How Do I Keep An Erection




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You used to have high sex drive, having sex on average twice a day. But later on, you find it harder to maintain an erection for an extended period of time. Worse still, sometimes you would ejaculate really quickly. Why does this happen? Is if because of too much sex?


There are a number of reasons why this could be happening to you. So take a few steps back and look for what could be causing such intense anxiety. Ask yourself some questions. Are you under a lot of stress? Are you putting too much pressure on yourself to keep up the twice-a-day sexual encounter that you used to have? Have you been indulging in more alcohol lately? Do you smoke cigarettes? Have you changed any medications? Has your diet changed?


It is normal for a person’s sex drive to behave like a sea tide experiencing some moments of peak and trough because all of us have hormones that have highs and lows that affect erection ability. When at times your sex drive may not be as strong but if you want to maintain an active sex life as happened in those early days of your relationship, you will be putting too much stress on yourself, setting yourself up for a big disappointment.


Take the pressure of yourself; remember it takes two to tango. Do not force yourself to have sex, but embrace intimacy and the quality of your connection. Take the time to appreciate your woman. She is yours for the taking and if you can simply focus all of your attention on her, your nervousness may slowly dissipate.


Lovemaking does not strictly require an erection. Alternative lovemaking strategies such as utilizing your fingers, lips and tongue can be very effective in bringing a partner to orgasm. She has all sorts of places of arousal starting at her ear lobes and working all the way down to the toes that you can target.


It is not the case that you must get your partner used to sex without erections. Performance anxiety does not need to be more than a temporary problem in any relationship if both of you approach this with patience and understanding.


Do not rush into having sex. If you are rushing because you fear that you will lose your erection, then you may experience premature ejaculation. When you feel you are about to ejaculate, try to slow your thrust movements and stay deeper inside her so that she may grip your penis base with her vaginal muscles. This should help with keeping your erection. At the same time breath slowly until you have your ejaculation response under control. Alternating slow and then faster thrust will be a great sexual give and take. Pay attention to your body as you learn now to control your ejaculation.


Communication is also very important in a relationship. Have you shared your concerns with your partner? Reassure your partner and explain that your trouble in bed is due to anxiety, not loss of interest. Talking to your partner can also let you find out about other sexual activities you can do in bed. This should take some of the stress off of sex and let you have more fun.


You can also try a new tactic to turn yourself on. Do you enjoy watching your partner pleasuring herself? Do you always make sure that she is sexually satisfied before intercourse? Watching her come may help you get hard.


If you have unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, alcoholism, junk food), then you are setting yourself up for affecting your sexual life negatively. Get on a balanced diet. Try to get at least 3 sessions of cardio vascular exercise in each week. A walk together at sunset will be romantic and healthy. Exercise can improve your self-image, making you feel great about the way you look so that you are less likely to get jittery before having sex.


Talk to your doctor about your problem to see if he/she can change prescriptions. Cut back on alcohol. If you smoke, quit the habit. Smoking is directly linked to erectile dysfunction in older men. If the problem still persists, you can consider psychological or sex therapy.


Take control. Break the cycle of worrying about performance anxiety and start enjoying a satisfying life again TODAY and DO IT NOW.


Take control. Break the cycle of worrying about performance anxiety and start enjoying a satisfying life again TODAY and DO IT NOW. Want to find out more? Click on Get Harder Erection and Stronger And Longer Lasting

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You Want More Sex Than What You Have With Him Now, What Can You Do?





Your husband feels that having sex once a week is enough. But you want more. It is very normal for couples to have different levels of sex drive. This in itself is not a problem. The big problem is how to deal with the situation in ways that can meet both people’s needs.


Possible reasons for his low sexual desire could be biological, medications (such as anti-depressants), heart diseases, performance anxiety, emotional (such as loss of job), fluctuation of sex-related hormone (testosterone) and relationship issues.


If a man is not interested in sex, it does not mean he must be suffering from sexual dysfunction which contributes to a drop in desire. Most of the time, the real reason men do not want to have sex are very similar to the reasons that women do not want to have sex. These could be due to underlying, unresolved relationship problems. One of the biggest complaints among men is that their wives are critical or nagging, which can hurt a guy’s sex drive. Many men (similar to women) really need to feel emotionally connected to their wives in order for them to want to be sexual.


When face with a husband who is less interested in sex, women normally think something must be wrong with them, they are not attractive or loveable, or this could be due to their physical appearance. Could this be the real reason? The answer is both yes or no.


Most of the time is no and could be his problem such as stress, tired and the reasons just stated. At other times, this can be a real issue. A lot of men complain that their wives do not eat well, do not exercise or do not pay attention to their appearance. Men are more visually oriented when it comes to arousal. If women really want their husbands to be more interested in them, they should pay more attention to how they are taking care of themselves physically.


Communication is most important in every relationship. Frustration builds up when a couple is not able to communicate about problems, desires, fears or a host of other regularly unspoken issues that impact their sexual experience and overall relationship. Communication allows difficult topics to be openly discussed. Tell each other what you like about your sex life, what acts are more fun and what turns both of you on.


When couples are able to convey their feelings to each other without intimidation, worry of reprisal, or embarrassment, they are able to relate to one another within a context of acceptance. This often requires learning better communication skills. It is also important for couples to learn how to forgive one another to keep the barriers to communication from preventing intimacy. Your husband will not be able to change significantly without openness, honesty and acceptance developing between both of you. Most important, he must need to know he will not be ‘punished’ for his honesty.


Intimacy also involves commitment and caring. Both of you are committed to the well-being and development of the other. Being caring means you are willing to provide your partner with the sexual experience that pleases him on his terms, in his way and in his time frame. You can ask him what you can do to get him turned on. Maybe you and he can be more open to trying role-playing, sex toys, different lubricants, enjoying erotic movies together, exploring different sexual positions, etc.


Figuring out how things can be done differently is not as difficult as one might think. Recalling your past usual repetitive behavior and to make it a point to do something different no matter how weird or crazy it may be can make it all the more easier. You may not be able to see and get fast results which mean you need to be patient when you try to make any changes.


You can also spice things up by being seductive. You whisper in his ear and tell him all the things you would like to do to him and how it will make you feel. At times, you can seduce your many by playing hard to get as well. Write him an erotic story about you and him. Write your fantasy down and invite him to make it a reality. Show him that you still care about him and that he turns you on. When he does something that does turn you on, tell him that this is what you have been craving. This will boost both is ego and libido a lot if he has performance anxiety problem.


If he is under a lot of stress, try to make him feel relaxed. Give him a neck rub or back massage or play some soothing music to calm him when he gets home.


If you have approached your husband without being demanding and controlling and he is still not willing to be open and honest with you, seeking professional marriage counseling is still a good option even if you end up going by yourself.


There is no one universal solution for boosting your husband’s sexual desire. What you can do is trying to create more love, connection, sexuality, sensuality and affection that will ultimately lead to a more healthy and balanced relationship.


So, do it! Do something today so you and your spouse can be more intimate! If you need some more ideas or ways to get started, you can click on Let’s Do It and Turn Him On

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How To Recover Your Sexual Libido




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The daily challenges in life, financial pressures, our jobs, taking care of kids, coping with aging parents and the like can take a toll on our desire for sex. This combines with the lack of sexual inventiveness can get us stuck in a sex rut which can hurt our desire. This can work in a vicious circle – low sex frequency leads to decreased sex drive and the depleted sex drive weakens the desire for sex.


How to get out of this situation so that you can have great sex again? Here are the 7 tips to help you to recover your sexual libido.


(1)   Thinking about sex


If you hope to increase our interest in sex we have to take some time to flood our minds with sexual thoughts. This involves reliving those great sexual experiences you have with your spouse or to think of some new ways you can try to spice things up. You can also read some great articles or how-to help books or watch some informative videos, which can educate and allow you to know what is needed to improve sex life. The point here is to stimulate your mind in ways to get you into the mood.


(2)   Increase your sexual attractiveness through dressing


The way you dress up yourself can play a great part in stoking those feel-good hormones, which can in turn influence your feeling of sexiness. How you look can influence how you feel. A changed outfit, a new fragrance, a makeover or a new hairdo can help to transmit the feeling that you are sexy and desirable. Even though you have grown accustomed to living with your spouse, this should not stop you from injecting some elements of surprise into the relationship, including the way you look.


(3)   Communicating with partner


Sharing sexy words can be a great way for a sex-starved couple to reconnect and feel more inclined for romance. These words can be flowery, poetic and romantic like an old love letter or they can be spicy or graphic like a heated novel.


(4)   Keep fit


Regular physical activity can boost the feel-good endorphins and can also improve your body image, promote blood flow to the sexual organs, making you feel sexier and giving your libido a healthy boost. In addition, Kegel exercises (done to tighten the pelvic muscles) can work to enhance sexual sensations and help boost desire.


(5)   Spending time with each other


Just you and your partner only, separate from kids and work, during which serious topics such as kids and work are not discussed. You can plan a weekly date such as going out for dinner or a walk; but not to the movies or other activities that may not be conducive to talking to each other. If you cannot afford a babysitter, go out on the porch and have a glass of wine together after the kids go to sleep. You can also find some interesting and exciting things to do together such as going for tours, enrolling for some dancing or yoga classes.


(6)   Allot some time to do something you enjoy


You can take time for yourself everyday even if this is only 10-15 minutes per day. This can help you to reduce stress and give you more energy for your partner. The more connected to who you are, the less you get lost in the daily grind, which pulls you away from your partner. The more sensual and the more connected you are to yourself, the more available you are for your partner.


(7)   Just do it


If you have not had sex for a while, it is likely that your sexual desire will decrease gradually. The best way to overcome this is to have sex even when you are not in the mood at times. If you try to wait for the mood to come, chances are that you will never have sex again. Research has shown that the more we have sex, the more sex we want to have. Connecting sexually promotes the secretion of the attachment hormone, oxytocin, which can increase libido.


So, you have it here, the 7 tips to increase libido in your relationship. If you want to explore further on this topic in greater details, you can click on Hot Sex and Turn The Heat On

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How To Reconnect Sexually After Delivery




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How does childbirth affect sex life?  When is it safe to resume sex, what to expect and how to reconnect with her will be discussed in the following paragraphs.


How Soon Can You Have Sex Again


This is the first question that probably most guys have in their minds – how soon or when is it safe to have sex after childbirth. Because having babies is so natural and common, many guys have difficulty appreciating just how dramatically a woman’s body changes during the postnatal recovery period. This lack of awareness may be due to the male tendency of ignoring those problems we cannot solve and also to the lack of sufficient knowledge about this aspect of female sexuality.


Although individual circumstances vary, the typical medical recommendation is for a 6-week no-sex period after childbirth for her body to recover whether by normal delivery or by C-section. For some women, it can be even longer if there are some more complications or they are suffering from postnatal depression. It is therefore very important for couples to have a frank discussion about their expectations and to reach an agreement on a time when they can start to have sex again.


How Does Childbirth Affect The New Mother And Her Sex Drive


Tiredness is the first thing affecting every new mother. Looking after a baby can be very exhausting both physically and emotionally, so that when you get to bed you just want to sleep. At the same time (the 1st few weeks after childbirth) her body is in a recovery mode – to give chances for the wound to heal and the stitches to dissolve. The hormonal changes that happen during this period can cause vaginal dryness, making sex very uncomfortable.


Generally, women are able to regain their desire within a couple of months after delivery. If her libido does not return or if she shows symptoms of postnatal depression, she should either see a doctor or get some counseling from an expert in sexual problems.


How Does Childbirth Affect The Couple’s Sex Life


As she is busy with the baby and her body still recovering from childbirth, sex is the last thing in her mind. During this time, a man can feel neglected and view her wife’s lack of interest in sex as rejection. These feelings of being neglected and rejected are hard for guys to acknowledge because this can make them look immature and selfish.


Guys can overcome this by being reminded how important they are to their spouses. It is therefore important for women to be aware of this and to reassure their men that they are still desirable through small gestures such as pampering the guys with some favorite dishes or writing some nice and sweet notes. Empathy is needed to re-establish the emotional closeness in the relationship. Guys also need to understand that sex requires emotional as well as physical readiness.


After watching a partner through pregnancy and birth, some men gain a new respect for the female body. These guys are able to articulate their feelings easily about the new phase of their relationship and can become more considerate of their partner’s changing needs.


But some men who have witnessed the whole child delivery process are quite distressed by what they have seen. They feel so guilty at the pain their partner has gone through that they are unable to even consider the idea of making love with her again. This is usually a temporary phase, but not always. If the guy continues to be troubled by this feeling, he should seek help from a counselor to discuss his feelings.


Perhaps the first priority for you as a couple is to give each other as much emotional support as possible. Words and cuddles can do much to convey affection and emotion. Both of you will benefit from this closeness. On the physical side, sex does not have to mean full penetration as the stimulation from touching each other can be highly pleasurable.


A strong and healthy relationship is built upon mutual trust, respect and understanding. This can go a long way towards keeping the passion alive. For further reading on this related topic, you can click on Hot Sex and Blissful Relationship

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How To Turn Her On Again When Sex Frequency Is Declining




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Has it ever happened to you that when you snuggle up to her, she will say – I do not want to have sex tonight, dear; I have a headache? Do you at times have to do a lot of coaxing and persuasion in order to nudge her into sex?


Are you faced with any of the following symptoms –


(a)    1-2 times per month

(b)   Sex becomes a chore

(c)    Do not feel intimate after sex

(d)   You do not have any sexual fantasies about your partner

(e)    It seems only one of you are more keen on sex

(f)    There is no sense of adventure or spontaneity in sex

(g)   Neither of you are frisky in the bedroom any more


If you have one or more of the above symptoms, you are probably facing the situation of a low-sex marriage.


In whatever category you and your partner find yourself belong to, chances are you may still have experienced your share of sexual rejection in your relationship. You may have had to endure a period of ‘drought’ when your partner is not in the mood for sex. While some couples do not see this no-sex or low-sex situation as an issue, it can be a cause for concern to others. This is especially so when one party is never in the mood and the other is always quite keen.


If you have this problem of no-sex or not enough sex in your relationship, here are the 6 tips that will help you to improve sexual intimacy


(1)   Share sexual expectations


It is necessary that partners discuss with one another their sexual needs and wants particularly in relation to the regularity or frequency aspects. Ask your partner how often and when he or she would like to be intimate. Does he/she prefer making love in the morning or at the end of the day?


Through this exchange of views, both of you may be closer to a common set of expectations than you may think. If there are big differences in these expectations, jointly come up with a plan that can take into consideration each other’s needs and giving some room for compromise.


(2)   Recognize each other’s differences in sexual desire


It is very unlikely that your appetite, the amount of sleep you require, how sociable you are and other aspects of your personality will always be perfectly matched with your partner’s. Therefore it is nothing weird or abnormal if you want more or less sex than your partner. A couple must learn not to make this issue a deal-breaker.  By seeing this as a very normal sexual issue, you can negotiate your sexual needs and talk about your sex lives in an honest and respectful way. It will then be possible to reclaim the intimacy and closeness you are both missing.


(3)   Be respectful to the low sexual desire partner


If you are the one with a higher sex drive level, you have to accept that you may get less sex than you would ideally like. You have to learn not to over-react to a ‘no’ to sex and accept it respectfully. Avoid sexual bullying, begging or manipulating. This is indeed a very tough act to follow and it helps a lot when the low-desire partner can at the same time be more understanding of the high-desire partner’s needs.


(4)   Get to the root of the problem


Remember that you cannot have good sex in a bad relationship. Probe deeper to see if there are any underlying resentment or anger from/towards your partner that act as an obstacle to greater intimacy. Hormonal fluctuations, medication, past sexual trauma, painful sex or undiagnosed illness can all have an impact on our sexual desire. Face up to all these issues and look for ways to resolve them. Seek professional help if you are unable to change things on your own.


(5)   Strive for greater intimacy


Intimacy in a relationship is not automatic. It must be developed and nurtured through cultivating an environment characterized by mutual trust and respect, deep communication and time-together. You cannot be intimate if you do not talk and spend time with each other. Making your spouse’s needs a priority is an excellent way of breaking down the barriers to a great sex life.


(6)   Sometimes have sex even if the mood is not there


If we just wait for the mood to come to have sex, some of us would never have it. This seems contradictory to what I said about learning to accept ‘no’ to sex. But marriage is all about mutual love and respect and compromise which involves at times giving way to his/her needs. Once you start the ball rolling and just do it, desire and arousal often follow.


Do you know what you are doing in bed can both turn on and turn off your partner? Want to polish you sexual skills? Click on Hot Sex and Have More Sex

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