How To Make A Relationship Both Emotionally And Sexually Arousing





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As the relationship gets older, boredom, lack of adventurous, physical ailments and other problems can easily cause bedroom life to lose some spark. All relationships therefore need a little pick-me-up actions to reconnect with your partner. These actions will make your partner feel loved, appreciated and desired, and will, in turn, make you feel more connected to him/her. One must understand that great relationships do not just happen,one has to make it work.If you are experiencing a loss of intimacy, there are steps you can take to reclaim it. Here are 3 ways you can do to bring sexy back into the relationship.

(1) Keep fit

Research has shown that healthy people have better sex lives. People who are physically fit tend to enjoy sex more and have a lower chance of facing up to any sexual dysfunction that can hurt their love life. In order to increase libido, you need to keep fit. This is done through having a healthy lifestyle. You need to exercise regularly. This will help to improve your blood flow especially to the genitals when you have sex. It will be best if you can do this with your partner in order to keep you from stopping halfway due to boredom.


Besides exercise, you need to have a diet that is low in fats and sugar and high in fiber and good nutrition. A balanced diet consisting of lots of fruits, vegetables, plenty of whole grains and proteins (fish, poultry and lean meats). You need to have enough of sleep (about 7-8 hours everyday) to allow your body the chance to refresh and recuperate. You should avoid or try as much as you can to cut down on alcohol and tobacco because they can affect your sexual function and overall health.


(2) Maintain communication

Communication serves as the ‘glue’ for a relationship. Intimacy needs honesty and openness. It is important that you are always honest and open with your partner. To do so, you need to be able to share what is true and real about yourself and be ready to hear your partner’s thoughts. You can tell your partner about the changes in your body that get you worried along with other issues that bother you about your sex life. If both of you want to have a mutually satisfying sex life, it is important to let each other knows what makes you feel good. Your partner will not be able to satisfy you if he/she does not know what you want. If you are unhappy over certain issues and want your partner to make certain changes, avoid been too critical.

Instead you package your request in a more positive way so that he/she will not get too defensive to the extent that it disallows 2-way communication. When you and your partner are not able to see eye-to-eye on certain issues, strive for a ‘middle path’ where both of you can agree with. Ask each other,”What would make both of us happy?”. If you are unhappy about your sex life, leave your concerns, worries and more negative issues outside the bedroom. You should not spoil the mood by talking about these during lovemaking.


(3) Build up your desire

Everything starts from the brain. You need to think about sex in order to feel and act sexy. Get your head in the game by thinking about your fantasies and desires more often. Write down your sexual fantasies and share them with your partner.

If you do not feel intimate and relaxed, start by making small changes one at a time. You can begin by taking the time to hug each other when perhaps you normally wouldn’t. You can do this before you go to work and when you return home. Increased hugging and holding hands with your partner, even if it does not feel natural at first, can help to increase intimacy. Maintaining physical affection is important to keep a love life happy and frisky. Cuddle, hug, kiss and hold hands, even if you are tired or not in the mood for sex. This can both bring you physically and emotionally close to each other, which is needed in order to please and arouse your partner.

You can educate yourself by reading some self-help books which give you tips on improving your sexual technique. You will then know there are actually many other sexual positions you can try on besides the normal missionary position.

The above tips should help you to heat up the bedroom temperature gradually. For more tips to improve love life, you can read from Hot Sex and Eternal Flame


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Do Something Different – How To Have Hot Sex





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Want to give your sex life a boost? How to bring back those hot and spicy moments when romance was new with our partner? How to avoid getting bored in bed? If you are looking for answers to these questions, read on.


(1)   Be honest to each other


It will be hard for you to experience the best sex of your lives unless both of you exchange ideas and sexual thoughts with each other. Spend more quiet time together, talk to your partner about your feelings and let her talk to you about hers. Everybody has favorites – favorite colors, flowers, food, etc.


Both of you will take a piece of paper and write down what you like best including what you like to do in bed. Then exchange and read each other’s list. Some people may need a little help at figuring out what really arouses them. There are plenty of tools out there to help such as books, magazines, videos and so on. Once you have come up with some ideas, discuss them with your partner. This can take away a lot of the guess work on how to please her as well as you during the next sexual encounter.


(2)   Behave like a Sex God


Women are turned on by a guy who is confident and secure in own self, especially in the bedroom. To understand how to look sexy, you need to feel sexy and understand what sex appeal is all about. Make an effort, dive into a few self-help sex guides and familiarize yourself with the good positions and the art of seduction.


To feel sexy on the inside, you need to feel confident about your sexual prowess and one of the ways to achieve this is to be knowledgeable. When you know you are good in bed, you can’t help but feeling confident about it, by taking charge of the situation and showing her you want her. By understanding sex and knowing what it takes to be sexy, you will then know how to look sexy to your partner, without even trying.


(3)   Try new things


Don’t forget that sex is supposed to be fun. The more fun you add into it, the more enjoyable it will be. Each time you feel like sex is starting to get monotonous, try something new to spice it back up. You can make even household chores sexy by making it more interesting. Whoever takes on the duty of a certain household task will have the right to request a striptease from his or her partner. If having sex in the house is too boring, go out and play.


Using sex toys in bed can be a lot of fun for both of you, especially when you are not used to watching your partner playing or working with a toy by herself.


If you want to get creative, lie over the ground on a thick rug. It can give you a lot more space to get creative and work with other fancy positions all over the floor.


To heighten the pleasure of sexual intercourse, you can also use soft thin sheets to silhouette your partner and pleasure her all over with these, or you can blindfold her with a silk scarf.


One small change that can have a big effect is to interrupt the pattern of how you usually have sex. If you normally have sex at night, you can initiate it in the morning or you can call her during her lunch break for a little afternoon delight. Instead of you being the one who is initiating sex, change this to both of you taking turns to initiate sex.


(4)   Make an effort to fulfill her sexual fantasies


Women may say what they want, but most women at least indulge in a few of these fantasies. Some girls think lesbian fantasy is hot. Many women do dream about getting molested or raped by a man. She may even dream about being surrounded by several men kissing, touching and seducing her at the same time. Others dream about stripping for an audience. They especially love it when a man takes out a few notes and dangles them down her g-strings.


Some women dream about stories where they would dress like a man but with nothing inside and take the man in front or back. Yet one of the bigger fantasies for men and women is to dream about a good threesome. Of course, there are plenty more female fantasies and there are always unique fantasies for women that may turn some women on more than the others. But as long as both of you are having fun, go on and explore what turns your partner on is a great way to spice up your sex life.


Sex is never boring. It is the routine that gets boring. Try something new can be uncomfortable at first, but it can open the doorway to better sex. Read the rest of the pointers on how to have great sex at Hot Sex and Eternal Flame

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How To Have A Better Sex Life





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How to avoid boredom in your sex life? Has making love gotten so monotonous that you or your partner just does not want to have sex anymore?


It is natural to start getting bored of sex after being with each other for quite some time. But this is not an excuse to avoid having sex. Here are some ways to revitalize your love life and bring passion back into bedroom.


(1)   Make date for sex


You may feel this is rather unromantic. Isn’t sex supposed to be spontaneous? This will be nice of course, but in reality, the day-to-day routines can wear us down, leaving us little time and energy for sex. Scheduling sex can create this anticipation and probably help to overcome this issue about how often you should have sex or what should be the normal amount of sex. To spice things up, you can ‘ritualize’ the whole process by doing whatever you like to do as a couple beforehand. You can go out with her for a movie or dinner, take a walk or have a glass of wine by the candlelight.


(2)   Make love somewhere else


If you have been sleeping in the same bedroom for a few years, it is hard not to be reminded of the daily routines and the worries such as the utility bills, the car loans, the house mortgages you have to pay at the end of the month or the education fees you have to get ready for your kids. Lovemaking is a present moment experience. Best sex can only take place when you are not thinking of the past or the future, but only the present. It can be hard to make this happen in your all-too-familiar bedroom. To have a better love life, you can get away to a place that is stripped of these reminders of everyday life.


(3)   Tidy up your bedroom


It will be nice if you can have sex in different places but this will only be for those relatively well-to-do ones. Besides, occasionally having sex outside home, you can make your bedroom more conducive to getting intimate.


Most of us are used to bright lights in our homes. But when it comes to the bedroom, softer, mellow lighting is always better to help you set the mood. When you use softer yellow lighting that resembles a burning fireplace, you will feel warmer and calmer. The best part of this is that the soft light can blend out all that cellulite and body fat on the body when you are making love. This can help both of you feel better about your own body and focus on the better things in the present moment.


You can make your bedroom more spacious by putting your kids’ toys in another room. As for those piles of unwashed laundries, you can place them in a basket at a location that is nearer to the washing machine. Consider ditching the bedroom TV too or at least try living without it for a while.


(4)   Find out more about your sexual side


When you feel that sex is starting to get monotonous, you can try something new to spice things up. There are so many things that couples can do to keep it exciting and interesting. Everyone has sexual fantasies of one sort or another. But for some people, these fantasies can be buried pretty deep. This will require a little bit more work to figure out what really turns you on.


There are plenty of tools out there for you to make use of such as self-help guides, erotic fictions, magazines, videos and so on. Find a time to pick one or more of these tools together with your partner. Once both of you have come up with some ideas, you can share with each other about the new things or elements you want to introduce into your sex life. This can be acting out your fantasies, putting on her sexy underwear, be it laces or silk, giving sensual massage, adding sex toys and so on.


(5)   Face up to your sexual problems


People who have sexual problems often shy away from having sex because they do not want to face failure. But these problems have to be addressed head on. Erectile dysfunction has received the most attention, but there are plenty of other issues such as premature ejaculation, a loss of libido, pain during intercourse or having difficulties in reaching orgasm. Some sexual problems may need medical attention, while others can be solved by trying different sexual techniques or buying a bottle of lubricant. The main thing is not to muddle through with problems and resign yourself to a mediocre sex life.


These 5 tips come from a book written by Michael Webber which has 500 lovemaking tips. You can read the rest of the tips from Hot Sex plus some fun and exciting ideas for you to explore at Endless Pleasure

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How To Role Play In A Medical Scene




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Do you feel that your sex life is becoming more of a routine than a lusty romp? Do you want to make sex with your lover as exciting as a one night stand? How about adding an ingredient of role playing sex into your bedroom? This can both make it satisfying and electrifying.


As the saying goes, forbidden fruit usually tastes sweeter and taboo abounds when it comes to fetishes involving medical and hospital fantasies. Any time you engage in any role playing activities, pushing the boundaries of erotic creativity is always the name of the game and the options are practically endless. This includes sexual attraction to medical practitioners, medical uniforms, surgery, anesthesia or intimate examinations such as rectal examination, gynecological examination, urological examination, the insertion of suppositories, etc or medical devices such as orthopedic casts and orthopedic braces. In sexual role play, a hospital or medical scene will involve the sex partners assuming the role of doctors, nurses and patients to act out specific or general medical fetishes.


To get started it is important to pick the right kind of clothes to suit the medical scene and make it seem real. The costumes that you need are laboratory coat; stethoscope; loose fitting ‘patient’ gown that allows easy access; improvised sexy nurse outfits such as white zip up dress with matching bra and panty or demure button up blouse and skirt with racy black lingerie underneath, white cap, white thigh-high stockings; or ready-made nurse, dentist, or doctor’s outfit that can be purchased from adult store.


To make the scene more realistic you will need a light kit containing some kinky medical gadgets which can be put together easily by using items you can normally find in the house, pharmacy or a sex toy shop. These are latex gloves, personal lubricant, tongue depressor, rolls of gauze, razor for erotic shaving, clothes pins for clipping onto the nipples, vulva, penis or scrotum, small flashlight, overhead desk light to mimic dentist examination light, ice cubes and a warming device to sterilize some medical instruments, speculum, dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, strap on for the dildo/vibrator, spreader bars to mimic stirrups at doctor’s office, bit gag for bondage/discipline enthusiasts, etc.


Here are some ways to perform role playing in a medical scene –


(1)   Intimate examination


A patient goes to see the doctor/nurse for some ailments or a nurse asking the doctor to examine a sudden pain. This will involve the nurse or doctor inflicting one or more embarrassing and humiliating quasi-medical procedures on the patient. Often frozen or heated objects are used on the patient’s body to stimulate the uncomfortable sensations that can occur during a real examination. The process may include an examination and intrusion of the anus or vagina by a thermometer under the pretext of taking temperature, as well as handling and twisting of the penis, testicles and nipples. Usually a strap on play is also included to heighten the intimacy and sensations of the patient. Before the examination, the patient can be placed in physical restraints and gagged and asked to wear some form of embarrassing clothing.


(2)   Sexual fetish for anesthesia


This may include sexual attraction to the equipment, processes, substances, effects, environments or situations. Sexual arousal can come from the desire to administer anesthesia or to be anaesthetized. For example before surgery, a patient is put to sleep or being given local anesthetic and the anesthesiologist takes advantage of the situation by giving the patient something extra to help him/her relax.


(3)   Intern being taken advantage by the patient


The intern reports for work on her first day and is immediately being assigned to take care of an unruly patient alone. The patient takes advantage of her inexperience by tricking her into doing a series of tasks and in the process ‘molesting’ her such as accidentally grazing her breasts as she adjusts his pillow or bed sheets.


If you want your intimacy to raise a level upward, just spice it with sexual role playing can infuse a new spark in the relationship and give you a good break from the monotony. You can get more ideas from Fantasy Affairs on ways to improve your sex life. For more help to boost your bedroom performance, you can click Medical Fetish

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How To Make Every Woman Sexually Attracted To You






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What do women want from their men in bed? This is the main thing many guys want to know when they want to please a woman. So, if you are wondering, how to satisfy a woman, here are some tips for you to start with.


(1)   Turn her on first


What turns a woman on? According to a sex survey, women are overwhelming inclined to identify conversation as the big turn-on. 40% of them are suckers for sweet conversation. A well-chosen phrase spoken at the right time can make a woman feel like you want her and not just her body. This is crucial for sex, as women both want and need to feel a deeper connection. Women will never, ever get tired of hearing sweet words, as long as they sound genuine.


(2)   Heat her up gradually


Remember, this is not a race; you won’t get any gold medal for being fast. While men can easily get aroused by big boobs, women need you to give them enough time to arouse her to full capacity. What she wants is enough of foreplay.


For a start, you do not go directly to her breasts and genitals. You touch the other parts of her body, using fingers, a feather, a silk scarf or anything that turns her on, and you ask her to describe how it feels. At the same time, you watch and listen for non-verbal cues such as her moans and gasps.


She even likes it more if you can pull back when she is near orgasm to focus on other parts of her body for about 5 to 10 minutes and then to stimulate her hot spots again. You repeat this several times – build up, back off – until she goes into orgasm. The suspense as a result of the pull back can raise her arousal level a lot and enhance her orgasm. For sure, very soon she will be begging for you to move to the main event. The better you are able to execute this, the more likely you will get a happy ending.


(3)   Fulfill her fantasy


During sex, a man’s mind is always focused on the orgasm part, while a woman’s mind wanders into fantasy. To reach orgasm, she needs to clear her head and turn off her brain’s fear center. Fantasy is a way for her to relax her mind and deactivate her fear center. Therefore, you can help her to get into the mood by constructing an erotic fantasy before things heat up. You can whisper provocative words to each other in turn, building a story she can get lost in.


(4)   Try new things


Of course, whatever new things you are going to try on her, make sure she is agreeable to them. You just need to take baby steps and constantly read her body language to make sure she is comfortable both physically and emotionally. How about playing around with loose restraints?


You can ask her if she is okay with you blindfolding her when you go down on her. If she is agreeable, next time you can ask her if it is alright to tie her wrists to the bed posts. If she likes that, on the next encounter, you can ask if it is acceptable to hold down her arms while you lick her breasts. Test her and observe her reactions and soon both of you can figure out each other’s likes and dislikes. It is also a good idea to create a ‘safe word’ which means she wants you to stop immediately.


At times, she may like to take a dominating role, such as adopting the on-top-of-you position. You let her know that you just love her in control. You can suggest other things such as you want her to give you a blowjob while you are being blindfolded with your wrists tied to the bedpost, etc. This can turn her on a lot if she finds her inner domination queen.


Some women say that getting spanked sends lots of tingly feelings to their vaginal and anal areas. It is the same as before when you start something new, you begin slowly to test whether she is comfortable with spanking. While you are making out, you touch her buttocks a lot, squeeze and rub them and tell her that you think her buttocks are amazing. Then you whisper in her ear to ask if you can give her a little spanking. If she says yes, just do it once and softly. You get her feedback. If she is agreeable or not sure, you ask her permission to let you do it a few more times, all the while kissing her and still squeezing and rubbing her buttocks. During the next time when you cuddle her, you can ask if she wants to try spanking again. If she is comfortable, ask her if she wants you to do it harder or if she likes to lie on your lap while you spank her. Remember that when spanking, avoid calling her names or humiliating her unless she tells you that is what she wants.


So, pay attention and you will be on your way to doing everything right and make her keep begging more from you. Do you want to be the special guy that can give her the best sexual experience she ever have? Read on more from Hot Sex . For additional help in delivering her extra pleasure, click Best Lover

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