How To Have The Sex Life You Want




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How to have better sex? How to get in the mood? How to become orgasmic? A good sex life takes time and effort to maintain. It is often due to our busy lives which often leave us tired and devoid of the imagination and motivation required to keep up the pace. If sex with your partner isn’t what it used to be, here are some ways that you can put the spark back in your bedroom.


(1)   Communicate your needs to each other


Communication is very important in a relationship. This may be uncomfortable to you. But if you do not take this first important step, both of you will have to face with a non-ending unsatisfactory sex life. Do not wait for him or her to ask you what feels good. Tell him or her, what you like most about your sex life. Do not be shy to ask for something new or different. Just be sure that you only bring up such topics when outside of the bedroom, such as during a quiet walk on an evening. In this way, you can talk freely without spoiling an intimate moment.


(2)   Add in fantasies and share them with each other


Remember that you are a sexual being. Admit it; everyone has at least one major sexual fantasy. Whether you are a naughty doctor or a submissive nurse, it is time to indulge and go wild. One of the biggest factors in a great sex life is being comfortable with your partner. Role-playing offers an excellent way to do so and also to allow you to explore the boundaries of your relationship. It is a harmless way to ease any anxieties both of you may have and keep the mood light.


If you are shy to share your erotic fantasies with your partner, afraid of what he or she will think of you, suggest writing an erotic story together one night. Once he or she sees what you have dreamed up for your ‘character’, your partner will definitely know what you have in mind for yourself.


(3)   All-day-long foreplay


Start foreplay as early as possible before you reach the bedroom because women normally take a bit longer to get hot. Just doing the foreplay a short while before sex may not be enough to get her in the mood.  During the day, do those sweet little things for each other.


You can make a date at a restaurant at the end of the day for some fine wining and dining or take a walk at the park. When at home, take a bath together to give you and your partner the chance to touch, rub and scrub each other. After bathing, you can take turns to massage each other for a couple of minutes. By increasing your emotional connection, you can gradually build up the arousal level and increase it right till to the night.


(4) Set aside time for sex


Better sex will lead to more sex and one of the ways to have it is to make an appointment that neither of you is allowed to cancel. When both of you lead busy lives, sometimes the only way to leave time for sex is to literally put it on your schedule. Lie in bed together for an hour on a weekend morning. You may just chat, or you may engage in ‘bedroom wrestling’. Either way, you are connecting to each other. Though it is just once a week, but an hour or two of sexual activity can be energizing and pleasurable for both of you.


(5)   Make it fun


Sex is supposed to be fun. The more fun you make it, the more enjoyable it will be. Bring an item into the bedroom, like a board game, which can force you to think about how you are going to use this item to make the experience different. Or, it can be those innocent games, such as truth or dare and spin the bottle. Use these games to reignite the passion. You can trade game points for a 3-minute sexual favors which can be a massage, kissing, oral sex, talking dirty, a dance, a striptease and anything you want. The game is all about teasing which gives you the structure to add in anything that you want sexually. Besides games, you can add in toys and experiment with sexy lingerie, or anything that creates a special mood for you.


(6)   Increase her chances of having an orgasm


Many women do not have orgasm during intercourse because they do not get sufficient clitoral stimulation in the normal missionary position. What you can do is to get into those positions that can allow greater clitoral contact, such as woman-on-top position. When she is on top, you can stroke her clitoris which is what she needs to have an orgasm. At all times, observe how she reacts when a particular body part is being touched and spend more time on those areas which are highly sensitive for her.


For more tips on how to have better sex, read on further at Hot Sex and  Eternal Flame

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Sex Tips – How To Make Her Want You




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Do you want to have a good time in bed? Do you want your partner to need you so much that she becomes the one who is initiating sex most of the time?


How to have great sex? To certain people, great sex is about rehearsing some sex positions that they read from a self-help book. But it is more than that. You have to arouse your partner and yourself every time when you jump into the bed. You have to be comfortable with what you are doing, your partner has to be aroused by you and you also need to be turned on by your partner. In other words, great sex should be mutually satisfying.


Here are a few things you can do that can help her to reach orgasm easily and make your ego feel a lot better.


(1)   Sensual touch


Touching is very important and is also one of the easiest ways to please her. Women respond very strongly to touch. Make sure you combine every of your touch with eye contact. Keeping eye contact with her will add an amazing amount of emotional intensity to your touch.


Take the time to caress her ears, nape and hair will be fantastic in heating things up. You kiss her softly on her back, chests or breasts, down to her tummy and inner thighs. You treat every area of the body as an erogenous zone, even touching and kissing those off-neglected areas such as the neck, throat, inner arms and eyelids. During touching, you pay attention to how she reacts to your various ways of stroking and adjust according to her preferences. All these moves will definitely turn her on.


(2)   Setting the mood


Setting a comfortable environment is the key to preparing for sex and ensuring a satisfying experience. Ambiance is very important for the proper sexual mood. Accentuate your room by getting some candles. It will be better to use scented candles such as chamomile which can help to relax the body and make the atmosphere more conducive.


Make sure the room temperature is not as hot as a furnace or as freezing cold as a refrigerator. Playing some instrumental music (or depending on what arouses your partner) is good for keeping her in the mood. Make the room smell sweet, relaxing and enticing.


(3)   Oral stimulation


Oral sex is a great gate-way to intercourse. Lick her slowly all around. It is only when her clitoris is swollen and her breath is getting short and rapid that you start to lick on it firmly. You explore the entire area around the clitoris with your tongue and lips. As she gets more aroused, you can spend more time directly stimulating her clitoris.


Try alternating between slow and fast, up and down, side-to-side tongue flicks when you are on her clitoris. Use your hand to supplement your tongue action by caressing the insides of her thighs, rubbing her breasts and squeezing her nipples. When you sense she is getting close, from her physical and vocal responses, you maintain a rhythm that suits her, providing consistent pressure on her clitoris until she reaches orgasm.


(4)   Be creative


You get a self-help book which tells about the various lovemaking positions. You read this together with your partner. After this both of you can discuss and decide the new positions that will be more intimate in lovemaking. Both of you can also experiment with role-playing by dressing (or even cross-dressing) and acting as someone you always desire to be. You can also use adult toys to help you last longer when you are stimulating your partner. You can consider light bondage such as blind-folding and hand-cuffing to sharpen the sexual response when one of the senses is being blocked out.


Lovemaking should always be comfortable and done in a way that satisfies both of you. Learning how to have great sex is essential to keep the relationship with your partner stronger.


Here are just 4 tips to get you started. Due to space constraint here, the rest of the other tips can be found at Hot Sex . To get some kinky ideas to have a different kind of sexual experience, you can visit Dirty Harry’s Secrets

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How To Role Play In A Medical Scene




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Do you feel that your sex life is becoming more of a routine than a lusty romp? Do you want to make sex with your lover as exciting as a one night stand? How about adding an ingredient of role playing sex into your bedroom? This can both make it satisfying and electrifying.


As the saying goes, forbidden fruit usually tastes sweeter and taboo abounds when it comes to fetishes involving medical and hospital fantasies. Any time you engage in any role playing activities, pushing the boundaries of erotic creativity is always the name of the game and the options are practically endless. This includes sexual attraction to medical practitioners, medical uniforms, surgery, anesthesia or intimate examinations such as rectal examination, gynecological examination, urological examination, the insertion of suppositories, etc or medical devices such as orthopedic casts and orthopedic braces. In sexual role play, a hospital or medical scene will involve the sex partners assuming the role of doctors, nurses and patients to act out specific or general medical fetishes.


To get started it is important to pick the right kind of clothes to suit the medical scene and make it seem real. The costumes that you need are laboratory coat; stethoscope; loose fitting ‘patient’ gown that allows easy access; improvised sexy nurse outfits such as white zip up dress with matching bra and panty or demure button up blouse and skirt with racy black lingerie underneath, white cap, white thigh-high stockings; or ready-made nurse, dentist, or doctor’s outfit that can be purchased from adult store.


To make the scene more realistic you will need a light kit containing some kinky medical gadgets which can be put together easily by using items you can normally find in the house, pharmacy or a sex toy shop. These are latex gloves, personal lubricant, tongue depressor, rolls of gauze, razor for erotic shaving, clothes pins for clipping onto the nipples, vulva, penis or scrotum, small flashlight, overhead desk light to mimic dentist examination light, ice cubes and a warming device to sterilize some medical instruments, speculum, dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, strap on for the dildo/vibrator, spreader bars to mimic stirrups at doctor’s office, bit gag for bondage/discipline enthusiasts, etc.


Here are some ways to perform role playing in a medical scene –


(1)   Intimate examination


A patient goes to see the doctor/nurse for some ailments or a nurse asking the doctor to examine a sudden pain. This will involve the nurse or doctor inflicting one or more embarrassing and humiliating quasi-medical procedures on the patient. Often frozen or heated objects are used on the patient’s body to stimulate the uncomfortable sensations that can occur during a real examination. The process may include an examination and intrusion of the anus or vagina by a thermometer under the pretext of taking temperature, as well as handling and twisting of the penis, testicles and nipples. Usually a strap on play is also included to heighten the intimacy and sensations of the patient. Before the examination, the patient can be placed in physical restraints and gagged and asked to wear some form of embarrassing clothing.


(2)   Sexual fetish for anesthesia


This may include sexual attraction to the equipment, processes, substances, effects, environments or situations. Sexual arousal can come from the desire to administer anesthesia or to be anaesthetized. For example before surgery, a patient is put to sleep or being given local anesthetic and the anesthesiologist takes advantage of the situation by giving the patient something extra to help him/her relax.


(3)   Intern being taken advantage by the patient


The intern reports for work on her first day and is immediately being assigned to take care of an unruly patient alone. The patient takes advantage of her inexperience by tricking her into doing a series of tasks and in the process ‘molesting’ her such as accidentally grazing her breasts as she adjusts his pillow or bed sheets.


If you want your intimacy to raise a level upward, just spice it with sexual role playing can infuse a new spark in the relationship and give you a good break from the monotony. You can get more ideas from Fantasy Affairs on ways to improve your sex life. For more help to boost your bedroom performance, you can click Medical Fetish

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6 Role-Play Ideas To Spice Up Sex




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Are you keen on trying something new to make life more interesting in the bedroom? Feeling you or your partner are less enthusiastic about sex? If this happens to you, do not worry. Even the happiest couples can suffer from a drought in their sex lives. You can be madly in love with your partner, but emotional love and sexual passion can be two different things. How about adding an ingredient of role playing sex into your bedroom to spice things up?


Check out these 6 sexy role play ideas which can add a little fun or craziness to otherwise dull and boring bedroom activities.


(1)   Casual meet-up


This is a good way to start a scenario or an evening’s activities. You can arrange to meet at a local bar, night club or any other common area, pretending to be strangers. You go over, start flirting, drop a few pickup lines and the next thing you know, you two ‘strangers’ are going home for some bedroom wrestling.


(2)   School mistress/naughty student


This is a variant on the classic school girl/teacher. This fantasy scenario features a male boarding school student who is being caught by the headmistress doing something bad (masturbating, reading a porn magazine, etc). The stern headmistress must then discipline the school boy. Spanking and other corporal punishment is a good way to start, or perhaps he will be stripped and made to stand in the corner, or be stripped and have his genitals bound. Through the process of disciplining this student, the headmistress may suddenly get horny or the student may try to seduce her causing her to forget the morals and obligations.


(3)   Interrogation


A basic interrogation scene may start with one person taking on the role of an interrogator, such as a military officer and attempts to extract information from the other. The interrogator then begins ‘torturing’ the other person to get the information. This ‘torture’ can include using nipple clamping, spanking or even mock-rape. This kind of scene is both physically and psychologically challenging and definitely not for everyone. Nevertheless, they can be fun and extremely exciting for people who like resistance and intense power exchange in their role playing.


(4)   Security guard/intruder


The setting here is straightforward with the security guard confronting the intruder for trespassing on security property while trying to take a short cut on the way to home. The security guard will then take the offender back into the security room, where the offender is subjected to a humiliating strip search. The security guard explains that the standard policy is for the police to be notified and the offender is to be charged for criminal trespassing. However, other arrangements can be made and at this juncture, wishing to avoid a night in jail, the offender does whatever the security guard instructs.


(5)   Stripper/client


In this scenario, the dancer works at an ‘anything goes’ nightclub.  As a special promotion, the club has sponsored a contest and the winner of this contest gets full and complete use of the stripper for an evening. The stripper must allow the winner to do whatever he or she wants. The winner takes full advantage of the reward, using the stripper as a sex toy. The stripper must be completely obedient and allow the winner to do whatever the winner wishes, regardless of how he or she feels about it.


(6)   Blackmailer/person with shameful secrets


In this scenario, a blackmailer shows up at the doorstep of a person who has some dark, shameful secrets. The blackmailer claims to have some embarrassing photos in his cell phone and threatens to release them on his Facebook. In desperation, the victim tries to bribe the blackmailer with sexual favors, trading sex for the secrecy. The blackmailer may make any demands on her body. She is forced to comply, or be exposed.


There you have it, the 6 sexual fantasy ideas for you to start with. You can make adjustments, changes or improvisations on these ideas to create your own exciting role playing sex games and set those boring nights on sexual fire! For some more ideas, you can click Fantasy Affairs and for tools to help in your role-playing you can click Sexual Nirvana

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How To Use Fantasy In Love Making




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Acting out fantasies and pretending to be someone else is one of the easiest things couples can do to prevent sex from becoming routine. If you, your spouse or both of you are a little shy, role playing can help to open the doors to feeling more confident with one another. Here are a few tips to get started.


(1)   Keep it easy


The best way to get started is to make it easy for your partner to ease into the situation. You do not need to come up with some elaborate story line or introduce some ridiculous costumes. Whether both of you are a little timid or either one of you has reservations about the whole role playing scenario, it is best to start with something simple and easy for both of you to get into the situation, which is your ultimate goal.


(2)   Be prepared


Most people start out a bit shy and nervous with the idea of dressing up as someone else and playing a role. This is mainly due to a lack of preparation. The best way to get comfortable with sexual role playing is to get prepared.


(3)   Have a brainstorming session


The best part about role-playing is that there are so many things you can do that are not just confined to the bedroom. Get your creative juices flowing and make a list of things or the kinds of situations that turn you on. Think about whom you want to be, your motivation, the kind of scenario, how you want to dress up and what and where the boundaries and the ground rules are. At this stage, it is important to be honest, sincere and non-judgmental. There should be no laughing at your partner for something he/she says or does.


(4)   Narrowing down the choices to what both of you want


Compare your lists against your partner’s and decide on what both of you are willing to try. Also decide on what you are not going to try. You can set limits without judging the other person. If you are uncomfortable with anything, do let your partner know.


(5)   Setting the role playing scene


Details can help you to get deeper into a sexual role play scenario. When you first imagine a sexual scene, the main points may be enough to get you going, but the more details you can add to the fantasy, the more alive it becomes. Details can also be great for awkward moments when you do not know what to do next. Think about the physical setting, whether it is indoor or outdoor, what time of day is the scenario, are there any other people nearby, and what is the story line.


(6)   Choosing costumes and props


Maybe the most fun part of the preparation is costumes. Sexual fantasy role play is a perfect opportunity to dress up and have fun. Once you have decided on who you want to be, think about ways to add to your character and role through clothing and props. Make a trip to adult shops or novelty stores to choose the costumes, accessories and other items to make your role-playing fantasy complete. You can also try any thrift stores for clothing if these shops do not have what you want.


(7)   Shaping your sexual fantasy role play character


Now that you know who you are, where you are and what you are wearing, it is time to dig deeper into the sexual fantasy role play character. Think about what is your motivation, what are the things that turn on and turn off and is this character going to be dominant or submissive.


(8)   Decide on a good time to act out your fantasy


Timing can ruin even the best prepared plans. Make sure you provide enough time for schedules to be cleared and for other commitments to be fulfilled. This means make a stress and worry free space so that you can have your whole mind on the fun, and not being tie-down with thinking of the hard day ahead. For most of us who work during the week, Friday night is an especially good time because the weekend provides a good buffer.


(9)   Set ground rules for role playing


Setting ground rules and boundaries with the person you are going to engage in role playing with is essential. Some of these rules should be common sense and common courtesy such as no laughing at each other, agreeing beforehand the signals or words to let each other know if things are going well or badly and if things do not go smoothly how you want it to stop.


So, go ahead to explore new situations and make it both intense and safe. Fantasy is always fun, if done the right way. If at first it does not work well, try again. Remember that sex is really another form of communication and the more you explore it together, the better it gets.


Want to learn about more ways or try new things to improve sex life? Click on Hot Sex and Fun Games

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