gift out of love (not out of guilt); writing a romantic note for your spouse and leaving it at unexpected but accessible places in the house.


Of course, there are more than 6 ways to keep the passion alive in your marriage. You can dig deeper into this topic by visiting Hot Sex and Dirty Harry’s Secrets.


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For Couples – How To Have Exciting Sex

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Want To Discover The Secrets Of Hot Sex?


Are you interested to know what other couples are doing to keep the level of excitement up, especially if you have been in a relationship for a long time? Do you want to know how to keep your relationship fresh and stave off boredom or complacency? How to keep your sex life as exciting as it is now? Here are some ideas you can use to spice up your sex life and better your relationship.


(1)   Keep The Communication Open


To keep a relationship alive, it is important to communicate and learn about each other, every single day. Your partner may be irritating you and may not be aware of it and if you can let him/her know about how you feel, this can help to resolve underlying issues in the relationship before they spillover to the bedroom. In the process of doing so, this can bring both of you closer to each other, emotionally and sexually. 


Withholding your frustration will not stop your partner from doing the same thing again. If something hurts you or is holding your partner back from achieving something better, talk about it over a cup of tea/coffee or even wine, or when both of you are in a relaxed  mood.


Finances and money issues play a big part in any long term relationship. Monetary satisfaction in a long term relationship can be achieved only if both of you discuss ways to save, invest and spend.


Discuss about family matters and how either of you can deal with it. Talk about kids and their lives ahead. If you don’t have kids yet, talk about when you intend to have them and how you can plan for them. Matters such as these are better spoken earlier than later.


Do talk about your dreams and aspirations with your partner and make sure you know your partner’s wants and dreams in life too.


To build effective communication in a relationship, you need to learn to be truthful. By lying or feeling suspicious about your partner, you are not helping the communication in the relationship. Be truthful with each other and never give your partner the opportunity to doubt you. To encourage the mood for communication, avoid ridiculing or criticizing each other’s views.


To increase communication in a relationship, make plans with your partner to go out at least one evening in a week and/or to find some activities to do together as a couple during the weekends.


(2)   Be Romantic


One of the disadvantages of long term relationship is the tendency for lovers or couples to take each other for granted. They are getting too complacent have stopped trying to be nice and to impress each other. They assume they know each other well. Even favors and special gestures are taken for granted. By doing so, those special gestures will not be special anymore and will become like obligations. Always remember to acknowledge a gesture, however small it may be if you want to understand the secret behind knowing how to keep love and sex alive in a relationship.


To keep the spark alive in your relationship, you have to treat your partner as if you are dating and to romance him/her outside the bedroom. You have to give each other pleasant surprises everything now and then. Once in a while, you pop into his/her workplace and go out for lunch together. You can surprise your partner by taking her to a weekend getaway to a nearby place. At times, on your way back home, you pick up your partner’s favorite dessert for a late night treat. You give each other inexpensive well wrapped gifts every now and then. It could be chocolates, flowers, a game CD, or even a potted plant.


You remember and celebrate with your partner those special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and birthdays. You take the initiative to please your partner and make him/her to feel special to keep the love alive in the relationship.


You dress to impress each other in bed and out of bed. A different style of clothing or different hairstyle or even a new tiny tattoo on any part of your body can trigger new feelings for each other. You can go out and buy some hot lingerie together. To look good to each other naked, you keep yourself physically fit and attractive. You watch your weight and diet and preferably exercise together.


(3)   Try Or Add Something New


Every now and then, do something different such as going to a new city, a new beach or to any place you haven’t been before, take a cooking class together, do yoga with each other, or take dancing lessons. If both of you like animals and like to take care of them, you can get a dog, a cat or even a goldfish. This will open up a wide range of new conversations, which is a great way to keep a long-term relationship interesting.


In bed, you try new sex positions; have sex in different places other than your bed, at different times of the day. You both make a trip to a sex shop or go online to get sex toys. You may also consider bringing in the whips, chains or cuffs, or pour some candle wax. If you are the one who are always taking charge in bed, once in a while you let your partner to take the lead and be his/her sex slave for a day. Just keep an open mind to explore the entire world of sex possibilities.


Click Fun Games and/or Creative Sex to continue reading about how to have a better love life that is strong on communication and enjoyable in bed.





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Sex Tips – How To Set The Mood For An Intimate Encounter

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Want To Turn Her On Tonight?

Have you ever wondered why at times you are just not in the mood to get frisky in bed? Or, when you stroke her, she either pretends she is asleep or telling you she needs to get up early the next day. Do you feel the spark is missing and the flavor getting bland as the intimate moments get shorter and less frequent? If you are facing these situations, it is time for you to reestablish the lost links for a more intimate encounter. Here are some ways you can bring these pleasuring moments you used to have with your lover.


(1)   Tidy Up Your Love Nest


Do you feel your bedroom look more like a storeroom? To create the mood, you have to spruce up the bedroom so that it feels sensual and inviting. Make the bed with softer, clean sheets. Indulge in extra pillows and warm colors curtain. Make the place more spacious by leaving all those things you hardly use in your locker rooms.


The lightings should not be those glaring ones and if there is air-conditioner in the room, make sure the temperature is just right for both of you. To evoke a certain mood, you can play some slow, soft romantic music as background tracks during your love scene.


(2)   Talking Dirty


Turning her on is not just kissing and touching. It has a lot to do with how you affect a woman’s mind. A few sentences may be all you need to get her mind venturing into a myriad of sexual fantasies before you take her clothes off. Reveal some of the things you fantasize about doing to her, or tell her how much you desire her body; or make her tell you about her inner most desires.


The key is to make her envision all the dirty things you want to do to her. It is not just what you talk but how you talk is equally important, meaning it has to be sound sexy to her. Maintain intense eye contact when you are talking to her.


(3)   Look Hot To Each Other


Buy her some sexy clothing and lingerie that will make her feel and look good. If you want her to smell good, mix her natural odor with fragrance can be an instant turn on for you. This works both ways. If you always make an effort to look great, your woman will appreciate you more than you do. Make it a habit to take care of your appearance. If you look good, you will feel good, and she will think you are hot. This will keep your love life at its peak.


(4)   Gradually Build Up The Mood


Start by taking a shower together which gives you a lot of chance to touch each other when you apply soap on her or when you wipe her dry with the towel.


There is nothing more seductive than a very long sensual kiss. Start with little pecks on the eyes, cheeks, chin, and nose and then outline her lips with the tip of your tongue. Spend about three full minutes kissing her mouth slowly and passionately. Put pressure then pull back, gently suck the bottom lip. This will turn her on like crazy and set the mood for later extravaganza.


The most important element for incredible lovemaking is to please her orally. Spread her legs and slowly make your way down to her sexy spot. You tease her clitoris with gentle, quick lick and then move your tongue to the surrounding area. At the same time you can use your hand to massage those areas that you lick earlier which can enrich her sensation.


(5)   After Play


Everyone knows foreplay is important to a woman. But if you want to make the session very wholesome to her, it is best not to end this abruptly. When you make love to a woman, she will feel more loved and adored if you stay awake to cuddle and talk to her after the whole episode. This makes your partner feel you want her more than just sex.


Getting your woman in the mood does not come naturally to most guys. It is a behavior that you must learn and practice. The above-mentioned tips will definitely work wonders to your sex life. You can read further from Get Her In The Mood to make your woman want you even more.


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Female Orgasm – How To Give A Woman Maximum Pleasure In Sex

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Do you want to do something new to surprise her sexually? Do you want to make her feel amazing and loved by means of some hot sexy ways? Are you looking for ways to do more in the bed that will make a big difference to her in terms of sexual pleasure? Here are some ways you can do to pleasure her so that you can make her totally satisfied after each intimate moment.


(1)   Get Her In Mood First


The best way to do this is to be romantic to her. Think outside the box by planning a date night that will blow her away, whether it is a concert with her favorite musician or a night out on the town at a romantic hotel. Think of the things that make her special, whether it is her love of classic cinema or her penchant for cooking, and then cater to those unique qualities. You can surprise her with slinky lingerie or simply tell her how sexy and beautiful you find her. Also, do anything you can to make her feel relaxed and feel good so that she has the capacity to get into the sexy mood.


(2)   Foreplay


If you want to get her in the mood for a steamy night, foreplay would be a good place to start.Women love foreplay! The more that you tease her the less chance you have of her leaving or stopping your progress, as long as your teasing is performed properly.


Always take things slow and never make any sudden movements, the idea is to move your hands and body slow and smooth while maintaining fluid motion; don’t do one thing for too long. The trick is to keep things happening faster than her mind can keep up, so as to build up the anticipation gradually.


Do not forget to keep talking, and always keep the conversation sexual. Whisper your comments into her ear and kiss her ear while you are at it; the ear is one of the best spots to kiss a woman to get her in the mood and keep her that way. The more you tease her the more you will be able to please her. She will be so aroused by the time you really start to pleasure her, she will be ready to explode!


(3)   Give Her Passionate Kisses


In order for your kisses to be passionate, you need to start with the passion long before your lips even touch. You draw her towards you by placing your hands around her waist. You look her in the eyes and hold her gaze. Say something sweet to her so that she can feel your passion.


When your lips meet, let her lead. Remember, feed off of what she gives. If she is coming at you full steam, you’d better not pull away like a punk. Get in there and give her the business. Meet and match her force. If she is swirling her tongue with yours, do the same. Tongue games can be fun, whether you are inside each other’s mouth or even outside of the lips. While you kiss her, you use your hands to gently touch and caress your partner’s back, arms or face.


(4)   Give Her An Erotic Massage


Do not rush into pleasuring her sexually, take your time; she will thank you later. Instead you pamper her with a sensual massage which can work like magic for getting a woman horny. But, you have to do it right. Start off by gently massaging her shoulders and hands. Try using some massage oil. Use the oil sparingly, and all over her body (except her private areas). Get her feet, calves, thighs, back and arms.


When your partner is at their most relaxed state, you might consider asking her to roll over onto her back. This is where you can lightly tease and rub her most sensitive areas. As you are nearing the end of your massage, pay special attention to her thighs. Sensual massages will turn on a woman every time.


During the whole session, do stay in communication with your partner and make sure everything you do feels good for her. Find a steady rhythm that your partner enjoys, and graduate from short, light touching to deeper and longer strokes. Use your bodyweight instead of just your arm strength to give a firm and even massage.


You do not have to depend only on your hands to give a hot erotic massage. Incorporate the use of massage oils so your hands can glide easily across her body. Consider using a variety of massage-enhancing tools or sex toys like a vibrator.


(5)   Give Her Oral Pleasure


Being enthusiastic about oral sex will make her feel great about herself and will get her in the mood. The tongue can be used as a mighty tool in absolutely pleasuring her inside and out. She will reach her peak of ecstasy if you stimulate her clitoris with a flick of your tongue. Take your time with it. Focus on what she likes and learn what she doesn’t like.


You can enhance your oral performance by heating up or cooling down the temperature in your mouth. You can try drinking some tea or sucking on an ice cube, for example. When your mouth and tongue make contact with her vagina, it will give her chills. You can either discuss this with your girl beforehand or surprise her in the middle of an oral session. Also play with the timing by shocking her with the change of temperature for a few seconds or dragging it out for a few minutes.


If you and your girl are itching for some oral novelty, try buying tasty oral sex creams or delicious oral gels. These products bring some flavor to your oral task and are very easy to apply. You can choose from different flavors such as cherry or peach. This sweet treatment will get you both ready for a night of oral pleasure.


(6)   Have Spontaneous Sex


You can always have good sex, but if you want to achieve great sex you have to be spontaneous. Don’t always have the times and place you want to get busy planned. That takes some of the pleasure and fun out of it. Surprise her sometimes with an unplanned sexual adventure; you are not limited to just pleasuring her in the bedroom. You can surprise her by showing her at her office for a lunch time quickie or drop in on her while she is taking her morning shower.


Venture outside of the bedroom if you want to give her absolute pleasure. You may be breaking the law with this fun tactic, but if you are careful, the rewards are quite nice. Try stopping somewhere during the drive home from dinner and have a little session in the car. Or perhaps you and your mate can catch a bad movie no one is going to see on a weekday — odds are you will be the only two in the theater, which will give you enough privacy.


What’s more spontaneous than interrupting a good night’s sleep? Wake her up with the art of seduction in the middle of the night. It is totally unexpected. Let’s just hope your woman is not the type to be cranky when she is sleeping. If she is, maybe you should just wake her up in the morning an hour or so before your normal wake-up time. It is not as exciting, but still accomplishes the idea of spontaneous since it’s not the typical bedroom romp a little after dinner and before you go to sleep.


Follow these tips on how to pleasure a woman and you will be amazed at how responsive she will be!  If you need some more tips, you can get them at Great Lover.


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