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Find Out More From Help About The Toys You Can Use To Spice Sex Up


Why would you want to buy and use a sex toy? How to choose a toy that is suitable for you and your lover? Read on to get the answers to these 2 questions.


Why Do Some Couples Buy Sex Toys


Here are the reasons that people use sex toys –


(a)    Sex toys can spice up the sex life of you and your partner. They can be used during foreplay or intercourse or both.

(b)   They can also act as good temporary substitutes for self pleasure when either you or your partner/lover is not available for sex such as during advanced pregnancy stage, confinement period after giving birth, separation or divorce.

(c)    They can offer more stimulation during masturbation.

(d)   The toys can help you and your partner/lover to reach certain parts of the body that either one of you are not comfortable to touch on such as anal toys.

(e)    They can help you in situations if your woman needs a longer than usual time to reach orgasm or to help you stay focus in pleasuring her in certain ways. While giving oral sex, certain sexual positions may make it difficult for you to finger her and in this case you can use a vibrator to stimulate her erogenous zones.

(f)    Having an orgasm can help you to release stress and tension which is a great way to start your day or ‘a good tranquilizer’ to help you sleep.


How Sex Toys Can Help Women


Many women are unable to have orgasm through intercourse as a result of insufficient clitoral stimulation. Toys such as those electric-powered vibrators can provide the right amount and intensity of stimulation she needs, helping her to orgasm fast. Some new models of vibrators have intensity adjustments to suit personal preferences and sensitivity.


Some women use sex toys to enrich their experience and help them to achieve multiple orgasms. Some dildo/vibrators have 3-in-1 functional features providing simultaneous vaginal penetration, clitoral stimulation and g-spot stimulation.


Some women who have orgasm difficulty need a longer stimulation time (than most men are able to cope with), to achieve orgasm. In this case, sex toys can offer men a temporary break without the stimulation being interrupted, winning them some more time to increase chances of female orgasm.


How Sex Toys Can Help Men


Vibrating toys can help a man to achieve orgasm when they are held against his shaft, anus, the area between the anus and testicles and the testicles. Some men who suffer from erectile dysfunction use them (erection pumps, cock rings) for help to achieve erection. Not only this, some dual purpose vibrators can help them to overcome performance anxiety. Examples are the cock ring cum vibrator toy and ticklers that offer mutual and simultaneous stimulation to both you and your lover. There are even toys that can extend the penis length which I personally think are not of much help in getting women to orgasm. This is because the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body are located at the area around the vaginal entrance and about 2 inches deep inside her which is the g-spot. Therefore artificially extending the length of the male organ will not increase female sexual pleasure and the rough thrusting may even damage her cervix.


How To Get The Sex Toy(s) You Want


Before you shop for any sex toy for yourself and your lover, you should consider things like who will be using the toy, for what purpose, how should the toy look like and the pricing. If you are new to this, it is better to discuss with your lover to reach a joint decision.


The kind of stimulation (light/indirect, moderate/direct) you prefer is an important factor for you to consider in getting a sex toy. For women who are looking for dildos, they should ask themselves if they want the toys to look exactly like a penis or it is not necessary.


Quality can vary accordingly to prices and you need to ask yourself how much you are willing to spend. If you are unsure of a particular type of toy, you can try on a lower price model to see if you like it and you can later upgrade to a higher quality one if this suits you.


Sex toys should be treated as a side dish instead of the main course. They only take care of the mechanical aspects of love making. When comes to sexual intercourse, you cannot neglect the emotional aspects which are even more important. Over-dependence or emphasis on sex toys at the expense of strengthening the emotional bond with your partner will in the long run cause you and your partner to drift apart mentally.


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