How to Cure Herpes


How to Cure Herpes - Prevention is best, of course it is. A barrier (condom) will help stop the transmission of herpes; but what if you already have the condition it's a little late then. So, is there a way to cure herpes, can you stop herpes outbreaks. Read on.
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When the majority of people hear the word “herpes” they instantly think of sex. This could be due to the fact genital herpes is currently one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases known to mankind.

When you get a positive diagnosis from your doctor that you have herpes, there is a high probability that you will face many feelings, including some that may cause you to feel like an out-cast to society. In other words, you may begin to feel shunned by members of society as “sexually corrupt”.

The truth is many people are unaware that there are actually several types of HSV, and not all of them are spread through sexual intercourse.

In other words, this means that even though someone is living with herpes does not mean they were infected from having sexual intercourse with an infected person because, for example, infants and new-borns run the risk of contracting the disease from the mother’s birth canal or from being handled by someone who has the virus.

The reason there are different types of the virus that affects several body parts is because there are several different strains of the virus. The strains that are the most common are known to affect the face and mouth, genitalia, or hands and toes.


Since there are several types of HSV, the virus is classified into two main types which are the most common; they are referred to as herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2.
Ways to cure herpes


To date traditional medicine has failed to find a cure for herpes that gets rid of the herpes simplex virus, of course there is a reason for this which I personally place at the foot of the pharmaceutical companies.


There are ways to cure herpes but the problem is it’s not patentable which basically means no drug company can make large amounts of money from it, or perhaps I’m just being sceptical?… Read about ‘Get Rid of Herpes’ here


Treatments for Herpes


There are a few choices in terms of treatment for herpes as far as traditional medication is concerned, all of which address the symptoms or reduce outbreaks.


First, there is antiviral medicine that works to destroy the virus’ reproduction process, thus slowing the rate the virus is able to multiply itself at, which in-turn allows your immune system to have adequate time to fight back.

Some of the most common antiviral medicines used to treat the herpes simplex virus are valaciclover, acicilovir, and famciclover. If you cannot afford the name brand, you will have the chance purchase them under generic names which will save you quite a bit of money.

In addition to antiviral medicines, there are also several topical medications you can use to control the virus. For example, the first example is called doconasol and it is used to prevent the virus from entering the skin as it stops the virus from connecting to the cell membranes.

Tromantadine changes the make-up of the skin’s cells on the surface of the body which stops the entry and perpetual spread of the virus. These medicines also work to stop the body from releasing viral genetic material.

One final form of topical solution is called zilactin and it works to create a barrier around the area the solution was applied. This will actually stop the sore from increasing in size while decreasing the overall spread of the virus as it will be beginning to heal.

While many of these drugs offer can offer a quick solution to stop herpes outbreaks their effectiveness often declines with time and repeated use as the virus eventually becomes immune and hence the drugs become ineffective.

There are other issues which you should consider when opting to use drugs to cure herpes, one being the ongoing and often high cost of the medication (depending where in the world you live of course, and then there are the health risks and side effects caused by continued use of drugs.

When looking for ways to cure herpes most people start with their doctor and traditional medicine which is an obvious route. But herpes suppressive meds may not be the best way to get rid of herpes.


Find out why & learn about possibly the best way to cure herpes permanently.


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Sarah Wilcox (an ex-HSV2 sufferer) is the originator and author of Get Rid of Herpes which details a unique method of actually killing viral pathogens responsible for the herpes virus as well as a quick and natural method for healing blisters.


This method works for both men and women. It is suitable for use against Genital Herpes, Oral Herpes, Herpes Type 1 and Herpes Type 2.


She will share with you how to accomplish this permanent relief from out breaks without any drugs whatsoever and (that includes supplements and herbs formulation).


For more details, visit her website at Cure Herpes Permanently, where she will show you exactly how to treat your own condition at home regardless of how severe your herpes is right now.


How to Get Rid Of Herpes (HSV 2)


How to Get Rid Of Herpes (HSV 2) - Prevention is best, of course it is. A barrier (condom) will help stop the transmission of herpes; but what if you already have the condition it's a little late then. So, is there a way to get rid of herpes, can you stop herpes outbreak. Read on.
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Most people equate the most dangerous and incurable diseases with HIV/AIDS. Yet, there are a number of other neglected infections that are according to the medical profession ‘untreatable’. Many of these so called untreatable conditions have an even more widespread impact.

One of these neglected but hugely widespread diseases is herpes (HSV2). Although, one can live with herpes for his/her whole life without too many problems it’s not something to write home about.

Once infected the Herpes Simplex Virus type 2 the virus will remain inside the body attached to the nerves at either end of the spine, your doctor will most probably tell you that the herpes virus will reside in you forever, this is debatable however as I will explain towards the end of this article.

Now, if the question of how to get rid of herpes comes to your mind, then I guess you already have herpes or at least you think you do.

So is there a way to get rid of herpes? Well that kind of depends where you look. Traditional medication & the large drug companies will have you believe they have been striving hard to find a cure for herpes, and to some degree, they have shown some promise by developing a vaccine, unfortunately the results were only temporary.

Unfortunately for anyone suffering with a virus such as Herpes it makes far more sense for drugs to be developed to treat the symptoms rather than the cause. Of course many of you will shoot me down in flames as nothing more than a sceptic. Of course our Doctors want to help us & of course the drug companies really have our health and best interests at heart… Don’t they?

Prevention is best, of course it is. A barrier (condom) will help stop the transmission of herpes; but what if you already have the condition it’s a little late then. I really don’t need to educate anyone already suffering with type2 herpes, & I won’t, quite simply because it is patronising and pointless.

So back to the burning question (pardon the pun)


How do you get rid of herpes, can you stop herpes outbreaks?


As I said it would depend on who you ask. Ask your doctor and the answer will usually be no but you can control it with one of these fine (but slightly expensive drugs). Ask me and I’ll say yes and tell you a whole different story.

Take a look at our home page and I will tell you how it really is possible to get rid of herpes.

Now before you do click over to our home page let me just say that nothing on this website is based on drugs or supplements of any description, if you believe that the drug industry has your well-being at heart & the only way you can cure or control any illness is by taking drugs then this isn’t the place for you.

There is a way to get rid of herpes, it’s real and it works – Read More


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Sarah Wilcox (an ex-HSV2 sufferer) is the originator and author of Get Rid of Herpes which details a unique method of actually killing viral pathogens responsible for the herpes virus as well as a quick and natural method for healing blisters.


This method works for both men and women. It is suitable for use against Genital Herpes, Oral Herpes, Herpes Type 1 and Herpes Type 2.


She will share with you how to accomplish this permanent relief from out breaks without any drugs whatsoever and (that includes supplements and herbs formulation).


For more details, visit her website at Get Rid of Herpes, where she will show you exactly how to treat your own condition at home regardless of how severe your herpes is right now.


Oral Sex – How To Lick Pussy Properly





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Oral sex is in fact the greatest gift that a guy can give to a girl. This is because most women do not reach orgasm through intercourse. The easiest way for a girl to achieve orgasm is by way of stimulation of the clitoris. Due to this reason, most women love oral sex. But not everyone can do cunnilingus well. Here is how you can give your girl the best oral experience.


(1)   Be Enthusiastic


Most women want to be assured that you are totally comfortable with going down on her. Most important she must feel that you are enjoying it. A woman’s pleasure will be higher if she can see her man is enjoying it as well. Do compliment her about her genitalia. This will boost her sexual confidence. This will also help her to relax so that she can come more easily.


To be enthusiastic means you must have the patience to learn and observe in what ways your partner likes to be stimulated orally. Let her guide you. Every woman is different. What is good for other woman may not be so for your woman. Communication is the key here. You have to pay attention to your partner’s moans, movements as well as suggestions.


(2)   Be Gentle And Sensual


A lot of guys make the mistake of being too enthusiastic to the point of being too rough. You should not, because the clitoris is very sensitive and you cannot treat it the way you want your penis to be treated. At the beginning you have to be gentle and this can be the biggest turn on to a woman.


You also have to be patient and not to rush. This is because it normally takes a woman longer to come (or cum)  than a man, on average. It is only in porn movies that women can orgasm in one to two minutes, which is not a reflection of the reality. You have to understand that women need more time to get into the mood, to build the tension and finally to release that tension in the form of an orgasm.


(3)   Try Various Positions


Oral sex can get boring for a woman if she is always lying down to receive. You can actually spice things up with different oral sex positions. In fact, when you go down on your woman in different positions, the same moves and techniques can actually feel totally different to her.


You can have her sit on a counter top, a couch or chair and spread her legs as wide as she can. This will give you access to the whole genital area for you to pleasure her with your mouth and hands. This will also allow her to watch as you perform oral sex on her which can be quite arousing for her.


You can have your girl stand up either with her feet apart or one leg on a stool or chair. This position allows her to feel like she is dominating you as your mouth has to reach up to lick her.


You can also position your head in a perpendicular position to her body. You will kneel at one side of her body and give her oral in this position.


You can have her lie flat on the bed, lift her buttocks up, and bring her knees close to her chest. This will give you easy access to lick her.


You also can have her squat over your face. This can be incredibly erotic to a woman especially if she is into domination.


You can get your girl to lie on her side and lift up the leg that is not on the bed and hold it high either with your hand or some kind of restraint. You will rest your head and neck on the other leg and eat her out.


(4)   Try Various Techniques


There are few women in the world that can resist the temptation of a good oral sex. The stimulation is intense if done properly and will highly increase the chances of your girl coming back for more. You can put that magic on your tongue by trying out some of the following techniques.


You can suck a mint in your mouth (not too strong or weak flavor) for a few seconds and then you begin to lick/suck her clitoris. You can then do that to her nipples too. You can blow on those areas that you have licked on. This can produce a tingly effect on the clitoris and nipples.


You can give her hot and cold treatment. What you need for this technique is something cold such as a glass of ice water or some ice-cubes and something hot such as hot coffee. You make your mouth cold by taking in some ice water or ice-cubes and let it linger in your mouth for a while before you swallow it or let the ice melts in your mouth. Then you perform oral sex on her with your cold mouth. You can lick/suck for a minute or two before you do a switch by taking in hot coffee to make your mouth hot. You can then perform oral sex on her with your hot mouth. You can switch between hot and cold for a few times. These two different sensations will feel terrific to her.


You take a straw and blow light, concentrated air on her nipples, vaginal lips and clitoris after you wet these areas with your licking. The straw allows you to be very precise about where the air hits. It also condenses the air into a small space, thus giving you greater pressure with your precision. If you want an even better effect, then you can do the same technique with mint in your mouth. You get her real wet with your mint-flavored saliva and then lightly blow on her.


You can use one or two fingers of each hand to fence in her clitoris. In this way, her clitoris will be nested right in the middle of your fingers. This will allow you to lick on the clitoris without fail. This technique is especially applicable if you are giving her oral sex in the dark.


From these tips here, you can choose which is most comfortable to you to take your cunnilingus to the next level. You may not do it right for the first time. But it is okay because practice makes perfect.


Do come and take a look at Dirty Harry’s Secrets and Endless Pleasure to get more inspiration and ideas to improve your oral sex performance.

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How To Turn A Girl On – Give Her Pussy-Vibrating Orgasms






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What can you do if your sex life has turned somewhat dull and dreary? Have no worries! There are plenty of ways you can do to spice things up by making her melt under your tender loving care and giving her the best sex ever. Here are some ideas you can use to turn the heat up in the bedroom.


(1)   Warm her up first


To a woman, sex is more than just penetration. Men can get hard on very fast if they come into contact with sexy women. For a woman, emotions play a greater part in turning her on. A woman’s mind is her most powerful sex organ. It is the starting point for female orgasm. This means you should never grope her right down there. Make your woman feel wanted and appreciated and make sure you connect with her at an emotional level.


A good way to get her into the mood is to explore and act out her fantasies. So, why not, and have some dirty talk with her? If she is too shy to open up, you can tickle her fantasy by reading to her some pages from those erotic adult literature. Or, you can watch an erotic film together. Some of the scenes in the suggestive videos can give both of you a few fantasy ideas to start with.


(2)   Seduce her


If you want her to enjoy sex as much as you do, focus sometime on foreplay to make sure she is adequately aroused first. This will actually intensify her orgasms later. Ambience plays a great deal in making sex awesome. Play some romantic, sensual music to get her in the mood.


For a start, do not undress her completely. You let the rough texture of her clothes work a little magic on her bare skin. There are thousands of tiny nerve endings on her soft, sweet lips. You will be pleasantly surprised by how she can get so easily turned on by just kissing her. The trick is to start with slow and gentle kisses and tease her playfully. When you kiss her, do look into her eyes as you run your fingers down the back of her spine. At this stage, you refrain from heading straight for her genitals. You use your tongue to work its magic on her erogenous zones, from her ears, her neck, her navel and move down to her inner thighs and toes. When she expects you to go for her breasts and clitoris, purposely avoid them. This will escalate her sexual tension so that when you finally decide to reach those erotic zones, her chances of achieving a powerful and squirting orgasm will increase tenfold.


When she is sufficiently aroused and stimulated, you can move on to her clitoris and start gently. Experiment with different tongue movements and intensity and see what gives her the most pleasure. If you are not sure what works best for her, you can observe how she stimulates herself by way of masturbation – the motions, the angles and the intensity she uses on herself. Then you replicate these movements on her.


(3)   Get naughty


Nothing gets a woman more aroused than the risk of getting caught in the act. After she enters into the fitting room of a retail store to try on some dresses, you slip in unnoticed, watch her undress, caress her and get in the act, in the midst of other shoppers in the background. You can have some wild sex in the balcony, on the hood of your car in a deserted gravel road, in a quiet park, or on the beach. Have intercourse in a standing position near to the window.


Sometimes you may need a little help to maximize her pleasure. Why not bring along a sex toy? Sex toys are great ways to learn about a woman’s body and what turns her on the most. If she has a vibrator, ask her to show you how to use it.


Use these tips for a start to spice up sex and give your wife or lover the best sex that will blow her mind. If you need more ideas to please her, check out Hot Sex and/or Make Her Cum.

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Couples Sex – How To Make It Fun





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Are you happy with your current love life? Do you usually feel too tired to have sex at the end of the day? Has the idea of being romantic with your partner losing its luster? Face it; sex will not be fun if there is not much substance to it. However, when you make some changes to your normal acts in the bedroom, everything just gets a lot more interesting and exciting. Use these tips from now on to heat up the temperature in your bedroom.


(1)   Take your time


The importance and key objective of foreplay is to build anticipation. Prolonging the undressing part can heighten the pleasure. As a woman, you can tease your man by letting him sneak a peek at your good stuff – breasts, buttocks, inner thighs – and then quickly cover up again.


When you finally get down to removing your panties, you do it painfully slow to keep his blood pressure rising. Once you are naked, you tease him by twisting your body over him in different directions, arching your back, letting your breasts brush against his face and chest. He will be yearning for your touch when you finally press your body against his.


For a guy, you should avoid the tendency to go straight for the genitals and breasts. Take things slowly. Concentrate on giving your woman the best kiss she ever had. Start kissing her everywhere (forehead, nose, cheeks, and eyes) but the mouth. This will drive your woman crazy and keep her in anticipation.


Hug her tightly without suffocating her. Start with slow open mouth kiss and tongue-contact. Between kisses, you move your head to the other side of her face. Changing direction keeps the kissing fun. Move your hands around and explore her whole body while kissing.


(2)   Pamper each other’s body


You get your man to lie down on his back and you rub his body with oil and cream. Be careful not to push down too hard on his stomach and delay touching his genitals until the anticipating is excruciating. You mix up your sexual touches with hard massage, long nail strokes and surprise pinches all over his body to pique his pleasure.


From the bottom of the rib cage to the hips is a nerve which is said to link to the genital area. When you touch this area, it can reflexively cause the muscles around the genital area to contract in both men and women, which is very arousing. Apply a firmer touch on this area, since it is more ticklish than other spots. Start on one side at just underneath the rib cage and either stroke the area with your hand or alternate between light and heavy kissing down to the hipbone. You take turns on doing this to each other.


For a guy, you should treat every area of her body as an erogenous zone. Make sure you touch and kiss those usually neglected area such as the neck, throat, inner arms, stomach and eyelids before moving on to the breasts and thighs.


There is another area which can spark more goose pimples for both sexes. It is the little indentation where the neck connects with the collarbone. The skin is thinner there which makes this area very sensitive to touch.


(3)   Bring him/her to climax


When you move down to your guy’s lower body, you draw a circle around his genital region with your lips. The whole area from his upper thigh to lower belly is sensitive and the teasing from your mouth will excite him but still allow him to hold back his climax.


Read his body language to determine when he is close to climax and then ease off. When his body tenses up, you know he is quite close. If you do not want him to climax, you can switch your focus to another erotic location. When you are ready to finish him off, you can go directly on his genitals and blow-job him to orgasm. You can then switch over to let your guy stimulate you.


For the guy, you touch and kiss the inner thighs and slowly moving to her pubic region before moving to the clitoris. You watch her body language to determine when she is close to orgasm. When her breathing gets more rapid, her body tenses up, her hand pressing your head close to her body or her body aches closer to you, and if you see one or more of these signs, this will indicate she is quite close. When this happens, you can go directly to her clitoris, steadily increasing the pressure and pace of clitoral stimulation until she orgasms.


There is no set formula to great sex but these above-mentioned tips will give you a good head start to a better sex life. You can read on more from Hot Sex and Eternal Flame

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