How To Turn A Woman On And Have Sex As Often As You Want





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What turns a woman the most in bed? What are the ways to turn a woman on? In bed, what do women like to do the most? Read on.

(1)   Be Romantic

Every woman craves romance, whether they are young or old. It is perhaps the best and simplest gift that a man can give to a woman. This maybe something physical such as pampering her with gifts or can be a thoughtful gesture. This means it may not cost much. You do not necessary spend a bomb to turn a woman on unless she is a gold-digger. Here are ways you can be a romantic partner.

(a)    Do spend time together and one of the ways is to learn something new together. You can consider signing up for golf, cooking or some other type of lessons. You can do workouts together at the gym or park.

(b)   Surprise her with gift and make sure you know what she wants

(c)    Every day you should make an effort to look for some good things to say about her

(d)   Good communication is also very important. There is a need to talk about expectations such as how do you want improve sex to be better, what kind of fantasizing in the bedroom is alright for her, what is your definition of a good foreplay, what kind of sex positions would you like to try, how do you like to be touched before, during and after sex. You should also make an effort to resolve any underlying grievances which may hurt romance as well as intimacy.

(e)    Do something special and out of ordinary (be unpredictable in a pleasant way), such as pamper her with an unsolicited back rub/foot rub or even a sensual massage.

(f)    You accompany her to her-type of movie, even if you are not a fan.

(g)   Do one of her chores and don’t point it out. Many wives are secretly turned on when their husbands offer to help do household chores.

(h)   Remember the important dates such as birthday, anniversary or Valentine


(2)   Build The Right Mood

In order to turn a woman on, you have to work on her mind which controls her sexual desire. Here are some ways you can do to create mentally arousing moments with her.

(a)    The first thing you need to do is to create a romantic environment. You will go about gathering what you will need to set the mood. The mood you want to create is up to you. Nature sounds, ambient music, and meditation music will all help to create an atmosphere of relaxation. You could also choose music designed to stimulate and arouse. Dim the lights as much as possible when preparing for a massage. Candlelight is a good choice as long as you take safety precautions. Keep all candles on a sturdy surface far from flammable objects. Lava lamps, lighted tabletop fountains, room lights on a dimmer switch, and night lights are all good lighting options.


Sensual massage can be very relaxing and help a lot in getting her in the mood. Lavender, patchouli, ylang ylang, and sandalwood are all good scents for your sensual arsenal. Choose a massage oil to use as a carrier for your essential oils and to use on your partner’s skin. Coconut oil, food-grade almond oil, and jojoba oil are all safe to use both outside and inside the body.

(b)   You also need to make an effort to get her feel comfortable in sex. This can be done by saying something that is comforting. The best way is you can say it in a way to make her feel sexy (such as complimenting her body). You can also put her at ease and help to distract any tension in her mind by engaging in dirty-talking

(c)    You can make the atmosphere more lively and fun by playing some sex games. Here are 3 bedroom game ideas you can consider.


(i)                 Both of you will write down about the 5 or more fantasies that can be acted out together at the time you are playing the game. If your fantasy requires props have them at hand. Take turns each by pulling out one at a time and then acting out the fantasy.

(ii)               Both of you will take turns picking an area of your body and letting your partner spend 60 seconds lavishing that spot with sensual attention: kisses, licking, nibbling, caressing. This will help you to learn what areas your partner is dying to have you pay more attention to and can let you know exactly what she wants, so there is no more excuses.

(iii)             You can try strip poker. In this game, the winner or loser will have to do perform some sexual acts. Of course you have to make sure that it is something that both of you would enjoy. That way, no matter who wins or loses, you will both really win.


(3)    Spice Things Up

Doing the same thing over and over again can kill the mood over the long run. This means at certain point in time, you have to do something different. Here are some ways to spice sex up.

(a)    You can add in lotions, oils, specially-designed love cushion and sex toys to heat things up a little.

(b)   You can get a copy of the Kama Sutra and experiment with some unique sex positions that both of you might enjoy.

(c)    You can take turns in letting each other to take control during intercourse. Some women have this fantasy to be the dominating one during intercourse.

(d)   You can talk about your fantasies. For a start you can try some light bondage, and when both of your comfort level increases you can bring out some more of your kinky fetishes and lusty desires.

(e)    You can make a video together while having sex. You can delete it after the act if having a sex tape freaks her out, or make sure it is locked up in a safe place. Watching both of you having sex in the video and having sex at the same time can be a huge rush for anyone.

(f)    You can watch porn together. Porn can be enjoyable for both sexes. Get into bed together and watch a few porn movies with a decent storyline. It will keep both of you engrossed and wet. Stroke each other and have sex while watching the movie. If you like it, talk about the movie with each other while watching it and visualize sexy fantasies with each other

(g)   You can read an erotic story (such as 50 Shades Of Grey) together. The mind is the biggest sexual organ we have. Create fantasies and imagine it together. It will be a bigger turn on than you think.

(h)   Have sex in different places and different times of the day.

(i)     You can get better in your oral sex, probably by reading up on how you can improve your oral skill or by playing an oral sex game to warm things up, or by adding in some tools to improve your performance.

(j)     You can consider role playing. Here are some suggestions for sexy role-plays ideas.


(i)                 School Teacher and Student

(ii)                Flight Attendant and Passenger

(iii)               Homeowner and Plumber

(iv)               Police Officer and Burglar

(v)                Firefighter and Frightened Citizen

(vi)               Photographer and Model

(vii)              Lady Gaga and Her Little Devil

(viii)             Artist and model

(ix)               Master and domestic maid

(x)                Doctor and patient/nurse  or patient/nurse

(xi)               Stripper and client


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Romantic Ideas To Strengthen A Relationship




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In the beginning of courtship, flirting was probably natural and one of the ways in trying to catch her attention and win her heart. Fast forward a few years, both of you become husband and wife, maybe a couple of kids, your attention will be redirected to building up your career, child caring, servicing  your monthly utility bills,  insurance premium, mortgage installments, etc, and before you know it, flirting is a distant memory.


You may ask why you still need to flirt with your wife. To this, I like to ask – why not?  To me, flirting can serve as the ‘lubricant of life’ helping to reduce/relieve those daily ‘friction’ (or stress) making things easier as well as spicing up the relationship. Once you slip the ring into each other’s hand, saying your marriage vows, it serves the interests of both parties to make living with each other as pleasant, fun and enjoyable as you can. To make it more effective, flirting should be treated as unintentional foreplay, meaning you should not use it for the sole purpose of leading to sex.


Here are some easy ways to add some flirtatious fun to your daily interactions with your spouse/partner. Flirting is about sensuality, so bring in all the five senses (sight, hearing, taste, and touch, smell) to enrich her experience.


(1)   Appealing to his/her sense of sight


In your daily life, you leave him/her some flirtatious note (sweet sentiment or profession of love) by way of sexy text message and e-mail. You can also put a sticky note on the fridge, on the mirror in the bathroom, or the dashboard of the car. The message can be simple and to the point like “I just wanted to tell you I love you.” or “Hey, what are you doing later?”


The next time when you are in a crowded room sitting around the dinner table with friends and family, you do not need to say anything. At the right moment, you make eye contact with your spouse giving him/her that flirtatious look, that cheeky smile or a mischievous wink. At all times when you are talking to your spouse, maintain eye contact.


You also need to take care of your appearance and hygiene. When you have some time to be together, or want to make time, put on something your spouse likes (that you feel good in as well), even if it is just only a clean pair of jeans and a great T-shirt.


(2)   Appealing to his/her sense of hearing


We all love to hear good things about ourselves, especially from those most important to us. What do you admire about your spouse? Tell him or her about it. Hearing her voice for no reason other than to tell her you love her and thinking of her will make her feel desired.


You can say something that is most flirtatious and out-of-the-blue at the most unlikely time. Instead of “I am glad I married you.” over dinner on your anniversary, try “Will you marry me, again?” while you head down the grocery or hardware store aisle. It is those unexpected comments at the most unusual times and places that can be so pleasantly provocative.


Humor can be magical, reducing the tension of the day, improving the mood and atmosphere. Find something funny to share with your spouse. On the flip side, be sure to laugh at his or her jokes.


Chat with each other rather than reading the newspaper or watching TV. Good conversation inducers include a walk around the neighborhood or a cozy couch, candle light dinner and a glass of wine.


Do you remember that pet name you once called your spouse? In the early stages of your relationship, you no doubt had a special way of addressing your spouse. It may have stuck with you for a time and then you may have forgotten to use it. Bring it back.


It is not only what you say, but how you say it is also equally important. Summon up that special tone of voice you used when you were first dating your spouse.


(3)   Appeal to his/her sense of taste


If you can, cook his/her favorite meal to pamper your spouse. If you can’t cook, never mind; bring her to her favorite restaurant to enjoy some romantic meals with your spouse. Most women like tidbits or snacks. On some days, surprise her with her favorite stuff, maybe chocolates or some rich-flavored ice-creams. You can make things a little fun by blind-folding her first and you feed her with the various flavor of ice-cream and you ask her to guess the flavor after each scoop of ice-cream.


(4)   Appeal to his/her sense of smell


Scents can set the mood for any occasion. You send her flowers for no reason other than to express your love. Wearing her favorite cologne, cooking his/her favorite meal, or lighting a candle that she loves will show her that she is on your mind. You can also fill the room with warm, relaxing scent. These scents will get her pulse racing.


(5)   Appeal to his/her sense of touch


Very simple, quick physical contact can make a big impact. Reach out and touch your spouse in a very gentle way at a time when he/she least expects it. It can be a soft touch or a flirtatious one, or just a foot or back rub. When he or she is standing at the kitchen sink, you can surprise your spouse with a front-behind-hug and plant your lips on his/her cheeks. Do not force the kiss to lead to anything other than that moment together. The next time when you are walking somewhere together, even if it is just to grocery store or parking lot, you hold his/her hand. The main thing is to find ways and excuses to reach out and touch your spouse.


Flirting is the simplest and easiest way to please a woman or even a guy. What you need is some extra effort and lots of creativity. Whether you are rich or poor, flirting is a tool that is accessible to everyone. Actually you do not need to be rich to win a woman’s heart. Women crave for it. Many women complain that their husbands are no longer as flirtatious and romantic as in during courtship days. So, what are you waiting for? Start flirting with your spouse from now on.


Do you still want some more ideas to satisfy your partner and better your relationship? Click on Hot Sex and Turn The Heat On

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What To Do If Sex Is Neither Enough Nor Satisfactory




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Do you remember when you first met your spouse and you were madly in love with each other? When you were not together, you kept thinking of each other from sunrise to sunset and you can’t wait to see each other. When you were together, you could not keep your hands off each other. Later on as you get more comfortable with each other, intimacy settles into a fixed pattern and it is unlikely to get better on its own. You will have to be open to new ideas and explore ways to strengthen the desire for one another as well as improving intimacy in the relationship.


What Makes A Healthy Relationship Works?


Basically, for every long-term relationship to flourish and be successful, you need to have three key elements which are intimacy, desire or passion and commitment. Not all relationships have these three key elements. Some relationships have only one or two of the key elements.


If a relationship is only pure passion or desire without any intimacy and commitment, it is best described as infatuated love or infatuation. If a relationship has both passion and intimacy but no commitment, it is only romantic love and many dating relationships fall into this category. If what is left in a relationship is only commitment, this will be empty love and many long-term couples fall into this category. A relationship consisting of only intimacy and commitment but lack of passion is more of a companion type of relationship. Though better than empty love but is still less than satisfactory and is a trap for long-term relationships. A relationship that has passion and commitment but no intimacy is best described as a passionate, whirlwind courtship that has quickly moved to marriage, with not enough time to build intimacy.


How To Strengthen Desire And Intimacy In A Relationship?


It is anticipation, rather than obligation and pressure that fuels desire. In any long-term relationship, it is necessary to anticipate sex in the same way as you would for other activities such as dinners, concerts and social gatherings. Though this may conflict with the idea about being spontaneous and romantic, however in reality, we are often so overwhelmed by the many responsibilities that sex is likely to be put at lower priority. You cannot count on spontaneity to make things happen. There is nothing wrong with planned, intentional sexual dates. To enhance the sexual experience in your ‘dates’, both of you can make special requests on how to turn on each other. This will establish a positive cycle of anticipation, satisfaction and regularity.


Another way of building anticipation is to put an idea into your partner’s head about something that seems fun and exciting which is going to happen in the not too distant future. You keep referring back and touching upon this topic. It will serve to put your partner in a different mind state and feel excited even if nothing particularly exciting is happening at the time.


For example, you remind your wife about the romantic dinner you have planned to try a new cuisine on a particular night. As you keep reminding her, you will build up her anticipation and make her feel excited to see you when you return home. You tell your boyfriend about how you are going to make love to him like crazy tonight. You remind him by texting about it to keep him thinking about this. You can be sure he will be rushing home to see you tonight. Making things exciting by keeping your partner in a constant state of anticipation by way of planning intentional sexual dates or anything that seems fun, exciting or unusual will in turn enhance desire.


Intimacy (which is the feeling of closeness, sharing and connection) is another important component of sexual desire. Marital sex involves integrating intimacy and eroticism. Sexual desire is strong when both parties value emotional and sexual intimacy (or connection).


How Do You Increase Intimacy In A Relationship?


Here are some ways you can practice on.


(1)   You need to learn about each other’s emotional needs and not take each other for granted. You have to find out about what things that can allow your partner to feel loved and valued by you. You have to continue to do the little things and use the same sort of thoughtfulness and caring gestures you did when you were first courting. It is unlikely that both of you share the same emotional needs. Therefore, you avoid making the mistake of only showing love in the same way that you like to receive love.


You make intentional, regular and daily deposits into each other’s emotional bank account in ways that your partner recognizes as loving, caring behavior. This may require having you to get out of your comfort zone. If your partner needs to be touched and you are not the touching type, it is time for you to learn a new language of love. This can be uncomfortable to you at first. But if you refuse to change your way, it will be sending her the message that you do not care enough to learn to love her in the way she wants to and you will only want to do things in your own way.


(2)   You strengthen the connection with each other by tuning in to each other’s feelings and needs, intentionally looking for ways to express caring, spending time with each other and having fun together.


(3)   You express fondness by touching each other affectionately every day. Tender touch is a fundamental need for human beings. Touch is healing and is also a way of expressing love and acceptance. When someone touches you it is like they are acknowledging you.


(4)   When you are upset or angry about something your spouse has done, you can try to be more understanding and forgiving of each other to prevent the barriers to communication from affecting intimacy.


Remember that you need desire, intimacy and commitment to keep a relationship strong. With good communication, you are able to understand each other’s needs. Based on this knowledge of each other’s needs, you make an effort to do the little things regularly to show you care. You use anticipation to drive passion or desire by setting aside time for passionate moments and by feeding fun and exciting ideas by setting aside time for passionate moments which you intend to make them happen. If you can do these, you will continue to have great sex, regardless of how long you have been in the relationship.


For a detailed road map on how to make passion and intimacy an important part of your  relationship, you can click on Hot Sex and Turn The Heat On

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How To Be Romantic For A Better Sex Life





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Are you taking good care of one of the most important aspects of your relationship? I am not talking about sex? If you are, this will be great because it means you are still having the best sex ever. If you are not, the best way to get the flame of passion coming back and burning over and over again is to remember the romantic aspect of true love.


When you were courting, all you could think about was how exciting and romantic it was to be together. You would do a lot of things to please each other. As time passed, you got so used to each other that you stopped making special efforts for each other. Busy routines and the many other details you need to take care of can take your mind off on the romantic aspects of your relationship.


What Is Romance And Why Is It Important


It is not just giving her boxes of chocolates, flowers or standing outside her window playing a musical instrument and singing a love song. The very definition of the word romance which is love between two people tells us that there are more important aspects of romance than flowers or chocolates.


Romance is the combination of those everyday sweet gestures and occasional display of special (or maybe dramatic) effort to make each other feel good, loved and appreciated and how much you care for him or her. It can keep you going when life outside your home sucks.


Romance in the form of attentive and satisfactory lovemaking is just one aspects of romance in a relationship. Sex is not equal to romance. But romance is often required for good sex to take place especially after a couple has been together for some time. Sex without romance or feelings of each other is just the sexual act (or just going through the motion) which can only leave you feeling empty and dissatisfied.


Here Are A Few Ways To Put More Romance Back Into Your Relationship


(1)   Take care of your appearance


You may feel that since he or she is already your husband or wife, there is no need to be bothered with putting on a ‘great show’ to impress your partner. But if you become indifferent to your appearance, your partner may have a hard time seeing you in a romantic and exciting way.


There is nothing wrong in trying to be comfortable around the house. But do yourself and your partner a favor by paying attention to your dressing and personal hygiene. You make sure you do not ‘mess things up’ in the bathroom; you remember to flush after you use the toilet – paying attention to all these small little details helps a lot in making life better for each other. Therefore, show your partner that you care by making an effort to look, feel and smell good.


(2)   Add in some words of appreciation and love


When you say “I love you”, you say it with sincerity. Everyone appreciates being told how much they are loved and cherished. The aim is to create more closeness in your relationship. This will require sharing those thoughts and emotions that can make your partner feel loved and appreciated. Tell your partner often how much you enjoy his or her company and what you like most about him or her.


(3)   Closer bonding through touching


How you touch each other can communicate different feelings and provoke different sensations. Many women complain that men only touch them when they want sex. Most women crave for more intimacy and one of the ways they can feel the closeness to their partners is through casual and non-sensual touching, such as holding hand, a morning or welcome-home kiss or simply brushing up against her when you walk pass by her. Make this part of the way you communicate this feeling of love and closeness to your partner in your daily life.


(4)   Spend time alone together


What you need here is to spend uninterrupted time alone sharing thoughts, ideas and activities in a way that gives you pleasure and draws you closer as a couple. Make an effort to find at least a few hours each week for the two of you to be alone together like going for a walk, a movie, taking up dancing lessons or playing some sexy romantic games. Or stay home, enjoying with your partner a glass of wine while you play some music or watch some rented movies together.


(5)   Add variety to your sex life


Seize the moment and lose your inhibitions. For women, reverse the role when it comes to sex and you play the role of aggressor for a change. To explore new territory, both of you will write down your fantasies and put them in a ‘fantasy wish lists’ box. Then take turns to pick out the list from the box and act out the fantasies. Throw away those big underwear and long johns and replace them with some sexy lingerie, stockings, and heels and add in some sex toys.


Remember, being romantic in your daily life should never be a chore. These are the few moments out of your day when you can forget about the stresses of the outside world and focus on each other, so treasure those moments you have and have those treasured moments occupy a greater part of your relationship. Want to keep the love and lust between the two of you last? Click on Hot Sex and Great Lover

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Advice For Couples: 5 Tips To Spice Up Your Love Life

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Keeping a happy and healthy relationship needs a lot of work. A relationship resembles a plant and both parties act as the gardeners. To ensure this plant will bear fruits or flowers eventually, both the gardeners have to regularly water the plant, add fertilizer and pull out the weeds. The same applies to a relationship in which couples have to put in effort to strengthen the emotional connection as a base to develop a close intimate bond.


The following are some suggestions or tips that can add spark and romance in your relationship:

(1)   Personal Packaging

Most people (especially guys) believe that after they have already achieved their objectives in winning the hearts of their loved ones, they can afford to be shabby in their appearances. There isn’t much that can diminish the romantic feelings between husband and wife than to see your spouse looking frumpy and disheveled.

For guys, get rid of those old, worn out “favorite” T-shirts or sweaters that you feel comfortable with, which your wife is not likely to find you very appealing. For women, put your hair up in a nice clip, or take the time to curl your hair. Get rid of those granny panties and wear some sexy underwear that makes yourself look nice and attractive to your man. For the sake of your health as well as increasing your energy and sexual appeal (if you are medically fit), do perform some regular workout to get rid of those extra fat around your waist.

(2)   Non-Sexual Touching

A study conducted by the American Journal of Family Therapy indicates women are more satisfied with their relationships when their partners are physically affectionate to them. Women love to be touched and caressed. If not given enough physical contact outside the bedroom, they will feel like being treated like sex objects.

One of the easiest and greatest ways to build intimacy is simple hand holding. Whether you are walking along the street or sitting in front of the TV, grab her hand just to hold it. Surprise your spouse with a long romantic kiss and a suggestion to take a walk together and hold hand while you walk. This can make her feel warm.

Hugging, kissing, stroking and massaging not for the sake of initiating sex can create the feeling of closeness which ironically makes her feel sexy and good about herself. So, from today onwards, being and end each day by physically touching your spouse with hugs and kisses.

(3)   Connecting With Your Spouse

True intimacy is an expression of emotional and physical connection. Feeling tuned into your partner and aware of their needs is important everyday. It therefore makes good sense to pay close attention to the subtle hints and comments from your spouse.

During talking, do maintain eye contact, pay attention and listen to one another without interrupting. (It will be better if you can switch off your cell phone). Be careful not to jump to conclusions about what your spouse is saying. If you need clarification of what your spouse have said, ask questions. To encourage 2-way communication, respond without being critical of what your spouse has said. Always be affirmative and supportive.

Sit with your partner and talk for 30 minutes about yourself, revealing private and intimate details about your life. Then switch and let your partner do the same. You can talk about your desires and longings, fears and disappointments, triumphs and successes.

Couples often complain they do not have time to talk to each other due to the need to take care of kids, unfinished household chores and being busy in their jobs. Putting the kids to bed at a normal fixed time can give parents time for each other. Sharing household chores will also help to speed things up and free up more time for each other. If working hours are long, couples have to make an effort to schedule or set aside time for each other.

(4)   Set A Romantic Home Environment

Make the home environment as orderly, clean and romantic as much as you can and do not make it look like a storeroom. Do not let any dirty laundries or unwashed socks lying around the house. Some women complain that their husbands do not flush the toilet and/or lift up the cover of the toilet bowl after use. Guys, if you are guilty of this, stop doing this from today onwards. Creating a romantic atmosphere should be a joint effort and need the co-operation of both parties. Set the intimacy mood in your home with dim lights, sensual music and soft fabrics.

(5)   A Healthy Sex Life

Communication is the key to a healthy and active sex life. Do share with one another your sex desires and expectations about sex. When life becomes busy, do plan for sex encounter. Make sex fun by buying some naughty adult sex games and sex toys. Do change the routine of when or where you have sex because your sexual health and wellness depends on finding creative ways to spice up your marriage and sex life. Take a romantic bath together before and after sex.

Do you want some more fun and romantic ideas to improve and spice up your relationship or marriage? Click on Hot Sex and Eternal Flame.

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