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    Male Reproductive Anatomy 

Do you want to last long enough to make a girl orgasm? Do you want to have a stronger and longer erection? Do you want to keep an erection and avoid losing it halfway?  Read on to find out the answers to these questions.


(1)   Get For A Health Check Up


The first reaction from most guys who experience erection problem is to go and look for pills. I will suggest it is better to know the underlying causes first before going for any Viagra tablets.  This is because such pills only treat your symptoms but not the underlying causes. I am sure you do not want to spend the rest of your life to be very dependent on those expensive pills or to risk yourself to look for some less costly but non-medically proven pills online.


A trip to the doctor for that long-delayed thorough health checkup can determine if you are sick, fatigued, overly anxious or overly stressed. Any of these factors can put a hefty dent in your ability to have an erection. A trip to the doctor can also ensure that you are not suffering from any other health conditions that could affect your sex drive. If you are taking certain medications, such as antidepressants, this could also affect your overall desire for sex. 


(2)   Overcome Stress


Stress can play a huge role in male sexuality, affecting both a man’s performance and his ability to enjoy intercourse. Do away with sources of emotional and mental strain in your life. Take five minutes each day to relax and clear your head, just close your eyes and enjoy some quiet moments. Learn yoga or other relaxation techniques for reducing and controlling stress. Eliminating your stress will help you last longer in bed. If you’ve recently moved, changed jobs or experienced another stressful event, you might just need a week or two to recover before your sex drive roars back into action.


(3)   Keep Fit


Your heart is the most important muscle for sexual performance. Your heart is responsible for pumping blood to your penis for erections that last. Exercise plays a key factor in increasing your sexual endurance and helping to get your heart and entire circulatory system in the best shape possible. Start by taking long brisk walks at least three times a week, when you feel your endurance increasing try jogging at least once a week.


You should also include weight lifting exercises to tone and strengthen the muscles; for those unusual sexual positions you may find yourself in. You can use free weights or whatever type of workout equipment that is available to you. As your muscles get stronger so will your sexual endurance.


Keep your cardio days (jogging, walking, swimming and cycling) and strength training days as removed from each other as possible. That way your cardio won’t hinder gains in strength and size. For instance, doing a tough cycling workout after you hammer your legs with squats and lunges aren’t a good idea if your goal is to build bigger legs. Save your cardio for the next day, or even two days later, to rest your legs.


If you must do cardio and weights on the same day, choose a form of aerobic work that emphasizes body parts your weight lifting didn’t focus on that day. So, if your cardio choice is rowing, which works your upper body as much as it does your legs, row on a day when your weight session doesn’t concentrate on your upper body.


Whichever route you choose, just be sure to hit the weights first. You don’t want to wipe yourself out before your weight routine—you won’t get the most out of your session, and lifting when you’re tired can be dangerous.


Because of the thrusting nature of sex from a man’s perspective, a good sex exercise routine should include building up your thigh muscles. Whether you are in the missionary position, doggy style, or standing up with her lying back on the bed, you will need to thrust into her vigorously for extended periods. Having strong thigh muscles and a solid lower body will allow you to do this hard and fast, without getting fatigued too soon.


(4)   Exercise your PC muscles regularly


The Pubococcygeus muscles (PC muscle) runs from your pubic bone to your tail bone. PC muscles control the flow of semen and urine, the firmness of your penis during erection and the shooting power of your ejaculation. They are important, and if kept very strong, will see you into your golden years with a fantastical hard on.


To exercise your PC muscles, squeeze your rectum as if you are holding back a bowel movement and hold it for a ten second count. Do this at least three times daily for ten minutes. Just before you urinate, hold it for as long as you can, do this at least once daily. Holding your urine back will also work your PC muscle. By doing this exercise, you will be able to have better sex by being able to better control your orgasms and ejaculations, and last longer.


(5)   Delay Your Orgasm By Squeezing


This method for delaying orgasm should be employed during sexual intercourse whenever you feel that you are about to come. It can be employed by either you or your partner. Grasp the base of your penis and apply gentle, constant squeezing for several seconds or until the desire to ejaculate is gone. Then, resume sex. There may be some loss of erection, which should return once foreplay is resumed. The squeeze technique may be safely used more than once to control ejaculation.


(6)   Use A Penis Ring


A very easy way to keep an erection is to use a penis or cock ring during sex. A cock ring is an adjustable plastic band that fits over the base of the penis and behind the testicles. A cock ring gives a man a rock hard erection, and desensitizes the penis so he can keep an erection longer. For safety reasons, a cock ring should not be used for more than 20 – 30 minutes at a time.


(7)   Use A Penis Pump


A penis pump is a device that fits over the penis for enhancement of the penis. The penis pump creates a suction that will allow your penis to become hard. It is used like a vacuum to create hardness.


It is used to enhance the enlargement to help men with erectile dysfunction to maintain an erection. Apply a cock ring to your penis before using the penis pump will enable you stay harder for a longer period of time. The penis becomes harder by the pumping action. The pump makes the penis become enlarged while the band or ring keeps the erection.


Men who have a congenital bleeding disorder should never use a penis pump under any circumstances. Serious damage could be done to your health. Before using a penis pump, talk with your doctor about your overall health and well-being. He or she can describe how the penis pump works and if it is the right choice for you.


We all have erectile dysfunction at some time in our lives, probably due to stress or other causes. Relax and follow these tips. If you believe you can do it, then you can. Give yourself some time. Your sexual performance will definitely be on the rise and your sex partner will surely thank you.


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Do You Want To Put Her In The Best Position To Orgasm?

What can you do if sex life is becoming more or less of the same? How to make sex life fun if she is a bit less interested of late? What are the ways you can try to bring her powerful orgasms? Read below for the sex positions you can use to help her orgasm faster and better.


(1)   Sideway penetration


You get her to lie on her left side. You lift up her right leg to allow it to rest on your right waist so that you can kneel and straddle on her left leg. This position allows deep penetration and gives you complete access to her clitoris for manual stimulation. Before penetration, you can use your penis head to rub against her clitoris and when she is about to come, you enter her.


(2)   Behind penetration in standing position


You get her in doggie position near to the edge of the bed, so that the lower half of her legs is in mid-air. She will arch her back so that her buttocks will be lifted upwards. You can then penetrate her from behind in a standing position. There are two ways to make you feel big inside her. After you enter her, you squeeze her buttocks cheeks close together so that her vaginal wall is pressing against your penis.


Another way is to position your legs outside her legs and after you enter her, you use your thighs to squeeze her knees together which will tighten her vagina around your penis. This position is ideal for g-spot stimulation.


(3)   Modified rear entry


(a)    You get her to lie face down on the bed with knees bend and hips slightly raised. To make her more comfortable and to increase the angle of her hips, you put a pillow under her belly. In this position, you enter her from behind, but make sure you keep your weight off her body by supporting yourself with your arms. This position can help you to last longer if you choose shallow trusting which will avoid stimulating yourself too much due to lesser friction.


(b)   Both of you standing and you are behind her. She stands with her hands resting on the edge of table for support. You will enter her from behind. This is good for targeting her g-spot.


(c)    She will bend forward so that her upper body will rest on a table or over the arm of a couch as you enter her from behind. After you penetrate her, you can ask her to cross her ankles. This will squeeze her vaginal muscles tightly around your penis.


(4)   Sitting rear entry


You will sit at the edge of the bed or a chair that is not too high with each of her legs by your side on the bed or chair. To support her upper body which is in mid-air, she will rest her palms on the floor (both hands straighten). This position allows deep penetration.


(5)   Modified reverse cowgirl


You will lie on your back and bend one of your legs, keeping the other straightens. She will straddle on the raised leg with her back facing you as she lowers herself onto your penis. In this position, she can hold onto your knee as a support as she rocks up and down.


(6)   Modified 69


This is quite similar to the 69 position with you on top. Your head will be positioned between her feet. She will have a pillow underneath to elevate her pelvis to facilitate penetration. She will grab your buttocks to help you to slide back and forth. This position is good for g-spot stimulation.


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